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The cinema “Draken” and Gothenburg Book Fair.

Finally in Gothenburg. We’re staying at Scandic Hotel Opalen, 13 floors up. Yesterday, we held a lecture at the cinema Draken. Last time we were at Draken was probably at the Gothenburg Film Festival 1998 (ish). Then we sat in the audience. Last night, we were on the stage. So exciting and a little nerve-wracking.

Today is the first day of the book fair and our schedule is packed. We run around between mainly two stages – Kockteatern and Berså – and also squeeze in some book signings at Bonnier, our publisher. It would of course be super FUN if you came to visit us one of these days. Stop by and talk to us, eat our chocolate cookies, or maybe buy a book.

But now, time for a 360 of our hotel room.

The view.

The unmade bed (which was a bit too hard, well, we didn’t get much sleep last night).

And the door out. That we now intend to open. Time to go!

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