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Outfit of the Day: A Swede

Today we’re rockin’ hot pants, a cropped sweater and a fanny with a swede in it. A swede? You might also know it as a turnip but… funny fact (at least for team FP-a team of Swedes): Turnips, which are related and often confused with rutabagas, are also commonly called swedes in some english speaking countries and in other countries the rutabaga is called a swede, not so hard to understand why people get them confused considering they also look alike?!  But the poor little turnip who is often an overlooked veggie is actually delicious and being that it’s one of the oldest root vegetables stemming from Scandinavia we are paying some tribute to it today. It is rich in vitamin C and can be eaten both raw and cooked. If you prefer it raw then one great tip is to grate it and use in salads or thinly slice it and use as garnish. If you’d prefer a cooked version, then we suggest doing so lightly to retain the turnips crispiness.

If you too would like to give a swede a whirl on your dinner table then give today’s recipe a try. Here the swede stands out as the star and makes a great compliment to any dinner.

Oven Roasted Swede (Turnip) with Fennel and Thyme
(4 portions)

1 turnip/swede (including the greens)
1 fennel bulb
2 yellow onions
3-4 garlic cloves
1 packet of fresh thyme
1 tbsp olive oil
1 teaspoon organic honey

Cut the turnip, fennel and onion into pieces and place in a cast iron pot or in a baking dish. Mix the olive oil and the honey and pour over the vegetables. Top with fresh thyme, garlic cloves and salt. Bake at 125°C/250°F for 1 hour and serve with a bean salad, a piece of fish or why not some nummy hummus.

Don’t forget the leaves!
Since you can eat everything of the turnip including the leaves, you could consider it a zero waste vegetable.


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