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Blueberry Ice Cream with a Double Bonus

Rise and shine it’s springtime, time to get out and move that body some more! Reports popping up this spring show that when parents monitor their children’s media and screen time it leads to improved sleep, decreased body mass index and improved grades. The more sedentary they are with screens and media the more each of these categories of their health and wellness suffer. The worst offenders are, you guessed it, teenagers, as many do not even reach the recommendation to move at least 60 minutes a day. Whoa.

The spring days are starting to bleed into summer days and the sun’s warmth feels revitalizing but what happened to all the children who would climb trees, or chase each other playing tag and ride their bikes around with noise makers on the wheels? It’s been less than 50 years since the first video games came out and only 9 years since tablets became a “thing”. While our children will grow up adapting in a digital world, let’s reignite the zest for free moving bodies!

Motion and activity doesn’t explicitly mean gyms and sports, in the lamest sense, it just means not being still. So grab your child by the hand and hop up off the couch. Play twister or hopscotch, practice cartwheels and somersaults or just be together in the kitchen whipping something up together.

And in the midst of the summer heat and all your newly planned activities, make some time for this super yum blueberry ice cream which has the hidden bonus of extra fiber from frozen cauliflower, plus if you follow the instructions correctly you’ll get some movement in!  Just remember, movement doesn’t have to be complicated, just literally anything that gets you and the kids up off the couch.

Blueberry Ice Cream with Cauliflower
(3 large portions)

1 frozen banana, sliced
1.5 dl of frozen cauliflower
3 dl frozen blueberries
3 dl oat drink

Mix all ingredients in a food processor or High Speed ​​blender while doing jumping jacks. Serve the ice cream in bowls and top with dried blueberries, blueberry powder and coconut flakes.

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