About us

We are Lina and Mia. The first time we met, Lina wore a pink jumper and stone washed jeans. Mia wore two cans of hairspray. We were 13 years old and didn’t know a thing about intestinal flora or chronic inflammation. We were busy with the important things in life, like chocolate cakes, boys, horses and Whitney Houston.

A few years ago, we started to take an interest in the effect the food we eat has on how we feel, and it’s safe to say that at the time we felt somewhat bewildered. New research promoted 5:2 and LCHF diets everywhere and were touted by overconfident health experts, which made it just about impossible to sift through all the advice and findings. One day we got fed up and launched a blog to try to make some sense of all the concepts—on our own.

Actually, things didn’t begin quite like that. A few months earlier, we had lunch with Stig Bengmark, a professor of medicine. Three mouthfuls into a beet burger, Stig cracked open the door to what was for us a totally new world. Stig Bengmark was Professor of Surgery at the University of Lund’s Medical Faculty, in southern Sweden, from 1970 to 1994; he was also Chairman and Director of the Department of Surgery at the Lund University Hospital from 1970 to 1992. Many years ago, he realized that about 80 percent of the body’s immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract, whereupon he decided to devote the remainder of his career to finding out how to optimize one’s intestinal flora. Today, Stig is Honorary Visiting Professor at University College, London University, where his task is to conduct research and teach about the best conditions for health.

On second thought, things didn’t quite happen like that, either. A few years earlier, we had both become parents for the first time. And with the births of Ninni and Ludde, we realized that we were not immortal. The sudden feeling of responsibility for someone else’s life, along with wanting to always be there for them, resulted in months of nightly sessions Googling diseases, symptoms, and information on how to stay healthy, active, and strong forever. Somewhere amid all this anxiety, an interest was sparked on how much we ourselves can influence things by what we eat.

Here, on this blog, we’d like to show you the fundamental connection between intestinal flora, inflammation, and your health. More important, we want to show how you can influence your intestinal flora and the way you feel in the long run through your own food choices. This is the story of how we got interested in the link between health and food and how, to our surprise, we ended up among intestinal bacteria.

And by the way, after blogging day and night for two years, we decided to write a book about gut bacteria, anti-inflammatory foods, and eating for health. You’ll find it here. Go ahead and read it!