About us

We are Lina and Mia. The first time we met Lina wore a pink jumper and stone washed jeans. Mia wore two cans of hairspray. We were 13 years old and at that point the thought of gut floras and bacteria seemed pretty far away. We were busy with the important things in life: chocolate cakes, boys, horses and Whitney Houston.

But a few years ago we became interested in how the food we eat affects how we feel. You could say we felt somewhat confused. New research findings, a pinch of the 5:2 diet and a spoonful of LCHF, one big jumble of dead certain dietitians – it was all but impossible to navigate through the advice that was handed out. One day we had simply had enough and started this blog to try to elucidate the concepts ourselves.

Well, it wasn’t quite like that. A few months earlier we had had lunch with a Professor called Stig Bengmark. Three mouthfuls of beetroot patty into the meal, Stig opened up a door to a world that was completely new to us. Between 1970 and 1994 Stig Bengmark was a Professor at the faculty of medicine at Lund University, and head of the Surgery Department at the University Hospital in Lund. Years ago, when he realised that about 80 percent of the body’s immune system can be found in the colon, he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to conducting research on how to create the optimal intestinal flora. Today, he is an Honorary Professor at University College, London University, where he is commissioned to research and educate about the conditions of health.

Actually, it wasn’t quite like that either. Some years previous to this event we became first-time parents, and the second Ninni and Ludde were born we realised that we’re not immortal. The feeling that you’re responsible for someone else’s life and that you always want to be there for them, resulted in months of nightly sessions googling diseases, symptoms and information on how we can stay healthy, fit and strong forever. Somewhere in the midst of all that anxiety an interest in how much we can affect our health with our diet was sparked.

With this blog we want to give you the basics on the connection between the intestinal flora, inflammation and your health, and above all we want to give you information about how you – through your diet – can contribute to state of your intestinal flora and, consequentially, how you feel. So, this is our story about how we became interested in the connection between health and food, and how we – much to our surprise – ended up amongst the bacteria in the intestines.

Oh, and by the way, we’ve also managed to write an entire book about intestinal floras, good bacteria and anti-inflammatory food. We would be so happy if you read it!