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Alba Botanica, Moisturizing Sunscreen Lip Balm, SPF 25, .15 oz (4.2 g)

Alba Botanica, Moisturizing Sunscreen Lip Balm, SPF 25, .15 oz (4.2 g) Review


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Product name: Alba Botanica, Moisturizing Sunscreen Lip Balm, SPF 25, .15 oz (4.2 g)
Quantity: 0.15 oz, 0.01 kg, 6.6 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm
Categories: Alba Botanica, Bath, Personal Care, Lip Care, Lip Balm, SPF, Vegetarian

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Reef Safe, No Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, or Synthetic Fragrances, 100% Vegetarian Ingredients, Hain Celestial, Uses: Helps prevent sunburn, Free of sunscreen active ingredients that may harm coral reefs.

SPF, Lip Balm, Lip Care, Personal Care, Bath

Shea butter smoothes and soothes, and the spf30 makes this lip salve a handy companion on a skiing holiday. Piliang has heard people say that applying lip balm causes the body to stop generating natural moisture around the lips. I noticed tingling and burning when i applied the lip balm but did not think much of it because i thought my lips were chapped. A set of three spf 8 organic lip balms featuring aloe juice, plant based candelilla wax, coconut oil, and sunflower oil. The carefully concocted formula protects, repairs, and ultimately revitalizes your lips back to flawless perfection. These natural ingredients are incredibly effective at healing even the most severe dry, chapped, inflamed lips. This product is sure to be your favorite lip balm! The season of sore, chapped lips is fully upon us, with the threat of snow, and maybe even another beast from the east, looming large.

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Alba Botanica, Moisturizing Sunscreen Lip Balm, SPF 25, .15 oz (4.2 g): SPF, Lip Balm, Lip Care, Personal Care, Bath

I have been using this product for over 18 months and not once have i had my lips get sunburned. In addition to the shea butter, there are a few other oils that are contain within the tube that will further help to cure any severely chapped lips. To note: When it comes to squeeze lip balms, given their naturally softer composition, they will often lead to a shiny coat on your lips. Enriched with avocado, sweet almond, and apricot seed oils, this korean beauty treatment leaves lips looking and feeling instantly more moisturized after a mere five minutes. If there is not a lip balm that you are already in love with this one may be worth trying. This lip balm is infused with shea butter, a necessary ingredient that moisturizes and softens skin with regular use. If you have severely dry lips that need to be coated with velvety softness asap, we suggest this dhc lip cream. A great organic lip balm can be a fantastic routine treatment to keep your lips moist, soft, and safe from sun damage.

Alba Botanica, SPF

I love the thick and slightly waxy feel of this balm. Maybelline baby lips comes in five flavors, though the others, like cherry, include a bit of pigment. Let me start by saying that this is not a lip balm-this is an intense lip treatment made from a blend of potent plant oils and extracts. Chapstick sun defense spf 25 had a citrus smell that not everyone liked. The latest limited edition tin has a wintery, spiced apple taste and a subtle red tint, making it a perfect substitute when your lips are too chapped to wear lipstick. Containing cocoa butter, beeswax, shea butter and vitamin e, this lip balm is a powerhouse of beneficial ingredients to get your lips back to normal. Many testers like how subtle this balm is; if you want something that feels stronger or is totally fragrance-free, go with one of our other picks. On top of the flavor, it really gets my lips soft; better than any other balm i have tried, and it lasts longer and acts quicker. Saliva contains digestive enzymes that break down the lipid barrier and further aggravate dryness, leading to soreness and inflammation. The applicator is simple to use and hard to get dirty, in contrast to lip balms that come in little pots or have short caps and are prone to crushing the tip of the balm. When i was at a basin store, i saw the lip balm section and figured i’d give some a try.

Moisturizing Sunscreen Lip Balm, SPF 25

A lip balm should be reliable, and many stick balms are too hard or too soft, and leave unwanted residue on your lip. Though our panelists all had slightly different ideas about what consistency and scent were perfect for a lip balm, three of the five panelists cited this balm as a favorite. To guard against overuse (Which may actually make your lips drier in the long run), lio recommends letting the body regulate itself whenever possible. This hydrating lip balm is great for all weather conditions as it hydrates and moisturizes without going on too glossy. If you are looking for a lip balm that offers broad-spectrum spf and will hydrate, repair, and protect your lips, try supergoop! It’s super creamy, moisturizing, and sticks around on your lips for a good bit of time. It’s also got all of the other ingredients you know and love in a balm like shea, beeswax, aloe, and jojoba oil. A lack of iron, vitamin b and fatty acids in your body can play a role in lip cracking and scaling. Now just a quick note: Given that lip balm is repeatedly applied throughout the day, you may not need to worry about maximum protection like you would with a traditional sunscreen. The fragrance is very sweet, but does not linger on lips. Normally, with other balms, it’s overly sugary and very synthetic-tasting.

The balm does not contain any parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, or sls,and instead is made with zinc oxide, which offers broad-spectrum sun protection. The balm smells nice, works well, and while it does leave a little shine on your lips, it protects them from the elements and keeps your lips looking healthier longer. It has a beautiful natural lavender scent, a soothing feeling as soon as it is applied, and leaves your lips feeling noticeably soft. I love putting this lip balm on at night before i go to bed. Infused with mint, mentha lip tints deliver a super-cooling sensation and a long-lasting shine to keep your lips looking their best. The lip balm has an amazon’s choice recommendation because of it’s high ratings. For men with chapped, broken lips, this moisturizing solid lip balm has you covered. Why expose your lips to 19 or 20 potential irritants when five will get the job done? The lip balm also features grapeseed oil and vitamins c and e, which all help smooth and soften lips, and spf 15 for sun protection.

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Alba Botanica SPF

When i wake up in the morning and smack my lips, i can still feel the product there, which testifies to it’s fantastic lasting power. Crafted from a blend of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich usda certified organic ingredients like lemon balm, calendula, and helichrysum flower, this big stick of balm only needs a few swipes for lasting protection. Prior to using this balm, i had tried scrubs, lip serums, and other lip balms to no avail. The pillow-like balm is whipped to a dreamy, gel-cream consistency and is made of reparative ingredients like seabuckthorn berry extract and sunflower seed wax to nourish lips while you snooze. For another, you want the extra protection offered by a lip balm right next to your lips, where it will do the most good. Laneige’s lip sleeping mask is an all-time allure editor favorite. An affordable usda certified organic set of lip balms featuring some really memorable flavors such as asian pear, acai berry, grapefruit pomegranate, and green tea. And if you are, check out our faqs below for some thoughts on lip balm overuse. My lips have never felt this soft or this hydrated. The paraffin-based formula creates the optimum environment for your lips to maintain their moisture by forming a breathable barrier and encouraging the regeneration of cells. This chic emollient balm from elizabeth arden was the big hit among the dermatologists we spoke to. (By the way, i keep the empty bath bomb boxes in my linen closet to keep it smelling fresh)!

I was out in the sun all day, and applied this lip balm religiously throughout the day. Now if there was one caveat to this balm is that while it does contain beeswax, there might not be enough to provide an ample barrier to your skin. Lip cancers are prevalent, so it makes sense to ensure your balm or lipstick contains an spf too, particularly when up in the mountains. Plus, we wanted our recommendations to be easy to find: Sometimes, when you need lip balm, you need lip balm now. That is why i love to keep a stockpile of organic lip balms around so that i always have one nearby (Or a replacement when i inevitably lose one). We also wanted to find a lip balm that could appeal to a broad audience, without tints, flavors, and gloss. Vaseline lip therapy is as neutral and irritant-free as it gets. And no weird spf smells or anything i can taste.

This organic lip balm is packed with organic honey, which is a fantastic ingredient for lip health. The broad-spectrum spf offers protection for up to two hours, while the balm’s petrolatum and lanolin ingredients are used to hydrate and heal your lips. It works by creating a protective film on your lips, keeping them comfortable in even the harshest of conditions, yet also penetrates more deeply, filling in cracks and repairing damage. Dry, cracked, or malnourished lips are bound to be a thing of the past after using this hydrating lip balm by tom ford. The clear spf lip balm only leaves a mild white tint whereas the two lightly pigmented balms hide any traces of zinc oxide residue. While a thin application of product may still protect your lips, you may have to reapply more frequently. Other than the addicting taste, these beauties actually keep you lips soft for hours. Smooth, non-greasy, and effective–this balm has everything you need. People with sensitive lips, easily irritated lips, or those who just simply prefer an unscented balm will love this product. Rosemary, chamomile, wild pansy and calendula combine to nourish lips, leaving them feeling rich and supple.

The best lip balm provides long-lasting moisture without potential irritants. The trick is to lightly apply these balms with just 1 or 2 swipes (More layers create a white tint from the zinc oxide). Pepper lip smacker in favor of something a little more sophisticated.

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Alba Botanica, Moisturizing Sunscreen Lip Balm, SPF 25, .15 oz (4.2 g) Product Review

I will not buy more. Horrible Balm. Star alone because the price rises. Sunscreen for lips. ALBA moisturizing sunscreen lip balm, SPF 25. Coconut strong. good balm. Oily texture like cocoa beans. not worth the money. Nice


Very not pleasant on the lips. The smell is not tasty. His taste gets into his mouth.

The frankness is the sun protector of lips more than it moisturizes the tobacco to moisten Mainf and God I dry lips if benefited from the comment Hatti Yesmmmmmmmmmmm

Beautiful protection especially for me Tsui peeling for lips but put moisturizer normal lips before kissed him, because it dried lips grilling

This is the only lip balm that makes my lips feel truly nourished!

The scent of coconut is stronger. Maybe it feels so bad. It can be used without drying, but it becomes whitish because of UV.

good hydration, I don’t know how it protects from the sun; you need to apply very little – if you go too far there will be a white mark on the lips; -1 point for a taste in the mouth is not very pleasant after application to the lips.

It turned out to be a very oily structure, leaves white stains on the lips, absorbed afterwards and moisturizes. It feels like natural cocoa beans. Enough for a long time. I don’t know about sun protection)

I don’t know what is there with sun protection, but I didn’t like it at all. It smells bad, unpleasant on the lips. In addition, the cap falls off all the time.

Nice but it is thick and give a white layer when you applay it