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Badger Company, Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, Creamy Cocoa, .25 oz (7 g)

Badger Company, Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, Creamy Cocoa, .25 oz (7 g) Review


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Product name: Badger Company, Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, Creamy Cocoa, .25 oz (7 g)
Quantity: 1 Count, 0.02 kg, 0.2 x 0.2 x 7.9 cm
Categories: Badger Company, Bath, Personal Care, Lip Care, Lip Balm, USDA Organic, Certified Organic, Fairtrade, Cruelty Free, No Animal Testing, Certified Gluten Free, Gluten Free

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A Little Magic For Your Life, USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified Ingredient, Cruelty Free, Certified Gluten Free, Certified Organic by NH Dept. of Agr, Mkts, and Food.

Lip Balm, Lip Care, Personal Care, Bath

Formulated with pure olive oil and beeswax, our balms have been tested and perfected into a moisturizing, soft, soothing formula that leaves lips with a subtle, lasting shine. A good sunblocking lip balm is essential for the summer. Even the most stinging, split lips will breathe a sigh of relief after being smothered in this intensely moisturising salve, which quickly forms a moisture barrier without looking shiny. We’re proud to create cute and functional products all in one, like our very blackberry macaron lip butter, for example! 4, For overnight beauty ritual, use our lip exfoliator to gently buff away dead skin cells and apply a rich layer of hemp heavy duty lip care before bedtime. I was looking for something similar to drunk elephants lippe which is my favorite, but very expensive, this stuff is it! Mint leaves a tingling sensation along the lips, which is seen by some buyers as refreshing. You can use aquaphor healing ointment on your lips, but i am partial to the lip repair because it comes in a portable, squeezable tube. You will not need to keep reaching for this lip balm throughout the day.

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Badger Company, Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, Creamy Cocoa, .25 oz (7 g): Lip Balm, Lip Care, Personal Care, Bath

Expect to notice improvements within days, making this balm well worth the splurge. This lip balm is contained in an easy to use, post-recycled tube and the solid stick of product makes it exceptionally easy to apply. Dry, chapped lips are a year-round problem, often causing pain and discomfort due to harsh weather, sunburn, or even acidic drinks. Vitamin e is a necessary ingredient as it is used to promote skin health and regrowth, perfect for weather damaged lips. The latest limited edition tin has a wintery, spiced apple taste and a subtle red tint, making it a perfect substitute when your lips are too chapped to wear lipstick. This lip balm is packed with beneficial ingredients to help protect your lips from harmful uv rays as well as repair damage brought about by the elements. This little tube is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and moisture to keep your lips soft and supple, without making them look feminine or glossy.

Badger Company, Lip Balm

Their lip balm is packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help combat skin damage, and to rejuvenate your lips back to a healthy state. A good exfoliant is like a magic bullet for any skin-care routine because it truly helps just about anything that is ailing your face. Overall, you cannot lose with this lip balm. Our testers were very willing to replace their current everyday balm with this one. Within the stick of this balm it contains just a few ingredients. Peppermint lip scrub: Exfoliates and provides a plumping effect. There are some exfoliating elements mixed into this wax to help relieve your lips of dead skin cells, but they should not be noticed when applying. Eating a balanced diet and staying well-hydrated keeps skin (Including your lips) moisturized. When it comes to your lip health, you should invest in a product that you know will work. It works by creating a protective film on your lips, keeping them comfortable in even the harshest of conditions, yet also penetrates more deeply, filling in cracks and repairing damage. It does still spread on your lips, but it is not a soft lip balm. This is ideal for if you suffer from permanently chapped lips.

This balm feels velvety soft to apply and offers instant calming relief to red-raw lips, but be careful when squeezing as the consistency is quite runny. Kiwi lip scrub: Exfoliates and amps shine. Beeswax, shea butter and petrolatum are good ingredients to look for as they seal water inside the lips, helping to prevent and repair chapping. Now just a quick note: Given that lip balm is repeatedly applied throughout the day, you may not need to worry about maximum protection like you would with a traditional sunscreen. Popular balms have ingredients that very closely mimic the labels of some of the top beard balms and mustache waxes on the market today. These ingredients, along with the addition of vitamin c, create an ideal softening agent that leaves your lips soft, silky, and smooth. Come morning, lips look and feel soft, bouncy, and supple as ever. What it is: Rad’s soothing and extremely moisturizing lip balm flavored with the sweet citrus of tangerine and mango. For the first time since the launch of that much-loved product more than 90 years ago, weleda has extended the line to include a lip balm. Available in our hempseed butter lemongrass lip balm. Are you prone to dry, cracked saraha-desert-like lips or just some occasional tightness in the corners?

I swear by the laneige water sleeping mask for giving my face a boost of hydration overnight, and i swear by the brand’s lip sleeping mask for soothing my angry chapped lips. What it is: Rad’s best selling soothing and extremely moisturizing lip balm flavored with the spicy unique blend of cinnamon and peppermint. Their lip balm is one such example, offering up a moisturizing feel without being glossy. A lip balm should be reliable, and many stick balms are too hard or too soft, and leave unwanted residue on your lip. Your lips may feel slick and slippery, but overall, they should feel smooth and silky as well. Dans cortibalm is one of the highest peered reviewed lip balms. By the time all is said and done, that personalized lip balm you were buying could cost you dearly. If you spend considerable time in a windowless, dry office (Especially in winter when the heat is on), for example, you may want to consider a lip balm with extra emollients. I have tried literally just about every single type of lip balm out there, spent probably hundreds of dollars trying to find one that works for me.

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Badger Company Lip Balm

It’s bubblegum-pink hue will makes your lips look like you have caked them in icing while you wear it, but that is a bonus if you ask us. One of the main reasons why men purchase a lip balm is due to incredibly dry conditions. Balms nourish your lips and provide the following targeted lip care benefits, while, the lip scrubs soften and prep lips for a treatment or lipstick thanks to gentle sugar exfoliants. When all these ingredients are combined into one stick, you have an extremely effective lip balm that not only protects your lips with the use of beeswax, but also keeps them well moisturized. I was with other girlfriends and they all complained how chapped and dry their lips were even after keeping their brand lip balms on frequently. The lips had a healthy moisturized look. This stuff works and really does not feel extraordinary different from other lip balms. The acid acts as an exfoliant, and, in theory, exfoliating flaky lips is a good thing. This moisturizing first lip balm leads with a shea butter that makes up 10% of the entire solution. I like to consider myself a lip balm connoisseur, and this scent ranks above all of my favorite formulas, clean or not. Therefore it’s extremely important to pick up a lip balm that has conditioning agents that are designed to keep your lips both well nourished and moisturized. This lip balm serves as a mild sun block, with an spf of 15 for every-day use. What made this balm soar above the others we tested in the budget price tier is just how well it moisturizes.

This non-toxic lip balm is made with a nourishing trio of argan oil, shea butter, and chamomile flower oil to deeply hydrate dry, cracked lips, leaving them smooth and kissably soft. The cream finish of this lip balm is ideal for those with dry, chapped, and sensitive lips, who are looking for long lasting moisture throughout the day. Shea butter smoothes and soothes, and the spf30 makes this lip salve a handy companion on a skiing holiday. A great general use lip balm that is extremely affordable. Why expose your lips to 19 or 20 potential irritants when five will get the job done? The laneige lip sleeping mask is like a lip balm version of the brand’s cult-favorite water sleeping mask. This hydrating lip balm is great for all weather conditions as it hydrates and moisturizes without going on too glossy. Unusually for a balm, it is both packaged and shaped like a lipstick, making it easy to reach the corners of the lips where chapping often occurs and adding a bit of glam to your lipcare. Tubes, sticks, and tubs can all hold your precious balm, and your own personal preference rules here. When looking for intensive care for your lips primarily for overnight use, vaseline is often sought for as a cure for severely chapped lips. Moisturizing ingredients, like murumuru seed butter, hydrogenated castor oil, and sea whip extract go the extra mile to hydrate and simultaneously plump lips while you sleep.

Sara happ is renowned for her sublime lip treatments and the sweet clay lip mask (A go-to for skin-care editor sarah kinonen) is no exception. Treat your lips to essential moisture for a soft and smooth feeling. Drinking enough water will keep the body, skin and lips hydrated. The best lip balm provides long-lasting moisture without potential irritants. Two of it’s main ingredients are castor seed oil, a natural plant extract that locks in moisture, and beeswax, which protects the lips. The protective capabilities of this product also save your lips against harsh wind and cold weather as well. Dragon fruit lip scrub: Exfoliates and protects.

Some of the reviewers have stated that this balm is rather oily, and leaves a bit of a shine after application.

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Badger Company, Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, Creamy Cocoa, .25 oz (7 g) Product Review

This is used now just when i don’t have anything else. He is beautiful. good. it is good. Beautiful balm. Great! Good hydration. Amazing Product. Good balm. Slick stick!

I feel my lips are getting dryer when I use this, I normally use the dark brown colored (don’t remember it’s name, long time since they had it in). But it smels and taste good though.

Very worthy balm. I apply immediately before bedtime, in the morning my lips are smooth, moisturized and super soft. An ideal winter remedy for overdried and weathered. I am completely satisfied with the result, I do not plan to look for other means, I have gained different tastes and am going to try them all.


Great cocoa bean flavor

Excellent natural balm: harmless composition, lays well and lies on the lips, restores the softness of the skin of the lips. Weight 7 grams, that is enough for a very long time. Very pleasant smell of cocoa.

It smells very good and perfectly moisturizes the skin of the lips! In the cold, it becomes hard, melts from the warmth of the skin, there is neither an unpleasant aftertaste, nor stickiness, it does not roll, does not form a film, it perfectly plays the role of a moisturizing base! Bonus – even your husband will not feel it on your lips!)

Balm moisturizes well, so oily. But I would not say that the smell is definitely very pleasant, it smells like chocolate, but somehow it’s not very. But the smell passes quickly. Next time I’ll rather try something fruity, I won’t order this taste anymore.

I highly recommend it. It feels like chocolate on your lips

It smells of cocoa butter (from the composition – as expected). I really like! It nourishes the lips well.

Stays slick-doesn’t dry out!