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BioSil by Natural Factors, Healthy Bones Plus, Two-Part Program

BioSil by Natural Factors, Healthy Bones Plus, Two-Part Program Review


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Product name: BioSil by Natural Factors, Healthy Bones Plus, Two-Part Program
Quantity: 1 Count, 0.27 kg, 7.4 x 12.7 x 12.2 cm
Categories: BioSil by Natural Factors, Supplements, Healthy Lifestyles, Bone Formulas, Minerals, Silica, Clinically Proven

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Promotes the Ideal Condition of Bone, Collagen Calcium, For Strong Plus Flexible Bones, With ch-OSA Advanced Collagen Generator, Increases Bone Mineral Density, Increases Bone Calcium Binding Sites, Generates “Bone-Cushioning” Collagen, Promotes Bone Flexibility, Reduces Osteoporosis Risk‡, Clinically Proven, ‡Adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis, Two-Part Program: Bone Mineralizer Matrix, 120 Tablets, Bone Collagenizer Matrix, 40 Capsules, How Healthy Bones Plus Works: Increases Calcium “Binding Sites”, Bone collagen provides the “binding sites” for calcium. All calcium must “bind to” collagen in order to become part of bone. Age-related collagen loss leads to diminished calcium content and reduced bone mineral density. Healthy Bones Plus is clinically proven to generate bone collagen and increase bone mineral density at the critical hip region, Promotes Vital Bone Flexibility, Collagen gives your bones flexibility and their ability to withstand physical stress, as from impact. Healthy Bones Plus is clinically proven to increase bone collagen formation, Increases the Total Strength of Bone, Increasing your bones’ total strength requires both “hardness,” determined by the calcium content of your bones and “toughness” (flexibility), determined by collagen. New Healthy Bones Plus promotes both types of bone.

Silica, Minerals, Bone Formulas, Healthy Lifestyles, Supplements

Low bone mass (Osteoporosis) is a silent epidemic of the 21st century, which presently in the uk results in over 200,000 fractures annually at a cost of over one billion pounds. Although ideally these non-genetic factors could be altered, in practice this is difficult, and hence drugs are extensively used to try to slow, or reverse, osteoporosis, now chiefly calcium and vitamin d supplementation, bisphosphonates and oestrogens, and oestrogen receptor modulators (5, 8- 11). The si concentration of european mineral waters is within a similar range (4-16 Mg/l) to lowland drinking waters and their ph is typically around neutral, or slightly above. In fact, your bone mineralization takes place in negatively charged areas in the bone. Another source or silica, that is not as well known is red algae. Regardless of the mechanism of action, there is an increasing confirmation that silicon plays a role in bone formation. However, additional nutritional components may also be important for bone health.

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BioSil by Natural Factors, Healthy Bones Plus, Two-Part Program: Silica, Minerals, Bone Formulas, Healthy Lifestyles, Supplements

Silalive’s meaning and foundational core concept stands in honor of the sheer inherent, innate power silica carries throughout so many universal biological processes. Silicon and silica are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference: Silica is the oxide form of silicon, meaning silica has an oxygen molecule attached via covalent bonding. Each tablet contains 500 mg of horsetail extract, but the silica content of this extract (Which varies from plant to plant) is not standardized, making it hard to compare doses to other silica supplements. While we commonly hear that calcium is the mineral that is most helpful for bone health, it’s actually silica that is more critical. However, a mean 41% of ingested si is absorbed from solid foods and generally the si content of the food is a marker of it’s uptake, Suggesting phytolithic silica is broken down and absorbed. The results showed that the silica supplement helped make photodamaged skin smoother, and decreased brittleness in both the nails and the hair. Historically, the primary source of dietary silica was the outside husks of grains. Additionally, the fda does not review or test supplements, so there is no guarantee that these products are as safe or as effective as manufacturers claim. Crystalline silica is used in various industries, from glass and construction to agriculture.

Silica is a mineral that provides your body with silicon, which is essential for proper skeletal and connective tissue function. To date, very few studies have tested the health effects of orthosilicic acid. Almost all the supplements reviewed, including multivitamins, selenium, vitamin a, vitamin b6, and vitamin d, showed no association with either increased or decreased risk of death or heart disease. Avoid the cruelty altogether and use a natural, plant-based supplement that can help boost your collagen production. When it comes to dosage, preliminary research suggests that between 22 and 100 mg of silica per day is optimal, though future work might be able to narrow this range. In recent studies, lifelong dietary supplementation with coenzyme q 10 did not increase the life spans of rats or mice (37, 38); However, one study showed that coenzyme q 10 supplementation attenuates the age-related increase in dna damage. Calcium requires vitamin d3 for it’s absorption but it also requires silica for the utilisation of calcium into building strong bones and teeth. However, absorbed silica is also likely to be taken up by tissues which may delay it’s total elimination from the body. Incidentally, silica is also an excellent supplement in combating mild to moderate acne.

When people greatly restrict their calories, they may not get enough of the essential nutrients, especially those healthy fats and proteins. Secondly, silica bonds with many minerals in the body as mentioned above. This is why the osteoporosis reversal program recommends complete supplementation with foundation supplements, as well as eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods, such as foundation foods, because they contain many different components that all work in synergy with each other for maximum benefits. Following the linus pauling institute recommendation to take a multivitamin/mineral supplement containing 100% of the daily values (Dv) of most nutrients should provide sufficient chromium for most older adults. Such materials have been shown to bond much better to bone than their non-silicon-containing counterparts due to the spontaneous formation of a biologically active apatite-like layer on their surface. This natural reduction of silicon can be from 10 to 40 mg daily so it needs to be replaced in foods (Found in tiny amounts in oats, barley, potatoes, beans, mussels and beer) or taken in supplements. As shown in figure 1, a total of 274 adults aged 18-85 were contacted from the investigators Dxa database and from participants in a local health fair and were invited to complete a bone density test and to have the study explained to them prior to enrolling (Ac-1). Silicon, also known as silica, is the second most abundant element on earth and the third most abundant trace element in the human body.

Through careful analysis of levels of silica and aluminum in drinking water and the incidence of dementia among a large sample of people in france, the researchers were able to confirm that aluminum increases the risk of dementia, but only when levels of silica are low. Eidon ionic minerals – silica liquid – 18 oz. In the framingham offspring cohort study, researchers noted at least 40 mg of daily silicon accounted for 10% higher bone mineral density than lower intakes around 14 mg of silicon per day. The silicon-supplemented group also had less bone resorption. Phytolithic silica may be present, as a contaminant, in facial scrub and shampoos as often these are plant based, while silicones may be present in some hand and nail creams and in nail varnish. For nearly 50 years, swanson health’s research and development team has delivered science-backed health and wellness products to people around the world. Senior author on the research, erin michos, suggests if you are eating a good diet and are otherwise generally healthy then you simply do not need to be taking vitamin supplements. Regardless of the cause, though my loss has only slowed down a bit, the silica has really jump started the new hair growth cycle. More recently, two studies found that supplementing aged rats with either alcar or lipoic acid, a mitochondrial cofactor and antioxidant, improved mitochondrial energy metabolism, decreased oxidative stress, and improved memory (24, 25).

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BioSil by Natural Factors Bone Formulas Silica

Department of health and human services. Silicon in the form of silica, or silicon dioxide (Sio 2), is a common food additive but has limited intestinal absorption. Chemical and biological (Plants, algae and lichens) weathering, however, releases silicon from these stable minerals, increasing it’s bioavailability. Moreover, it is extremely important to determine the underlying cause of the iron deficiency, rather than simply treating it with iron supplements. Silicates are also likely to be present, as an excipient, in powdered cosmetics, while in talcum powder the main ingredient is magnesium hydrogen silicate. These crystalline silicates are phagocytosed by macrophages that then release cytokines that attract and stimulate other immune cells including fibroblasts, which are responsible for the excessive production of collagen (Fibrotic tissue) that is characteristic of silicosis. Recommendations for intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids in healthy adults. My hair is bleached platinum blonde and this supplement has given me really shiny, strong healthy hair.

Silica also enhances the overall health benefits of vitamin d, glucosamine and calcium, making it a versatile addition to your diet. The mechanism of gastrointestinal uptake of silica is not known, but the silica species in the gastrointestinal tract influences it’s absorption, As noted above. At mineralife, we create high quality products that are highly absorbable and uniquely formulated to maximize bio-availability. To encourage candid reporting for acquiring dose-related and compliance comparisons, subjects in both groups were paid a reporting fee of $2,00/day for providing daily reports of supplement usage and side effects. The researchers found no evidence linking vitamin d supplementation with a reduced risk of alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, or other forms of dementia. Magnesium could similarly reduce the bioavailability of silica by forming insoluble silicates, since magnesium orthosilicate is considered the predominant form of silica in urine and possibly in plasma. This beneficial mineral can also help eliminate harmful heavy metals from our bodies. Trust me the financial desire for drug companies and their training establishments to teach health just is not there. Guthrie jr, ebeling pr, hopper jl, barrett-connor e, dennerstein l, dudley ec, burger hg, wark jd: A prospective study of bone loss in menopausal australian-born women. Bone health: Build better and stronger bones! The safety and public health benefits of optimally fluoridated water for prevention of tooth decay in people of all ages have been well established.

Older adults are more likely to have impaired kidney function than younger individuals, they should avoid taking more than 350 mg/day of supplemental magnesium without medical consultation (See the section on safety in the article on magnesium). There were no significant differences between the two groups in baseline bone mineral density (Bmd) or in variables related to bmd (Age, sex, weight, percent body fat, fat mass, or fat-free mass). Benefits of silica what does silica do in the body? Without this important mineral, you would have bone deformities. Picincu is a regular contributor to these platforms where she provides either health-related content or coaching to those who are interested in achieving a balanced lifestyle. Join thousands of savers from around the world who have reversed or prevented their bone loss naturally and scientifically with the osteoporosis reversal program. Since it aids in forming collagen, silica acts as an anti-aging agent since it helps your skin to retain moisture. It also strengthens arteries, joints, nail, hair, and bones, and helps to heal skin conditions as much as keep our skin looking youthful. Silicon absorbed across the intestinal mucosa reaches the blood circulation, but it is not known whether any absorbed silica is retained by the mucosal cells, as occurs with some metal cations, although this is likely to be small. These two elements are the most abundant on earth, and they work together to form silica.

Some high-dose antioxidant supplements have been associated with health risks. For osteoporosis, silica is very important as well because it could be even more important than calcium as it does the job of depositing minerals into your bones and it also speeds up healing if there is a fracture. As a result, it is hard to estimate a precise dosage when it comes to the silica content. However, interesting research suggests that silica might offer protection from the neurodegenerative effects of aluminum. Toothpaste, creams (Silicones), lipstick, coloured/powdered cosmetics and talcum powder (Mg hydrogen silicate). Silica is a vital mineral when you are shedding your hair excessively leading to hair loss and it also helps both women and men for lack lustre and thinning hair. To give you an example, a medium-sized banana contains about 6 mg of silica, and a carrot contains about 1,5 mg. Whether you want to improve your bone health, increase the radiance of your skin, or maintain your cognitive abilities into old age, silica could be a great addition to your supplemental routine.

During the study, new information became available suggesting that the plan might be enhanced by making changes in the nutritional composition of the bone-health supplement.