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Blossom, Triple Duo Lip Gloss, Sweet Kiss Collection, 6 Flower Lip Pots, 2.8 g Each

Blossom, Triple Duo Lip Gloss, Sweet Kiss Collection, 6 Flower Lip Pots, 2.8 g Each Review


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Product name: Blossom, Triple Duo Lip Gloss, Sweet Kiss Collection, 6 Flower Lip Pots, 2.8 g Each
Quantity: 6 Count, 0.05 kg, 1 x 4.6 x 2.8 cm
Categories: Blossom, Beauty, Makeup, Lips, Lip Gloss

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Infused With Real Flowers, Our Triple Duo Lip Gloss smells just as good as it looks! The beautiful clear case opens to reveal three shimmering colorful shades and 3 high shine glosses for a trendy, shiny look.

Lip Gloss, Lips, Makeup, Beauty

I use this even when i am working out to keep my lips hydrated and my trainer asked what i wear – she has since ordered it lol. All you have to do is watch a few fenty beauty tutorials on youtube to know that you need this next-level gloss in your life. I do not wear lipstick, as i am more of a lip gloss person, but this is already my new favorite. I was at work when i got an email that my order had been delivered and i thought that was a nice touch to see lala beauty truly track an order from doorstep to doorstep. Each lip oil is also formulated without parabens, sls, and silicone. This dose not change the color of the lipstick and gives the lips a beautiful glow to an amazing shine. It feels like you are gliding on a super expensive lip restoration product, when in reality it’s an affordable every day lip gloss. This nontoxic beauty brand was created with the intention to make high-quality beauty products with a luxurious feel, sans the luxury price tag. Stroke on bare skin as a primer or dab over makeup throughout the day to subdue shiny areas instantly. The addition of supercritical calendula extract helps protect the lips against cell damaging free radicals. Lightly blend from the lip liner in upward motions. ‘s original best-selling lipglass, allow us to do the honors. Formulated with both natural and organic ingredients, these beauties are a super clean way to get some pretty color to the lips without being too sticky or bold. Finding a sheer gloss could be the answer.

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Blossom, Triple Duo Lip Gloss, Sweet Kiss Collection, 6 Flower Lip Pots, 2.8 g Each: Lip Gloss, Lips, Makeup, Beauty

A gorgeous raspberry-red tinted, youth-giving lip treatment that nourishes, hydrates and plumps to give you full, soft lips while also minimizing the look of wrinkles. The kardashian ladies love brown lip gloss these days and wear it on the red carpet, as well as with casual daily attire. A sheer natural lip gloss that has potential to become a regular in your makeup bag. With all of the many different flavors, including candy and soda flavors, i wanted to make sure to find my favorite flavors, which are in this lip smacker best flavor forever party pack! Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients like rosehip, jojoba and candelilla wax to soothe lips and prevent any dryness. I always had that problem that i would put on a glosss and couple min it would be gone i hated that. The reason this product only gets three stars is that the particular fig lip shimmer i received was transparent, not the proper color. I get compliments every single time i put it on my lips, and i also keep this as a staple in my gym bag to dot a bit on my cheeks and eyelids for a little bit of color without looking like i am actually wearing makeup. You can use this lip serum on clean lips or over lipstick for a more defined look. Ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, and shea butter are especially beneficial for the lips which have a difficult time retaining moisture.

Blossom, Lip Gloss

This gloss has good staying power and smells yummy with a hint of chocolate flavor. A touch of gloss instantly creates the effect of a fuller pout, and lorac’s new unzipped formula has even more plumping action than your run of the mill option, thanks to vegan collagen, vitamin e, and sunflower seed oil, which nourish and condition lips. I typically wear this gloss on it’s own, but when i put it over a nude pink lipstick, it adds just a small bit of orange without looking too bright or aggressive. I looked both looks but honestly preferred just the gloss alone since i tend to be more of a makeup minimalist. The only downside is that these still have a bit of the sticky gloss feeling that i do not get with carmex, but the hydration and shine is so much better! One thing to note is it contains an organic cinnamon flavor to give the gloss a yummy taste. Glossy and silky, this refined brown lipgloss will add fashion-forward appeal to your look, as it nourishes your lips with healthy oils and minerals. This vegan lip gloss comes in three shades that are sweetened with lemongrass and a touch of stevia for a sweet touch. The colors are great, and i appreciate how they moisturize my lips while adding some color.

A pure and all natural lip gloss formula that gives lips a boost of moisture to create a plumper pout. Look where your lips look juicy (Lol), full, and vibrant. This popular makeup brand is ideal for any skin type and it’s products are designed to take advantage of the most modern scientific research, via effective and nourishing blends of natural, healthy and pure ingredients. Savage is a lovely color to wear but you probably want to add a gloss on top of it or mix it with a creamier brown matte to get a comfy feel. As an indian woman, i am predisposed to my lips getting darker when i am out in the sun a lot, summer or winter. And i can confidently say that there are no white lines on my lips. Each gloss features a built-in mirror on the side of it’s tube. At this price, though, i am not going to send it back, i will just use it like a no-color lip balm. The rave reviews for the universally flattering lip gloss had been popping up everywhere on the internet, and we each decided to carve out $18 to test it out. Sometimes all you want is just a little bit of color to add to your lips, nothing extreme. I love this burt’s bees lip balm with color. Filled with skin-loving ingredients like beetroot, pomegranate, shea butter and coconut to improve lip cell structure and health to diminish fine lines while leaving lips soft and full. I have not worn it all day yet (Just received tonight) so i cannot speak to how long it lasts, but it is incredibly smooth to apply, has a nice glossy finish and i love the color!

Not as high-gloss obviously, but a more subtle sheen. Better yet, top off with your favorite realher matte lipstick or realher moisturizing lipstick. Pros: Out of all of the lip glosses i got the most compliments when wearing this beaut from tom ford, so take from that what you will. A buildable lip gloss that immerses lips with it’s velvety, lip-drenching sheen. Hyaluronic acid helps to bind the hydrating benefits of jojoba seed oil, vitamin e, and shea butter to your lips. We provide practical beauty tips and tricks backed by reputable scientific studies and real results. Over the years i have kind of forgotten about lip gloss, replacing it with a simple rosebud salve, or a bold matte lipstick, but that does not mean i am totally against it. A long-lasting bright cherry red organic lip gloss. Because a lot of lip products can be drying, finding one that promises to be moisturizing might be a safe bet.

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Blossom Lip Gloss

A lip color serum that goes beyond just adding color and hydration to the lips. Taking my love of vanderpump rules to a new level by putting the lala beauty lip gloss line to the test! To me, the simple black packaging of each product did not seem to match her elaborate style, and the idea of ordering makeup from amazon without seeing it in person first felt even less appealing. I needed a new lip gloss that was shiny but not sticky, did not have an overpowering smell, and would not give me those dreaded white lines on my lips. A conventional lip gloss goes on smooth because of industrial by-products, petroleum jelly, and mineral oils. When i dot this on and blend it into my cheeks and lips, i look like i got a full night’s sleep (Though i usually don’t). I’m a lip gloss girl, through and through. Instead, i felt underwhelmed when i saw the first photos of gaga’s makeup.

I also liked the color selection, though i felt corset and venus looked a bit too similar on my lips. Instead of synthetic colors, natural lip glosses use earth minerals, fruits, and vegetables (Iron oxides, mica, strawberries, pomegranate, blueberry skin, grape skin, cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, tomatoes) which lend their rich pigments as a natural lip stain. It helps your lips to feel soft and moisturized while allowing for the prettiest glossy sheen. Juice beauty infused this gloss with all organic and antioxidant-rich ingredients, so everything touching your lips is pure and safe to use. Think of your investment in an organic lip gloss as an investment in skin care for your lips. Not only do you get beautiful, kissable, and yummy lips with a natural gloss, you also get moisturized and healthy looking lips underneath. I also anticipated swatching her products at a store like sephora or ulta beauty. This is a dream ingredient list for a lip gloss. I actually look forward to wearing these glosses and feel like i could even sleep in them. This is it’s high-shine lip-gloss counterpart. For those who prefer natural products, juice beauty covers you with this high-shine lip gloss.

This natural lip gloss is perfect for achieving a more full, voluptuous look without irritants or harmful ingredients. Most of it’s makeup looks stunning on the skin, and each product felt like a luxury item when i used it. To apply, start the applicator in the center of your upper lip follow the contours of your mouth. If you liked this post, feel free to share with someone you know who would appreciate a great lip gloss. Repeat the same steps for your lower lip. Packed with vitamin e and organic jojoba to nourish and protect lips, this gloss is vegan friendly except for english rose, bitten pink, scandalips, cocktail, which contain beeswax for antibacterial protection.