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BYS, Matte, Eyeshadow Palette, 12 g

BYS, Matte, Eyeshadow Palette, 12 g Review


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Product name: BYS, Matte, Eyeshadow Palette, 12 g
Quantity: 1 Count, 0.18 kg, 20.3 x 14.7 x 1.3 cm
Categories: BYS, Beauty, Makeup, Makeup Palettes, Eyes, Eyeshadow, Cruelty Free, No Animal Testing

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Complete with Full Size Mirror, Cruelty Free, Not Tested On Animal, Colors Include: Pure, Fusion, Spirit, Caramel, Taupe, Dreamer, Fearless, Wanderer, Chocolate, Espresso, Intrigue, Soot, Featuring 12 expertly colored pigments, the BYS Matte Eyeshadow Tin features blendable, true to color matte shades to create infinite looks. The on-trend, tin packaging features a full-length mirror and two dual end sponge and brush applicators for quick and convenient application.

Eyeshadow, Eyes, Makeup Palettes, Makeup, Beauty

No matter your makeup mood on any given day, the most-loved palettes at sephora are exceptionally adaptable picks, so you will never be at a loss when crafting the perfect eye look. Eyeshadow palettes are the wardrobe of the beauty world, open them up and depending on how you feel, you could be smouldering and striking one day, neutral and off-duty the next, or festive and glam whenever the occasion calls for it. If you mix makeup together a lot, i suggest buying this palette since this literally changed my makeup game. Create a variety of stunning looks with these 12 shades of mineral based, highly pigmented eyeshadow. This little tin of natural eyeshadow has a lot of power. This palette is beautiful and feels way more expensive than it is. Or for a totally-curated kit you can use from day to night, opt for the marc jacobs beauty eye-conic multi-finish eyeshadow palette, currently on sale for $30, it’s got seven essential shades ranging from peachy nudes to shimmering tans to a satiny chocolate color, so you can create a subtle day look and then dial up the drama at night. You can still achieve the same stunning looks with organic eyeshadow formulas that are made from all-natural ingredients. In high schools, eye shadow palettes have become status symbols. Love the yellow orange colours, saw a youtube vid with this pallet and i already love tarte eyeshadows so this was a no brainer!

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BYS, Matte, Eyeshadow Palette, 12 g: Eyeshadow, Eyes, Makeup Palettes, Makeup, Beauty

It’s a beautiful palette my only complaint is it feels cheap in the hand because it’s maid out of cardboard or something similar not something sturdy or heavy feeling and for the price you would think it would feel more luxurious. If i need to touch-up during the day or night, the palette has a lovely long mirror and double-ended brush. I was honestly using a glass pillar plate, but really wanted a stainless steel palette and mixing spatula (Like i see on ig). Celebrity makeup artist and beauty blogger huda kattan joined forces with her sisters alya and mona kattan to create a brand dedicated to empowering beauty in everyone. I love that i can have pinks, nudes and browns within easy reach of my eyeshadow brush. Pat mcgrath is a makeup queen, and her mthrshp subversive la vie en rose eyeshadow palette is packed with stunning pinks and purples. Luckily, she is graced us with a makeup line, pat mcgrath labs, and the eyeshadow palettes are particular standouts. Best of all, there are six different palettes to choose from, depending on the colors you use regularly. The new nude palette boasts a variety of game-changing textures and colors, balancing cool and warm tones to complement the best of both worlds. From vivid palettes to neutral mattes, we found the best eyeshadow palettes for every occasion, budget, and look. Who needs influencers when you know this many beauty obsessives? Look no further than the anastasia beverly hills modern renaissance eye shadow palette, which has racked up a ridiculously high rating of 4,8 stars via more than 8,000 reviews.

BYS, Makeup Palettes, Eyeshadow

Highly pigmented and long lasting colors, matte shimmers glitter one palette can always bring you different creative look on different occasions. All six highly pigmented, long-wearing shades make your eyes come alive. 1 Pick is under $10, thank the makeup gods and get yourself ready for 12 glorious game-changers. Every time we walk into sephora, the drugstore, or anywhere palettes are sold, we gravitate toward the neutrals we know look great. 20, A coastal scents revealed 2 palette to help you save a few coins while getting shades similar to those in the urban decay naked3 palette. From easy-to-use eyeshadow palettes to contour kits and complete-looks-in-one, scroll through our pick of some of the best makeup palettes available to buy now – that look as good on your face as they do on your dressing table. While most of the palette is neutral, it also includes some standout shades like seafoam green and a cobalt blue shimmer so you can add some variety to your looks.

Matte, Eyeshadow Palette

Matte,shimmer eyeshadow palette will take you through every season,providing you with every color of eyeshadow you need. Using the lightest shade, apply with our realher this is me eyeshadow brush evenly across the brow bone down to the crease. And manny mua, another beauty personality, just released a palette and brush set with morphe, a company that often works with influencers. All palettes are formulated with nourishing ingredients like kaolin clay (Purifies pores) and jojoba oil (Moisturizing and anti-aging). The foundation of any good eye makeup collection, these muted yet highly pigmented colors (33 Shades to be exact) are versatile and will quickly become an essential in your arsenal. Luckily, the new wave of purposeful palettes contain clever combinations of expertly edited formulas, textures and shades, so they really are makeup additions you can use every day. All we can do is have faith that urban decay will bring out a palette of equal colour perfection to take the coveted place of one of our most-loved eyeshadow palettes of all time.

BYS Beauty Makeup Makeup Palettes

Mehron bruise wheel has been my go-to bruise simulation makeup for nearly a decade. I only ordered one mehron palette with these basic colors because i wanted to make sure they were a higher quality paint than what i had been previously using and i will definitely be adding more mehron colors to my makeup kit. An eyeshadow palette with clean ingredients and colors that flatter almost any skin tone and eye color. Truly a gem of an eyeshadow, this nutrient dense formula delivers beautiful color from plants and natural sources. It’s possible to create a natural smokey eye using the brown and charcoal colors, or to go bold with fuchsias, blues, and greens. Made with chamomile, traditionally known for it’s calming and soothing properties and ideal for sensitive eyes. I have also included a photo of my arm with each color in the palette and i am very happy with the shade and opacity of each color. The safest bet is to pick a palette that offers subtle colours you can use daily in a colour scheme you wear often (Plenty of greys, or bronzes, or browns), as well as shadows that will vamp up your look come evening, whether that be with smoky shades (Like midnight blue or burgundy) or bold, bright pigments. An eyeshadow palette is a one-stop-shop for all of your eye looks (Or it should be, at least).

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BYS Makeup Palettes Eyeshadow

Normally my test for how well eyeshadows perform is to test their yellow and sure enough it worked extremely well. With each of the 35 shades in this mega palette breaking down to a buck and change, this is not just a great value, it also contains virtually every shade you need to create hundreds of looks. Ashley frazier, a high school senior in chicago, has about 30 palettes. Stroke on bare skin as a primer or dab over makeup throughout the day to subdue shiny areas instantly. Wear these natural eyeshadows on their own, as a clean base for other shadows, as an eyeliner, or even to fill in your brows. I will definitely consider getting this palette for myself, it seems to have solid good quality and a great price. I can fit 24 eyeshadow palettes of varying sizes using the 9 divisions provided. Some of the best natural eyeshadows get their beautiful colors straight from yummy plants and spices such as paprika, turmeric, pomegranate, cherries, peaches, and berries. The 21-shade palette contains a mix of matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes. A great palette for those who want to (Safely) experiment with a bit more colour than their usual nudes. Some of the palettes even feature that trifecta, plus glue-free glitters. This creamy eyeshadow has all the same natural and organic ingredients as it’s sister eyeshadow, mesmerize eye color classic. (We love introducing people to makeup they become obsessed with).

Beauty Makeup Makeup Palettes Eyes BYS

These earthy natural eyeshadows are quite the bang for your buck. I would recommend this to any professional or person who just loves makeup. And finally, if you fancy something with a bit of both, stunning neutrals and bold colourful shades, prepare to fall for anastasia beverly hills Infamous modern renaissance eyeshadow palette. By far the best palette organizer i have found! I started learning to face-paint with snazaroo paints and felt they were a little too hard to get a heavy, opaque color so i ordered this mehron palette. So much so that i have ordered delanci’s other palettes. Not to mention that urban decay just announced their new naked reloaded palette and a game of thrones collaboration palette. It has brown and pink tones that are ideal for day wear, but if you combine all the shades together, you create a color that makes the perfect pretty-yet-sultry, soft, smoky evening eye look. There are plenty of neutrals in this mix, so it’s a great gateway into color for more timid makeup fans.

When it comes to highly coveted makeup drops, nothing tugs at the heartstrings of beauty lovers quite like a shiny new eye shadow palette. Instead of placing the palettes in horizontally as shown in the item’s picture, after laying the organizer down i was able to place multiple palettes vertically in each compartment. The fact that this palette works well for woc is absolutely wonderful. There are several bold pops of color and some subtle jewel-tones that the casual makeup-wearer might not reach for often. Nars eyeshadow palettes are known for their highly pigmented colors and smooth application, and this addition to their line is no exception. But there are so many good eyeshadow palettes to choose from, it can be tough to know where to spend your money. Need a great eye makeup brush to apply your new go-to eyeshadow palette? But even with a wealth of products to choose from, there are still some palettes that’ve managed to rise in popularity far more than others, outlasting the competition to reach cult-fave status. Did the packaging for this palette change?

Bruise wheel is a staple in any professional face painting or special fx makeup kit. The shimmers have dimension but are not too sparkly, the formula is pigmented and buttery, and each palette comes with the brand’s excellent primer. Pat mcgrath palettes are beloved by beauty experts as well. Reasonably clever color combinations, make the eyes more vivid, rich three-dimensional sense.

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BYS, Matte, Eyeshadow Palette, 12 g Product Review

The tin. beautiful shadows. good.4 out of 5. Matte Shadows. Did not like. It is excellent though it is cheap. Good color and quality standards. Great shadows?

I saw on YouTube a video with the shadows of this company and decided to order. Yes, and read a lot of praise specifically about this palette here on the site. I thought those were cool, the colors for the base set were fire, I ordered two palettes at once. When they arrived was just in shock. Shadows of terrible quality, as if pressed with gouache with chalk, are terribly recruited and dusty so that after several sweeps, the refile remains covered in flakes. It is impossible to sin on the brush, since there are no problems with the rest of the palettes and the brush is not with aliexpress. Yes, and the fingers of these shadows sheer misery. Well, in general, this is my opinion. Maybe for myself for home and normally (although it is also doubtful), but for work it’s just a nightmare I don’t advise anyone! If you can help at least one person not to waste money, I will be glad

BYS, Matte, Eyeshadow Palette, 12 g Review

This is the perfect color scheme! unexpectedly dense and evenly applied. very satisfied

I chose the type that died with the mistake The color is not clear, decorate, add and add to show

Great packaging, nice brushes included. The shadows themselves are not the best. Not pigmented, for makeup you need to apply a thick layer so that you can see the makeup

BYS, Matte, Eyeshadow Palette, 12 g Review

Very satisfied! Beautiful nude palette of colors. Easy to apply, hold. For that price, wow! I will learn to paint 🙂

Shadows are gathering dust, they do not give a persistent color, makeup only for home, to refresh the eyelid a little, they are suitable only in the form of a toy for children. The quality is normal: they do not cause allergies, the smell is neutral.

A mat pallet that is elegantly finished.

Nice colors, but not prof. cosmetics, of course. By the quality of application, durability, and color, too. But as a stand-by format in the office, and I bought for this – it’s very suitable. Brushes can be immediately thrown out.

Good, high-quality shadows, a beautiful palette in nude tones


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