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Graminex, PollenAid, 200 Tablets

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Product name: Graminex, PollenAid, 200 Tablets
Quantity: 200 Count, 0.09 kg, 9.7 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm
Categories: Graminex, Herbs, Homeopathy, Flower Pollen Extract

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Dietary Supplement, Contains Graminex Concentrated Flower Pollen Extract, What is PollenAid? PollenAid contains a concentrated clinical formulation of superior Graminex Flower Pollen Extract. Flower Pollen Extract provides the body with a full spectrum of essential nutrients to promote healthy function. Backed by over 40 years of clinical research, for safety and efficacy, flower pollen extract has been shown to reduce the size and congestion of prostate cells, improve urinary flow rate and clearance via the action on the smooth muscle and affect the metabolism and prohibit the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Flower Pollen Extract, Homeopathy, Herbs

The herb can also reduce the urge for nocturnal urination by up to 25%. The safety of femal and it’s efficacy in psd and other symptoms in women with irritability as the main symptom cluster makes this herbal medicinal product a promising addition to the therapeutic arsenal for women with pms. Data were extracted by 2 independent reviewers using a predesigned data collection form. The authors suggested that traditional japanese medicine improves immunological activity by activating macrophages, reinforcing cell activity of nk-cells and exerting stimulating effect on hemopoietic stem cells. This information relates to an herbal, vitamin, mineral or other dietary supplement. Increased pharmacovigilance practices for herbal medicines are required with initiatives to stimulate reporting of suspected adverse reactions. Data were extracted by both authors according to predefined criteria and are summarised in narrative form. I would suggest looking into native anemone species for your area and then researching their traditional use as medicine.

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Graminex, PollenAid, 200 Tablets: Flower Pollen Extract, Homeopathy, Herbs

Preliminary studies suggest this pollen extract may help relieve symptoms of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. Purified cytoplasm of pollen (Pcp) is an alterna- tive herbal non hormonal therapy possibly used to treat vasomotor symptoms. The pollen extract femal has been shown to be effective in the treatment of menopausal symptoms like hot flushes and sleeplessness. Pollen extract is an ingredient in a standardized swedish natural product that contains both pollen and pistils derived from members of the poaceae family of grasses. Formulated with an extract blend of orange peel, burdock root, anise seed, artichoke leaf, ginger rhizome, and gentian rhizome with root. There is the added concern that when used in combination with other medications, some herbal products could pose serious health risks. The term herbal medicine excludes single compounds that are derived and purified from plants or synthesized in laboratory settings. Pollen extract may be helpful in reducing menopausal symptoms, but studies in cancer patients are needed to confirm safety and effectiveness. Chamomile is not recommended to be taken with aspirin or non- salicylate nsaids (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), as it may cause herb-drug interaction. I have used different different types of swedish flower pollen and this one was the least effective for me.

84 It is extracted from the root angelica sinensis and administered in herbal preparations. Support your digestive system with herb pharm`s better bitters. Research is limited, and people with suspected allergies to bee stings or bee pollen should avoid all treatment options using extracts or products from honeybees. She is writing her first book: Cultivating medicinal herbs: Grow, harvest, and prepare handcrafted remedies from your home garden. When considering taking hemopathy herb supplements you should conduct a self-evaluation to see what areas of your diet you are deficient in or lacking. In addition, important safety concerns exist regarding a sinensis, including interactions with other medications and herbs, photosensitization, anticoagulation, and possible carcinogenicity. There are no herbal treatments that have demonstrate consistent clinically meaningful benefits for menopausal symptoms. Effects of pollen extract preparation prostat/poltit on lower urinary tract symptoms in patients with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Acupuncture techniques come from traditional chinese medicine and involve insertion of small needles into the skin at certain points on the body, which are called acupoints. Whole grains, steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, herb teas and tinctures, such as saw palmetto and siberian ginseng, are good for the male reproductive system.

National center for complimentary and alternative medicine, nccam. Investigations of standardized herbal preparations may provide a path for better understanding their effects and safety. 4 By definition, herbal medicines are used for medicinal purposes and may be taken by oral ingestion, injection, or applied topically. Does purified swedish pollen extract, a nonhormonal treatment for vasomotor symptoms, inhibit the cyp2d6 enzyme system? A wide array of botanic medicines is offered as an alternative approach to hormone therapy for menopause, but data documenting efficacy and safety are limited. 31 Mimosa foliage, flower, and whole-plant water extracts were tested for inhibition of low-density lipoprotein oxidation. Sometimes it is necessary to take supplements as an alternative to eating the actual product and hoping to gain a greater amount of the health benefits. Having up to date and scientifically accurate information at one’s fingertips in this complex world of alternative medicine is a major lifesaver. Only the application of large doses of these herbs have been associated with minimal side effects: Contact dermatitis, belching, headache, itchy eyes, gastrointestinal issues. Even though cetirizine is considered a non-sedating allergy medicine, this study found that subjects who took it experienced fatigue and drowsiness.

I was asked to create an alternative medicine faq for the sci. After using a prescription drug for several months a friend suggested trying source naturalsflower pollen. Research in humans is lacking, but early animal trials on extracts of various species of this plant indicate that catnip may have anti-inflammatory abilities. A literature search was conducted in the databases of medline, embase, the cochrane central register of controlled trials (Central), psychinfo, amed (Allied and complementary medicine), nccam (The national centre for complementary and alternative medicine). While allergen-specific immunotherapy, antihistamine drugs, cromones, and topical and systemic corticosteroids are commonly used for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, phytotherapy for allergic rhinitis as alternative treatment is not commonly employed world-wide. In addition, hemopathy herb supplements can be used on a greater level to remedy protein deficiency, iron deficiency, and other non-life threatening conditions such as bed-wetting and chronic ear infections. herbal respiratory is not suggested for those with reduced liver, kidney, or cardiac function, or by those taking anticoagulants or vitamin k inhibitors. 81 In contrast, a rct of 50 women consuming 12 mg of dioscorea alata (Ie, purple yam) extract twice daily reported significant improvements (90%) In menopause symptoms (Primarily psychological) compared with the placebo group (70%) As measured by the greene climacteric scale.

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Graminex Flower Pollen Extract

A dried methanolic stem bark extract displayed radical scavenging activity possibly attributable to it’s glycoside flavonoids. Many herbs and supplements have strong medicinal properties. The effects and safety of herbal preparations is difficult to ascertain due to large variations in the rcts that have been conducted. Others decide to try these options when their healthcare provider makes a referral or when they hear about the promise of alternative treatments. Mcf-7 and t47d cells were stably transfected with pgrmc1, different concentrations of the extract alone and in combination with fixed concentrations of estradiol or a growth factor mixture were tested. All randomized, controlled studies of drugs, hormone treatments and alternative therapies for vasomotor symptoms have been reviewed and efficacy and safety noted. More research needs to be done before this herb can be officially recommended for treatment of ms symptoms. Clinical herbal interactions with conventional drugs: From molecules to maladies. This premier quality flower pollen extract also has low allergen risk (Mold and spore have been cleaned). 93 An animal study of femal has indicated that the extract does not act estrogenically and could be a safe alternative to hormone therapy. Work with a doctor who is experienced in complementary and alternative therapies to find the combination of treatments that is right for you. The adverse events of herbal therapies were various, ranging from mild to moderate and women were generally tolerant of the preparations.

There are few reliable human trials studying this plant, and bilberry research specifically related to ms is virtually nonexistent. The plant extract can also cause allergic reactions in people with sensitivities to ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and daisies. These herbs taken together in a single formula can promote optimal support during cleansing. Herbal extracts used for the alleviation of postmenopausal symptoms might have a lower risk of breast cancer development than hormone therapy. However, a review of homeopathic approaches for menopause showed no convincing evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy in menopause. This does not mean they are used in the same manner as the species used in the herbal tea known as chamomile. Although human research on this herb is in it’s infancy, it appears to have antioxidants and anticancer effects that may inhibit the growth of tumors or lesions. Around the world, people with ms use complementary and alternative medicine. Efficacy and safety of butterbur herbal extract ze 339 in seasonal allergic rhinitis: Postmarketing surveillance study.

1, A critical review on graminex flower pollen extract for urinary tract symptoms in men. A preparation containing pollen and pistil extracts combined with royal jelly reduces pms and menopausal symptoms. It is not my intention to recommend any alternative healing techniques. It is composed by 40 mg of purified cytoplasmic extracts of pollen (Gc fem) and a mix of purified cytoplasmic extracts of pol- lens/pistils 120 mg (Pi 82), in addition to 5 mg of vi- tamin e. The authors have conducted a systematic and careful review of the scientific literature, and provide clear summaries of what is known about the risks and benefits of herbs and supplements. Dong quai is a traditional chinese herb that is most often used in combination with other herbs to treat female reproductive problems. Herbal medicinal products with an estrogenic action caused by their content of phytoestrogens constitute an alternative therapy. Unlike many of the other herbs and supplements used to treat ms and it’s symptoms, bee venom has been specifically studied for it’s effects on ms in several clinical trials. In vitro, purified swedish pollen extract did not show inhibition of the cytochrome p450 2d6 enzyme. Anyone who takes any diuretic herbal preparations, as well as prescription preparations, should increase their intake of foods high in potassium, such as bananas and fresh vegetables.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are frequently mixed with other vitamins, minerals, or herbal medicines that are thought to enhance their action. Last summer i began this journey by planting perennial flowers because i learned that there are so many that are not only beautiful to look at and enjoy in the home, but can be used for food and/or medicine, so i became obsessed with discovering flowers for our ample yard, but largely my rule for myself is they have to be edible, medicinal, or both. Hi, i am primarily a gardener in uk though i have interests in herbal medicine too.