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Honey Gardens, Bee Pollen Granules, 4.75 oz (135 g)

Honey Gardens, Bee Pollen Granules, 4.75 oz (135 g) Review


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Product name: Honey Gardens, Bee Pollen Granules, 4.75 oz (135 g)
Quantity: 4.75 oz, 0.18 kg, 5.6 x 12.7 x 5.6 cm
Categories: Honey Gardens, Supplements, Bee Products, Bee Pollen

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Pure Granules, Dietary Supplement, Honey bees collect pollen from flowers, packing up to 2 million grains into a single bee pollen granule, Beehive Products – honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis – have been used as food and traditional medicine for thousands of years.

Bee Pollen, Bee Products, Supplements

Products that pass third-party testing for the purity are more reliable and can be trusted especially if their facilities have been good manufacturing practice (Gmp) certified. In fact, according to carlson wade, a well known health researcher, only 20 to 22 grams of bee pollen is all that is necessary to sustain human life as it has every vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and nutritional co-factor necessary to sustain human life. The most popular is the green one, which owes it’s color to the chlorophyll occurring in young tissues and nonexpanded leaves of b. Diets 1, 2 and 3 supplemented normal diets with daily ingestion of 4 pollen extract, 4 placebo, and 4 protein extract capsules respectively. Honeybees products comprise of numerous substances, including propolis, bee pollen, and royal jelly, which have long been known for their medicinal and health-promoting properties. All these exercise-induced changes were partially reversed by oral treatment with both neat and processed bee pollen in a dose-dependent way, and the processed one proved to have much greater efficiency. Propolis collecting bees will use resins from a large variety of tree and other plant species, and these naturally will differ in their qualitative and quantitative chemical composition. Natural bee pollen: Now bee pollen has not been altered, remaining in it’s natural form to offer optimal nutrient balance. To that end, i decided to research and analyze just what are the best bee pollen supplements in the world.

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Honey Gardens, Bee Pollen Granules, 4.75 oz (135 g): Bee Pollen, Bee Products, Supplements

The wide range of nutrients found in bee pollen includes polyphenols, enzymes, and beneficial fatty acids, free amino acids, vitamin complexes, chelated minerals, and trace elements, as well as a large array of phytonutrients that have yet to be identified. The verdict is still out on bee pollen, though. Based on their results, the authors stated that supplementation with the royal jelly might be beneficial for diabetic patients, but further studies are necessary to clarify the exact mechanism of rj influence on diabetic parameters. Then the effect of cisplatin alone and in cotreatment with bee pollen extract was studied on mcf-7 cells. Other properties of propolis beeglue include acting as a local anesthetic, reducing spasms, healing gastric ulcers, and strengthening capillaries. However, studies on their role in humans are very limited, and the existing ones have aimed mostly at evaluating the effect of the supplementation of commercially available extracts of propolis or royal jelly in healthy people or type 2 diabetes. There are only around 5 calories in a total bee plus capsule and only 50mg of honey.

You want to find the right bee pollen product of high quality without burning a hole in your pocket. That is why it has rightfully been called the ultimate survival pack. Nature has provided many nutritious substances to help nourish our bodies and royal jelly is one of the most amazing rare food substances from the beehive consisting of trace amounts of many nutritious compounds. Even when man-made pollen has been created with every known nutrient present in the real pollen, bees will die when fed the lab-produced, synthesized food. American agencies and educational institutions seem to emphasize that bee pollen is too dangerous to be used. The nutrients in bee pollen are very concentrated. Recent research has provided evidence that bee pollen has diverse biological activities, such as anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and even anti-cancer effects. Furthermore, the processed bee pollen, given alone to nonexercised animals, generally did not substantially affect the studied parameters in comparison with the control.

Propolis is used for sealing holes and cracks, smoothing the inner surface, and retaining internal temperature of the beehive as well as for preventing weathering (E. With regard to mental response, bee pollen appears to be effective in helping people who suffer from mental fatigue, stress, depression and the inability to concentrate. However, research in humans is needed to confirm these results before bee pollen can be recommended for lowering cholesterol. It is always wise to be safe whenever considering a new supplement. The small amount of honey present does not present unwanted calories nor does it spike blood sugar or cause any concern for people with diabetes. It has also been found that both content and properties of bee pollen are dependent on the kind of it’s plant source as well as the conditions of the plants growing like soil or climate. Patients with allergies to pollen or bee stings may be at particular risk.

Pollens are bees Primary food source and are concentrated in bioactive plant compounds and nutrients. When i did my research i came acroos this place and started with the royal jelly, the total bee plus is worth the extra. Each bee pollen grain has an outer wall called the exine, which is composed largely of sporopollenin and is resistant to most acidic and basic solutions, as well as to hot water and high pressure. Queen bees are made from the same kind of egg that makes a worker but the egg fed more royal jelly produces a queen. In addition, the content of polyphenols, well-known ingredients of bee pollen and used as internal standards for the quality control of commercial pollen preparations, increased up to 11-fold with wet grinding. Examination revealed that the bee pollen contained dandelion pollen, which belongs to the compositae family as does ragweed. Many having discovered the health benefits of bee bread want to use it but want to avoid the taste of bee bread preferring the convenience of capsules that can be easily swallowed. Essentially, i paid for at least an ounce of sand rather than bee pollen. Additional bee pollen considerably reversed these effects. However, for the manufacturers identified, there was a feeling the spotlight shined unnecessarily brightly on their products, especially considering that only three cases of this nature have been documented in six years.

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Honey Gardens Bee Pollen

Fresh propolis is removed from the hive and taken through a complex extraction process so the pure propolis extract can be used in balms, salves, tinctures, ointments and in vitamin supplements. Their wide biological effects have been known and used since antiquity. One of the most common uses for bee pollen is the management of seasonal allergies, such as hay fever. I was fed on beeswax and bee pollen and it certainly helped keep my furnace running. Welcome to this review of the xtend-life natural energy nz bee pollen product. Every supplement ingredient should undergo rigorous safety testing before marketing. Bees go out and collect nectar from flowers, bring it back to the hive, and, in short, water is evaporated out of the nectar to create honey. The information on this website has been provided for educational purposes only. Another problem is that aside from causing a serious reaction, using these supplements may set off an allergy to pollen and bee stings that a person may have never previously experienced, making him or her susceptible of anaphylaxis in the future. Still, there is a lot of promise when it comes to how bee pollen could be beneficial to our health. Long-term use of bee pollen may cause serious side effects. This is simply the best bee pollen available on the market, the way nature intended it to be!

Here, the authority highlighted three cases in which consumers suffered serious allergic reactions to food supplements containing royal jelly, propolis, honey and pollen. I was first exposed to bee bread by a medicinal herbalist who was the protege of the late great dr. In this study, the authors noticed that the treatment with royal jelly prevented lipid peroxidation and augmented endogenous enzymic or nonenzymic antioxidative defense systems levels (Table 4). Bee pollen appears to be an excellent source of antioxidants, and some research has claimed that the use of bee pollen has demonstrated anti-carcinogenic properties and has also shown some delayed growth in tumors. Medicinal use of this product has not been approved by the fda. Packed with b vitamins, minerals, free forming amino acids, and protein, bee pollen is the p erfect dose of clean energy for active humans. Concluding, the authors underlined the necessity of taking the proper precautions in using bee pollen, particularly considering the dose.

In the original study of femal, the swedish version of serenol, the authors noted that historically, pms treatments have a high incidence of producing a placebo effect, which is the first thing i would assume happens with this supplement. The sod activity in plasma, rbc, and liver was depressed in ccl 4-exposed rats, and in this case, both silibinin and bee pollen proved to lack protective influence. Other animal studies have demonstrated that bee pollen may improve muscle growth, speed up the metabolism and promote longevity (3, 31). Conclusions: Acute ingestion of honey drink mixed with royal jelly and bee-pollen before running is ergogenic and plays a beneficial role in enhancing running performance. A study done on rabbits found that supplementing with bee pollen led to longer lives and healthier babies. Ask a doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare provider if it is safe for you to use this product if you have allergies (Especially to bee stings or other bee products). Moreover, the apitherapeutic method of burn wound treatment, including topical application of the bee pollen ointment, is additionally deprived of undesirable effects and is alternative to topical burn wound treatment. Of those ingredients, 818 milligrams is bee pollen. You may also consider consulting a practitioner who is trained in the use of herbal/health supplements. And because there have been some reported negative side effects, you should definitely talk to your doctor before trying it.

These nutrient-rich pollen pellets are used primarily for feeding the larvae and young bees. To improve the immunological state of these patients the authors recommend to use bee stings, polyosol and bee pollen. Acetone extracts were also found to possess low activity in the case of most types of bee pollen. Bee pollen is produced by honeybees and is considered one of the most balanced and nourishing nutritional supplements available. Stakich bee pollen products are all natural and pure with no additives. The best place to store your bee pollen is in the refrigerator or freezer, or in a cool, dark place like a pantry. Do not use extra bee pollen to make up the missed dose.

Moreover, bee pollen alone decreased neither cat nor gsh and distinctly inhibited lipid peroxidation in the kidney and testes. The antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, and antiallergic properties of bee pollen have not gone unnoticed by a host of firms active in the bee pollen sector. Spring valley bee pollen is a source of nutrients that support general wellness, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and enzymes.