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Jarrow Formulas, Toco-Sorb, Mixed Tocotrienols and Vitamin E, 60 Softgels

Jarrow Formulas, Toco-Sorb, Mixed Tocotrienols and Vitamin E, 60 Softgels Review


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Product name: Jarrow Formulas, Toco-Sorb, Mixed Tocotrienols and Vitamin E, 60 Softgels
Quantity: 60 Count, 0.07 kg, 10.2 x 5.8 x 5.8 cm
Categories: Jarrow Formulas, Supplements, Vitamins, Vitamin E

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High Absorption Formula, Up to 3x Greater Absorption, Supports Healthy Cardiovascular and Brain Function, EVNol SupraBio, Dietary Supplement, Toco-Sorb tocotrienol-vitamin E complex utilizes SupraBio enhanced absorption system. Tocotrineols protect cardiovascular function by affecting biosynthesis of cholesterol and reducing oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL-Cholesterol). Toco-Sorb also supports healthy brain functions, Typically bioavailablity of tocotrienols is low. Patented SupraBio specialized lipid mixture, however enhances tocotrienol uptake 2 to 3 times. Toco-Sorb is derived from natural full spectrum palm oil.

Vitamin E, Vitamins, Supplements

It contains atleast 10 different vitamers from the vitamin e family and is associated with positive effects on cardiovascular, brain, and skin health. Begin with a low concentration of vitamin e oil, and apply a thin layer over the affected area. In a double-blind trial, supplementation with menhaden oil, in the amount of 250 mg per 2,2 pounds of body weight per day for one year, reduced the frequency of severe pain episodes by approximately 45%, compared with placebo. Recent investigations have suggested that sequence variations (Polymorphisms) in vitamin e-related genes and genes coding for antioxidant enzymes, including selenoproteins, might modify the impact of high-dose vitamin e and selenium on the risk of prostate cancer (59-61). In a double-blind study of people with established heart disease or diabetes, participants who took 400 iu of vitamin e per day for an average of 4,5 years developed heart failure significantly more often than did those taking a placebo. Oral supplementation of these nutrients is considered crucial to maintaining good nutritional status. Folic acid supplements are strongly recommended for women planning a pregnancy to reduce the risk having a baby with neural tube defects, like spina bifida. In one study, supplementing with synthetic vitamin e was found to reduce several risk factors for kidney stone formation in people with elevated levels of urinary oxalate.

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Jarrow Formulas, Toco-Sorb, Mixed Tocotrienols and Vitamin E, 60 Softgels: Vitamin E, Vitamins, Supplements

Although many of the reported risks are small, any increase in risk is troublesome since people take supplements to improve their health. A preliminary study found that topical use of vitamin e was able to protect against this side effect. Among the findings, taking a multivitamin appeared to increase risk of premature death. A controlled human trial found that 400 iu of vitamin e daily improved the results of skin graft surgery for chronic venous ulcers. Nor do the vitamins appear to reduce heart risk. Not surprisingly, the vitamin industry saw this as a threat, and set out to destroy the bill. Other medications and vitamin supplements should be taken one hour before or four to six hours after bile acid sequestrants for optimal absorption. Bile acid sequestrants, including colestipol, may prevent absorption of folic acid and the fat-soluble vitamins a, d, e, k. Two studies showed that individuals taking phenytoin and phenobarbital had lower blood vitamin e levels than those who received no treatment for seizures.

Jarrow Formulas, Vitamin E

You can find oral supplements online and in most health food stores. These contradictory findings indicate that further research is needed on potential interactions between antioxidant supplementation and cholesterol-lowering agents like statins. To date, most clinical trials have failed to find any beneficial effects of vitamin e supplementation on the risk of various cancers. Vitamin e along with zinc and vitamin c, is included in oral therapies for pressure ulcers and burns. This may be due to the increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke which some scientists believe is linked to vitamin e supplementation. Vitamin e oil is derived from vitamin e and can be applied directly to the skin, or added to lotions, creams, and gels. Foodpharmacy Blog reports largest test of coq10 and ubiquinol supplements – most supplements provide claimed ingredient, but large variation in dosage and forms may confuse consumers. In fact, the results of recent studies lean in the opposite direction, finding that certain vitamins may be bad for you. However, further dose-response analysis and adjustment for intake of other vitamin and mineral supplements indicated that all-cause mortality risk was significantly increased by 7% only at a dose of 2,000 iu/day, which is notably higher than the ul for adults (1,100 Iu/day of synthetic tocopherol or 1,500 iu/day of natural tocopherol; see table 3). Relatively high blood levels and dietary levels of vitamin e have been associated with a reduced risk of lung cancer.

Taking vitamins seemed like a good idea: After all, we know that vitamins are essential for life, and vitamin deficiencies can definitely hurt you. Various components of scleroderma, including morphea, calcinosis cutis, and raynaud’s phenomenon respond to vitamin e. While there is no way to predict whether a vitamin, mineral, or herb will successfully treat or prevent associated health conditions, our unique ratings tell you how well these supplements are understood by the medical community, and whether studies have found them to be effective for other people. Investigators stopped the study when they found that the risk of death from lung cancer for those who took the vitamins was 46 percent higher. Other antioxidants, folic acid and b vitamins, and multivitamin and mineral supplements are ineffective for preventing mortality or morbidity due to major chronic diseases. Compared with the control group, the vitamin e group had significant improvements in various measures of gingival and periodontal health. At least one study has linked topical vitamin e to a reduction in psoriasis symptoms. Moreover, they found a reduced cancer risk also for high intake of beta-carotene in premenopausal women and vitamin e in postmenopausal women. In other double-blind trials, 600 iu of vitamin e taken twice daily was significantly more effective than placebo in reducing ra, although laboratory measures of inflammation remained unchanged. Black currant seed oil containing gla and ala, vitamin e from sunflower seed, food starch, glycerin, carrageenan from edible seaweed, water, annatto.

The national academy of sciences has established the daily tolerable upper intake level for adults to be 1,000 mg of vitamin e, which is equivalent to 1,500 iu of natural vitamin e or 1,100 iu of synthetic vitamin e. What is even more surprising is this: Routinely taking mega-doses of vitamins might actually harm you. Problems persist with ginseng supplements – review by consumerlab. Considerable work needs to be done to promote adequate folic acid supplementation for specific high risk groups to prevent ntds. If fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, and people who eat fruits and vegetables are healthier, then people who take supplemental antioxidants should also be healthier. To be safe, get your vitamin c from foods like strawberries. A multivitamin supplement and cataract and age-related macular degeneration in a randomized trial of male physicians. We grouped all the estimates into six supplementation categories: Vitamin a and beta-carotene, b-group vitamins and folic acid, vitamin c, vitamin d, vitamin e, and multivitamins. Table 1, characteristics of the studies included in the review on the association between vitamin supplementations and breast cancer risk.

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Jarrow Formulas Vitamin E

In contrast, individuals who develop gastrointestinal disorders affecting vitamin e absorption in adulthood may not develop neurologic symptoms for 10-20 years. Human trials exploring the cardioprotective action of vitamin e in people taking doxorubicin remain inconclusive; however, some evidence suggests that vitamin e may allow for higher drug doses without increasing toxicity. Males for eight years found no cardiovascular benefit from taking vitamin e supplements. When shopping for vitamin e supplements, opt for brands that have been voluntarily tested by an independent certifying body like the u. Some researchers hoped that vitamin d could also help protect people from brain-related disorders like alzheimer’s disease, but a review of 73 studies published this month in the journal nutritional neuroscience suggests that is not the case. In a recent cross-sectional study, vitamin e concentrations were found to be significantly lower in the lens and blood of subjects with age-related nuclear, but not cortical, cataracts when compared with an age-matched control group. Other nutrients, including vitamin c, vitamin e, zinc, copper, manganese, and vitamin b6, may help control blood sugar levels in diabetics. After i injured my back in an auto accident and later developed sciatica; i discovered that vitamin e greatly lessens my symptoms of sciatica.

Vitamin e supplementation may enhance fertility by decreasing free-radical damage to sperm cells. In addition, vitamin e deficiency can be made worse by too much iron and so it is important to investigate the optimum amounts for pregnancy. Decades of research has failed to find substantial evidence that vitamins and supplements do any significant good. It uses an oil-based solution to deliver a concentrated dose of vitamin e, and also provides additional herbal ingredients like lavender and palmarosa. Nonetheless, a double-blind study of smokers found the combination of aspirin plus 50 iu per day of vitamin e led to a statistically significant increase in bleeding gums compared with taking aspirin alone (Affecting one person in three versus one in four with just aspirin). In a small double-blind trial including recurrent acute and chronic pancreatitis patients, supplements providing daily doses of 600 mcg selenium, 9,000 iu beta-carotene, 540 mg vitamin c, 270 iu vitamin e, and 2,000 mg methionine significantly reduced pain, normalized several blood measure of antioxidant levels and free radical activity, and prevented acute recurrences of pancreatitis. However, it is unclear whether this finding was due to vitamin e or the other agents used in the supplement. Vitamin e supplements may prevent coronary heart disease, support immune function, prevent inflammation, promote eye health, and lower the risk of cancer. One study found that oral vitamin e supplements could produce significant improvements in eczema symptoms.

That might be why people notice a difference in the firmness and structure of their skin after topical use of vitamin e oil. Many doctors suggest that women going through menopause try vitamin e for at least three months to see if symptoms improve. Yet, several large prospective cohort studies have failed to find significant associations between vitamin e intake and the incidence of lung or breast cancer. There is no published research linking antioxidant vitamins to reduced cyclophosphamide effectiveness in cancer treatment. Vitamin e supplementation has resulted in improvement in the skin of scleroderma patients, although nondermatological aspects of scleroderma did not improve. The first combination included 109 mg zinc, 153 iu vitamin e, 600 mg vitamin c, and 400 ml (About 14 ounces) of soybean oil containing 11 grams of linoleic acid and 1,5 grams of alpha linolenic acid. Others, meanwhile, have suggested that vitamin e can aid in scar healing by hydrating the skin, inhibiting collagen production, and reducing inflammation that can lead to tissue damage. The mechanism of vitamin e digestion and uptake into intestinal cells (Enterocytes) is unclear but requires bile acids and pancreatic enzymes, and the packaging along with dietary fat into chylomicrons.

Folk wisdom has long suggested that vitamin e, applied to the skin, taken as a supplement, or both, might treat scars, or prevent them from forming in the first place. In a study of chemotherapy-induced mouth sores, six of nine patients who applied vitamin e directly to their mouth sores had complete resolution of the sores compared with one of nine patients who applied placebo. Large amounts of vitamin e have been shown to reduce the incidence of severe retinopathy in premature infants. These problems result in part because the combinations of alcohol and vitamin a or alcohol and beta-carotene appear to increase potential damage to the liver. Biological as well as epidemiologic data suggest that vitamin d status could affect cancer risk and play a role in cancer prevention. D, chief of preventive medicine at brigham and women’s hospital in boston and a member of the institute’s committee on vitamin d. Vitamin e supplementation has reduced the amount of glycosylation in many,although not all, studies of people with type 1 diabetes. The ten-year controlled trial used 2,000 iu of vitamin e per day found no benefit in slowing or improving the disease.

A balanced approach to sunlight exposure will help you get enough vitamin d while protecting against skin cancer.

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Jarrow Formulas, Toco-Sorb, Mixed Tocotrienols and Vitamin E, 60 Softgels Product Review

Price Quality Decent. Best Option for Tocotrienols. Vitamin E. Superb vitamin E supplement! Rating. Effective. Small egg for easy throat. Easy to drink! Nice shot ~. Perfectly affects the skin, improves its elasticity

Do not forget to take it with vitamin C. Otherwise, doctors threaten trouble)

My third order for this item. It seems to work well for me and is competitively priced. Am convinced with the claims on its high absorption rate since I am already aware of its base ingredient. Best value for money for me.

An excellent product drank two months along with vitamin A. The skin condition improved much, cracks on the heels healed. Very satisfied.

This is the BEST vitamin E supplement by far-read info by Chris Masterjohn on the subject-the right kind and dosage of natural E and mixed tocotrienols. God price, too!


I liked this product, I felt better, my skin became more hydrated and supple.

We purchased by pharmacist recommendation. Eggs are small and easy to turn over.

Easy to drink because the grains are not big. Mixing is also good.


A great source of tocopherols!

Questions and Answers

Palm oil and polyoxyl castor oil? Sounds toxic to me!!!
What are the percentage breakdown of the alpha, gamma and delta tocotrienols? How many mg of each per pill? Thanks
You specify Vitamin E 19 IU. I thought that tocotrienols were vitamin E. What about? How much does each capsule contain vitamin E in total?
What source gelatin that you use?
Is the palm oil in this from a sustainable and ethical source?

Malaysia is one of the largest producers of palm oil. There’s very extensive research on palm oil and the Malaysian researchers had successfully extracted tocotrienol from palm oil which they claimed to be good especially preventing strokes.
Toco-Sorb contains 57 mg. of “Tocomin SupraBio.” Healthy Origins Tocomin SupraBio contains 50 mg. and lists its breakdown as follows: d-alpha-tocotrienol 14.3 mg; d-beta-tocotrienol 2.5 mg; d-gamma-tocotrienol 26 mg; d-delta-tocotrienol 7.2 mg. Jarrow’s product should have a similar (slightly higher) profile.
I find this drug entirely satisfactory. I have been taking it for quite a while -iti causes no irritation in the gastrointestinal tract, which is a good indicator for Vitamin E preparations.
The bottle states “bovine gelatin” which I believe is from a cow.
I am sorry that I do not know.