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Natural Factors, Dandelion Root Extract, 90 Vegetarian Capsules

Natural Factors, Dandelion Root Extract, 90 Vegetarian Capsules Review


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Product name: Natural Factors, Dandelion Root Extract, 90 Vegetarian Capsules
Quantity: 90 Count, 0.07 kg, 5.6 x 5.6 x 9.9 cm
Categories: Natural Factors, Herbs, Homeopathy, Dandelion Root, Non Gmo

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Dietary Supplement, Herbal Factors, Liver and Gallbladder, Isura: Non-GMO – Mass Spec- Documentation – Lab Tested, Purity and Potency Guaranteed, Dandelion Root Extract is a concentrated, standardized extract derived from dandelion root in a base of the whole root. Dandelion has historically been used to enhance digestion, and support liver and gallbladder function.

Dandelion Root, Homeopathy, Herbs

Extracts such as tinctures or essences offer a convenient alternative to herbal teas. Calamus is an aromatic bitter herb that improves digestion and reduces gas, bloating, and excess stomach acidity. This outlook would move treatments of chronic skin conditions from a suppressive standard of care to a supportive format that involves diet, supplementation, herbal or homeopathic medicine and lots of patience. Objective: To identify a yunnan herbal medicine-corydalis taliensis herb. Garlic is a multifunctional herb that bridges the gap between medicinal herb, culinary herb, and dietary supplement. If you also take prescription diuretics, or other herbs that act as diuretics, you could be at risk of electrolyte imbalances. More information can be found on each herb, it’s history, and uses by clicking on the links. Created by an herbalist and mom of 5, cough-b-gone home medicine for cough and cold contains three important herbs: Mullein leaf, which helps to remove extra mucus from the lungs and as a result, helps to settle your need to cough.

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Natural Factors, Dandelion Root Extract, 90 Vegetarian Capsules: Dandelion Root, Homeopathy, Herbs

In terms of chinese medicine, yellow dock clears damp heat in the lower burner. Differentiation-inducing activity of lupeol, a lupane-type triterpene from chinese dandelion root (Hokouei-kon), on a mouse melanoma cell line. Secrets of native american herbal remedies: A comprehensive guide to the native american tradition of using herbs and the mind/body/spirit connection for improving health and well-being. Lemon verbena has an uplifting aroma and is a delightful flavoring agent in herbal infusions or iced tea. Animal-based mechanism studies of active compounds from frequently used herbs in mg and related autoimmune disease were searched. Natural products or herbs which were not identified in the taiwan herbal pharmacopoeia, chinese medicinal herbs preparation, or chinese materia medica were excluded. Contraindications: Consult an herbalist or avoid using american ephedra if you are taking heart medications, have heart problems or heart conditions, anxiety, or nervous system conditions. The most commonly used herbs in pregnancy in this study were ammi, saatar and sweet basil. However, there is a single herb that persists and flourishes in my memory, just as it does in the fields and gardens where it lives. Herbs contain many biologically active natural substances and their properties have made it possible for people to use herbs in cooking and medicine for centuries.

It still may not be good to take these dandelion capsules or other herbal medicine while taking certain prescription or even over the counter medicines. Goldenseal is a flowering herb that grows in the northeast united states. Tell all of your health care providers about any herbal medicines you are planning to use. However, in europe, both the european commission and the british herbal pharmacopoeia recommended the following range of doses considered safe for adults. Its active ingredient, capsaicine, is the basic of commercial pain-relief ointments in western medicine. Some of the more complex reasons for preference of herbal medicine are. Oregano is a flavorful, pungent culinary herb. Alfalfa is a nourishing herbal tonic containing vitamins c, d, and e, as well as beta-carotene and chlorophyll.

Or other medicines that cause drowsiness. Concurrent use of some herbal remedies may increase or reduce the pharmacologic effects of anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs with moderate or severe consequences. There are no pills to swallow, no herbs to press, or tea to steep. Pharmacognosy is the branch of modern medicine about medicines from plant sources. Work with a trained herbal practitioner under the supervision of your doctors. Other drugs may also be affected, so never hesitate to tell your doctor about any herbal, naturopathic, homeopathic, or traditional medicine you may be taking. Along with other citruses, it has a long history of use in chinese and indian traditional medicine.

Turmeric has been used for centuries in india as a spice and medicine. It can be used as an alternative to the drug flagyl. The tincture has been used lately in herbal medicine as a remedy for depression. Gaia herbs turmeric supreme sinus support (Formerly turmeric supreme allergy) combines turmeric with other herbal extracts to help you stay feeling healthy during seasonal transitions. Mutans and cavities sacred lotus safflower safflower yellow saffron sage sage herb sage oil salacia salacia chinensis salivarius salmonella and acorns salt salt and heart disease salvia miltiorrhiza sand olive sandalwood saponins saptarangyadi ghanavati saptarangyadi vati sarcosis sargassum sagamianum sargassum vulgare sargussum fusiforme (Hijiki seaweed) sars saturated fat saturated fats saw palmetto saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) scabies scallions (Allium fistulosum) scarring schinus lentiscifolius schisandra chinesis schizophrenia scurvy scutellaria baicalensis scutellaria lateriflora sea lettuce seasonal affective disorder seasonal allergic rhinitis seaweed secale cereale (Rye) second hand smoke secondhand smoke selenium selenium and aids selenium deficiency semiconductors senses sensitive skin sepsis septic shock sesame oil sesame seeds seven pillars of a cold severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) shallots (Allium ascalonium) shatavari (Asparagus racemosus wild). I am so happy to have tried this and can now have it in my natural medicine cabinet.

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Natural Factors Dandelion Root

Many herbalists also believe that dandelion root strengthens pancreatic function; an action that may prove very beneficial in the maintenance of diabetic animals. This herb is a flavorful addition to chicken, fish, salad and salad dressings, and vegetable dishes. Unfortunately, since herbs are not strictly regulated by the fda, it is virtually impossible to know what is safe and effective. This is due to the consistency of straight herbs eg roots are more dense than leaves or flowers, and they can be given to a variety of species. There are no guidelines for the appropriate use of dandelion root in the united states. Sandalwood oil has been widely used in folk medicine for treatment of common colds, bronchitis, skin disorders, heart ailments, general weakness, fever, infection of the urinary tract, inflammation of the mouth and pharynx, liver and gallbladder complaints and other maladies. I really do not know, but the lady at my health food store said to me once that it is ok to take herbs when you take prescription medication just take it an hour apart.

Historically used to treat liver diseases, it is still used in alternative medicine today. Do not take herbs if you are pregnant or nursing, unless you are under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. Native americans used dandelion roots and leaves to support kidney and stomach health. Because of this, herbal supplements can have drug interactions, even with each other or with food or alcohol. These and other concerns, including cost, underscore the need for safer, effective, more-inexpensive approaches, including those offered by herbal medicine. Second, the majority of literature reports did not specify which parts of natural products/herbs and chms (E. Chemical compounds in plants mediate their effects on the human body through processes identical to those already well understood for the chemical compounds in conventional drugs; thus herbal medicines do not differ greatly from conventional drugs in terms of how they work. Traditional persian medicine (Tpm) is based on humors theory. Peppermint anesthetizes the nerves in the intestinal tract, making it an herb of choice for stomach pain or an upset stomach. Used as an abortifacient in folk medicine in some parts of bolivia and other northwestern south american countries, though no evidence of efficacy exists in western medicine. They may also be used in food, food supplements, cosmetics and as a starter ingredient by herbalists in prescription formulas.

For more information on potential interactions for this herb please visit our herbs a-z section and consult your medical herbalist or doctor before taking this herb. Pregnancy care providers should be aware of the common herbal supplements used by women, and of the evidence regarding potential benefits or harm. Examples of important medicines extracted from botanicals include reserpine, morphine, penicillin, and vinca alkaloid anti-cancer drugs. Germany’s commission e, the authorities that evaluate the use of herbal products in germany, has approved valerian as an effective mild sedative. Antimicrobial and chemopreventive properties of herbs and spices. There was no statistical difference between women using and those not using herbal drugs in pregnancy. Valuable, healthy properties of herbs result from the contained within them biologically active compounds such as glycosides, flavonoids, alkaloids, essential oils, tannins, bitterness, locks, pectin, minerals and vitamins. Avoid using this herb one to two weeks prior to surgery and one week following surgery. You may also prepare teas from the leaf of this herb. Do not use herbs to treat gallbladder disease on your own.

Figure 2, retrieved findings of interactions between anticoagulant/antiplatelet agents and single chinese herbal medicines. Natural alternatives are gaining greater research support and have much to offer clinically. Do not attempt complementary and alternative therapies (Cam) on your own. These are somewhat complicated interactions that can lead to side effects or reduced effectiveness of your medicine, so always check with your pharmacist. It is used for food and traditional medicine. In most instances, the women reported to have been recommended herbal drug use by family (87,3%). Another very important herb to the native americans was sage, which was said to not only heal multiple problems of the stomach, colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin, and more, it was also believed to protect against bad spirits and to draw them out of the body or the soul.

Christa is also the proprietor of alpine meadow botanicals, an herbal extract company. In the traditional austrian medicine plantago lanceolata leaves have been used internally (As syrup or tea) or externally (Fresh leaves) for treatment of disorders of the respiratory tract, skin, insect bites, and infections. The author recommends first considering other options such as demulcent herbs, carminative herbs, cholagogue agents, and/or psyllium. John’s wort if you also take prescription, otc, vitamin or other herbal medications. Below is a list of my favorite herbs for chronic skin conditions. This herb was used by native americans for bites, and this was a primary indication for it’s use for many years.