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Nature’s Life, Strontium, 680 mg, 60 Tablets

Nature's Life, Strontium, 680 mg, 60 Tablets Review


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Product name: Nature’s Life, Strontium, 680 mg, 60 Tablets
Quantity: 60 Count, 0.14 kg, 6.4 x 6.4 x 11.4 cm
Categories: Nature’s Life, Supplements, Minerals, Strontium, Condition Specific Formulas

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Sun Food Energy, Bone Health, Strontium Citrate, 2 Daily, Dietary Supplement, Strontium is a naturally-occurring mineral present in water and food. It is similar to calcium in chemical makeup and intended provide nutritive support for bone health.

Condition Specific Formulas, Strontium, Minerals, Supplements

Items left from my list of meds: Super ubiquinol coq10 from lef, zinc 22 mgm, chromium 50 mcg, daily and copper 2mg twice a week; manganese is picked up from ca/mg supplement. Strontium is an important mineral for bone health and it is found in most foods where calcium is found. What schedule can help me optimize strontium absorption and let me lead a normal life? Here in the uk strontium ranelate is available on prescription and since i am contra-indicated for many bone drugs i was really hoping to be offered protelos. On the other hand, some research (Which i mention below) does suggest calcium supplementation can be helpful. If you are taking standard treatment for osteoporosis, it is not clear whether the addition of strontium will enhance or diminish the benefits. I recommend taking the full 680 mg/d dose of strontium boost until your bones are no longer even osteopenic. No recommended intake levels have been established for strontium, since it is not considered essential for humans. Strontium is the only mineral in our bones that both lowers the rate of bone resorption and promotes the rate at which new bone is built.

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Nature’s Life, Strontium, 680 mg, 60 Tablets: Condition Specific Formulas, Strontium, Minerals, Supplements

This form of strontium is a prescription drug used in europe with excellent results and minimal side effects. Saying that those taking strontium ranelate had a relative risk for vte of 1,4 compared to placebo means that strontium ranelate increased risk for vte by 40%. 83 Postmenopausal women with osteoporosis were given a dosage of 2g per day of strontium ranelate for a two year period. For a year i have also been taking algalcal and strontium boost (Citrate). Bottom line: Every person in this study had moderate to marked improvement using strontium. Another form, strontium ranelate, is patented and sold only as a prescription drug for osteoporosis in europe and australia. Some researchers have proposed that strontium ranelate may also stimulate bone formation. So while the bone mineral density may appear to increase on a dexa scan, this is not the same as making new bone. The ppi you are taking will completely block your production of stomach acid (Hydrochloric acid) and thus will also block your ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food and supplements. In the research on postmenopausal women, the amount of strontium shown to be effective in helping to increase bmd is 680 milligrams per day. Postmenopausal women with osteoporosis are likely to benefit from strontium citrate. While you are taking some very helpful nutrient supplements, you may not be taking them in the right amounts for you.

You should not be consuming more than 1,200 mg of calcium total daily from both the foods you eat and supplements. According to the results, this combined micronutrient supplementation regimen appears to be at least as effective as bisphosphonates or strontium ranelate in raising bmd levels in hip, spine, and femoral neck sites. These include sufficient consumption of bone-supportive nutrients through healthy eating and nutritional supplements, including calcium, magnesium, vitamin d, boron, strontium, soy isoflavones, and vitamin k. In the study of the 10 women supplementing with strontium over 4 years: What was their daily intake of strontium? Barr, and was even more cautious when i found out i was in the higher range with no supplementation. I myself take strontium citrate and other supplements, following the canadian micronutrient protocol created by dr. But for your bones, you will need to use the book (Your bones) to figure out what your diet is providing you and what you need and then choose the supplements that are optimal for you. There is some weak evidence that long term use of strontium ranelate could, rarely, cause memory loss or seizures. Although my bones have now been in excellent shape for several years (I was still osteopenic when i began taking algaecal plus and strontium boost, which fully restored the health of my bones after just 6 months), i continue to take strontium boost as well as algaecal plus to ensure my bones remain strong and healthy.

The results from strontium isotope analysis on the teeth of these victims indicated that they were not all local but had been gathered from different parts of the surrounding countryside. In this 2-year, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 160 women received either placebo or strontium ranelate at a dose of 125 mg, 500 mg, or 1 gram daily. Strontium and calcium share a common carrier system in the intestinal wall, which will always choose to carry calcium rather than strontium from our digestive tract into our bloodstream. Different imaging, and in fact biopsies, show that bone structure actually improves with strontium treatment. Natural strontium citrate in supplement form, on the other hand, is freely available all over the world. The only red flag i received was for strontium. Since radiologists are not taught this in medical school or residency, even if you tell them that you are taking strontium most probably the radiologist will have no idea how to correct for it and provide an accurate result.

As of now, algaecal is safe for consumption but is not significantly better than the less expensive, over the counter calcium supplements currently available. Since strontium competes with calcium, i am sure to take it at least 4 hours from my calcium supplements-don’t want to block the benefits of either supplement. Boron supplementation of a semipurified diet for weanling pigs improves feed efficiency and bone strength characteristics and alters plasma lipid metabolites. Sr is the only form of strontium that has ever been studied in clinical trials, and is not available in the us. Your healthcare provider, who knows your individual medical history and bone mineral density, should be able to provide guidance as to whether jogging is safe for you. If this happens on an empty stomach with no food present to disperse the highly concentrated vitamins and minerals, the result can be nausea. Also, just because the citrate easily separates from it’s mineral partner, this does not get the job of mineral absorption done. I am happy to suggest some choices of natural strontium supplements for you. Mega-doses of these three supplements have been used without adverse effects as anti-oxidants (Vitamin c), or to enhance sports performance (L-arginine), or to improve psychiatric disorders (Inositol). To encourage candid reporting for acquiring dose-related and compliance comparisons, subjects in both groups were paid a reporting fee of $2,00/day for providing daily reports of supplement usage and side effects.

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Nature’s Life Strontium Condition Specific Formulas

Thus, silicon supplementation with approximately 20-30 mg/day may benefit bone health for the majority of americans who do not consume beer on a regular basis. If pc status is ok, and psa is low, hefty supplementation using testosterone implant/depot injection or gel is advised. Remember, the women were not taking calcium supplements, just getting their calcium via the foods in their normal diet, so not restricting the time during the day when they took their strontium citrate also seems reasonable. But i would strongly advise you not to use any dosage of this abnormal form of strontium! 3, The effects of strontium ranelate on the risk of vertebral fracture in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis. Research conducted for 36 months on human hip bone tissues from postmenopausal osteoporotic women treated with strontium ranelate), found a very small number of calcium ions were replaced by strontium ions in the hydroxyapatite crystals in newly formed bone. Strontium is absorbed using calcium transport mechanisms, and should not be taken at the same time as calcium supplements. Can prosteon be taken with other nutritional supplements? All calcium supplements contain tiny tiny amounts of lead; this will include any calcium supplement you might take. Deciding on dosage how much supplemental strontium do you need for healthy bones?

Again, most important is that you take at least twice as much calcium as strontium. Furthermore, evidence from randomised controlled trials indicated that a 25(Oh)d3 oral supplement could be absorbed faster and more efficiently raise serum 25(Oh)d concentration compared with vitamin d3 supplementation. This bone-building combination provides you with twice as much calcium as strontium, which is backed by the research. Vitamin k2 is available as both m-4 and m-7 as a dietary supplement. The differences in strontium incorporation into bones were further analyzed at a microscopic level using the x-ray microanalysis technique, and the influence of the presence of strontium on the size of the crystal was studied by x-ray powder diffraction and raman microspectrometric techniques. Mcgartland cp, robson pj, murray lj, cran gw, savage mj, watkins dc, rooney mm, boreham ca: Fruit and vegetable consumption and bone mineral density: The northern ireland young hearts project. For your best chance of reversing your osteoporosis and building healthy new bone, you absolutely must ensure you are consuming optimal amounts of all the nutrients required for bone health, both from your diet and supplements, and are eating a very healthful diet, also getting some weight bearing exercise. Vitamin d and calcium supplementation prevents osteoporotic fractures in elderly community dwelling residents: A pragmatic population-based 3-year intervention study. Natural forms of strontium (Eg, strontium citrate) are safe and helpful for improving bone density and strength.

Joe pizzorno, is approaching age 70 and still playing basketball with men half his age; i had him read my review and he has started taking strontium at a half dose as well to protect his knees as i also showed him some good studies showing strontium helps maintain healthy cartilage in the joints. Radioactive strontium is not sold as supplements! It is 2 different things, with taking strontium at bedtime and vitamin code raw calcium 4 tabs between breakfast and dinner. The recommendation made to prevent this: Calcium supplements. Two groups of study participants agreed to follow an open-label bone-health supplement plan containing 680 mg of strontium citrate for six months after taking a dxa test of bone density, a 43-chemistry blood test panel and a quality of life inventory. But it has an amazing dual effect on bone that no other mineral has: It can stimulate bone building cells while slowing down bone resorbing cells! If strontium is replacing calcium in the bones, where is it going? Even though my blood tests show good level of calcium, b12 and all minerals they test for, i am going to guess that it is not indicative of how much calcium makes it to my bones.

In addition, algaecal suggests taking strontium boost along with algaecal plus. People with low stomach acid have been shown to be at increased risk for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Do you know of any reason why i should not take doctors best strontium. Theoretically, this form may have similar action to strontium ranelate, which has been used in most studies. Think of strontium as the middle child to big brother calcium and little sister magnesium. Unfortunately, this drug form of strontium is potentially harmful.