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North American Herb & Spice, Oreganol, Super Strength, .45 fl oz (13.5 ml)

North American Herb & Spice, Oreganol, Super Strength, .45 fl oz (13.5 ml) Review


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Product name: North American Herb & Spice, Oreganol, Super Strength, .45 fl oz (13.5 ml)
Quantity: 1 Count, 0.05 kg, 2.5 x 2.5 x 9.1 cm
Categories: North American Herb Spice Co, Herbs, Homeopathy, Oregano Oil Supplements, Supplements, Healthy Lifestyles, Cold, Cough, Flu

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Dietary Supplement, Made with Organic Ingredients, Wild Oil of Oregano, Mediterranean Source, Researched-Tested P-73, Oreganol P73 Super Strength is three times stronger (increased wild oregano oil per mg weight, 2.85 x more) than regular strength.

Flu, Cough, Cold, Healthy Lifestyles, Supplements, Oregano Oil Supplements, Homeopathy, Herbs

I recommend that you cook regularly with these food ingredients during cold and flu season. So when my time comes to be felled by a fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, and all the other nasty symptoms running rampant this time of year, i am prepared to combat them with a cabinet stocked with hyland’s homeopathic defend products. Read the label, warnings and inserts provided by the manufacturer and consult your pharmacist when purchasing such medications or natural health products. Two days prior i had purchased some of your wild oil of oregano, after hearing about it on c-fun radio. Over the past few days i have been totally flat out with a flu type virus, intense body aches and pains so severe it was hard to wear clothes, feeling lethargic, a dry cough that felt like razors cutting into my chest. Sinusitis (Acute or subacute) is a clinical diagnosis without reliable clinical scoring criteria to help differentiate it from the common cold. In both cases the natural synergy of active constituents in the oil is put out of balance without any thought of the effect that will have on the healing properties of the end product.

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North American Herb & Spice, Oreganol, Super Strength, .45 fl oz (13.5 ml): Flu, Cough, Cold, Healthy Lifestyles, Supplements, Oregano Oil Supplements, Homeopathy

Without intending to be bound by theory, it is believed that microbes cannot evolve around the homeopathic and/or herbal or nutraceutical combinations as described herein and thus do not develop resistance. (Paul bragg and patricia bragg, apple cider vinegar, miracle health system, pp. Nature has provided us with a potent remedy for a wide range of afflictions in wild oregano herb and oil. Every bottle is revitalized using a patented european technology which increases the life force of the oil and aids it’s healing power by introducing beneficial frequencies that restore harmony, health and strength in the body. I should have included this link to the journal of the american medical association about the dangers of using antibiotics to treat colds. Otherwise, for a general boost of the immune system, homeopathic thymuline 9c should be taken once per week for 5 weeks at the beginning of cold and flu season. Of the six treatment trials reporting data on the duration of colds, only two showed a significant effect of echinacea over placebo. Visit don goldberg’s blog for comments, opinions and insights on nutrition, supplements and health.

Other viruses causing colds are coronavirus, human parainfluenza viruses, human respiratory syncytial virus, adenoviruses, enteroviruses, or metapneumovirus. Although traditional medicine has no legal standing in the united states, it is nevertheless global in application, particularly in the far east, where it has been estimated that up to 80% of the population continues to use these traditional methods to treat primary medical problems. Herbal medicinals: Selected clinical considerations focusing on known or potential drug-herb interactions. And what should you do if you cannot find an antiviral like tamiflu, or a place to get a flu shot? However, sunlight tends to be scarce during cold and flu season, which means that most of us tend to be deficient in d3 during the winter months. The main differences between a flu and a cold are how bad the symptoms are and how long you have them for. It has been almost a month now and after trial and error i have managed to control my dizziness with a few drops of oil under my tongue 3x a day. If cost is a concern, know that many health insurers are currently covering tamiflu as a generic or at the lowest cost tier for brand-name drugs. These drugs can reduce flu symptoms somewhat and may shorten the course of the flu. A lot of research has been done on oregano and it’s chief chemical constituent, a phenol called carvacrol. I happened to have a bottle of hedd wyn oil of oregano. Some cases may need more aggressive treatment by adding 5-8 drops of oregano oil to a gel or vegi cap cap taking that once a day with a meal.

I felt this indigestion coming on and was preparing myself mentally to try to work through the pain and discomfort when i remembered that wild oil of oregano is good for indigestion. Bryonia alba is used in homeopathic remedies to treat coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia, overall weakness, headache, and deep muscle ache. Before you reach for anything, the first step is to figure out if you have a cold or the flu. The consumption of olive oil has also been scientifically shown to combat insulin resistance. What supplements and natural treatments are safe while breastfeeding? In addition to this already impressive list of abilities oregano oil is also a powerful parasitic expellant. This will flush the toxins from your blood. I have discovered this new wild oil of oregano i just love it’s versatile usage. Use this the minute someone coughs or sniffles in your general direction.

In this study, patients were diagnosed with influenza type b. Essential oils seem to be many peoples Answer to everything (I personally do not own any). H, director of the gehr center for health systems science at the keck school of medicine at usc in los angeles. My daughter introduced me to wild oil of oregano last summer. The duration of the flu is usually one week, but full recovery can take longer. Due to the seriousness of many drug interactions, you should consult with your health care provider before using st. Food has been used as medicine for thousands of years, and science is finally confirming what our ancestors have known. The nutritional and dietary supplement compositions may or may not be presented in unit dosage forms and/or servings, depending on the delivery system and/or the end user. When i get a cold/fever though i take a hot bath with epsom, make a superfood smoothie, take vitamin c, gaia herbs quick defense (Elderberry and echinacea), lots of hot water w honey and lemon. As a breast cancer survivor, i need to keep my immune system strong at all times and i take a half a dropper every night to keep cold and flu viruses at bay.

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North American Herb Spice Co Oregano Oil Supplements Cold Cough Flu

Serving size is 3, they are 300 mg per 3 pills making each pill 100 mg of oregano. Oregano has been a popular herb in italian cooking for hundreds of years. This shows that it may help to block the flu virus from multiplying. Using a humidifier to add humidity in your home and workplace might help reduce flu viruses in the air. Oz, oil of oregano can be used as a homeopathic treatment for all kinds of ailments. Even my husband, who is very sceptical of alternative rememdies, now only uses hedd wyn oil of oregano for coughs and colds. Echinacea plant preparations (Family asteraceae) are widely used in europe and north america for common colds. 74 Use of oral zinc supplements was associated with an increased risk of adverse events such as bad taste and nausea (Risk ratio 1,24, 95% ci 1,05 to 1,46). Many people claim that it prevents and delays the onset of the common cold if taken during the first signs and symptoms.

I am also explaining some of the purported health benefits of the ingredients that go into the recipe. A year earlier, my mother had told me about meeting a woman who had been bed-ridden with an unknown illness for several years but had been literally cured by taking wild oil of oregano, and i remembered this during my own illness and decided to give it a try. 66 Because many symptoms of bacterial upper respiratory tract infections overlap with cold symptoms, clinicians may be tempted to prescribe antibiotics. Thank you for making available this fantastic product that has helped me immensely as i continue on the journey towards good health. Only problem, i can feel it burning my throat when i swallow my fire cider health tonic and my throat actually now feels very sore. For years i have been eating whole foods’, Organic, and learning what a healthy diet is. When my husband gets a cold he is in bed for 3 days in a coma state! I have also used the oil on my surgical scar, psorasis flareups and it helps control the growth of skin tags on my upper body. This homeopathic remedy is also prescribed to treat health conditions, such as severe influenza or throbbing throats accompanied with headaches with double vision, feebleness, wilted limbs, fever, colds as well as intense and tired out eyelids. Homemade dandelion salve and infused oil is amazing also.

I know there are a million and one cold remedies out there, but let me give you this one. Access your health record, your personalized health tool at your fingertips! With oil of oregano my last few cold sores have only been present for days, they have decreased in size and heal without any mark. The use of herbal supplements has a long history – dating back thousands of years. Use oil of oregano to boost your immune system and to kill off unfriendly bacteria. Have reported that some consumers are having difficulty finding the flu vaccine and prescription antiviral medications such as oseltamivir (Tamiflu and generic are the most commonly prescribed) and zanamivir (Relenza). Ginger traditionally has been used to treat colds and flu. This came about due to my recognition at an early age that our western medicine was great at performing surgeries and setting bones but was lacking in it’s approach to medication and nutrition. Although i may in actuality not feel very well for a day my colds go away within a day a or two. Wild oil of oregano contains powerful antifungal agents that eliminate candida effectively and safely. Drinking water and other fluids is even more important when you have the flu. Please contact your trusted healthcare practitioner for direct product recommendations. I use hylands products for my daughter, and would be really excited to try out the adult versions when i catch my next cold (With a 2-year-old in daycare, that will inevitably be soon.

Last fall, while pregnant with our fifth child, i contracted the worst flu i have ever experienced. Here are the 11 things you should know about oregano oil this winter.

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North American Herb & Spice, Oreganol, Super Strength, .45 fl oz (13.5 ml) Product Review

HIGH CLASS REMEDY. HIHG CLASS REMEDY. I recommend it. Its effect is excellent but it tastes unbearable and its smell pops the head. Tnx. Highly recommend. Very effective! The goods. Pure taste – nuclear effect. The best of viruses!



Useful and active

Strong strong strong, tastes not aaaaaa terrible bad and difficult to accept in the mouth, but I used it fat on areas of the body, a strong and effective antibacterial and fungi I tried it on the fungus in the nails excellent I applied it to pills in the ear.


An excellent product, I have been using it for a long time, it helps in many situations – with skin and inflammation.

Have been using this for the past 11 years. I always make sure there’s a bottle of this in my cabinet at anytime. I even bring it along whenever I travel.

Soothes my scalp like magic. Strong and potent

I’m afraid to jinx it, but for three months now, as this tool really solved the problem of endless colds in our family, including the problem of chronic sore throats. For all my three decades, I have suffered from head cold for months, sometimes I have sinusitis. And here I come such a beauty, snot fringe, with the sending home. I drip under the tongue two drops, as written in the instructions, I continue to experience a gamut of intense sensations) And in the morning I wake up healthy. That’s straight at all. Very cool stuff! The drug in the form of oil with a strong odor of Oregano. Imagine that this is a superconcentrated thyme tea. Consumed very sparingly. It is permissible to drip into the liquid, in this form, the six-year-old son takes it without problems, or drip two drops directly under the tongue. For some reason it seems to me that the more you suffer, the more effective the drug is, so I pour it right under the tongue. Quite thrill, noticeably burning, but generally tolerable. What is 30 seconds to suffer and not be ill at all? ) I planted the whole family and I highly recommend you!

My daughter often has a sore throat, chronic tonsillitis. As soon as her throat got sore, she began to drip under her tongue 4 times a day, 2 drops. She tolerated, did not drink water. I also checked myself, dripped 2 drops 5 times a day, without drinking anything. Take this miracle, you will not regret, your throat also passed in 2 days, they additionally took vitamin C from Solgar. Daughters are 13 years old, have calmly suffered drops, you need to endure it, then the effect is much faster and better. recovered. I will buy constantly, in parallel I give probiotics, I read in reviews. I buy a lot of things on Foodpharmacy Blog, but I write reviews only on really helping products!

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Why did “North American Herb & Spice Co. Oreganol, Super Strength, 1 fl oz (30 ml)” jump in price from $49.43 (Canadian) to $79.75 Canadian in one week? I purchased this on December 28, 2018 for $49.43 (Canadian). Checking the manufactures website does not reveal any increase in price as this same product currently sells for $39.99 USD (aprox $53 Canadian)?
Can this product cope with the overgrowth of candida? If so, please give the direction. Thank you.

Because of volume of buyers.
Yes for oral candida! and very good for averting cold and other bacterial and viral infections! Can’t live without a bottle in my cupboard!