Our Philosophy

  1. Focus on what to eat, rather than what to exclude.
  2. Eat loads of raw vegetables of a variety of colours.
  3. Eat limited amounts of meat.
  4. Gorge yourself with green leaves.
  5. Drink a green smoothie every day.
  6. If you eat fish, pick wild fish.
  7. Eat slowly and chew carefully.
  8. Skip processed foods.
  9. Choose organic food.
  10. Increase the nutrient density by sprouting and souring.
  11. Lower the temperature a bit.
  12. Choose fats carefully.
  13. Spice up your food with herbs and spices. (Literally – yummy!)
  14. Learn how to enjoy yourself and get cosy without sugar – and teach your kids too.
  15. Become a nutrition hunter (and avoid junk food)
  16. Let your body recover from time to time with intermittent fasting.
  17. When you feel stressed, take a deep breath and try to focus on the positives in life.
  18. Exercise often.
  19. Let food be your primary source of nutrition, but support with vitamin D, omega-3 and synbiotics.
  20. Enjoy yourself and don’t be too hard on yourself. That’s the most important thing.

Above you see the commandments of the intestinal flora according to Food Pharmacy. Initially, our ambition was to stick to fewer commandments, but once we sat ourselves down to work on them we felt it was important to include all twenty. Even though it’s been known for a long time that we have trillions of bacteria in our bodies, it’s not until quite recently that scientists realised just how important a rich and healthy intestinal flora is for our health. Today intestinal research is one of the hottest research fields, and we constantly gain new knowledge and a deeper understanding of the connection between the bacteria, the intestinal flora and our well-being. These commandments summarize how you keep the good bacteria in your intestines happy (and how you freeze out the bad ones).

Our advice is to select a few recipes on this blog, start cooking them at regular intervals and you’ll be off to a good start. Focus on what kind of good stuff you can provide your body with, rather than on what you have to exclude. Then the rest normally just happens automatically. Your body won’t collapse if an ice-cream cornet or a Piña Colada happens to go down. Sure, it might not strengthen our intestinal floras, but if there’s something we’ve learnt, it’s that the intestinal flora does not thrive on guilt complex. We suggest that all health stress and bad conscience is dropped once and for all!