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Planetary Herbals, Horse Chestnut, Vein Strength, 705 mg, 90 Tablets

Planetary Herbals, Horse Chestnut, Vein Strength, 705 mg, 90 Tablets Review


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Product name: Planetary Herbals, Horse Chestnut, Vein Strength, 705 mg, 90 Tablets
Quantity: 90 Count, 0.11 kg, 9.7 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm
Categories: Planetary Herbals, Herbs, Homeopathy, Horse Chestnut

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20% Aescin, Supports the Integrity of the Veins and Capillaries, Herbal Supplement, Formulated by Michael Tierra L. Ac, O. M. D, Horse chestnut is rich in saponins and flavones, which modern research has shown helps support the normal integrity of the vascular system and connective tissue. Planetary Herbals Horse Chestnut Vein Strength combines a concentrated extract of horse chestnut with other herbs used to support the vascular system, such as witch hazel, butcher’s broom and ginkgo.

Horse Chestnut, Homeopathy, Herbs

Internally and externally, herbs and foods that tone the lining of blood vessels and improve circulation may reduce the severity and progression of hemorrhoids. Today, people take dietary supplements of horse chestnut seed extract to support health issues related to the function of veins and overall blood circulation. The doses of active principles in homeopathy, however, are minute. In addition, some people use dietary supplements such as those formulated with horse chestnut seed extract to help support healthy veins. When it comes to supporting healthy blood circulation throughout the body, research suggests that horse chestnut seed extract supplementation may have a positive effect on not only the health of the veins in the arms and legs, but also blood circulation through the ears, skin, heart, and lower bowels. If in doubt, please ask us or your medical herbalist. Do not use unprocessed raw horse chestnut preparations, as they can be toxic and lethal when ingested, as indicated above. Please visit our herbs a-z section to check when, or when not to, take this herb. Unlike the sweet chestnut, horse chestnuts and buckeyes (Aesculus) are in the sapindaceae (Soapberry) family and produce poisonous nuts that should never be consumed raw. Unlike many herbs, the active ingredients in horse chestnut have been identified to a reasonable degree of certainty. Healthy leg veins: Our standardized horse chestnut has been carefully tested and produced to superior quality standards to support healthy leg veins.

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Planetary Herbals, Horse Chestnut, Vein Strength, 705 mg, 90 Tablets: Horse Chestnut, Homeopathy, Herbs

Properly processing horse chestnut seed extract removes esculin. The herbal extract was equivalent to rutosides, pycnogenol and compression on the other symptoms with the exception that it was inferior to pycnogenol on oedema. This is believed to be attributed to the ability of horse chestnut to naturally thin the blood and support circulation. Most importantly, horse chestnut seed extract is used in a wide range of homeopathic treatments to support the health of people living with varicose veins (Enlarged, twisted veins, usually found in your legs and feet, that appear pink or blue), chronic venous insufficiency (When the veins of the lower leg are unable to send blood back toward the heart), and hemorrhoids (Swollen veins in the lowest part of your rectum and anus). Authentic tru-id certified standardized horse chestnut: Tru-id is an independent testing program that uses cutting-edge dna biotechnology to ensure the authenticity of our herbal products, including our standardized horse chestnut. A comprehensive treatment plan for varicose veins may include several complementary and alternative therapies (Cam). This study also found that sea pine bark oil was superior to horse chestnut extract for reducing edema related to chronic venous insufficiency that can cause varicose veins. Alleviation of hemorrhoids symptoms and further support the application of this plant as an anti-hemorrhoid agent in traditional medicine. Tru-id is an independent testing program that uses cutting-edge dna biotechnology to ensure the authenticity of our herbal products.

Ehrlich, nmd, solutions acupuncture, a private practice specializing in complementary and alternative medicine, phoenix, az. Therefore, researchers look for traditional medicines as a potential resource for introduction of new natural drugs. Nature`s way`s standardized horse chestnut is a scientifically advanced herbal extract standardized to 20% aescin and supported by the whole calendula flower. It is this vast majority that people refer to when they rightly insist that homeopathy is a placebo therapy. There are many herbs which may be used by the nursing mother for a variety of ailments, and there are very few studies regarding their efficacy. Traditionally, the standardized extracts from the seeds of the horse chestnut tree have been used medicinally for the treatment of hemorrhoids, circulatory health, chronic venous insufficiency, varicose veins, rheumatism, bladder and gastrointestinal disorders, fever, and leg cramps. Herbals and herbal products, at least those of unknown dosage and contamination, should be used with caution and obtained from a reliable source.

With thousands of years behind them, it’s no wonder that herbs have even earned such a respected place in the world of medicine – even in modern medicine. Other uses for the horse chestnut include as an ingredient in shampoos and personal care products and as a starch substitute. More than half of the reported herbs exhibited anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. This herb contains a compound known as a ruscogenin (Rus) and helps to reduce inflammation while constricting the veins. In addition, evidence from small double-blind trials suggest opcs might be more effective for venous insufficiency than either diosmin or horse chestnut. Herbalists may recommend that in treating hemorrhoids, utilizing a variety of herbal remedies is key for success as well as eating fruits and vegetables, staying hydrated, and being physically active. I rub horse chestnut cream by planetary herbals on the back of my legs behind the knees for veins near the surface. Two incidences of toxic nephropathy have been reported and were stated as probably secondary to the ingestion of high doses of aescin, 48 the main saponin component of horse chestnut. That it is absorbed by the skin and an alternative for those who are allergic to the horse chestnut herb or cannot take it in capsule form.

For those interested in herbal medications, it is important to understand that while herbal treatments may help eliminate symptoms, their benefits are limited to the period of time that the medication is being taken. The horse chestnut is a medicinal plant that has been in use in europe for many years. Lead in ayurvedic medicine or traditional chinese herbs) has been observed (See chapter 4,18). In my view, they merely raise the suspicion that sizeable sections of homeopathy have deteriorated into a cult of irrational fanatics. The horse chestnut tree blooms in mid-spring, around may, and features large palmate leaves with 5-7 pointed, serrated leaflets spreading from a central stem and conical clusters of white flowers of 4-5 fringed petals with a red, pink or yellow flush at the base. Smelling lavender has been shown to help reduce pain, according to the journal evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children. The horse chestnut, in fact, describes the fruit of a broadleaf tree that can be found growing in southeastern europe. Cautions: This herb should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless prescribed by a qualified medical herbalist. Aesculus hippocastanum is the botanical name for the horse chestnut tree, or sometimes, simply the aesculus tree. The recommended dosage for treatment of varicose veins or cvi is 100-150 mg aescin per day; look for horse chestnut seed extracts that will provide this in two to three doses.

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Planetary Herbals Horse Chestnut

To treat early stages of hemorrhoids, herbal products are quite effective, however they are insufficient to show the desired performance in more severe stages. A comprehensive survey about hemorrhoids on the most important manuscripts of traditional persian medicine was done. Although lack of human studies regarding the mentioned herbs is noted, positive results from experimental findings can be considered for new drug discovery supported by traditional and medieval experiences. fast-drying, clear medicine, naturally occurring herbal scent, concentrated treatment. I have poor circulation in my legs and the horse chestnut seems to help. I had not been using the pills for long enough to see any results so i cannot say if they actually help people who have vein problems and are more tolerant to this herb. Manufacturers of horse chestnut products remove the toxic component, esculin. When searching for dietary supplements containing processed horse chestnut for safe consumption, look for trusted brands. In the placebo-controlled studies, researchers found that horse chestnut did reduce symptoms, such as leg pain and swelling. Horse chestnut is traditionally used in herbal medicine to help treat haemorrhoids; used in herbal medicine to help treat chronic venous insufficiency and associated symptoms and varicose veins. Raw or unprocessed horse chestnut seeds, leaves, bark, or flowers contain aesculin, a compound that is poisonous if consumed in teas or remedies made with raw or unprocessed seeds, leaves, bark or flowers.

Nature’s way standardized extracts are technically and scientifically advanced herbal products. For more information on potential interactions for this herb please visit our herbs a-z section and consult your medical herbalist or doctor before taking this herb. Although in the wild, horse chestnuts are eaten by deer, cattle, and horses, according to the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals (Aspca), horse chestnuts could cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, dilated pupils, convulsions, or coma. One trial indicated that horse chestnut may be as effective as treatment with compression stockings. Horse chestnut cream by planetary herbals is very effective, but the scent is awful. Several studies are examining the possible effect of horse chestnut seed extract supplements on people suffering from chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins. These are harvested and used, whilst still fresh to make this herbal tincture. It is also believed that consuming large quantities of horse chestnut seed extract may lead to liver toxicity. While horse chestnut extract is not regulated in the u. There is significant scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the herb gotu kola in varicose veins/venous insufficiency. Overall, the trials suggested an improvement in the symptoms of leg pain, oedema and pruritus with horse chestnut seed extract when taken as capsules over two to 16 weeks.

We reported some historical aspects of traditional persian medicine view on classification, examination, and predisposing factors of hemorrhoids. People, who suffer from hemorrhoids, tries variety of self treatment methods such as utilizing animal products and homemade herbal preparations. Then, scientific data banks were searched for possible related properties of each herb in the conventional medicine. Fast-drying, clear medicine, naturally occurring herbal scent, concentrated treatment. Horse chestnut extract, the common name for aesculus hippocastanum, is a promising natural medicine for treating chronic venous insufficiency. There have been studies in people on horse chestnut for chronic venous insufficiency (Cvi). In some cases, it worked better than horse chestnut. Browse dietary supplements and herbal remedies to learn about their effectiveness, usual dosage, and drug interactions.

The unprocessed seeds, leaves, bark, and flowers of the horse chestnut tree contain a complex mixture of compounds that are believed to have certain medical qualities, including coumarins (Esculin, aesculetin), coumarin glycoside (Aesculin), and saponins (Aescin), which are all believed to be bioactive, as well as flavonoids (Quercetin, rutin, kaempferol), tannins (Condensed and hydrolyzable), fatty acids, and sterols. Aescin is a mixture of triterpenoid and steroidal glycosides referred to collectively as saponins, is the main bioactive compound in horse chestnut that is responsible for most of it’s medicinal properties. Rather than proving homeopathy right, our study might even show the main principle underpinning homeopathy to be wrong.

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Planetary Herbals, Horse Chestnut, Vein Strength, 705 mg, 90 Tablets Product Review

Excellent. I been using this product for the past 5 years. A good product. Help for the veins! Very effective! Read the real review. Light legs. Horse chestnut is super! The taste is not good. Causes severe nausea


amazing product every day I feel my legs are swollen or even hurt I take this pills and immediately makes me feel better, the spider veins I had in my legs are not totally gone but it did delayed the growing, I don’t take it as a daily suplement only when is needed and it works wonders, I can’t imagine if I take it regularly

Relieves severity, eliminates cramps, reduces swelling in the legs

Very good staff! After taking a, lightness appeared in the legs, blood circulation improved, the pain went away!

It helps very well from heaviness in the legs, when pulling veins, sore legs. Pain relieves, if not immediately, then after a couple of days of taking it for sure. Removes blackness from feet if drunk regularly. Caution, dilutes blood! Consider if you are injecting or taking other blood thinners. Pills smell unpleasant, can cause nausea if taken on an empty stomach. But along with food, it is also not recommended to take.

I never really write reviews, but decided to warn. Nausea, up to vomiting. Headache on a background of 2 days

Since I take it no longer have swollen legs, my venous circulation is much better.

Awesome pills! I felt the effect right away! The veins hurt, after a couple of weeks of admission – everything was gone!

The taste is not good. I am still trying. Wish this product can make me healthy.

I can not drink it anymore-terribly sick, right up to vomiting.

Questions and Answers

Is it suitable for vegetarian?
hello I recieved this medicine in saudi arabia and the external plastic was intact but the seal inside was open is it ok to consume?
is it possible to use during pregnancy?

suitable for vegetarians – yes!
I would contact Foodpharmacy Blog directly about the internal seal being open!
Yes you can my mid- wife told to take 2 a day.