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Laura Mercier, Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick, Hot, 0.035 oz (1.4 g)

Laura Mercier, Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick, Hot, 0.035 oz (1.4 g) Review


You need the protection only a lip balm can provide. These nude lipsticks come in a wide selection of colors, and we appreciate that they tested their brand on women of color to make sure the shades were universally flattering. That is why youtuber jaclyn hill decided to create her own range of lipsticks, and all 20 shades are nude. That means more than just buying organic lipstick. Dose of colors was one of the indie brands that got in on the liquid lipstick trend early, and their formula has always been good. Cons: Does not last as long as matte long-wear lipsticks, sweet scent might not be for everyone buy m. There’s no denying it, matte liquid lipsticks are having a moment right now. Who needs an expensive tube, when you can color your lips with a crayon that delivers bold color, and comes in a simple little package? Editor’s note: We received the lipstick samples directly from the jaclyn cosmetics brand and did not experience the same formula and delivery complaints expressed by a number of consumers. It’s probably one of the most loved pink lipsticks, makeup artist katie jane hughes once told us. Applicator: A slim doe-foot means it’s easy to paint your lips, but you do ha…

Elizavecca, Milky Piggy, 24k Gold Water Dual Snail Mask Pack, 10 Sheets, 0.88 oz (25 g) Each

Elizavecca, Milky Piggy, 24k Gold Water Dual Snail Mask Pack, 10 Sheets, 0.88 oz (25 g) Each Review


Reviewers love it because it does really help with shrinking pores and extracting blackheads and one even said: I do not even want to put makeup on because my skin looks great. Using a cotton swab, take a small amount of the mask and put it on the edge of your jaw line. The doctor took one look at my face, glanced down at his notes, and audibly sucked the air through his teeth. Mugwort has been used for centuries to calm skin, and this manefit beauty planner mugwort mask could help your face look clearer and more radiant in as little as 20 minutes. These face masks often contain clarifying and astringent ingredients like tea tree oil to help combat acne. In terms of cost, you can find sheet masks for as little as $1, and for more than $20 each. Peel masks often recommend you wear them for just 10 minutes, while hydrating or clay masks might suggest 15 or 20 minutes. Check the packaging on your mask for the recommended usage. A common mistake beginner sheet mask users make is leaving the mask on for too long. Beauty sheet masks can also be something fun to do with your friends. The mask is non-irritating, hydrating and enriched with asiatic pennywort, aloe vera extract and cucumb…

Wet n Wild, PhotoFocus, Water Drop Primer, Rose, 0.68 fl oz (20 ml)

Wet n Wild, PhotoFocus, Water Drop Primer, Rose, 0.68 fl oz (20 ml) Review


This primer base from chanel is designed to instantly brighten your complexion while evening out your skin texture. Vitamins a and c, mulberry extract, and a powerful dose of retinol virtually banish pores while tired skin is left hydrated, firmer, and detoxified. The nondrying formula locks in makeup and absorbs oil to keep your face shine-free throughout the day. Forget about having ashy or gray-ish eyelids or having to powder your lids before applying primer. If you find almost all foundations have a tendency to oxidize and change color after coming into contact with your skin, you may find that primer creates that barrier that will prevent the foundation from coming into contact with your sebum and oxidizing. It’s a silky smooth white liquid that quickly becomes transparent as you work it into the skin. Available in six shades, each primer tackles a different skin problem which is helpfully specified on the packaging. While the hourglass primer serum comes in two sizes, the travel size is really all you need for daily use. A little goes a long way for this ultra-hydrating primer, so if the full size is out of your budget, you can get by with a travel size for awhile! Some ma…

Everyday Minerals, Matte Base, Rosy Light 2C, .17 oz (4.8 g)

Everyday Minerals, Matte Base, Rosy Light 2C, .17 oz (4.8 g) Review


Basically, finishing powder is for looks whereas setting powders help you get more hours out of your concealer, foundation, and other face makeup. This shows it is a must-have for those with sensitive skin. Banish unwanted shine in an instant and keep your skin looking fresh and radiant throughout the day. Also, using it this way does a great job with making your makeup last from the time you put your makeup on to when you take it off. It has a natural look, for all types of skin and quickness a smooth, undetectable finish. Beautician leduc explains that it has a nice finish, never stores in wrinkles around the eyes, and creates a soft-focus result, and it helps to set makeup. This loose powder from mehron comes recommended by our expert makeup artist faller.

Rusk, Brilliance, Color-Protecting Leave-In Conditioner, 8 fl oz (235 ml)

Rusk, Brilliance, Color-Protecting Leave-In Conditioner, 8 fl oz (235 ml) Review


I have natural wavy/curly/fine shoulder length hair, one reviewer writes. The relaxers are applied on prewashed hair and after usage, must be rinsed off with running water. The use of anti-dandruff shampoos can make hair more difficult to comb. Conditions that are mostly affected by the use of aggressive shampoos are: Difficulty in untangling the strands, and the frizz effect. A leave-in conditioning product is used to add extra conditioning to your hair and to provide your locks with much-needed moisture and softness. In brazil, african and hispanic hair is straightened first with chemical relaxers and afterwards treated with bkt to improve shine and softness. The small angle of the waves of very curly hair makes it more susceptible to breakage, when mechanically worked making curly hair more difficult to comb without provoking frizz. Hair cosmetics may enhance hair hydrophobicity, strengthen the cuticle and minimize electrical charges and friction forces.

Garden of Life, 100% Organic & Pure, Essential Oils, Energizing, Rosemary, 0.5 fl oz (15 ml)

Garden of Life, 100% Organic & Pure, Essential Oils, Energizing, Rosemary, 0.5 fl oz (15 ml) Review


The oil is not split at all or broken down into different constituents, meaning you get the whole benefit of the whole oil. There are lots of great blends you can make online with individual oils, and also lots of pre-made blends in store or online here! This oil operates by reducing inflammation and suppressing the spasms. Besides, this lavender oil is extremely versatile, allowing it to blend seamlessly with any essence of your desire. It is critical to talk about the use of essential oils taken internally with a qualified professional. Before extraction, essential oils provide plants with the much-needed protection against diseases and predators. Having undergone rigorous distillation and unmatched care during the bottling process, this product promises to endow you with boundless beneficial properties and leave you covered in the fantastic lavender aroma.

Garnier, Fructis, Surfer Hair, Power Putty, 3.4 oz (100 g)

Garnier, Fructis, Surfer Hair, Power Putty, 3.4 oz (100 g) Review


Melt into moisture is an intense treatment that provides more moisture than heaven in hair which is a deep conditioner. So i went to my wonderful and really expensive hair dresser to have the usual cut and color and when she went to wash my hair she said that they just got a new shampoo and conditioner called shielo and that is smelled great. Lanza healing style thermal defense spray effectively smooth the hair and stop frizz with lanza healing style thermal defense spray. A little goes a long way lightweight moisture helps rejuvenate dry, damaged hair gently strengthens strands to prevent color loss leave-in treatment it’s a 10 miracle leave-in product brings dry, damaged, and color-treated strands back to life with it’s lightweight moisture. A leave-in conditioner is one of the most widely used hair products to protect curly hair from dryness. Kenra thermal styling spray 19 reviews top hair styling sprays, kenra styling spray reviews and top rated hair styling products choose kenra thermal hair spray for styling with hot tools. Flat iron heat protection is critical for anyone who regularly exposes their hair follicles to heat when styling. I have long, fine thin, lightish colo…

Etude House, Wonder Pore Freshner, 8.45 fl oz (250 ml)

Etude House, Wonder Pore Freshner, 8.45 fl oz (250 ml) Review


In the world of k-beauty, toners are seen as a must-have for healthy, balanced skin. A 100% natural and organic toner made by the always gorgeous french girl organics. Moonshot perfect cleansing oil cotton 13,500 won is great on the go cleansing oil pad that contains enough product for your whole face and neck, while breaking down even waterproof eyeliner and mascara! This cult-favorite cleansing balm has a worldwide following because of it’s sherbet-like consistency that removes makeup, dirt, and oil like a charm. The cooling patches, like gel-like cucumber slices, stick to your skin and mold to your contours. My all time favourite one right now is a strivectin mask, it’s a tightening one and omg i highly reccomend doing it before you get your makeup applied for any photo shoots or high end event because it minimizes your pores for hours. I only wish it came in bigger sizes because i have been using on my arms and neck and chest as well as my face. Ideally, exfoliation would be added to your skin care routine between 1-3 times per week. With ingredients like charcoal and algae, this sheet mask clears up your pores and soothes your skin at the same time. I personally love the si…

Blithe, Patting Splash Mask, Soothing & Healing Green Tea, 5.07 fl oz (150 ml)

Blithe, Patting Splash Mask, Soothing & Healing Green Tea, 5.07 fl oz (150 ml) Review


Besides, we all know what stress does to our skin! The chubby cheeks mask will lift and plump with the help of skin firming power ingredients. Another once-a-week skin treatment, drunk elephant’s beloved babyfacial harnesses the power of both ahas and the beta-hydroxy acid (Bha) salicylic acid. After using your sheet masks, you will probably notice that your skin feels smoother and more hydrated and your makeup goes on smoother, she says. I love the easy application, fast working, and i love the way it makes my skin feel! We intentionally narrowed our list to 33 products: It was important for us to keep in mind that part of the problem with finding the best acne treatments is feeling like you have way too many options to choose from. Turn unflattering redness into a rosy glow with this healing mask. This cooling and calming mask is formulated for hydration, armed with a powerful infusion of essential oils. What else you need to know: Become an overnight sensation with this famous sleeping mask. After years of working closely with the fresh research lab, we have bridged the world of vitamins into skin care or, as we call it, skin nutrition. Few beauty items so effectively exfolia…

Mandom, Barrier Repair, Facial Mask Enrich, 5 Sheets

Mandom, Barrier Repair, Facial Mask Enrich, 5 Sheets Review


Just like the oatmeal baths of your childhood, this oatmeal mask instantly soothes whatever is ailing your face. Helps skin retain moisture and provides elasticity. I followed the instructions but i felt that i needed to add a little more of the mask to my face. When it comes to our skin-care routine, there is no step perhaps more indulgent than doing a face mask. If you want to do something simple and good for your skin, try a soothing mask from your dermatologist, says dr. These masks are made from cotton, paper, or gel and saturated with concentrated ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin for plumper, more radiant complexions. I do a mask every sunday morning while i watch youtube videos and drink coffee. While sheet masks definitely have their benefits, not all sheet masks are created equally. The paper sheet had a pleasant smell, but felt quite delicate so i had to be careful not to tear it. Exfoliate the skin making it appear brighter. My skin has been a rollercoaster for the past 5 years. However, orgaid sheet masks include fermentation of lactobacillus which can perform as a natural preservative, and the system was proven for it’s safety by ecocert. Vitamins c, b…

E.L.F, Blush Palette, Dark, Powder, .56 oz (16 g)

E.L.F, Blush Palette, Dark, Powder, .56 oz (16 g) Review


The new nude palette includes 10 highly-pigmented matte eyeshadows, formulated with aloe vera and coconut oil for butter-like application. The maybelline master contour face contouring kit is an affordable, streamlined blush, bronzer, and highlighter set. Also included is a shimmery blush that adds a flawless flush to cheeks. Make up for ever gives you the chance to create a custom face set with the artist color refillable makeup palette and artist face color highlight, sculpt, and blush powder. Make up for ever gives you the chance to create a custom face set with the artist color refillable makeup palette and artist face color highlight, sculpt, and blush powder. A highlighter palette with two different textures: A pearlescent creamy shade and three light-catching pressed pearl hues. Enliven your lips and cheeks with the multipurpose lip2cheek. Along with lipstick, blush has always been a makeup weakness of mine. The pans are huge which makes the palette a little big but you can remove them and place them in your own magnetic palette. The next blush is a richly pigmented, matte wine red, and it would look gorgeous on very deep skin! Be sure to also add a palette to your cart t…

L’Oreal, Color Rich Lipstick, 254 Everbloom, 0.13 oz (3.6 g)

L'Oreal, Color Rich Lipstick, 254 Everbloom, 0.13 oz (3.6 g) Review


Here are the top 50 lip shades of all time, including colors like the first red ever worn at a christian dior fashion show. There’s no denying it, matte liquid lipsticks are having a moment right now. The collection includes six liquid lipsticks, which retail for $18 each, and a clear lip gloss, which costs the same price. The answers lie in the so-called cult classics, the lipstick shades that crop up regularly in articles and conversation as the best of the best for their ability to look incredible on everyone. What began as kitchen cosmetics soon turned into a profitable natural makeup enterprise. In my quest to find the best organic lipstick, i found they so often can seem pasty or dry, and sometimes smell or taste funny. One of the most- talked-about launches in beauty brought us a full collection of products that can take you from casual wear to full glam, and, of course, that collection includes a liquid lipstick.

Rimmel London, Lasting Finish 25HR Breathable Long Wear Foundation, 200 Soft Beige, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Rimmel London, Lasting Finish 25HR Breathable Long Wear Foundation, 200 Soft Beige, 1 fl oz (30 ml) Review


The light-to-medium liquid consistency works best for uneven skin tone, blemishes and unsightly patches of discoloration. This is the only foundation that does not dry me out and just blends the pores away. It’s a total pain in the you-know-what to figure out which makeup foundations are not only safe and healthy for your body, but which ones are worth the risk of shelling out your heard earned money to try. I have used pur minerals 4-in-1 pressed mineral makeup for years and love it. Produced in italy and packaged beautifully in metallic cases, kjaer weis cosmetics include blends of jojoba seed, coconut, and sweet almond seed oils to help fight signs of aging, as well as naturally promote skin elasticity. It’s a sheer fluid that blends into your skin so well people will compliment your complexion, not your foundation. The tinted blur stick is about as sheer as glossier skin tint but is matte instead of dewy. A seamless veil of the good stuff, blended imperceptibly with our own skin, in our perfect shade can make all the difference. Kat von d’s new lock-it powder foundation quickly earned a spot on my favorites list thanks to it’s full-coverage finish. 100% Of women tested exper…

Bare Minerals, Complexion Rescue, Hydrating Foundation Stick, SPF 25, Spice 08, 0.35 oz (10 g)

Bare Minerals, Complexion Rescue, Hydrating Foundation Stick, SPF 25, Spice 08, 0.35 oz (10 g) Review


This is could also be due to the foundation oxidizing. For mature skin: Your skin will look unnatural if you try to mask the area with heavy concealers, cautions whelan. It does not slide off like average makeup (This is definitely all day wear kinda. I have a couple other concealers that are in my rotation and that i also like, but there is no doubt in my mind that the cle de peau concealer is the one true concealer to rule them all. Drying too quickly does not allow much room to blend on your skin. Controls oil well all day and even with no blotting it simply gives the skin a natural luminous glow (Never allows my face to look oily). It is best to use a foundation without too many oxides (Which can be found inside milani’s foundation). Testers put the foundations through transfer tests, wore them through long work days, nights out, gym workouts, and weekend adventures. I would 100% recommend for any skin type. It comes in a click-up, pen-wand dispenser, and just like the regular concealer, it is extremely pigmented and has an amazing coverage ability. It makes skin looks airbrushed, blurring imperfections without caking and blending seamlessly with the skin. I do not love a fo…

Prestige Cosmetics, Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner, Smoke, .01 oz (.28 g)

Prestige Cosmetics, Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner, Smoke, .01 oz (.28 g) Review


It’s hard to rub off once dry but comes off at the first touch of a makeup wipe. Yellow eyeliner used to create a star on the side of rico’s face? Just apply a thick coat of translucent powder underneath your eye area after concealer, and let it sit for three to five minutes. The demi-matte formula sets after application so it sticks to the waterline instead of rubbing off on your eyeballs throughout the day. With one video, nine eyeliner hacks, and a pep talk from lindsay, i pulled off a fairly respectable cat eye on the first try. An all natural eyeliner that enhances the eyes with a subtle, soft or dramatic line as it hydrates and protects the delicate skin of your eyelid. Here are 15 eyeliners with highly pigmented formulas, reliable staying power, and soft shapes that work great for the waterline, tightlining, and even less-invasive, regular eye-lining if you have sensitive eyes. Just what i want in my eyeliner since i only apply to my upper lid. Precise liquid makeup is that the high exactness tip for skinny or thick lines even colour that appears recent all day and simple to colour, waterproof, long lasting, your eyes can look larger and nicer, soft and gentle bristles, n…

Herb Pharm, Tea Tree Essential Oil, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Herb Pharm, Tea Tree Essential Oil, 1 fl oz (30 ml) Review


Here are our picks for the top six essential oils for spiritual awakening and cleansing. For foot bath, add 20 drops of tea tree essential oil to a tub filled with hot water and soak your feet for 15 minutes to remove odors and relieve symptoms such as foot fatigue and fever. All of these blends of essential oils in this set are of excellent quality. A dispersing agent, such as a solubol, coconut emulsifier, or bath gel, helps to ensure that the essential oils, vegetable oils, and bath salts are properly diluted in the bath water. Pine is commonly used in household cleansers as a disinfectant that can also strengthen the immune system and deodorize any environment. Bid adieu to your old self and greet the new you with a reinvignorated apprecation for mind, body and soul. You can also make your own perfumes using essential oil blends by mixing them in a glass roller bottle and adding your preferred carrier oil. Tea-tree-oil is a vital oil-extracted from the stalks of the melaleuca-alternifolia-tree. To treat eczema, an increasing number of people are turning away from conventional western medicine and adding essential oils to their daily regimen. I was am editing my review becaus…

J.Cat Beauty, Pris-Metal Chrome Eye Mousse, PEM117 Houdini, 0.07 oz (2 g)

J.Cat Beauty, Pris-Metal Chrome Eye Mousse, PEM117 Houdini, 0.07 oz (2 g) Review


In reality, they likely want you to use the lighter shades as an all over color wash and the darker to line eyes with. These rich neutral tones are great for achieving soft, smokey eyes and beautifully blended looks. A tidy, essential eye shadow palette that holds seven perfect neutral eye shadows for every skin color, plus a flashy gold and a brave, bright pink. Picking out the best eyeshadow is not about settling for one single product. However, perhaps more than anything, a good eye shadow palette is usually more of an investment purchase than a lipstick or eyeliner. You can wear this shade alone with mascara or as a base for other eye shadows to add major staying power! The different variety of eye shapes that one can have include hooded eyelids, monolids, protruding eyes, deep-set eyes, downturned eyes, upturned eyes, close-set eyes, and wide-set eyes. And finally, if you fancy something with a bit of both, stunning neutrals and bold colourful shades, prepare to fall for anastasia beverly hills Infamous modern renaissance eyeshadow palette. This eye makeup is even smudge-proof, meaning the fun can go on all night long without having to make a trip to the restroom to recheck…

Riki Loves Riki, Riki Skinny, Mini Lighted Vanity Mirror, 1 Count

Riki Loves Riki, Riki Skinny, Mini Lighted Vanity Mirror, 1 Count Review


The brush is not denser, but this does not affect the performance. The angled ones apply powder with razor-sharp precision, and the eyeliner brush paints with a fine accurate line. I have been blogging for the site for about 3 months now and i had never tried the brushes. Overall i am very happy with this brush set. The emaxdesign cosmetic brush set is sure to portray your natural beauty while leaving a flawless finish. This brush set has enough items to let you and a friend get glammed up for the night, with everything you need to line, shade and contour. Despite having a rock-bottom price point (We bought it’s whole 12-brush set for $12), the brand was a surprisingly respectable runner-up to sonia kashuk.

Bondi Chic, True Blue, Depollution, Foaming Cleanser, 5.1 fl oz (150 ml)

Bondi Chic, True Blue, Depollution, Foaming Cleanser, 5.1 fl oz (150 ml) Review


As with all products from boutique brand earth tu face, this face was has no added fragrances, preservatives, or fillers. I first used it by wiping off all the makeup that i could with it. They are not as moisturizing as i would have liked them to be and i personally would follow up with moisturizer after the wash. When i was 12 years old, my mother told me that i should never use soap on my face. Look for organic cleansers that contain hydrating oils (Like coconut, sunflower, argan), honey, hyaluronic acid, exfoliants (To help clear way flakey/dead skin), and aloe vera. Even the most everyday items, like face wash, sunscreen, facial toner, and lip balm, can be filled with toxic substances. Sls can also be hidden in the ingredient list on a face cleanser as sodium coco sulfate, which is still equally as harmful despite the fact it is derived from coconuts and not made artificially in a lab. Never straying from these important cleanser tips will make all the difference in the world. Glytone is a skincare brand that specializes in glycolic acid products, an ingredient recommended by every dermatologist i have ever spoken with.

Maybelline, Fit Me, Dewy + Smooth Foundation, 120 Classic Ivory, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Maybelline, Fit Me, Dewy + Smooth Foundation, 120 Classic Ivory, 1 fl oz (30 ml) Review


Designed to be best used on the entire face and body for any color correction, balancing or skin darkening or lightening. – For sheer, extra light-weight coverage, use a blush makeup brush onto facial skin. Any product on this list can be researched on the ewg skin deep database for specific details of how each ingredient is rated and what the known concerns are, if any. The foundation looked so natural and flawless on the photos and i actually considered switching over to this product. Concealer and foundation are often confused for one another, but the main difference is that concealer is used for targeting specific sections as your face, whereas foundation is typically used on your entire face. When you are healing from laser treatments, you cannot use just any makeup-you either go without (What the what), or you must use mineral makeup. It takes more than 1 squirt to cover my entire face (And no, i am not using too much). Tip: For covering dark spots and under eye circles, add a little extra powder with a dry concealer brush, then blend with normal makeup brush. Bottom line: These top foundations totally delivered. Blended on with a damp makeup sponge, redness and blemishes …

Azelique, Pressed Powder Satin Foundation, Tan-Deep, Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, 0.35 oz (10 g)

Azelique, Pressed Powder Satin Foundation, Tan-Deep, Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, 0.35 oz (10 g) Review


So let us reframe it for you: Think of setting powder as a tool (And a highly underrated one at that) that can vastly extend the life of your makeup, like the way a topcoat does for your manicure. Created by renowned parisian makeup artist dany sanz, who was originally a painter and sculptor, make up for ever is at the forefront of high-performance, innovative makeup with vibrant shades and truly long-lasting formulas. I have sensitive, combination, acne-prone skin – so i am kind of particular about what i put on my face, ha. Always be sure to do a test patch before you add new products into your makeup regimen. As the name suggests, the translucent loose setting powder is a translucent french talc powder that prolongs your makeup without making it look cakey. Most people try to put on dry i never apply dry i wet sponge and it covers well and does not look like a cake face. We have got all the information you need to choose the best face powder for your skin type and skin shade. They are so named because makeup artists working on tv and movies that shoot in high definition found that other face powders read as too heavy on film.

Bare Minerals, Matte Foundation, SPF 15, Light 08, 0.21 oz (6 g)

Bare Minerals, Matte Foundation, SPF 15, Light 08, 0.21 oz (6 g) Review


No other powder matched my skin tone-or lack thereof-so well, nor did any other effectively cover my myriad of skin nightmares-cystic acne, scars, melasma, etc. This variety of cover girl does not dry my skin. Newer brands, like fenty beauty, stellar beauty, nyx, and huda beauty, emphasize inclusivity and celebrate diversity in beauty with their wide shade ranges. The laser treatments were the catalyst for my switch to mineral makeup; i will never again use the regular stuff. If you have skin like mine that is actually oily 24/7 – skin that melts your morning makeup by 11 am – skin that looks at an oil-spill-covered duck and says, hold my beer – well, keep looking. My skin is quite oily, so this drier foundation really helps to control that issue i have of my face melting off in humid weather. Even when i got my makeup professionally done, you could still tell i had makeup on. We talked to dermatologists and makeup artists, and spent weeks testing products, to find the best foundations for every face. I use this foundation on my nose pores and under my eyes and then apply the bare minerals tinted prime time spf 30 over this.

Yeouth, Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, 3 fl oz (89 ml)

Yeouth, Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, 3 fl oz (89 ml) Review


This luxurious cleanser is a unique blend of time-tested apothecary herbs that are rich in vitamin c: Wormwood to prevent breakouts, soapberry to detoxify, and sweet flag to cleanse and soften. Target impurities while keeping skin healthy, balanced and hydrated. This product is safe for sensitive skin, dermatologist tested, fragrance-free, and vegan. Refine the tone and texture of your skin with our vitamin c facial cleanser. This cleanser is also packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and mildly exfoliating ingredients for all-around glow. This dual-purpose cleanser and mask draws out deep-lying oil and dirt while smoothing the skin. If you are seeking an eye cream that is gentle and hydrating, but still wears well under makeup, look no further than kiehl’s creamy eye treatment.

Isntree, Green Tea Fresh Toner, 6.76 fl oz (200 ml)

Isntree, Green Tea Fresh Toner, 6.76 fl oz (200 ml) Review


I can tell that my skin feels so soft and refreshing, however, i can not use the softener at night as i have to put on the medication on my face nightly. This peptide serum contains copper tripeptide that enhances the elasticity of the skin. Swipe the softer side across the face to pick up the remaining debris. Our highly reviewed korean skin care routine will help you achieve glowing skin. It contains egf or epidermal growth factor that accelerates cell recovery, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin b5 that softens and soothes skin irritation. We even add hyaluronic acid from sweet potatoes to our toners, for a deeply hydrating mid-routine treat. The first cleanse removes all your makeup, and the second cleanse removes the rest of the leftover dirt and debris. This step of korean skin care is often a little pricier than the rest of the korean skin care routine because they are incredibly concentrated. They are particularly essential for those with sensitive skin and help balance the harsh properties of acidic ingredients. I was wondering if i could get advice on my skin care products.

Laura Geller, Baked Blush-N-Brighten, Pink Buttercream, 0.16 oz (4.5 g)

Laura Geller, Baked Blush-N-Brighten, Pink Buttercream, 0.16 oz (4.5 g) Review


These mineral-based silky smooth powder blushes give cheeks a naturally beautiful flush of color. These super pigmented blushes come in 12 different colors that range from a bright gold to shades of warm brown to bold, bright pink shades. Just tapping a little bit onto your cheeks and temples can wake up your face just as well as some highlighter. This blush from urban decay comes in a huge range of shades that go from video, a soft nude shade that looks super natural and gorgeous on any skin tone without being too bright or bold, to bitter sweet, a bright purple shade for when you are feeling a little bolder and want to try a shade that will really make you stand out. I bought this shade of blush because i am not huge on the color pink, which is what most blush colors are. A very important beauty psa: If you have a face, then you should be using cream blush. Convenient – perfect for party makeup / casual makeup / wedding makeup etc. Unlike most powders, they impart an unmistakable radiant sheen to the skin that makes it look like you have been jogging on the beach or just got a really good facial. Transition your beauty routine into summer by swapping in the classic powder blus…

Bare Minerals, BAREPRO, Performance Wear, Liquid Foundation, SPF 20, Light Natural 09, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Bare Minerals, BAREPRO, Performance Wear, Liquid Foundation, SPF 20, Light Natural 09, 1 fl oz (30 ml) Review


The paula’s choice research team is dedicated to busting beauty myths and providing expert advice that solves your skincare frustrations so you can have the best skin of your life! We also think you may like our complexion rescue hydrating foundation stick spf 25, which offers moisturizing qualities which are especially important to maintaining skin as we mature. In fact i am told my skin looks perfect. Props to maybelline for adding the in-between shades and undertones to their already wide color range for this foundation. – Concealer, finishing powder and face powder apply flawlessly over this makeup foundation. It never feels like i have foundation on but perfectly evens out my skin so i can skip cover up, which rules. Giorgio armani translates his sense of fashion and his aesthetic vision into the world of fragrances, make-up and skincare. The good housekeeping institute’s beauty lab regularly tests foundations for ease of use, coverage ability, and smoothness of application, for products that make skin moisturization claims (Think bb creams, cc creams, and tinted moisturizers), we use a corneometer, a device that measures changes in skin’s hydration, to see how well (And if…

Miss Spa, Detox, Pre-Treated Facial Sheet Mask, 1 Mask

Miss Spa, Detox, Pre-Treated Facial Sheet Mask, 1 Mask Review


Long flights can be particularly drying, so you may want to consider a hydrating mask after air travel. Many of the masks featured in this article rely on natural compounds, so there is not much reason to cleanse post-mask application, however, if you are adamant on cleansing, you absolutely can. Lily talakoub of mclean dermatology and skincare center says. – Lactic acid from passion fruit: Smooths and refines skin texture. Paula begoun is the best-selling author of 20 books about skincare and makeup. Pomegranate aha and enzymes resurfacing mask was an award winner in the may issue of the o, the oprah magazine. Carolyn twersky assistant editor carolyn twersky is an assistant editor for seventeen covering celebrities, entertainment, politics, fashion, beauty, and health. I tend to have oily skin and this helps balance it out. Now with the options that you have above, all are the best peel off face masks but you need to get the one that would not be sensitive on your skin. Combining face masks with other skin-care products that you regularly use, like retinoid creams, may increase your risk of adverse reactions, she added. Additional vitamin c and spirulina will help deliver antio…

Olay, Total Effects, Cleansing Whip, Polishing Creme Cleanser, 5 fl oz (150 ml)

Olay, Total Effects, Cleansing Whip, Polishing Creme Cleanser, 5 fl oz (150 ml) Review


Ensuring that you get some from your cleanser helps your skin replenish moisture. What are some good antibacterial face washes? Look for organic cleansers that contain hydrating oils (Like coconut, sunflower, argan), honey, hyaluronic acid, exfoliants (To help clear way flakey/dead skin), and aloe vera. Plus, the multi-tasking cleanser also tackles visible signs of aging, so it’s a win-win situation! There’s a reason why celebrities like sofia vergara and jasmine tookes swear by this daily facial cleanser. Facial cleanser will give your skin the refreshment it needs by removing excess oil and makeup that accumulated throughout the day. Best for: Those who prefer wiping off their makeup with cotton pads instead of washing. Circular motions are much gentler on your skin as opposed to going vigorously back and forth, which can cause unnecessary stress on the surface of your skin. This organic face wash from naturopathica delivers a mega-dose of gentle hydration with over 50% aloe vera composition. Cleansing oils work beautifully for those who want a thinner, easier-to-use version of a cleansing balm that still leaves skin feeling soft and smooth while quickly removing makeup.

Laura Geller, Line-N-Define, Dual Dimensional Eyeliner, Liquid & Kohl Eyeliner, Black/Black, 0.07 fl oz (2 ml)/ / 0.017 oz (0.5 g)

Laura Geller, Line-N-Define, Dual Dimensional Eyeliner, Liquid & Kohl Eyeliner, Black/Black, 0.07 fl oz (2 ml)/ / 0.017 oz (0.5 g) Review


I’m not a liquid eyeliner kind of person, though i really admire the look. Meyer said many of her clients come back after about a year to get touch-ups. Using eye primer beforehand can also keep your handiwork intact. Also, you can adopt a longer wing at the corners of the eyes to help them open up. Achieve the perfect look with this innovative dual-ended eyeliner. It’s time to say goodbye to smudged raccoon eyes and having to reapply at noon, and hello to these eyeliners that are colorful, cheap and long lasting. The hourglass 1,5 mm mechanical gel eye liner has an extremely fine tip, allowing for maximum precision. We reviewed dozens of eyeliners to help you choose the best of the best. As a liquid eyeliner and general beauty junkie, i can be very critical of new products but love trying them out. The ultra-fine tip can give you super precise thin lines, but also lets you build up the product to achieve an intense, thick cat eye. Some customers reported that they had difficulty getting it off with a makeup remover.

Too Cool for School, Artclass by Rodin, Shading, 0.33 oz (9.5 g)

Too Cool for School, Artclass by Rodin, Shading, 0.33 oz (9.5 g) Review


Or is it because korean women themselves, with their glowing complexions, are serving as walking advertisements for the power of k-beauty? I have huge pores which are hereditary and has been enlarged due to sun exposure and daily use of makeup. They also get bloggers, who about a month ago, a good friend and i have been discussing skincare and makeup. A nice lip can neatly tie together your makeup for both everyday and formal wear. When i returned from korea all my friends asked what i did, i got in touch with korean manufacturers and been selling led masks so double feature beautiful skin and money into my pocket. A quick google image search of the term k-beauty better explains why. Unlike the korean cushion compacts we have come to know and love, this one is sponge-free. Are korean products superior to ours, or is it all hype? Getting to the root of skin problems is looking at diet and lifestyle in the first place, but in korea, getting to the root is finding a way to make you spend money on specific skincare products. Even your phone yields proof of it’s ubiquity, where sheet masks, a tenet of k-beauty, are meme’d and photographed over and over, for all of instagram to see. C…

Just for Men, Mustache & Beard, Brush-In Color Gel, Blond M-10/15, 2 x 0.5 oz (14 g)

Just for Men, Mustache & Beard, Brush-In Color Gel, Blond M-10/15, 2 x 0.5 oz (14 g) Review


Carolina cosmetics is a conscious business, promoting awareness and consciousness to the products we use on our face and skin. The final item in a beard kit should be a beard brush or comb. What really stood out about this particular body hair remover above all others is the nansome delivery system. Candy x paints is a vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and 10-free luxe nail care company, created for expressing yourself through color, consciously and safely, without compromising quality, performance, health, or vibrancy. More information can be found at klobeauty. Andalou naturals is first beauty brand non-gmo project verified, the best-selling natural skin care brand in the us and canada, and always cruelty free. We are unique in that you most likely will not find the latest trending ingredients in our products because we remain unswervingly dedicated to using only the best quality, sustainably sourced, responsibly produced and fairly traded ingredients that have been proven for centuries to be both safe to use on the skin and effective in supporting skin functions. Take your pick of either the bold or muse beard oils to finish your shaving regimen. Aob is a hair care line providin…

Revlon, Super Lustrous, Lip Gloss, 215 Super Natural, .13 fl oz (3.8 ml)

Revlon, Super Lustrous, Lip Gloss, 215 Super Natural, .13 fl oz (3.8 ml) Review


Use the wand to apply lip gloss to your bottom lip. This high-shine formula contains antioxidants, lip conditioners and mineral pigments that deliver nourishing color and shine with a sweet mint scent. Even just adding a tiny dab of it to the fleshy center of my lower lip makes my lips look fuller and, frankly, more sensual. There are over eight shades to choose from, including brights and nudes, and the formula is super-creamy so it does not feel sticky on this lips. Younique makeup is specially formulated with ingredients which care for and beautify the skin. With fourteen different colours to it’s name, milani brilliant shine lip-gloss makes it to be one of the most versatile lip-glosses in the market. I love the way these glosses feel in my lips. Hyaluronic acid helps to bind the hydrating benefits of jojoba seed oil, vitamin e, and shea butter to your lips. Pros: One of the most nourishing formulas out there, this comforting lip oil is perfect for those with suuuper dry lips. The kardashian ladies love brown lip gloss these days and wear it on the red carpet, as well as with casual daily attire. The formula keeps your lips feeling moisturized, but not sticky. The only downs…

Reuzel, Red Pomade, Water Soluble, Medium Hold, 4 oz (113 g)

Reuzel, Red Pomade, Water Soluble, Medium Hold, 4 oz (113 g) Review


Hair color looks more shiny and vibrant after applying a leave-in conditioner. As a former hairstylist and a low maintenance type of gal, this is my holy grail. So many hair products are outrageously priced, but this one is very inexpensive and works wonders. Few minutes went by and my hair got softer and softer but still having great volume. I have wavy hair that is relatively straight at the top but fairly curly at the bottom. This leave-in treatment from the curl experts at ouidad is on the lightweight side, making it well-suited for looser curls and waves that have a hard time living up to their potential, especially when annoying things like humidity are involved. I have dry hair and i am always looking for leave in conditioners, especially after washing my hair. The product specified as a leave-in hair conditioner is supposed to stay in the hair for a significant period of time without rinsing. Unlike me, she has beautiful thick hair, so this product seems to be very versatile with different hair types. Even something as simple as a cold rinse and use of our leave-in hair therapy can leave your hair with it’s own unique gloss or shine.

AnneMarie Borlind, Rose Dew, Facial Toner, 5.07 fl oz (150 ml)

AnneMarie Borlind, Rose Dew, Facial Toner, 5.07 fl oz (150 ml) Review


Toners are skincare products that have the consistency of water, explains dermatologist joshua zeichner, md. Traditionally, they were used to remove excess oil from the skin and were especially useful people who had acne. Uvb is what causes sunburn, skin discoloration and skin cancer, and this is what spf protects against. In the world of korean beauty toners, however, it is absolutely nothing like that, changing the whole idea of what a toner is. Suitable for dry skin that needs moisturization, this daily toner is also suitable for those sensitive and acne-prone skin, thanks to it’s mild and gentle formulation. While most agree that it’s a 10-step routine, the truth is that the versatility of the routine allows for personalization, depending on what your skin is telling you, said ryan sim, a beauty blogger who goes by ryanraroar. It’s super gentle and contains active ingredients that soothe, soften, refresh and get your complexion ready for the next skincare steps. Starting with a clean face also allows the following skincare products to work better. However, it lacks any other serious elements or ingredients that will be beneficial for different skin types. Due to the alkaline…

L.A. Girl, Pro Coverage HD Foundation, Soft Honey, 0.95 fl oz (28 ml)

L.A. Girl, Pro Coverage HD Foundation, Soft Honey, 0.95 fl oz (28 ml) Review


If your skin is towards the drier side, you need to moisturize it well before you go in with this. It also feels light and comfortable on the skin and smells really good. This foundation is great for normal to combination and also dry skin types. And while you wear it, the ceramides, peptides, and vitamin a help heal skin. Alternatively, you can check makeup resources like makeupalley or websites that sell the product, such as ulta or sephora. I just keep mine in the shower and once i have removed my eye makeup i proceed with washing the rest of my face which removes any oily residue left by this product. This foundation, with my dry and sensitive skin, is very good, especially in cold weather. Customers have commented that the power of this foundation lasts even longer if you apply a primer underneath and set your makeup with powder. Just 4 kind and nurturing ingredients in this 5-in1 mineral foundation. I would say the coverage is light to medium, so if you are just looking to even out your skin tone or cover up a few small spots, then this is the foundation for you. Our extensive skin tone options will effortlessly match your unique skin color and type. Clinique foundations a…

Sigma, F84, Angled Kabuki Brush, 1 Brush

Sigma, F84, Angled Kabuki Brush, 1 Brush Review


It is inexpensive and well made with a small case included in the kit to keep the brushes well organized. 7, Eyeshadow brush: Packs on eyeshadows and shades and works for any area of the eye. I took a shot on this brush and was pleasantly surprised by it’s quality. Bottom line: All the brushes you need for flawless base makeup at a very affordable price point. The five types of brushes allow you to create anything you desire, from defined contours, smoky shadows, smooth blends, or contour your natural bone structure. The loose powder brush is the most proletariat out of all the brush options. My lamora brushes are really fantastic, super soft, well-designed, and pretty much complete my make-up bag. The ecotools 6 piece starter set is featured on urban vegan, byrdie’s list of vegan makeup brushes, and peta’s list of cruelty-free brushes.

E.L.F, Blush, Twinkle Pink, 0.17 oz (4.75 g)

E.L.F, Blush, Twinkle Pink, 0.17 oz (4.75 g) Review


The blush is available in only four shades, which is a relatively limited range, but the mosaic-like combination of complementary hues makes up for it to an extent, as it allows you to mix things up a bit. This easy-wear, velvety pressed mineral blush adds a sheer natural flush to your cheeks and is easily blendable. Blend upward toward cheekbones in a circular motion. These blushes are very pigmented, and they even last through walking out in the rain (I really put them to the test today)! Designed for women who want a natural luminous veil of rosy colour on the cheeks. Charlotte’s cheek to chic pink blusher will add an instant glow to your cheeks, while the glowgasm face palette is the ideal makeup product to add a pop of color to your complexion. Again, this is a 100-percent natural compact blush, formulated without synthetic fragrances, talc, and other skin-irritating ingredients. Worse, many companies are charging a premium for natural makeup products made with cheap fillers, irritating artificial fragrances, and preservatives which do nothing to benefit your skin. I wish this could be my top pick, but i know a lot of you would be quite uncomfortable with the price, so i fi…

Andalou Naturals, BB Vitamin C Beauty Balm, Brightening, SPF 30, Sheer Tint, 2 fl oz (58 ml)

Andalou Naturals, BB Vitamin C Beauty Balm, Brightening, SPF 30, Sheer Tint, 2 fl oz (58 ml) Review


She eschews buzz words, in favour of giving accurate and science-based advice. According to user reviews, this is one of the lightest bb creams which provides the best coverage for blemishes and discoloration. The cream compact your famous friends love. If layering an oil, it goes after moisturizer and sunscreen but before makeup. Known for it’s organic formulas, this cream uses a base of botanical juices rather than water, so your skin gets added benefits. Also a little goes along way, especially if you use a fast absorbing oil (I use a bit marula oil from the ordinary when i wake up and by the time i am putting on make up, it’s already absorbed) and then apply the cream. Blended with vegetable hyaluronic acid (Sodium hyaluronate) to remarkably preserve water trapped on the skin outer layers longer for a moist, radiant texture. The strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape. It helps blur the appearance of fine lines and assists in giving skin a more youthful look. I think it is a good tinted moisturizer, it may be a little too tan for really fair skin tones, but gives my fair skin a nice glow.

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Sculpting Brush, 1 Piece

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Sculpting Brush, 1 Piece Review


When i opened the bags for each brush they emitted and awful smell. I hate having to color them in everyday, so i picked these up to brush in a little dye and leave on for about 5 minutes. My current foundation brush, wearing out from repeated, almost daily use over 10 years, is jane iredale’s the handi. These makeup tools also include a selection of makeup sharpeners that help you keep your makeup pencils in perfect shape, no matter what size. The brush set maintained a 4,3 out 5-star rating on amazon based on nearly 2,000 reviews. The soft and delicate slant of moda metallics triad eye brush is ideal for sweeping powder on the lids and creating depth in the creases. Still preferred the bristle brush as it provided more even coverage.

Revlon, Kiss Cushion, Lip Tint, 220 Pink IRL, .15 fl oz (4.4 ml)

Revlon, Kiss Cushion, Lip Tint, 220 Pink IRL, .15 fl oz (4.4 ml) Review


The only downside is that these still have a bit of the sticky gloss feeling that i do not get with carmex, but the hydration and shine is so much better! I love this burt’s bees lip balm with color. Yes, this product is technically an oil, not a gloss, but yes to created this product to give extra moisture to your lips while also creating a high shine look just like a lip gloss. I find it to be smooth, easy to apply, with a hint of thickness that reminds me of a lip balm but not too slick so it does not feel thin, greasy (Despite the nourishing oils in the formula), or slippery on the lip. Best answer: It’s mirrored shine finish makes lips look fuller, but you can also layer it on top of our sting zing lip serum for a plumper pout! This popular makeup brand is ideal for any skin type and it’s products are designed to take advantage of the most modern scientific research, via effective and nourishing blends of natural, healthy and pure ingredients. Whilst i noticed a difference in the fullness and colour of my lips, the effects only lasted about an hour, so top ups are essential. Each lip oil is also formulated without parabens, sls, and silicone. The price is ok, but i think gl…

L’Oreal, Colour Riche Matte Lipstick, 802 Matte-Sterpiece, .13 oz (3.6 g)

L'Oreal, Colour Riche Matte Lipstick, 802 Matte-Sterpiece, .13 oz (3.6 g) Review


Lip moisture is further enhanced because this formula includes hydrating super stars, avocado oil and sunflower seed oil, while orange peel wax protects your delicate lip tissues. Find more jane iredale puremoist lipstick information and reviews here. The brand so far features a line of nude lipsticks in a bunch of different shades. While the stick is easy to apply, you could easily avoid touching it directly by using a beauty blender or lipstick brush to catch and apply the product. Dose of colors was one of the indie brands that got in on the liquid lipstick trend early, and their formula has always been good. Get this cream lip tint and blush in eight great colors that look beautiful on every skintone. Applicator: I love how the tapered tip makes it easy to get into the corners of the lips for a really neat finish.

L’Oreal, Men Expert, After Shave Balm, Comfort Max, 3.3 fl oz (100 ml)

L'Oreal, Men Expert, After Shave Balm, Comfort Max, 3.3 fl oz (100 ml) Review


This hair removal method sometimes becomes permanent after several sessions. Prepare the evening before by using gentle exfoliation to help the hairs leave the root. She says it can be used on the face and more sensitive parts of the body. After 10 hours of research, we tested 11 hair straighteners on four different heads of hair to decide that the most maneuverable straightener is the gvp digital. Instead, you will want to have it just provide a coating on your hair as it will work to break down the shaft of the hair follicle. Find the tool or kits you require and pair them with skin care products and shaving creams to help make that silky smooth feeling last. As time went on new techniques were found to remove hair such as laser hair removal. Tan, beautiful skin looks amazing, but we recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours after a wax before tanning. Turn the dial a few ticks to the blue to keep skin happy. Thicker ones, like body creams, offer the benefit of all-day moisture and lasting fragrance. In the clothes free movement, the term smoothie refers to an individual who has removed most of their hair. Many of these answers are provided by manufacturers or other customers. Some als…

Jason Natural, Brightening Apricot Scrubble, Facial Wash & Scrub, 4 oz (113 g)

Jason Natural, Brightening Apricot Scrubble, Facial Wash & Scrub, 4 oz (113 g) Review


Take care not to over cleanse your skin as that may strip skin of natural oils which help protect your skin barrier. Face scrubs are skin care products that deep clean the skin and exfoliate away dirt, oil, makeup, and impurities. Regular exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells, revealing brighter, more refreshed skin underneath. While the sugar scrub is tested on the face for efficiency, i would suggest checking your doctor before using else where. Our luxe sugar scrub is an exclusive recipe of lush nutrients that delivers gentle exfoliation and healthy hydration. – Aloe vera, honey, and vitamin e: Help smooth and soften skin. Coconut oil and moroccan rose hydrate the skin while chunky grains leave you feeling thoroughly exfoliated. What it is: A dual-action exfoliator that smooths and polishes skin to reveal a natural glow; lactic acid and fruit enzymes clean clogged pores in as little as one use. A dual-action warming and cooling pore-refining facial scrub with glycolic and lactic acids to deeply purify pores, absorb excess oil, and leave skin soft, smooth, and healthy-looking. The paula’s choice research team is dedicated to busting beauty myths and providing expert advice t…

Etude House, Drawing Eye Brow, Gray Brown #02, 1 Pencil

Etude House, Drawing Eye Brow, Gray Brown #02, 1 Pencil Review


The angled side of the included taklon brush can be used to fill in your brows while the bristles on the other side are perfect for shaping your eyebrows just how you like them. Anastasia beverly hills is known for their top-quality brow products. There is a fine line (Literally) between defining your eyebrows and drawing them on, but luckily the spoolie works perfectly for blurring away any harsh lines and giving a natural finish. There are countless different eyebrow powders, gels, waxes, and creams on the makeup market. It’s made with real volcanic ash from the korean island of jeju, which helps exfoliate and detoxify skin, regulate the production of oil, and unclog pores. The maybelline new york brow precise fiber volumizer is also a favorite of new york city-based makeup artist ashleigh ciucci because it’s formula has a slight reflective quality which mimics the natural highlights in our brows. This brow gel comes in six shades to slay your brows. Not only can this clear brow gel be used to groom your arches, you can use it as a lash primer before applying your mascara for a little boost. I can sometimes spend up to 15 minutes of my morning makeup routine, carving out the p…

Now Foods, Organic Essential Oils, Bergamot, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Now Foods, Organic Essential Oils, Bergamot, 1 fl oz (30 ml) Review


Buy some plant therapy synergy essential oil for energy blend (Physical energy) today to see what an essential oil natural energy boost can do for you. Never use oils from a plastic or clear bottle. Aromatherapy using rose oil promotes positive thoughts. Common questions: Are essential oils safe to ingest? Pour this mixture into your bath water for a mood-boosting and relaxing soak. Ylang ylang essential oil is known to be highly effective in balancing hormones, which can relieve stress and cortisol levels. Juniper berry blends well with vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood, clary sage, lavender, lavandin, geranium, citruses, and coniferous oils like pine needle and cypress. Lavender is one of the most versatile oils, which is why we love it so much. Pregnant women and people taking medication should always consult with a physician first before using essential oils. We do not recommend mixing essential oils directly with bath salts, as many pre-packaged mixes have not been pre-tested to ensure dilution ratios. Extraction and application: Using steam distillation, the oil is extracted from cedar woodchips. Use these oils for luxuriating, relaxing, and recharging. Are arbonne essential …

Olay, Sun, Facial Sunscreen + Makeup Primer, SPF 35, 1.3 fl oz (40 ml)

Olay, Sun, Facial Sunscreen + Makeup Primer, SPF 35, 1.3 fl oz (40 ml) Review


Some organic sunscreens contain smaller particles of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (Referred to as micronized or nano-sized) which can make these formulas thinner and easier to apply. Approximately the same amount of the product that you would use on your face is wasted with each use. Also it’s moisturizing, some primers dry and completely matte your face, this does not you can still have skin that feels healthy before application of foundation. With this face cream, the dark spots fade in weeks. I am conscious of my plastic consumption, but one thing that trips me up is beauty product packaging with all the various types of bottles, caps, pumps, and more that cannot be tossed into one universal recycling bin. Plus, the smaller bottles common to face sunscreens are easier to keep in a bathroom cabinet or to toss in a bag for reapplying later. Uv rays get to your skin even on cloudy days, but our 22% non-nano naturally derived zinc oxide provides protection from both – phew. This is a great daily, lightweight, natural sunscreen made with 10% zinc oxide, aloe vera, shea butter, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, and rose extract. Facial uv moisturizers feel heavy and greasy due to the s…

Palladio, Rice Paper, Translucent, 40 Tissues

Palladio, Rice Paper, Translucent, 40 Tissues Review


It does make my face red and burn a bit but to me, that means it’s working and succeeding in exfoliating my face. They are not for people with sensitive or dry skin. I do not mind tingling, but it actually burns and makes my face red. Gently wipe over face and neck to cleanse the skin. These coconut water cleansing wipes from sephora are dual-sided to both cleanse and exfoliate. These on the glow cleansing face wipes from olehenriksen are packed with vitamin c and jojoba oil to give the skin a natural, radiant glow. I’ve recently started using reusable cosmetic rounds (And micellar water) instead of disposable wipes to remove my makeup. But they make my skin glow and they have totally cleared up my inexplicable back acne (Which i never used to have and which showed up about 6 months ago). I was drawn in by the attractive packaging, and the advertisement that it would gently exfoliate, cleanse and tone in one easy step. Simple exfoliating cleansing facial wipes gently lift dead skin cells to leave your skin revived and revitalized, plus they contain a perfect blend of our purest possible skin loving ingredients with added vitamins.

Beauty Without Cruelty, Facial Cleanser, Herbal Cream, 8.5 fl oz (250 ml)

Beauty Without Cruelty, Facial Cleanser, Herbal Cream, 8.5 fl oz (250 ml) Review


Before bed, when you want a more thorough cleansing, use your fingers to wash with lukewarm water and a dollop of cleanser in a circular motion. To avoid potential irritation, use the aha only once or twice a week until you know how your skin reacts. 90% Of how your skin ages is down to sun exposure and this portrait of a 69-year-old truck driver published in the new england journal of medicine proves it! It contains beads full of vitamin c and ginseng that burst when activated with water, while the citrus scent wakes up tired skin. If your skin tolerates that, you can move on to a prescription retinoid (Such as refissa or a generic tretinoin). Consider using a professional exfoliating face wash to dissolve dead skin cell buildup and to improve cell turnover. Antioxidants fight free radicals, the molecules that damage the dna in healthy skin cells, and have been shown to encourage collagen production. Those with sensitive skin can relish in the benefits of this lightweight cleanser from olay.

Whats Up Nails, Slime Drips Stencils, 30 Pieces

Whats Up Nails, Slime Drips Stencils, 30 Pieces Review


This soft purple shellac polish already looks fabulous but you can take it to the next level by adding some glitters. With no pre-designed stickers to limit your options, the shany nail art set is a great choice for anyone who wants to create completely unique designs, limited only by your imagination. If you are a person who loves using ulta3 nail polish, you will find that mud nail polish is just as good too. Peterborough, england about youtuber my channel is about all things nails. The nail armour wraps cost $8 for 112 wraps. – Salon makeover tools let you choose any color nails and finish that your heart desires. Each bottle contains about 0,28 ounces of long-wearing, chip-resistant polish. Alice, a nail blogger from yorkshire, england.

Pinky Goat, Lulu, Light Weight False Eyelashes, 1 Pair

Pinky Goat, Lulu, Light Weight False Eyelashes, 1 Pair Review


This allows them to still look like themselves, but with an extra glam that makes their eyes pop! Also, whenever you take your makeup off, be as gently as possible and try to use a makeup wipe or a cotton bud with a milk cleanser. Many women (Especially blondes and redheads) have blonde or fair eyelashes, and mascara and eye makeup are therefore needed to enhance an otherwise bare and tired-looking eye. Working together as a team, we can guide our patients to achieve the beautiful eyelashes they desire safely and successfully. Keeping your eye kind of half-open, you pick up the bottom strip (The bottom lashes have a red dot on the magnetic part to indicate which is which) and bring it up to your bottom lash line. Be sure not to rub your eyes or tug or pull on the extensions because this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes. I’d like to feel more like i had a rotating repertoire of fancy night-out looks, but all i have is my tried and true gradient eyeshadow. Producer nico reyes decides to put the $75 magnetic eyeliner and lash kit to the test. The home of the makeup breakup – the original and the best makeup destroying series on youtube.

Laura Geller, Spackle Concealer, Light, 0.17 fl oz (5 ml)

Laura Geller, Spackle Concealer, Light, 0.17 fl oz (5 ml) Review


I was very hopeful after reading the good reviews about this concealer that it would do a good job on my dark under eye circles. They see beauty in originality, authenticity, and design multi-use products for self-expression to help you live your look. A concealer that is as mat as possible and non sticky would be great. For blemishes and acne: Choose a heavier cream formula like a stick concealer, advises whelan. Acne sufferers, rejoice; becca’s concealer is 32% water, meaning it will not clog up pores, and the flexible pigments and light technology mean even the most stubborn imperfections are totally covered. With full coverage and easy blending, your skin will look brighter, lighter and completely resurfaced. As if choosing the best foundation for your skin type was not already tough enough, choosing the right concealer to suit your specific needs is another mission all on it’s own. The right concealer can be your secret beauty weapon, helping you look wide-awake on less than eight hours of sleep or helpfully obscuring that massive hormonal zit that takes up residence on your chin every month. Another favorite of black’s is the classis nars radiant creamy concealer, which sh…

E.L.F, Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, Turks & Caicos, 0.30 oz (8.4 g)

E.L.F, Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder, Turks & Caicos, 0.30 oz (8.4 g) Review


Apply blush in a c shape from the top of the temple down to the cheekbone. (Hint: If you find most bronzers to dark for you, shade 01 will not disappoint). Advises laramie glen, a makeup artist based in nyc. This palette has a good texture but would be even better if it was divided in three and included a bronzer. And if you are fair skinned, he suggests looking for a sheer bronzer with peach tones. Glen adds, if you do a red or pink blush on the eyes, it either has to be further away from the lashes or have a black eyeliner separating it from them. Brush luminizer over areas you wish to appear visually lifted including cheekbones, down the center of nose, center of forehead, inner corners of eyes, and on brow bones for a youthful-looking, lit-from-within glow. Skip the sparkles for your face and stick to a powder that is labeled matte or satin finish instead, like our beauty lab picks below. At the same time, the powder is also a little difficult to blend, which could be an issue you run into if you accidentally end up applying a touch too much blush or bronzer from this palette.

Julep, Cushion Complexion, 5-in-1 Skin Perfector with Turmeric, Ivory, 0.16 oz (4.6 g)

Julep, Cushion Complexion, 5-in-1 Skin Perfector with Turmeric, Ivory, 0.16 oz (4.6 g) Review


Watch your inbox and get ready for the latest skincare and makeup product reviews from our team of experts. My skin is very fair and i have blue crescent moons from the inside corners of my eyes, circling underneath. To help you find your new secret best friend, we rounded up the highest rated eye concealers and acne concealers, as reviewed by total beauty readers. This cult-favorite concealer flies off shelves for it’s ability to brighten and conceal dark circles without looking heavy or cakey. Along with boasting orange undertones to help conceal dark circles, the affordable product is also infused with coconut oil to moisturize skin. It looks very natural on the skin and has good staying powder on dry skin; plus it can also be layered for extra coverage. To find the best concealers, we rounded up over 150 products and whittled down the field to a final 26 products based on their claims, price, and availability. I absolutely love it cosmetics but this under eye maykup is sticky and makes every line in your face show up. The two teamed up to curate a beauty collection that houses all of the infamous website’s best products (Making cult-favorite brands like vintner’s daughter su…

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Miracle Sculpting Sponge, 1 Sponge

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Miracle Sculpting Sponge, 1 Sponge Review


This sponge is the main competitor of beauty blender, and is one of the best makeup sponges on the market. The smooth, soft surface of a beauty blender is much gentler on the skin, and can help you flawlessly apply makeup without leaving you with a cake face. Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our makeup blenders and sponges store. I have to be honest, i did not expect to like this makeup sponge as much as did. A 3-sided, latex-free makeup sponge perfect for applying and blending all formulas. It’s large enough that wet beauty blender fits perfectly, stays in place and lets it breathe for quicker drying. With this sponge you can fine-tune exactly how much product you want where. I use high-end foundation and i end up using around 4-6 pumps every application, she writes, adding, i used one pump and covered my face completely with this sponge. I am happy to hear that the makeup sponges are working out great for you! This sponge features precisely cut tip, which helps easily applying foundations in hard-to-reach areas under the eyes and in the eye corners. The indent in the middle keeps your fingers from touching any part of the sponge that migh…

Laura Mercier, Secret Blurring, Powder For Under Eyes, Shade 1, 0.12 oz (3.5 g)

Laura Mercier, Secret Blurring, Powder For Under Eyes, Shade 1, 0.12 oz (3.5 g) Review


Looking for a setting spray that hydrates and moisturizes skin? I’m a massive fan of setting sprays and powders. What else you need to know: This microfine mist hydrates skin and prevents foundation, concealer, shadow, lipstick, and blush from smudging or settling into the look of fine lines. I have been happy with the matte effect, it has not created any creasing, or powdery finish, but also will not create the airbrushed Or blended look that powder can, and will not mute the shimmer in any colors you have used. Excellent ysl setting spray just purchased this and i love it (As i do most all ysl products). If you are looking for a super sturdy base, say for a big night or even a wedding, a pump between each makeup step is the key to really locking it in. (If you are in the market for an excellent spray, we have rounded up our favorites in the past). They, too, are lovely additions to your beauty regimen and some of them do claim to help set your makeup, but since most are water based, their lasting power might not be what you are looking for. I will not use this on special occasions like weddings when i need a heavier-duty one like urban decay’s, but i definitely use this severa…

KLAVUU, White Pearlsation, Revitalizing Pearl Treatment Toner, 4.73 fl oz (140 ml)

KLAVUU, White Pearlsation, Revitalizing Pearl Treatment Toner, 4.73 fl oz (140 ml) Review


She also said that she generally found korean sunscreens (Along with japanese-brand sunscreens) to be much, much more cosmetically elegant and easier to use every day when compared to western sunscreens. Dirt, excess oils, and impurities have built up on your skin at night and can clog your pores if not (Gently) removed. Responsible for delivering key nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and retinol, serums should be in the skincare arsenal of every woman. I already tried the supple toner, which i absolutely loved it, and this time i wanted to try the magic combo of the freshly juice vitamin c with the vitamin e mask. There are many types of korean exfoliators. Those with very sensitive skin praise this soothing moisturizer highly. It contains aloe barbadensis leaf extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice and aloe barbadensis leaf water that deeply hydrates and soothes your skin. Plus, it has a near-perfect rating from hundreds of happy customers who swear by this stuff for keeping their dry skin hydrated and moisturized. To use, simply massage it onto dry skin and add water to form a soft lather, then rinse.

Maybelline, Cover Stick Concealer, 120 Light Beige, 0.16 oz (4.5 g)

Maybelline, Cover Stick Concealer, 120 Light Beige, 0.16 oz (4.5 g) Review


I hate the notion that under eye concealer should be lighter than whatever coverage you use as foundation. This makeup must-have conceals, highlights, contours and covers with the swipe of the stick. For best results, dot the concealer under the eye and tap the product into place with your ring finger or a small fluffy eye shadow brush, says whelan. Because of it’s slight shine and creamy texture, she suggests blending it into the skin with your fingers. I cannot thank the beauty gods enough for putting laura mercier’s flawless fusion concealer on my radar. So, i wanted to replace my previous bye bye under eye concealer and the product photo matched exactly the one above. And, each are ace at covering different skin concerns.

Buxom, Full-On, Lip Polish, Kanani, 0.15 fl oz (4.45 ml)

Buxom, Full-On, Lip Polish, Kanani, 0.15 fl oz (4.45 ml) Review


Look where your lips look juicy (Lol), full, and vibrant. Since it’s a lip mask, one swipe gives your lips a dose of intense hydration, while providing a delicious shine that makes me do a double take any time i pass by a reflective surface. Pair lip gloss with your favorite realher vegan lip liner. Wish you made a long lasting lip stick in the same color tone to wear under it. One of their best products in the market and a drugstore favourite is the milani brilliant shine lip gloss. I love victoria secret make up esp their lipglosses. My personal favourite combination is when i use it to top a deep red lip, it just looks absolutely devine! And even better, the superlight, long-lasting lip gloss applies flawlessly with just the right coverage and no sticky mess. Glossy and silky, this refined brown lipgloss will add fashion-forward appeal to your look, as it nourishes your lips with healthy oils and minerals. Pros: Ok, i am going to level with you, the idea of a plumping lip gloss has never really appealed to me – i am more of an over-lining-my-lips type of girl.

Pixi Beauty, Skintreats, Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel, 4.57 fl oz (135 ml)

Pixi Beauty, Skintreats, Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel, 4.57 fl oz (135 ml) Review


Some liquid exfoliators contain high amounts of aha, glycolic acid or lactic acid, and they can feel quite tingly and sometimes can even slightly sting. 7, Exfoliate in the morning: Your skin renews itself overnight, so exfoliate your skin in the morning to slough away any dead skin. These top-rated scrubs not only boast countless five-star reviews, but they also have thousands of likes combined. The fda grade silicone is easy to rinse and keep clean, so bacteria buildup is minimized, especially important for acne prone skin. The new mia prima cleanses six times better than with your hands alone. And if you have dry skin, an alpha hydroxy acid (Aha) will help you glow without the heavy lifting. Pat dry with a clean towel and tone and/or moisturize as desired. But our indybest winner kate somerville delivers salon-worthy results at home with a hi-tech formula packed with natural ingredients and it suits sensitive skin too. Physical ones slough off dead skin cells using teeny-tiny grains or granules of some type, while chemical ones do it using face acids. Trade the scratchy, harmful scrubs of your youth for a grown-up option that does more than just scrub. A simple, effective, an…

Wet n Wild, 17 Piece Brush Roll, 17 Piece Collection

Wet n Wild, 17 Piece Brush Roll, 17 Piece Collection Review


I attached a picture comparing the coverage of both brushes. So, this is what i do; i remove the mascara wand from my mascara then carefully brush the spoolie around the wand brush, getting just the amount of mascara i want. I purchased the five set kabuki brush which i am realizing now was a little overkill (How many kabuki brushes can you have)? We mostly tried spray-in products that use butane or propane as a propellant, and found those easiest to apply and brush out. This is the order we recommend you apply your makeup. This eyeshadow makeup palette allows you to create a range of looks, from subtle neutral, to a dramatic smoky eye. For a more complete gift, include the real techniques enhanced eye set, which comes with a crease brush, fine liner brush, medium shadow brush, shading brush, and eyelash separator.

American Crew, Fiber, 3 oz (85 g)

American Crew, Fiber, 3 oz (85 g) Review


I love it and get many compliments on my hair these days. We advise a quick rinse to your hair and coating it with our leave-in hair therapy for some extra protection once your swim is finished. Once my hair has dried it feels softer and smells great. My 14 year old daughter has super thick, curly, long, hair. Chlorinated and salty water can make hair frizzy. I tried it on my hair wet and i tried it on my hair dry all to the same end. It’s perfect for dry, frizzy hair, especially in the summer heat. 25 Contains ingredients that offer 25 essential benefits to any hair type. It instantly makes your hair feel more manageable and easy to comb. I have used this both on styled air-dried hair as well as before blow drying and either way, my hair has not been frizzy. Most leave-in hair treatments are designed to do something specific like detangle knots, smooth frizz, add shine.

L’Oreal, Colour Riche Matte Lipstick, 712 Matte-Mandate, .13 oz (3.6 g)

L'Oreal, Colour Riche Matte Lipstick, 712 Matte-Mandate, .13 oz (3.6 g) Review


A good option for drier lips but the colour can go a on a little streaky at first, so patience and layers are key. Au natural also makes great organic lip gloss to give you a bit of shimmer on top of that dense rich lipstick color. There’s nothing like the instant confidence boost that a swipe of a perfect, affordable lipstick can bring you. I do love matte lipsticks, but similar to the clinique, it had a skin-tone vibe. Here are the top 50 lip shades of all time, including colors like the first red ever worn at a christian dior fashion show. Plus, it did not flake or make my lips look cracked, although they did feel and look a little more dry than normal. I have so many colors of this lipstick and it is absolutely gorgeous, hydrating, long lasting, and a must have! I would recommend using a primer or lip balm because like many liquid lipsticks, it did dry out my lips a little after a while. This cruelty-free lip stain is handmade in the usa. There are still many lipsticks out there that do not live up to their promises, so finding a formula that does not smudge or wreck your lips, and actually lasts all day is not easy. On the plus side, if you need a lip colour that will hold …

Humphrey’s, Certified Organic Witch Hazel, 8 fl oz (237 ml)

Humphrey's, Certified Organic Witch Hazel, 8 fl oz (237 ml) Review


Witch hazel is responsible for the tight feeling you often feel after using toner. I can say, it might help because it does help to restore the normal ph of the skin and break apart dead skin cells. Anyway, i drain out the fluid, mix this with one part distilled water, and use this as my toner/skin brightener. In addition to the tannins, almost all types of witch hazel are distilled using denatured alcohol (Ethanol), with the extract containing about 14% to 15% alcohol. It’s ok to apply moisturizer immediately, even if your face is slightly damp from your toner or astringent. Dermatologists typically agree that most alcohols only serve to dry out the skin, and a more sustainable approach may be feeding healthy bacteria rather than obliterating as many of them as possible indiscriminately. Use this toner after you have washed your face for best results, as it does close the pores to help prevent dirt and gunk from making it’s way back into your skin. Use witch hazel after cleansing to tone your skin and shrink pores.

Revlon, Cuticle Nipper, Half Jaw, 1 Count

Revlon, Cuticle Nipper, Half Jaw, 1 Count Review


The phileex electric nail drill can be changed so that you can get your nails done without needing to be next to an electrical outlet. If you work at a salon or operate a nail business, then you want to have an electric nail drill that is dependable, portable, and affordable. The japonesque velvet touch nail tool gently pushes back cuticles and cleans nails to create a smooth, clean surface. Then i tried the poppy with this green nail polish i have, shown in the photo. The rpm falls anywhere between 2,000 and 5,600, while this power may not be ideal for a salon, it is the perfect amount of power for an at home nail sculpting session. Customers have also voiced that if you use the nail drill for more than 30 or so minutes, you do on the risk of overheating. Package included:1 Bottle peel off nail latexfeatures:100% New retail and high quality. Ava shamban, author of heal your skin, recommends applying soap to a toothbrush, then gently scrubbing your nails and skin.

Papa Recipe, Bombee Whitening Honey Mask Pack, 10 Masks, 25 g Each

Papa Recipe, Bombee Whitening Honey Mask Pack, 10 Masks, 25 g Each Review


Makeup artist lynsey alexander swears by deeply penetrating sheet masks such as 111skin gold brightening facial treatment mask on shoots and backstage at shows. You pretty much cannot go wrong with this stuff; it’s affordable, super moisturizing, and blends into skin seamlessly without feeling sticky. So do yourself a favor and pay $2 or more for a mask and get one that you use every few days that works wonders for your skin. Instead, the hanacure literally froze my entire face in place, making it next to impossible to talk, much less finish my sunday night glass of vino. 10, Rael bamboo masks containing natural fruit extracts so you can moisturize your skin, and leave it smelling fresh and yummy. Quench intense hydration mask is made with a soft and cooling biocellulose sheet that conforms to the contours of your face comfortably, allowing optimal absorption. All fab products are allergy tested, free of artificial fragrances, dermatologist recommended, and safe for even the most sensitive skin. I love that there is a variety of different sheet masks. Wash off and your skin will literally feel like the supple dream skin you pray for. Sometimes (Okay, most days) i come home with …

Kracie, Hadabisei, 3D Face Mask, Wrinkle Care, 4 Sheets, 30 ml Each

Kracie, Hadabisei, 3D Face Mask, Wrinkle Care, 4 Sheets, 30 ml Each Review


Packed with ingredients like aloe vera, witch hazel, hyaluronic acid, and lavender to help fight the effects of aging, irritation and dryness, leaving skin supple, moisturized and instantly replenished from a long day. For an easy, fast path to radiant skin, erno laszlo’s lighten and brighten hydrogel mask should be your go-to sheet mask. Target extremely dry and damaged skin with an intense sheet mask, which distributes ingredients deep into the skin. Despite the fact sheet masks make you look terrifying temporarily, they have reached cult status among celebrities, dermatologists, and beauty junkies alike. I have tried a few different ones and am most satisfied with the thinness of the masks. I use it for spot treatments daily (Fewer and further between as the days go by), and once a week i use it as an all over mask. Much like the human body, the primary ingredient in sheet masks is water. The black sugar charcoal is not an actual mask. Not to mention, it does such a great job actually staying on your face. Most often, i used them socially, throwing on an old cvs clay mask while watching a movie with friends. And leaders cosmetics 7 wonders amazonian acai anti pollution mask s…

Son & Park, Beauty Water, 11.49 fl oz (340 ml)

Son & Park, Beauty Water, 11.49 fl oz (340 ml) Review


Need a cleanser that leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean? If you have never tried skinfood’s black sugar wash-off face mask, now’s your chance to give one of the most beloved exfoliators a whirl. I only use it once every two weeks because i have kind of sensitive skin, but if you massage gently and add a little bit of water to the scrub, it does not feel harsh at all. If any bacteria or dirt lingers after this double cleanse, a toner will get rid of it. Cleansing is a step in your skincare routine where i would say not to splurge on since whatever is going on your face will go down the drain. Also, it is not just great for exfoliation but it nourishes your skin after. So far, we have covered oily skin and dry skin and learned how to help our skin survive the harsh winter weather.

Maybelline, Master Chrome, Metallic Highlighter, Molten Peach 150, 0.19 oz (5.6 g)

Maybelline, Master Chrome, Metallic Highlighter, Molten Peach 150, 0.19 oz (5.6 g) Review


Designed to go on effortlessly and provide you with a creamy, textured, highlighted look all day, just twist and swipe for shimmering beauty. Are there different types of highlighters? Their butter highlighter is a incredibly luxurious, three-dimensional cream-to-power that gives you a stunning, warm, and elegant glow day and night. We recommend free, a champagne beige for use on fair to medium skin tones and fierce, a rich copper, for use on tan to deep skin tones. She is had at least two failed makeup launches in the last two years, and also handled the response to her lipsticks poorly. The shades: There are five shades in total and each gives a tailored glow for your skin tone. With light-reflecting mineral pearls, this versatile formula provides a natural-looking luminosity when worn as highlighter makeup, and can be mixed into your favorite liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer or skincare products to add a customized level of glow to your entire face.

E.L.F, Aqua Beauty, Aqua-Infused Blush & Bronzer, Bronzed Pink Beige, 0.29 oz (8.5 g)

E.L.F, Aqua Beauty, Aqua-Infused Blush & Bronzer, Bronzed Pink Beige, 0.29 oz (8.5 g) Review


Hands down, my favorite product from undone is the lip to cheek palettes. The bronzer/brown color is not too dark, but does need to be blended a bit to look natural, as expected. I love that you spend the majority of time praising the good bronzers, but also point out some of the worst. This baked powder features a fiery mosaic of colours that provides the perfect natural colour for cheeks and face. My favorite thing to do with this blush is dust a little on the top of my nose; gives a playful clown yet youthful look. Stroke on bare skin as a primer or dab over makeup throughout the day to subdue shiny areas instantly. Do not nix your spf habit: You can still fake a warm, sun-kissed glow in seconds with the right bronzer. No bronzer works harder than this creamy, radiant wonder. Shimmery bronzer gives your complexion a shiny, sparkly look. My goals were something simple i wanted error proof (Didn’t desire highly pigmented), glitter and shine proof, multiple use (Blush, bronzer) with absolutely no orange undertones. I have literally tried dozens of bronzers and this is by far my favorite.

Maybelline, Line Stiletto, Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner, 501 Blackest Black, 0.05 fl oz (1.5 ml)

Maybelline, Line Stiletto, Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner, 501 Blackest Black, 0.05 fl oz (1.5 ml) Review


We sourced the most eyeliner-savvy members of our editorial team to take home a few eyeliners each for a week of testing. They also make glimmersticks for eyeliner and lipliner. Sharpening this eyeliner is a bit tricky, but with a good quality sharpener, it should be just fine! For most people who regularly wear make-up, eyeliner is necessary to complete the look. Maybe i will use the white liner with a matte pink eye shadow on my lower lash line and matte orange eye shadow in my inner corner, or i will use the bright baby blue liner with a pastel pink on the waterline and a shimmery purple eyeshadow in the inner corner. You can create a huge variety of looks from the classic cat-eye to a very natural doe eye. Choosing an eyeliner that is designed not to smudge is incredibly important.

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