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Pure Protein, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, 12 Bars, 1.76 oz (50 g) Each

Pure Protein, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, 12 Bars, 1.76 oz (50 g) Each Review


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Product name: Pure Protein, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, 12 Bars, 1.76 oz (50 g) Each
Quantity: 12 Count, 0.68 kg, 15.2 x 14.5 x 10.7 cm
Categories: Pure Protein, Sports Nutrition, Sports Bars, Cookies, Brownies, Protein Bars, Whey Protein Bars, Milk Protein Bars, Gluten Free

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Value Pack, 20 g Protein – 2 g Sugar – 200 Calories, Gluten Free.

Milk Protein Bars, Whey Protein Bars, Protein Bars, Brownies, Cookies, Sports Bars, Sports Nutrition

The creamy nut butter center inside zbar filled makes snacking even more fun, and is sure to surprise and delight kids and parents alike. My personal favorite is the chocolate sea salt, and i find that the 12 grams of protein really keeps me full. This is a bar that has divided the people more than all others. If you are looking to further your better-body goals, you may consider eating high protein bars. Kind plus protein bars are food bars with modest amount of protein, but they contain relatively high amount of healthy fats, good amount of fibers, they are low or free from common allergens and problem causing compounds and they come at affordable price. It does not taste sweet to me, but i never tried protein bars before just candy bars. Low in sugar but high in satisfaction, these bars will become your new go-to for healthy snacking. The cnp pro claim their bars to be efficient recovery protein foods. As contributors to a high protein diet, they offer a lot of benefits.

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Pure Protein, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, 12 Bars, 1.76 oz (50 g) Each: Milk Protein Bars, Whey Protein Bars, Protein Bars, Brownies, Cookies, Sports Bars, Sports Nutrition

The ideal balance of texture and flavour of the lemon cream pie bar from quest make it the ideal supplement for muscle growth and repair. Ingredients: Protein blend (Milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate), soluble corn fiber (Prebiotic fiber), peanuts, water, almonds, natural flavours, erythritol, palm oil, sea salt, calcium carbonate, sucralose, steviol glycosides (Stevia). Ingredients: Protein blend (Milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate), soluble corn fiber (Prebiotic fiber), almonds, cocoa (Processed with alkali), water, natural flavours, palm oil, sea salt, calcium carbonate, sucralose, steviol glycosides (Stevia). However, upon opening my drawer, i fruitlessly and increasingly frantically searched for my beloved kind bar. A bit more lemon flavor would help knock out some of the dull protein bar flavor, but overall really good. This supplement does not taste like a chocolate bar, but it does not taste like a protein bar, either, and that is high praise. If anything i had to make sure to be eating a bit more food. They are not as cheap as whey proteins, but are high quality protein sources and are not digested as quickly as whey proteins, which is good for meal replacement bars.

Pure Protein, Whey Protein Bars, Milk Protein Bars

The headline is obviously how much protein they contain, but as with all processed food you have to be careful to avoid hidden nutritional nasties. Pure protein high protein greek yogurt bars are tasty food bars with high protein content and acceptable macronutrient content in general. Quest nutrition quest cravings are protein bars with excellent taste and decent nutritional profile. I just now opened my bar and it was disgusting. Ingredients: Protein blend (Milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate), soluble corn fiber (Prebiotic fiber), almonds, water, apples, natural flavours, erythritol, palm oil, sea salt, cinnamon, calcium carbonate, sucralose, malic acid. It’s overall a great protein bar and a great snack to have after a workout or whenever you need some protein to keep you full. They come as 65g bars in numerous tasty flavors and are suitable as meal replacement bars. And did we mention that they pack a nutritional wallop? What you do not want in a bar is a ton of sugar. Their names speak for themselves – for example, peanut free protein bars do not have peanuts or products derived from peanuts (Peanut butter for example) and are suitable for people who are allergic to peanuts. If you are vegan, and you do not eat honey, again, read the labels, since some manufacturers use honey to improve taste of their bars. All thing considered, the zeno bar takes the cake as our personal fave because all three flavors are absolutely delicious and who does not love eating the best that plants have to offer?

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

Clif’s high protein offering was already one our favorites. Macronutrient content of most popular protein and energy bars is given in the following table. Gatorade recovery bars are m ade with 20 gram of high quality whey and milk protein to help rebuild your muscles so you come back strong. Most protein bars will deliver somewhere between 15g and 25g of protein. It is also of gingersnap cookie taste, 20g organic pumpkin seed, no added sugar, organic sunflower seed butter, virgin coconut oil, cinnamon. Common allergens in protein bars include milk sources, soy, and nuts. But this can vary massively between bars. I would be sure to take a kur bar to hospital everyday. This does not happen with quest bars and there is obviously way more carbs in here than advertised.

Pure Protein Sports Nutrition Sports Bars Cookies

Though not a new product, the original clif bar still impresses us. Considering that protein bars are high in protein and high in fiber, it is understandable that they are seen as a great appetite suppressing food choice. Clif is ardent about their food and made their zbar with the organic ingredient, brewed with carbohydrate, fiber, protein. The very first ingredient listed on the label is whey protein isolate. The first time we opened the dark chocolate and mint crunch bar we were hit with a knee-trembling whiff of rich chocolate. Combine these two together and that one protein bar can make a big difference to your diet. The ingredients list is loaded with organic items, none of which are hard to pronounce.

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Pure Protein Whey Protein Bars Milk Protein Bars

I’ve tried a lot of different protein bars and most of them taste horrible or are full of other fillers. Fighting cravings for chocolate with protein bar that taste like fruit mix, can be counterproductive. We love cinnamon buns and cookie dough, but maybe not in the form of a protein bar. Real peppermint oil gave the bar a refreshing feel that really pops from the rich, smooth chocolate taste. Rise bar recorded the highest fat content with 18 g of fat per serving. 10 Protein bars may help lower ldl and total cholesterol levels. I like that there are a wide variety flavors to choose from (The chocolate peanut butter is my favorite, and the pure protein s’mores is a close runner up). The original clif bar line is like an old friend, indispensable for soccer games or hiking packs alike. Both sea salt caramellow and choc orange flavours are built on a tasty fruit, nut and seed bar, but the latter throws in orange oil and a cocoa top layer. When eaten two to three hours before the activity, a clif bar can help store energy in the muscles for use during activity. Tasting heavenly, these protein packed treats melt in your mouth. Looking at the nutrition information i was a little put off initially by the calories (380 In the peanut butter one) and the amount of sodium, which seemed high to me. Like all clif kid snacks, zbar filled does not contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors.

The banana vanilla protein bar is from the popular brand high5, what makes the high5 protein bar different and a brilliant recovery is it’s high protein to carbohydrate ratio. Any protein bar that had less than 15g per serving, like the very popular kind bars, did not make the list. And do not forget that although protein bars are protein bars, their calories adds up to your daily calorie intake and if you do not need those calories, they are going to be converted to – fats! While the nutrition label may indicate that there are 21 grams of carbs in a certain flavor of the bars, the reality is 18 of those grams do not count because they come from fiber. A one-line description of the craving peanut butter cups would be that these are crispy, nut-flavoured bars with chocolate adding sweetness to them. Of course, one should choose bars according to one’s personal needs and preferences, since there is no the best protein bar Or the best energy bar’. That is why is called a protein bar not a wholesome bar. The difference between whey and milk protein isolate is why is digested quicker. In fact, i use them to replace my afternoon brownie. Cookie dough is a stacked flavor category for protein bars, but the salted caramel adds an interesting jolt to regular old sweetness.

This best paleo protein bar is a paleo-friendly protein bar and also a gluten-free protein bar. The fine details: Just 10g of protein per 45g bar, a little under what most people like to put away straight after a heavy workout session. Quest bars are lightly sweetened with natural flavors instead of sugars, so you can feel good about eating them. Onepro has absolutely crushed it in flavour and texture with these vegan bars, which are incredibly satisfying. You can get enough protein for those muscles without this bar. That was the case with it’s pro bar elite toffee vanilla, and the brand has repeated the feat with this strawberry cheesecake bar, which scores high for both it’s taste and it’s not-too-chewy texture. The bar advertises a blend of proteins that is easily absorbed and used by the body. I love the power crunch protein energy bars! I learned a ton about nutrition and how to fuel properly on the bike.

Another study found that there was a small increase in bone density in men who took whey protein. The average product measured 18 g of protein per serving, ranging from 11 g to 32 g. With flavors starting at $1,67 a bar and 8 cents per gram of protein, the bsn bar is affordable and tasty.

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Pure Protein, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, 12 Bars, 1.76 oz (50 g) Each Product Review

Love It. Tasty. delicious. nice. Best taste (almost) of all. Nice product. Great. Very bad taste and texture. Very good protein bar. Taste is ok, and price is unbeatable

Very tasty

Got it really fast and great product!

We purchased for sugar supply of brain to husband of work using head. He also exercises muscles, so he is glad he can supply protein deliciously.


I have reordered the product and received it today. Bottom line: these bars have the 2nd best taste of all the brands I have tried so far, close second to chocolate, peanut, caramel of the same firm Price being the best as well makes it even sweeter.

Tasty and affordable

The best site to have excellent service comes at a perfectly clean tidy time

Do the job, but the tast and texture are horrible

We really like this protein bar

Taste is ok, not fantastic taste but better than all the other brands I have tried so far and price is unbeatable

Questions and Answers

is it Low GI?
i order 2 box of this bar, i just want ask during the shopping will not damage from the heat or melted !?
Is it halal?
Are these bars ok on Keto diet?
Is it kosher?
Is the chocolate delux more like milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
Is the product has high glycemic index? Thanks

Good, not too sweet. strong chocolate flavor. Not to hard chew even refrigerated.
They ship without any problem; no melting, and the packaging is sturdy so they won’t be crushed. Very good product, I highly recommend these.
I am not sure why you are asking me a customer this question. Is it Halal? Its called Pure Protein. Suggestion you should be contacting the manufacturer if you are unsure whether to purchase. All I can say is they taste good. I hope this answers your question.
Yes, they are.
I’m not sure if it’s kosher or not but I’m sure it’s (halal)
It definitely tastes more like dark chocolate to me, and doesn’t taste as sweet as some other protein bars.
I d’ont think so, because there’s only 2g sugars, also 2g net impact carbs, but i d’ont know which other carbs are inside, so i think the glyc. Index is around 50, not bad. oats and potatos and peas carbs have about 50.