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Solgar, B-Complex “50”, 100 Vegetable Capsules

Solgar, B-Complex


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Product name: Solgar, B-Complex “50”, 100 Vegetable Capsules
Quantity: 100 Count, 0.2 kg, 10.2 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm
Categories: Solgar, Supplements, Vitamins, Vitamin B, Vitamin B Complex, Dairy Free, Casein Free, Vegan, Halal, Certified Gluten Free, Gluten Free

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Since 1947, Energy Metabolism, Cardiovascular Support, Nervous System Support, Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free, Suitable for Vegans, Halal, Certified Gluten Free, K-Parve, Dietary Supplement, Solgar’s KOF-K Certification #K-1250, B Complex vitamins are needed for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which convert food into energy.

Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B, Vitamins, Supplements

Some vitamin and supplement companies use independent quality testing of their products. I see that many contain a form of vitamin b-12 called cyanocobalamin, yet i read on the internet that this form is toxic. Pregnant women, older adults, vegans and those with certain medical conditions may benefit from taking a b-complex supplement. The b vitamins have been shown to be important for neural function, especially vitamins b 6, b 12, and folate. The role of b vitamins in preventing and treating cognitive impairment and decline. Just the b vitamins themselves can help with immune system and cardiovascular health, plus allow your nervous system to function properly. Birth control pills can also deplete several b vitamins, including b6, b12, folate and riboflavin. In addition to their role in metabolism and in maintaining healthy skin and hair, b vitamins have been linked to a lower incidence of stroke, a condition in which a blood clot blocks blood flow to the brain, or a blood vessel bursts in the brain. B vitamins are particularly concentrated in meat such as turkey, tuna and liver. The facility where bronson b-complex sustained release vitamins are manufactured is fda registered. How likely are americans to be deficient in vitamins or minerals? B vitamins are water-soluble, which means your body does not store them.

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Solgar, B-Complex “50”, 100 Vegetable Capsules: Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B, Vitamins, Supplements

This will be a staple supplement for me and i highly recommend it not only for it’s energy and mental alertness effects, but the assurance that you are getting an adequate amount of a balanced blend of the activated forms of the b vitamins, especially the b12, truly a quality product. These vitamins can help increase energy levels throughout the day when taken with a morning meal. This enables us to offer a supplement that does not require any unnecessary chemicals, excipients, binders or unnatural fillers. Our guide and comparison table of the top rated b-complex supplements will help you choose the right one for you. During a ten-year period, doctors at the north nassau mental health center in new york treated approximately 11,000 people with schizophrenia with a megavitamin regimen that included vitamin c (Up to 4 grams per day), vitamin b3 either as niacin or niacinamide (Up to 4 grams per day), vitamin b6 (Up to 800 mg per day), and vitamin e (Up to 1,200 iu per day). On the one hand, this means they are typically safe at doses much higher than the rda, but on the other hand, they require a more consistent consumption than the fat soluble vitamins. Once the kidneys get rid of the extra vitamins, the color will return to normal.

Solgar, Vitamin B Complex

Summary b-complex supplements may relieve stress, boost cognitive performance and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, even in people without b vitamin deficiencies. B vitamins cannot be stored by the body, which is why it is important that they are a standard part of the diet in order to avoid deficiency. Additionally, excessive amounts of b vitamins can result in digestive discomfort (Primarily heartburn and nausea). When b vitamins were first studied, experts thought they were a single molecule. Although all of the b vitamins are water-soluble, which means you will pee out of the excessive unused vitamins out of your body. However, lower amounts of vitamin b6 were not beneficial. Just one of the many consequences of a deficiency in any of these b vitamins (See figure 2) is a potential hampering of the natural breakdown and recycling of homocysteine, leading to it’s accumulation and a number of potential, negative cellular consequences. Most vitamin b supplement products contain only the inactive forms. In women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, especially those who follow vegetarian or vegan diets, supplementing with a b-complex vitamin is crucial. The b vitamins are a class of water-soluble nutrients that play an important role in maintaining normal physiologic and metabolic functions. However, five products (Mostly b complexes) failed our tests for providing far less or more ingredient than listed.


In addition, vitamin b 6 has been found to boost the immune system in the elderly by increasing the activity of lymphocytes that promote optimal immune function. Deficiencies in b vitamins have been hypothesized as etiological factors in the development of various neuropathies. I do take a couple of other now brand supplements but i will be looking for a different brand for my b vitamins. However, some deal with more stress than others and it is possible to supplement your b-complex vitamins with a bit more. 7 Products exceeded the established tolerable upper intake level (Ul) for niacin, which can mean an increased risk for the common minor side effect of redness and flushing of the skin 2, and 1 product exceeded the ul for vitamin b6, established based on a possible risk for nerve damage 3, all products passed heavy metal screenings. B-vitamins have multiple beneficial effects in models of diabetic nephropathy, including inhibition of advanced glycation end products, improved endothelial function, and reduced microvascular complications. Vitamin b-complex supplements may help with certain health problems.

Solgar Supplements Vitamins Vitamin B

Is there cause for concern with gummy vitamins? This is why some people may begin to feel poorly after regular consumption of common vitamin b supplements. B vitamins serve as essential helpers in the conversion of food to energy. People who eat eggs and dairy products may be getting the b-12 that they need from these foods, but those who eat no animal products may need supplements. If you are vegetarian or even vegan, there are two supplements above that will work well for you. Additionally, proper levels of b vitamins have been linked with a lower risk of cardiovascular issues in the elderly. You can get all the benefits of the best vitamin b with the convenience of gummies. Deficiency in any of the b vitamins can create a breakdown of metabolic processes that protect health. This type of vitamin b can also be found in fortified items like breakfast cereals and nutritional yeast.

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Solgar Vitamin B Complex

To help you make educated decisions, and to better understand controversial or confusing supplements, our medical experts have digested the science into these three easy-to-follow ratings. Is p-5-p really better than regular vitamin b6? There are also instances where taking additional individual b vitamin may be appropriate. B vitamins and the brain: Mechanisms, dose and efficacy-a review, by david o. I have had diarrhea and never thought it could be caused by my vitamin b-12 supplement, until i read your article and stopped taking the supplement. The absorption of these supplements is not affected by the time of the day you take it. Summary recommended intake for b vitamins varies depending on age, nutrient demands, gender and health status. No matter how organic you eat or how many raw fruits and vegetables you consume on a daily basis, b vitamins are water-soluble (Which means they are excreted through urine and not stored in fat) and they are also very easily depleted from your body through common daily activities such as exercise, stress, caffeine and taking prescription drugs. Just a great b complex with nothing to complain about and surprisingly high quality for the price. I have never taken a b – vitamin that has given me these effects so much to my amazement and surprise i was thrilled after taking your b – vitamin!

Supplements Vitamins Vitamin B Vitamin B Complex Solgar

This review summarizes and discusses the evidence for b vitamins as analgesics and neuroprotective agents, as well as aims to advance the understanding of and explore the therapeutic potential of b vitamins for those who suffer from chronic pain due to inflammation, injury, and certain stresses. 34 In a related study, treatment with an hcl supplement and a vitamin b-complex supplement helped to treat people with hives. Vitamin c, like in the nature made tablets, can help with your immune health, and the probiotics and enzymes like in the garden of life supplements, can help with digestion. Ava has specialized in medical journalism and not only writes about the human body, but also knows her way around food supplements. The recommended daily intake of vitamin b1, also called thiamine, is 1,1 milligram (Mg) for women over age 18, up to 1,4 mg for those who are pregnant, and 1,5 mg for those who are breast-feeding. It will likely be important to calculate a risk index for each individual, which for the case of b vitamins, would include measures of existing concentrations of b 6, folic acid, and b 12, and of brain atrophy to determine whether a response should occur, and also to design interventions with a longer follow-up than 2 years. You can get this b vitamin from natural sources such as nuts, green vegetables, meat, and dairy products.

I’ve tried multiple brands of b complex vitamins and none have ever really raised my energy level until this one! Do any supplements help for restless legs syndrome? Taking a high-dose b-complex supplement can also turn the urine bright yellow. Pregnant and lactating women need higher amounts of b vitamins, while infants and children need less. Summary although taking b-complex supplements as directed is likely safe, consuming high doses of b3 or b6 can lead to serious side effects. Experimental animal studies and clinical investigations have demonstrated that high doses of b vitamins including thiamine, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin, and their combinations can greatly attenuate certain forms of neuropathic pain and reduce spinal cord neuron injury following temporary ischemia of the spinal cord. Sometimes it can be easier, and maybe a bit more fun, to take your vitamins as a gummy. What are the symptoms of vitamin b6 deficiency? Supplementing daily with b vitamins 300 mg vitamin b1, 20 mg vitamin b2, and 150 mg vitamin b6 has been reported to provide some people with relief. Most people get the recommended amounts of these vitamins through diet alone since they are found in a wide variety of foods.

These vitamins have plenty of b complex oomph for improved mental and physical energy during the day. Check out other new chapter supplements for energy, like perfect energy multivitamin and fermented maca booster powder (Delicious in a smoothie)! I decided to start taking a b-complex vitamin after reading about the potential benefits of one – all of the symptoms that can be alleviated by it were symptoms i had, like moodiness, insomnia, low energy, mild depression-type symptoms, decreased concentration and memory, etc. Many b-complex supplements help your body in different ways. It is important when taking a gummy vitamin that they meet your dietary restrictions or preferences. Each of the ones featured above have different formulations and you may not need all of the benefits of each vitamin b. This is an excellent blend of the b vitamins and supportive nutrients.

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Solgar, B-Complex “50”, 100 Vegetable Capsules Product Review

Great. Good value for money. Vitamin B. B – complex. good. excellent complex. Helps. Very good. Review after 3 months of use. Good B Vitamins, no complaint

Nutritional food for cats. Group B is not heavy and cats can accept it. It has been repurchased.

Solgar, B-Complex

I usually buy it at Ku but it’s 50 more expensive than this but I don’t know why;

The company is excellent, the price is right, and the quantity is enough for you for a long time

Properly nourishes the nervous system

Solgar, B-Complex

I used to sell in Korea but the price was too expensive.

I ordered this complex for autumn-spring prevention, as well as for protection against stress. Strengthens the nervous system by 5+. On the 4-5th day of administration, a noticeable effect of stress resistance appeared, I wake up much easier in the morning, the feeling of fatigue has decreased, and the endurance has greatly increased. Weighing up to 60 kg fits perfectly. Last time I ordered a dosage of “100” – it turned out a bit too much. I recommend this product. I will order more

I really like vitamins of group b. These help me and my friends get sick less, get tired less and focus on business

Very good

I drink this product 1 capsule every other day, my mother drinks 1 capsule every day – we both feel good, there were no side effects, except for the cheerful yellow color of the urine. I was prescribed a B-50 complex by a doctor, as I drink metformin, and it impairs the absorption of B vitamins, and my mother just has a very nervous job. After a couple of weeks, we both became calmer, stress ceased to have a strong effect and it became easier to deal with it. Despite my positive experience, I recommend that you still first consult with your doctor.

Fast delivery by Foodpharmacy Blog but beware, if you’re ordering via DHL they will charge you extra for processing the package for you at the customs office. So in my case, I had to pay customs and import fees AND DHL charged me with another 25 Euros for processing the package for me. If you’re not in a hurry, I suggest ordering via regular post, it’s slower but than again they don’t charge additional costs, at least not in my country. Anyway, I just got this so I’ll do and update later but since Solgar is a reliable brand, I have no doubt this B-Complex will do just fine. I intend to use it alongside Source Naturals Wellness Formula which has got all the vitamins and minerals except B vitamins. EDIT: After using this for about a month I can confirm they’re pretty solid for the price. Does the job so if you need a good B vitamins for a good price, this is the one to go for. Can’t complain.

Questions and Answers

when will be in stock
Is the folate in this product the methylated form?
hi, dear, u am not taking this supplement because when I am taking my urine colour going much yellow. what is have to do? give me suggestion
I take this among with omega 3 600 mg and astaxanthin 5 mg. My urine is neon green when i first take them, is this normal? Or am i taking too many supplements, what should i do? Can i take them every other day?
When it will be available?
When i add this product to cart it appears as discontinued item although in the product page it appears in stock Is it out of stock?
I have bought one bottle and after opening for few months, there is some black dot appeared inside the capsule, can I still take it?

It is in stock now.
No it is not. Methylated folate is the natural form of folate – such as is found in green vegetables (and in some specific supplement marked Methylated Folate or Methyl Folate. This product contains folic acid – the ‘man made’ version of folate.
It is quite normal for your urine to turn yellow. You are simply excreting the unused potion of the B-vitamins. I know it is a shock at first, but don’t worry. It’s the same for anyone who takes B-vitamins.
I take these 1 a day along with multi vits and omega 3 1000 mg. My Dr wants me to take a really good B vit and recommended Solgar. My urine is very dark especially an hour or so after taking these. It gets lighter, but is still quite yellow later in the day. That is just an indication that your and my body is flushing out the excess B. It’s very normal, and I have been using them for years. I would continue with 1 a day, it really will not harm you. It has helped me with my blood problem.
Great Product, easy on the stomach. Highly Recommend.
I ordered it February 15, 2018 and received it, so I’m assuming it’s still available.
Yikes! I wouldn’t take the caps, but I would suggest you call the manufacturer. They would be the best source for this questions