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Source Naturals, Phyto-Estrogen Cream, 4 oz (113.4 g)

Source Naturals, Phyto-Estrogen Cream, 4 oz (113.4 g) Review


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Product name: Source Naturals, Phyto-Estrogen Cream, 4 oz (113.4 g)
Quantity: 4 oz, 0.16 kg, 7.1 x 7.1 x 6.6 cm
Categories: Source Naturals, Bath, Personal Care, Women’s Hormone Support, Supplements, Women’s Health, Progesterone Products, Non Gmo, Paraben Free

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Non-GMO Soy, Paraben Free, Advanced Liposomal Delivery, Non Genetically Modified, Source Naturals Phyto-Estrogen Cream offers some of the finest phytoestrogens, renowned for use during menopause. Each ounce contains 60 mg of isoflavone phytoestrogens, along with 150 mg of pomegranate juice extract and 100 mg of red clover extract. Micro-penetrating liposomes pass through skin layers more easily than non-liposomal creams.

Some women find it hard to hold their urine long enough to get to the bathroom. While the symptoms of low testosterone are often more subtle that those of low progesterone, for some women they can be significant. Breast cancers found in women who take hrt are easier to treat than those in women not on hrt. Now she wants me to take progesterone 100mg for ten days to bring on a heavy period to she’d the lining. Hrt stands for hormone replacement therapy. I drive the care with the thermostat set on 60 degrees f, just so i can down another cup of coffee. Young women with cancer or other serious illnesses that require chemotherapy or pelvic radiation are at risk of primary ovarian insufficiency because these agents may cause profound and rapid follicular atresia. Oral estradiol and estradiol valerate, for instance in menopausal hormone therapy or birth control pills, are associated with a significantly higher risk of venous thromboembolism (Vte) than non-use. Symptoms can often be helped with a good diet, vitamins, supplements, and physical activity or exercise.

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Source Naturals, Phyto-Estrogen Cream, 4 oz (113.4 g): Progesterone Products, Women’s Health, Supplements, Women’s Hormone Support, Personal Care, Bath

Women need to be aware that taking a combined progesterone and estrogen regimen or estrogen alone is no longer recommended to prevent heart disease. Sexual and reproductive health at a glance. Exercise – our body requires movement for optimal health. The addition of progestogen therapy (Synthetic or natural agonists of the progesterone receptor at appropriate sequential or continuous doses) to estrogen replacement significantly reduces the risk; current combined ht regimens are not associated with an increased risk of endometrial hyperplasia or cancer (41, 63, 64). Our providers see patients from all walks of life for bio-hormone visits; one need not be a post-menopausal woman to take advantage of this type of therapy. For example, hormones in birth control pills that are excreted in urine are not filtered out. Hrt is strongly recommended for women with poi, mainly for vasomotor and genito-urinary symptom relief and the primary prevention of bone loss but probably also for cardiovascular disease. Until i came here and read these stories by these women warriors (And we all are, honey), i thought i was losing my mind and body. Laurie helps women of all ages make their life a great life! This should only be done under the care of a licensed doctor skilled in the use of natural hormones.

Gave it to my mom and she said she noticed a huge difference over other progesterone supplements she was taking. Should be avoided in women taking tamoxifen. The risk is a little higher for women who take hrt over the age of 60, the risk goes up slowly in the first 5 years of use of hrt, then more quickly if it’s use continues. I have tried birth control and two other synthetic progesterone meds to control the heavy periods after ablation failure that did not work. Many fda-approved bio-identical hormone therapy options exist, and doctors can help women decide if this is an option for them. Postmenopausal hormone therapy and venous thromboembolism. He also encouraged me to dismiss the iud and to rely on mother nature and his treatment instead of artificial hormones. In conclusion, hrt is indicated for the treatment of vasomotor and genito-urinary symptoms in women with poi.

If fertilization does not occur, progesterone levels drop signaling the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Along with potentially causing anxiety and depression, low progesterone can also cause the body to retain fluid and store extra body fat. However i did go through bouts of the blues regularly but it was generally something that could be managed with basic personal care (Food rest and a bit of tlc). A qualified natural medicine provider may prescribe natural hormone creams, such as progesterone, to balance excess estrogen levels. When a woman’s body no longer makes estrogen, hormone therapy may be an option. Progesterone related side-effects can often be minimized if mirena coil (Intrauterine system) is used as the progesterone arm of hrt. However, there is no maximum duration of time for women to take hrt; for the women who continue to have symptoms, the benefits from hrt usually outweigh any risks. For most women, this happens between the ages of 45 and 55 years. My pharmacist told me this medicine is preferred over synthetic hormones now. I drink a lot of water, and supplement daily with magnesium, sodium and potassium. Most observational studies do not demonstrate an increased risk of breast cancer in women taking estrogen-only hrt for up to 5 years. Skyla is recommended and marketed to younger women who have not yet had children and whose uterus may require it’s smaller size. Hormone supplementation for pubertal induction in girls (Pdf).

These supplements are predominantly promoted for reducing hot flushes. It has also been argued that hormone levels do not necessarily predict therapeutic effect of medicines. Normalization of serum luteinizing hormone levels in women with 46,xx spontaneous primary ovarian insufficiency. Women with an intact uterus need to take a combination of estrogen and progesterone as part of hrt. Age related changes in follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, oestradiol and immunoreactive inhibin in women of reproductive age. The relationship between hrt and cardiovascular disease is controversial, but the timing and duration of hrt as well as pre-existing cardiovascular disease are likely to affect cardiovascular health. Important: Not to be taken if nursing or past the second trimester if pregnant, unless directed by your healthcare professional, or in conjunction with hormone suppressing medications such as tamoxifen. Sleep disturbances: During menopause, some women may find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. Hormone levels can also help you monitor your need for hormone replacement or your dose. Bleeding profiles and effects on the endometrium for women using a novel combination of transdermal oestradiol and natural progesterone cream as part of a continuous combined hormone replacement regime.

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Source Naturals Women’s Hormone Support Progesterone Products

My gut issues were finally balanced last fall when i took matters into my own hands (Cut out alcohol and used vitamin b complex, milk thistle and adrenal support herbs, quality probiotics along with oil of oregano and undecylenic acid) which helped my adrenal glands significantly. Find ways to combat your own tension, whether you schedule a massage, go for a run or take a hot bath. Data are insufficient to evaluate the association between ht or combined hormonal contraceptives administered to women with primary ovarian insufficiency and the risk of developing breast cancer. The estrogen alternative: Natural hormone therapy with botanical progesterone by raquel martin with judi gerstung, d. The north american menopause society recommendations for clinical care of midlife women. Hormone therapy for preventing cardiovascular disease in post-menopausal women. The combined hormone therapies including oral contraceptives, vaginal ring and patch have been prescribed for continuous use. Most women first notice the frequency of their period becoming less consistent, as the flow becomes heavier and longer. In healthy women below 60 years, the absolute risk of vte is low and mortality risks from vte are low. He also said women need to have ca125 blood work anyntime they have blood work. Their double blind, randomized trials on femmenessence in early postmenopausal women showed not only significant symptom relief, but the impact on serum estradiol and fsh levels, and even an influence on markers of bone turnover.

Use of hormone replacement therapy and risk of venous thromboembolism: Nested case-control studies using the qresearch and cprd databases. The whi recommends that women follow the fda advice on hormone (Estrogen-alone or estrogen-plus-progestin) therapy. This can lead to a buildup of the endometrium induced by estrogen, causing irregular menstrual bleeding in premenopausal women. There are many areas where the selenium content is low, so try supplementing and eating food rich in selenium, like brazil nuts, cremini and shiitake mushrooms, fish, shellfish, chicken, eggs, lamb, and turkey, which are good options. If hormone treatments are not an option for you, ask your doctor about prescription medicines used for other health problems. Taken daily, this pill can help relieve painful sex symptoms in women with moderate to severe gsm. I have never been on birth control pills and have been advised not to take hormone replacement because of the tumor. Chinese herbal medicine uses a combination of herbs that are individually tailored for each woman. Some women feel more comfortable with their sexuality after menopause. Many women try to incorporate more plant estrogens into their diet.

But what we produce is not necessarily benign: We know that women with higher levels of estrogen have a higher rate of breast and endometrial cancer. I absolutely am not wanting any form of hrt, other than biht, and supplements. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, dietary supplement, exercise, or other health program. A woman may wake up earlier than she wishes and have trouble going to back to sleep. Finally, considering the challenges that adolescents and young women may face in coping with the physical, reproductive, and social effects of primary ovarian insufficiency, comprehensive longitudinal management of this condition is essential. This information should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or injury, and is not intended to substitute for timely, direct medical care and treatment from a licensed health care provider. It is one of the main causes of infertility in women. Although some research studies have suggested an improvement in cognition in women who start taking hrt early in menopause, further research is required to confirm this finding.

Be sure to discuss both the potential benefits and potential risks with your physician before using phytoestrogen supplements.