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Sovereign Silver, Argentyn 23, Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol, 2 fl oz (59 ml)

Sovereign Silver, Argentyn 23, Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol, 2 fl oz (59 ml) Review


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Product name: Sovereign Silver, Argentyn 23, Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol, 2 fl oz (59 ml)
Quantity: 2 fl oz, 0.14 kg, 4.8 x 4.8 x 13.7 cm
Categories: Sovereign Silver, Supplements, Minerals, Silver, Healthy Lifestyles, Cold, Cough, Flu, Immune Support

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23 PPM, Ultra-Fine Dispersion, Dietary Supplement, Immune Support, Argentyn 23 Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol delivers advantages no other manufacturer can match: Actively Charged: >98% positively charged silver ions and nanoclusters, Easily Absorbed: Unprecedented particle size as small as 0.8 nanometers allows for easy absorption and excretion, Less is More: Ultra-small particle size results in greater surface area, making our low concentration of 23 ppm more effective than brands up to 1,000 ppm, Perfectly Safe: Safe for the whole family.

Flu, Cough, Cold, Healthy Lifestyles, Silver, Minerals, Supplements

According to the website silver medicine, use of colloidal silver is generally stopped when symptoms subside. My favorite cold remedy this year has been to get an essential oil diffuser for my desk at work and fill it with eucalyptus and lavender oil. It is easy to take, directions are simple and easy to follow, product is flavorless which is very nice, and i have remained healthy since i have begun using it. And people with low levels of vitamin d might have other risk factors, such as obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, or a poor diet, that could increase their likelihood of disease, manson points out. Children, in particular, could be harmed by taking both supplements and medicines. Once we are treating the root cause we can begin to treat the symptoms: Sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, high fever, aching muscles and joints, headaches, dry cough, chills, sweats, fatigue and nasal congestion are common flu symptoms. By far hands down the best silver you can buy. 3, Black elderberry: The first line of defense against colds and congestion, and a proven reducer ofthe severity and duration of influenza. Keep in mind that after the third or fourth day of taking colloidal silver, you may feel tired and have body aches. In florida, the tampa bay area has some of the highest flu rates in the state.

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Sovereign Silver, Argentyn 23, Professional Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol, 2 fl oz (59 ml): Flu, Cough, Cold, Healthy Lifestyles, Silver, Minerals, Supplements

This will take you to the only site that properly educates you to make your own true colloidal silver and explains the science behind everything. When your immune system is challenged, particularly during the winter months, you become more susceptible to the dreaded colds, flu and infections. One a day multivitamins and minerals is a high strength multinutrient tablet, providing broad spectrum nutrients in readily absorbable forms. For the temporary relief of cold and flu symptoms, an herbal, homeopathic formula that helps loosen mucus, clear congestion, and soothe sore throats. Gordon pedersen that talks about the research, history and explains the difference between this and the other silver products that you might find on the market. Just as a flu shot targets only certain strains of the virus, there is no one drug to prevent or cure the common cold, and no one natural remedy either. Bearing in mind it is safe to ingest, i am filling the bottle cap to the top with colloidal silver and mixing it with my protein shake. In lieu of suppressing the organism like antibiotics, the silver kills it – kills virus, bacteria, and fungus cells. This vitamin is a powerful healer and helps to boost your immune system helping to fight colds and flus. If you have any adverse allergic reactions to colloidal silver, stop using it immediately.

Being in contact with a lot of people during the day, my husband and i are prone to catch coughs, colds and sore throats, but this product definitely keeps them away. Part of the problem is that the concentration of silver particles can vary from one brand to the next. Consider topical use with guidance from a healthcare professional. Over the years in japan, i have discovered a range of both folk and modern remedies here to keep colds in check. I already know colloidal silver works as i have used it for various things over the years, including sore throat, tonsilitus, gum infections, open cuts etc. Colloidal silver is a classic example of anecdotal reports that differ drastically from scientific research. Q does storage in plastic bottles compromise the quality of silver and cause leaching into the silver? Drinking this throughout the day as much as you can (8-10 Mugs a day) will dramatically help and is one of the first and most important things to do when you feel the symptoms of a flu coming on. However, flu is only part of the problem. Over the years in japan, i have discovered a range of remedies to keep colds in check. Burns, who handled them, can represent people anywhere in the united states and offers a free consultation to anyone who may have been injured by a colloidal silver product.

Decrease the amount of daily colloidal silver to half after three days. It is available, generally, as lozenges and is an over-the-counter remedy for the common cold. I add a good sized dash to my bedside glass of water for any viral infection such as coughs and colds. Marketed as a remedy for a range of health problems, colloidal silver is a solution of tiny silver particles suspended in a liquid base. Colloidal silver is a popular product in holistic health circles. A friend of mine told me about silver nano crystals and so i thought what the heck. If you have researched colloidal silver, chances are you have already heard of the different methods of administration. Hyland’s vitamin c tablets: Most youngsters today take multiple vitamin supplements every day, but many parents feel that extra vitamin c is important. Colloidal silver: No home should be without it! When looking for colloidal silver, it is important to get a good quality colloidal silver.

Targeted support – immune intensive is a potent mix of nutrients designed to support a healthy immune system including elderberry, sage and beta gluca. I also drink honey and lemon water throughout the day, take extra vitamin d supplements, and make sure to get lots of rest. Although i may in actuality not feel very well for a day my colds go away within a day a or two. Coughs, colds, flu, sore throats etc are most prevalent during the winter months. D, chief of preventive medicine at brigham and women’s hospital in boston and a member of the institute’s committee on vitamin d. It contains the optimal concentration of silver suggested by researchers. Colloidal silver is an ingredient in some acne treatments and cosmetics. Many of these have found that the silver particles exerted antibacterial properties that aid the treatment of diabetic ulcers, skin grafts, bed sores, necrotizing fasciitis, and other serious skin injuries. I take the silver as soon as i feel symptoms showing up like scratchy throat, congested nose or caugh. Heave ho helps open airways, clears mucus, and stops coughing. Do you have any special remedies or tips for dealing withcold or flu symptoms in japan? That means taking silver would actually keep you feeling sick for longer. The ones on zinc had shorter colds and less severe symptoms. She adds that hyssop flower tea has long been used to ease colds, coughs, and congestion.

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Sovereign Silver Silver Cold Cough Flu

Easily recognized by it’s familiar orange labeling and the it’s oversized smiling capsule-shaped mascot, contac is designed to treat the most common symptoms of winter colds and flu such as headaches, congestion, sore throat, runny nose and the like. Everyone breaks down, absorbs, and reacts to nutrients differently, and only your health care provider, that is familiar with your needs, would be able to make a recommendation that is the best for you. Argentyn23 is a colloid silver product with the silver particle so small that they can slip through not just molecules in the cells but directly into prions that are part of the virus replication process. Echinacea (Echinaforce) is a traditional herbal remedy used for supporting the immune system and the symptomatic relief of colds and influenza type in. Colloidal silver is also used to prevent flu, h1n1 (Swine) flu, and the common cold. Argyria secondary to ingestion of homemade silver solution. But it’s also important not to get too much: An excess of the supplement may actually interfere with the immune system’s functioning and have the opposite of the intended result. Tieraona low dog, md, author, teacher, and former member of the white house commission on complementary and alternative medicine policy, recommends proactive, regular consumption of vitamin c and zinc for decreasing the odds of getting sick.

Slice of lifetm vitamin c with pomegranate from hero nutritional products includes pomegranate, which is naturally packed with antioxidants and vitamin c (250 Mg per serving) to support a healthy immune system. Pre-antibiotic era when silver was a common ingredient in nose drops. Plenty of rest, consumption of fluids and natural medicines are vital and can really help you to treat the flu. I was hesitant about colloidal silver all though i had heard a lot of good things, but i figured that i would try it. Okay, so my daughter picked up the flu 3 weeks ago, and after nursing her back to health, i caught it. Last night i did not take any cold meds and i did not cough at all. Most easily used in a diffuser or via steam inhalation, eucalyptus oil has been lauded by the national association for holistic aromatherapy for it’s ability to decongest sinuses and act as a natural cough suppressant, while helping cleanse the air of bacteria and other icky microbes. Be prepared for whatever cold and flu season brings with one or more of these 10 proven cold and flu alternatives, combined with plenty of rest and hydration to help keep the bugs at bay: 1, Vitamin c and zinc: A potent preventive combo that also gives existing colds a one-two punch.

A number of studies have investigated the use of silver-containing dressings on skin ulcers and wounds. Antibiotics can build to antibiotic resistance as well as poor gut health. Over the years, my japanese friends have educated me on a number of practical and traditional ways to keep colds at bay and to head off the worst of the symptoms before they get too out of control. Note: Never give honey to children under the age of 1, 5,echinacea:The herb that eases colds, sore throats, and respiratory tract infections. The costs of visits are supported by the national health insurance plan, so provided you are registered, you will only pay 30 percent of the fee. Whether you are traveling and entering unknown environments, or if you need fast immune support, this great-tasting cocktail bubbles like a seltzer when taken in water, for a convenient, delicious immune supplement. Unlike vitamin supplements, few colloidal silver products are voluntarily submitted for evaluation by an independent certifying authority like the u. It is a condition that comes and goes i filled an eyecup with the best silver solution and within seconds the annoying condition that feels like you have particles in the eye quickly subsided.

If i actually get a cold it cuts the amount of time the cold lasts and heaviness of symptoms.