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SuncoatGirl, Water-Based Nail Polish Kit, Party Palette, 10 Pieces

SuncoatGirl, Water-Based Nail Polish Kit, Party Palette, 10 Pieces Review


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Product name: SuncoatGirl, Water-Based Nail Polish Kit, Party Palette, 10 Pieces
Quantity: 10 Count, 0.2 kg, 18 x 2.8 x 13.7 cm
Categories: SuncoatGirl, Baby, Kids, Kids Accessories, Baby Nail Polish, Beauty, Makeup, Nails, Nail Polish

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Bursting with Attitude and None of the Bad Stuff, We believe fingers and toes are 20 little palettes just waiting to be painted, We believe fun and toxic chemicals don’t belong in the same sentence, Suncoatgirl is created by a Canadian chemist and mother of 2 girls Yingchun Liu- Ying for short – when her daughters wanted to paint their nails up pretty. Put off by all the poison in the typical bottle of nail polish, Ying took her scientific smarts to task and developed the first ever non-toxic, natural formula that’s just as effective and quick drying as the smelly stuff, but great for nails, the world and the environment, Contents: 10 pcs water-based nail polishes (2ml/0. 07oz), a nail file, two nail decal sheets, Water-based Nail Polish: Water-based peelable formulation, Completely odorless, Will not stain nails. No yellowing, Peels off when ready, Nail polish remover is NOT needed, No toxic chemical fumes, 100% VOC (chemical solvent) free formulas, Durable: lasts for many days!

Nail Polish, Nails, Makeup, Beauty, Baby Nail Polish, Kids Accessories, Kids, Baby

Exposure to these toxins is a considerable health threat to salon professionals and to children. Sns is a known polish brand that provides long-lasting shine with it’s powder-based that are formulated to contain vitamins a, e, d, b5, d3, and calcium. I found these nail polishes more watery than standard nail polish. Come back next week when you could win four kid-safe peel off nail polishes in your choice of colours in the green your summer giveaway hop. Like any cosmetic product that may be hazardous if misused, it is important for these artificial nail removers to carry an appropriate warning on the label, along with directions for safe use. The formula also includes biotin and avocado oil to strengthen and nourish, which did make a difference to the condition of the nail when removing. Dibutyl phthalate, called dbp for short, makes nail polish and other products pliable.

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SuncoatGirl, Water-Based Nail Polish Kit, Party Palette, 10 Pieces: Nail Polish, Nails, Makeup, Beauty, Baby Nail Polish, Kids Accessories, Kids

Best of all, my spa experience includes no fake makeup or play-pretend toys. Consumers should read labels of nail products carefully and follow any warnings. Tee likes trying on my glasses, bossing her little sister around, and pretending to wear makeup and do her nails. She needed help opening the bottle and went right away to painting her fingers and nails. Dibutyl phthalate (Dbp) has been used most commonly in nail polishes and some other products, such as nail hardeners, while dimethyl phthalate (Dmp) and diethyl phthalate (Dep) are used occasionally. It may seem unnatural for those who are not used to seeing kids who are decades younger flaunting their color coated nails to match the most fashionable garb that they are wearing at the moment. We love the light color that still pops on the nails and goes on smoothly and easily without clumping, pooling, or smearing, or any bad smells. Chemical ingredients in nail care products range from cancer-causing compounds such as formaldehyde to others that disrupt the endocrine system. I really like their henna hair color, so when i saw the polish at my local health food store, i decided to try it.

SuncoatGirl, Baby Nail Polish, Nail Polish

Recommended for 3 years and older with adult supervision, this suncoat products nail polish kit is peel-able, odorless and not as harsh and harmful as other nail polish removers. Toddlers and kids safe nail polish, cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Nail products intended to treat medical problems, such as nail fungus, are drugs. Even the next day they were still very slightly soft and the polish started to peel off, so i reached out to play love laugh for some advice. Piggy paint natural as mud nail polish is water-based and chip-resistant. Many of the chemicals in nail salon products are classified by government agencies as skin sensitizers, capable of provoking painful reactions. Acetone is a solvent that is used in removing nail polish on the nails. No more animal-derived ingredients, just water, acrylic polymer and specific colorants for kids. So manicurists continue to paint fingertips, swipe off polish and file down false nails, while absorbing chemicals that are potentially hazardous to their health. Compared to solvent or oil-based gel nail lacquers who constantly release a pungent odor, bontime water-based nail polish is completely non-toxic. Toluene is a commonly used solvent that creates a smooth finish across the nail and keeps the pigment from separating in the bottle, but can affect the central nervous system and cause reproductive harm. Sherrille riley, founder of luxury london boutique nails and brows, has been an advocate of non-toxic nail products since she set up shop four years ago.

Water-Based Nail Polish Kit, Party Palette

Airdom nail polish for kids apparel is no chemical and eco-friendly, completely free of formaldehyde, benzophenone, heavy metals. Pick nail polish for kids that are mild and not too colorful. It’s concerning news for anyone who likes a fresh coat of polish now and then. For the most part our nails were left clean and residue-free, but you can see there were a few small spots where a little bit of colour stuck, mostly on the edges of the free edges. For the best nail polish for kids, consider one or more of the products below. Industry lobbyists flooded the state capitol (Some bearing gift baskets of lipstick and nail polish), spending over a half-million dollars fighting the ban, according to state records. A mom of 4 kids from michigan, she is a certified stress mastery educator and member of the american institute of stress. But she never spoke of another dreamed-for child, the one lost last year in a miscarriage that began while she was giving a customer a shoulder massage.

SuncoatGirl Baby Kids Kids Accessories

If you are looking to clean up your beauty routine, the good news is there are tons of great natural nail polishes out there that give you a gorgeous mani/pedi situation without the harsh ingredients that come in your standard bottle. Not only do they contain unpronounceable chemicals unsafe for kids who chew their nails, but getting this kid to sit still for 5 minutes let alone the time required for nail polish to dry is nigh on impossible. – I love that it is made without all of the icky chemicals of regular polish, that was why i was comfortable using it for my daughter. This bright and summery shimmer will look great on those cute little nails. For workers using nail care products daily, there is no requirement for product manufacturers to disclose ingredients on their labels. Possible health concerns include respiratory irritation/toxicity of eyes and nose, plus harming the digestive system, kidney, liver or cardiovascular system/blood. It is also used in other cosmetic products like makeup and lipsticks. Tessa got intensely serious about applying the royal primrose water based nail polish to her fingers and toes, and thyme would not put the empress violet natural mineral eyeshadow down. If you are a consumer or a nail technician who has had a bad reaction involving a nail product, please tell your doctor or other healthcare provider, then tell fda.

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SuncoatGirl Baby Nail Polish Nail Polish

I like that this is non toxic but i do have to reapply it to my nail tips almost daily since it chips so fast. The stories have become so common that older manicurists warn women of child-bearing age away from the business, with it’s potent brew of polishes, solvents, hardeners and glues that nail workers handle daily. The final answer: What is the safest nail polish? Dbp is said to keep the nail polish formula from getting brittle, days after it is applied to the nails. I have been researching the topic of toxic nail polishes all day today. The application was easy and polish applied very nice and evenly, i did use the blow dryer, which made the nail polish harder and chip proof. Simply apply it to nails and blow for one minute on a low or warm heater setting and it will be set. Do you need more than 8-free to have a truly non-toxic nail polish? Such trends encouraged more mothers to find the best nail polish for kids. Boerum hill nail lounge ruchki da nozhki uses a nail polish remover called karma organic for customers who are allergic or sensitive to acetone. Even the most refined, elegant nail clippers will not totally break the bank. This ingredient is usually added to nail polish products to help keep the pigments bonded even while kept inside it’s bottle.

Baby Kids Kids Accessories Baby Nail Polish SuncoatGirl

After applying kid-safe nail polish, you can feel free to get nails 3 minutes afterward. These polishes dry so quickly that you can start putting the second coat on almost as soon as you finish the first. My friend katie at wellness mama has a great review of non-toxic nail polish too, but she only lists 5, i go overboard with 24 different brands, including natural nail polish brands for kids and adults. Small women, clearly, adore bling-bling, which is why airdom little women nail polish set today upgrades adding glittery silver color. At an affordable price point, this lacquer is a worthy addition to your nail polish collection. Bottom line: If you get a rash from nail polish, avoid this ingredient. Play love laugh polishes are advertised to last on fingernails for an average of four days (One to seven days depending on lifestyle) and up to 14 days or more on toenails. Because my daughter is 4, she does not quite have the fine motor skills to apply a very thin layer of polish. Karma organic spa in ridge-wood, new jersey, environment friendly-conscious customers has ensured a focus on the natural nail, in addition to an wonderful boutique spa experience. Most of these injuries (Three-fourths) were due to kids swallowing personal care products, leading to poisoning. And though the always supportive mom would like to please her child by giving whatever products she would like to use on her nails, she still worries that these colorful nail coatings may affect the nail growth of her dear child.

I recommend piggy polish and am looking forward to buying their other colors. Other nail products contain resins that form a strong coating on the nails, rather than hardening the nails themselves. I hate removing nail polish so much that whenever i get a manicure i let it chip off into oblivion for weeks before finally taking a soaked cotton round to the damage. Suncoat products non toxic nail polish for kids comes with a party palette and includes 10 safe and fun colors with two sheets of decals to add more fun for kids. When she told him, he asked how long she had worked in the nail salon while pregnant. Dbp was one of the first harmful nail polish ingredients to really be thrown under the bus, and brands pulled it in droves. Valid on catalog and saks fifth avenue store purchases on 01/23/20 and 01/24/20, excludes some designer collections, leased collections, beauty salons, saks fifth avenue off 5th stores, saksoff5th.

Skin disorders are also omnipresent among nail salon workers. Tee loved her alternating baby blues and grapelicious toenails! Planning on having a birthday party for your child any time soon? Toluene has been known to impede development in children, is carcinogenic, and a human reproductive toxin. Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is used as a nail-hardening agent and disinfectant for nail care tools.

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SuncoatGirl, Water-Based Nail Polish Kit, Party Palette, 10 Pieces Product Review

Great, but for one day. good product. Well. Children like. cute! Perfect. Daughter liked. Highly recommended. Nice. Hours of fun

I ordered for my baby. Very cool, odorless and washed off almost easily. What (as I want to believe) testifies to their safety. Among the shortcomings: – in reality, they stay with us for no more than a day (then only residues on the nails); – most of the shades are soooooo bright (almost transparent with a slight tint). But most likely it should be so, considering that it’s still CHILDREN’s varnishes) If the review was useful to you, please put “YES”

SuncoatGirl, Water-Based Nail Polish Kit, Party Palette, 10 Pieces Review

The product was as expected. The colors are very beautiful and the quality good.


The second box of the repurchase is easy to rinse and clean. Non-stick hands are suitable for children to play games. AFO is needed. 0718

SuncoatGirl, Water-Based Nail Polish Kit, Party Palette, 10 Pieces Review

A gift for a 5 year old and 3 year old daughter. It has good coloring and is convenient because it falls off with hot water.


I ordered to NG. All the bottles are whole, the varnishes in them are not dried. The colors are not dull, but not acidic. There is no smell. Removed (washed off) easily.”Worn” about a day.

My daughter was very happy about it, the colors are very beautiful.

Easy to wash off, colours r nice

The girls I bought this for thoroughly enjoyed the product.