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Thorne Research, Betaine HCL & Pepsin, 225 Capsules

Thorne Research, Betaine HCL & Pepsin, 225 Capsules Review


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Product name: Thorne Research, Betaine HCL & Pepsin, 225 Capsules
Quantity: 225 Count, 0.2 kg, 13.5 x 7.6 x 7.6 cm
Categories: Thorne Research, Supplements, Digestion, Betaine HCL TMG, Gluten Free

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Gluten Free, Dietary Supplement, GI Support, Benefits individuals with occasional indigestion, Betaine HCl and Pepsin promotes optimal stomach acidity, protein digestion, and enzyme activity, Indigestion can be caused by many things – including inadequate amounts of hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach. HCl secretion in the stomach does several positive things. It assists protein digestion by activating pepsinogen to pepsin, it renders the stomach sterile against ingested pathogens, it inhibits undesirable overgrowth in the small intestine, and it encourages the flow of bile and pancreatic enzymes. Hydrochloric acid also facilitates the absorption of a number of nutrients, including folate, vitamin B12, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, iron, and some forms of calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Numerous studies have shown that hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach begins to decline with advancing age. Overuse of antacids or acid blockers can also lead to low levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which can result in poor protein digestion. Thorne’s Betaine HCl and Pepsin comes from a porcine source, Indigestion affects millions of people every day. For some, it’s brought on by eating fatty foods. For others, simple carbohydrates (like bread and pasta) can cause gas and bloating. And for other individuals, spicy.

Betaine HCL TMG, Digestion, Supplements

Therefore, betaine anhydrous is a crucial component to the formulation of many biologically important molecules and regulator of homocysteine levels. Those suffering from advanced liver and kidney disease should not use betaine, and it is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. Betaine anhydrous (Tmg) versus betaine hydrochloride purebulk sells both betaine anhydrous and betaine hcl. Without enough betaine, our bodies will have elevated homocysteine levels linked to increased risk of heart attacks and plaque formation within the cardiovascular system. I have had low stomach acid symptoms (After doing the hcl challenge i could take 14 capsules of 648mg now hcl betaine without feeling warmth) and have been supplementing for four months. When taken at 1,25g twice daily, betaine has at times been linked to increased power output (Only to fail in other instances) and minor increases in workout volume and endurance (A bit more reliable than power output, but still not a consensus). 2, In previous posts, it seems that the workshop leaders were referring to an actual external test one could take (Perhaps a lab test) to determine the amount of hcl the body is producing, and whether there is need for supplementation. This helps break up fats and proteins in the small intestine for quicker digestion.

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Thorne Research, Betaine HCL & Pepsin, 225 Capsules: Betaine HCL TMG, Digestion, Supplements

Please be aware that the ph of a betaine hcl solution is extremely low, making it very acidic (With a ph of about 1,0). Purebulk’s supplements are tested by accredited third party labs in the usa to ensure their identity, purity and potency. Store betaine powder at room temperature away from moisture and heat. We recommend betaine hcl capsules to avoid risk of irritation to the oral mucous membranes and/or erosion of tooth enamel. No known alterations in fasting blood glucose concentrations or glucose concentrations during exercise seen with betaine supplementation. This is likely due to the rare occurrence of stomach distress that may occur after ingesting betaine anhydrous; it is actually absorbed fine with or without a meal. The most extensively researched health benefit of betaine is it’s cardiovascular affect. Previous research also suggests that betaine supplementation increases nitric oxide and helps regulate cellular fluid volume, which could further promote muscle pump and overall muscle size. Effective control of my digestive issues.

Thorne Research, Betaine HCL TMG

Generally, betaine hcl is used as a digestive aid since it stimulates the production of stomach acid. Betaine improves nonalcoholic fatty liver and associated hepatic insulin resistance: A potential mechanism for hepatoprotection by betaine. A new study 2 now reports that betaine suppresses certain pro-inflammatory signaling factors during aging, including nf-kappab. Through it’s role in osmoregulation, betaine also protects proteins, enzymes, and cells from environmental stress. Do you think i should up the pills/ supplement even more? Many pwcs find that they need betaine hcl to build up their low stomach acid, in order to get their digestive system operating better, and some seem to need a lot of it. One of the most important supportive digestive aids you can ever take is betaine hcl, which while well recognized as a source hcl (Hydrochloride) for improving the food dissolving acid activity of digestive juices is less recognized as a source of betaine, which is one of the least appreciated supplemental substances.

The main mechanisms of betaine are either it’s usage as a methyl donor, where it either directly donates a methyl group to reduce homocysteine into l-methionine (Seen as cardioprotective) or it increases bodily levels of s-adenosyl methionine (Same) or active folate molecules, and those two can then go on to donate methyl groups to other parts of the body. Also, please bear in mind the highly acidic nature of betaine hcl and the potential risk of tooth enamel damage when taken as an oral solution instead of capsules. It is produced by the stomach to support digestion, nutrient absorption and immunity. The acid that carries the biggest workload in the digestive process is hydrochloric acid or hcl. If one gets adequate amounts of b6, either from foods or supplements, much of the bodys homocysteine is converted into cystathione, an antioxidant and free-radical deactivator. Without enough hcl in your stomach, you will suffer from digestive dysfunction. These drugs can damage the gi lining and supplementing with hcl could aggravate it, increasing the risks of bleeding or ulcer. It kind of helps like digestive bitters.

So, yes, this product is a tmg supplement. I am at the highest dose recommended for my particular supplement, but i am still getting slight reflux after eating. Effect of betaine supplementation on power performance and fatigue. Naturopaths have long held that low stomach acid is a widespread problem that interferes with the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Normal levels of hydrochloric acid are required for complete digestion of proteins and absorption of amino acids. Research has indicated that betaine can help break down fatty acids in the liver, and it has also been shown to aid people in recovering from damage to the liver. I have taken up to 10 betaine hcl capsules and felt nothing at all but if i drink apple cider vinegar mixed in water and that usually helps. Also, anyone who is having mood difficulties can add this supplement into their daily routine. Here you are being guided with 4 common betaine hcl mistakes which may seem to be painful for you.

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Thorne Research Betaine HCL TMG

Trimethylglycine or tmg is also more commonly referred to as betaine (Beet-ah-een). Recent market is packed up with huge betaine hcl supplements which are dangerous to use as they do not contain pepsin within it. Taking betaine can improve same’s mood benefits: In a clinical trial, subjects who received same (750 Mg/day) plus betaine (375 Mg/day) performed better than same alone (800 Mg/day) on measures of worry, helplessness and worthlessness, agitation, and physical efficiency. Betain hcl may support healthy digestion, especially for proteins and fats. This can be supplemented up to 15 minutes before the meal to stimulate stomach acid production before the arrival of food. A recommended daily intake amount of betaine for adults is yet to officially be established. We recommend starting with a lower dose of betaine hcl to start with and make sure you are consuming at least 20 grams of protein when supplementing with hcl. The most popular composition of betaine supplements is betaine hcl.

Suitable for those wishing to use a premium strength live bacteria supplement. We proudly offer you our ever-growing selection of vitamin and supplement products designed to help you achieve your wellness goals at the best value in the industry! It was one of the first supplements that i found really helped me. It is believed that betaine may be especially supportive when vitamin b12, folic acid and vitamin b6 are not sufficient to maintain healthy homocysteine levels. Well, long story short i discovered the fish oil supplements were causing what i call a false positive. As a nutritional aid, betaine promotes the oxidization of lipids. If for whatever reason it makes the person feel uncomfortable, it should be supplemented at the beginning of the meal with the first mouthful. Betaine anhydrous tmg (Trimethyglycine) powder supports the digestive system and helps increase lean muscle mass.

Failing to get to your correct dosage can remove the benefits of supplementing. What is the difference between hcl and pepsin and betaine hcl and which one should i take? It does not contain betaine hydrochloride, found in some products claiming to be tri-methyl glycine. Pure vegan betaine also helps support the liver and digestion. It seems a lot of people have digestive problems. We recommend you use some gut-healing supplements like bone broth and l-glutamine to help reduce inflammation in the gut so you can better tolerate hcl. Another website states that supplementing with betaine hcl will eventually cure hypochlorhydria. From medical perspective it has come in the front row that incorporation of intake of betaine hcl can be beneficial for your health if you have become a constant sufferer of low stomach acid troubles. You can also speak with your doctor about this and possibly lowering the dose of the medication so you can eventually test your hcl on your own and supplement naturally. Do not use any dietary supplement as a replacement for conventional care, or as a reason to postpone seeing a doctor about a medical problem. However, i recently ran out of a supplement containing a fairly small amount of betaine and pepsin and began getting clear symptoms of low stomach acid again, so i bought more betaine and pepsin.

Gentian is an herb used traditionally in many cultures to optimize digestive capacity and tonify the digestive tract. Many betaines exist, although this term typically refers specifically to trimethylglycine (Tmg), also known as glycine betaine, unless otherwise specified. Betaine hydrochloride is a chemical compound that helps support digestion in the stomach by providing a source of hydrochloric acid. Betaine is only part of a complete program of treatment that may also include other vitamin and mineral supplements and a special diet. Similar to creatine, increased intracellular concentrations of betaine promote cell hydration and resilience to stressors. I tried a few meals without betaine hcl and i felt better than taking it. Always consult your health care provider before taking any supplements. Together, betaine and hcl are crucial in the breakdown of fats and the disposal of chemicals and other toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. However, there are available information about suggested supplementation amounts depending on specific conditions aimed to be treated. Please note betaine hcl differs remarkably in taste from betaine anhydrous. Looking for some support around hcl supplementation.

Unless specifically prescribed by a physician to treat certain conditions, such as genetic diseases related to liver malfunction, children and infants should not be given betaine supplementation.

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Thorne Research, Betaine HCL & Pepsin, 225 Capsules Product Review

To reduce stomach acid. Great Betaine HCL in high potency for those suffering from too little HCL. Easy to use. Use Daily! It Is Okay, But Perhaps Low On Pepsin. Great. lactose free n great. great product. A very good product. Great product.

As we grew older, betaine became necessary. I really like this one and I will keep it going. I’m a little uneasy without this.

Great Betaine HCL in high potency for those suffering from too little HCL.

Eat 8 meals. Easy to use

We use this daily and always will – there is a definite difference when we run out.

This product really helps with low stomach acid. However, compared to some alternatives (B. P. P, natures life and Solaray) its perhaps a little low on pepsin. Apart from that, solid product!

Really like. Since you have to drink for a long time. Convenient in terms of can volume. And the quality pleases

this product helped re-gain my correct stomach acid levels without reactions from lactose

excellent product

This works very well with the problems I have. A high quality product.

Works better than other betaine tablets I have used. Excellent product.

Questions and Answers

will it cause ulcers?
this is the first time I take it, how many capsules I should take?
Does this product have the Prop 65 warning?
should i take it before or after the meal?i’ve read different opinions. Also I am buying this because I burp a lot all the time even though I eat healthy. will this help?
Hi. Is this suitable for vegetarians? Are all ingredients suitable for vegetarians?

I am not a doctor, but if you do not need the extra acid, it could cause an ulcer. Only use it if you have low acid. One way I was told to check is, only start with one capsule unless your doctor says more. If there is no burning sensation you should be okay. If you are very low in acid it may take more than one capsule, just add one more capsule with your meal and if you have a burning sensation go back to the previous amount. I have to take 3 capsules with each meal. Everyone is different.
The best way to take it, per my naturopathic doctor, is one capsule per meal the first day, then keep increasing by one per meal per day until you feel some warmth in your stomach. Stop there. If at any time you feel pain, back off the added capsule.
I can’t tell you, what i do know is that the product is very helpfull for a good digestion.
I have been taking this for 12 mths. Before/ with or after food will all help. If I go out and forget and come how 2 hrs later feeling bloated sick, I take 3 and within 30 min im good. These are amazing they do work. If your burping and or bloated look into foods with lectins in in them. They opened my eyes up to a new life as what not to eat.
No, it is not suitable for vegetarians. The pepsin in this product is derived from pigs. The ingredients list on the container shows the word ‘porcine’ which indicates this.