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Thinly Sliced Fennel with Olive Oil and Sea Salt (Our Best and Easiest Snack)

If you like licorice, you like fennel. And if you like fennel, you will love sliding the fennel back and forth across the blade of a mandolin, and then eat the slices with olive oil, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Few things are as tasty as this. Brilliant on its own, or as a nice surprise next to your everyday dinner. Full of fiber, vitamin C, folate and iron – it never ceases to amaze us.

Just categorized this post as “recipe”, but should something this simple really count as recipe? On the other hand, what else could it be?

What about the fronds?
Fennel is a flowering plant species in the carrot, parsley and dill family. Have you noticed that the fronds are similar to those of dill, but thinner? They too have a mild anise flavour and make a great addition to salads. Also really good as topping on the sliced fennel bulb.

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  1. Sååå gott!! Men med lite citron på blir detta extra extra gott gotti gott gott 😉

    1. OMG that’s so good !! Thank you 😀


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