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Alaffia, Everyday Coconut, Ethically Traded Lip Balm, Purely Coconut, 0.15 oz (4.25 g)

Alaffia, Everyday Coconut, Ethically Traded Lip Balm, Purely Coconut, 0.15 oz (4.25 g) Review


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Product name: Alaffia, Everyday Coconut, Ethically Traded Lip Balm, Purely Coconut, 0.15 oz (4.25 g)
Quantity: 1 Count, 0.01 kg, 1 x 1.5 x 6.4 cm
Categories: Alaffia, Bath, Personal Care, Lip Care, Lip Balm, Handcrafted, Vegan

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Handcrafted Vegan No Synthetic Flavors, A luscious moisturizing lip balm with Ethically Traded virgin coconut oil and cocoa butter.

Lip Balm, Lip Care, Personal Care, Bath

This lip balm is perfect when you want to add just a touch of color. First and foremost their lip balm contains beeswax as the primary protectant along with shea butter as the primary moisturizer. I also love using this almost like a lip mask at night and just applying a thicker amount than usual. I’ll admit that this is more of a protective lip balm rather than a restorative one. Within the stick of this balm it contains just a few ingredients. I swear by the laneige water sleeping mask for giving my face a boost of hydration overnight, and i swear by the brand’s lip sleeping mask for soothing my angry chapped lips. Whether you are looking for an intense lip treatment for dry, chapped, winter-battled lips or a simple moisturizing (And perhaps tasty) everyday lip balm, this big book of bomb balms has got you covered. If you want a ton of anti-aging power in your lip balm (Something to help firm and plump your lips), then look no further than rose oil. That being said, this lip balm is more liquid than competing products. When it comes to nivea products, we absolutely fell in love with their aftershave balm. Shea butter and sunflower oil are added for sun protection and also contribute to repairing and softening the lips. I like this lip balm in the way that i can not think of anything negative about it. A good sunblocking lip balm is essential for the summer.

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Alaffia, Everyday Coconut, Ethically Traded Lip Balm, Purely Coconut, 0.15 oz (4.25 g): Lip Balm, Lip Care, Personal Care, Bath

In the winter, this lip balm is a hard-working addition to any daily routine. The smell is great, the larger applicator makes it so easy to swipe across once on each lip, and done. Gluten-free, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals, this balm ticks a lot of boxes and gets the thumbs up from celebrity skin therapist louise thomas-minns. Vaseline lip therapy is as neutral and irritant-free as it gets. Before i tried glossier balm dotcom for the first time i was convinced it was overrated. Every night i apply a tiny amount of it in place of a regular lip balm and start the next day with minimal flaking. Golden seaweed extract, shea butter and avocado oil help to restore the film of severely problematic lips while the natural raspberry flavouring is an unexpected bonus and tastes just like candy floss. This multipurpose balm has 101 uses, hence the name, from healing sore lips to treating brittle nails, cracked heels, stretch marks, dry nipples, nappy rash, wetsuit rash and insect bites. Beeswax makes up the base of this balm, a tried and true ingredient that is known to help protect against harsh elements.

Alaffia, Lip Balm

Popular balms have ingredients that very closely mimic the labels of some of the top beard balms and mustache waxes on the market today. In addition to the shea butter, there are a few other oils that are contain within the tube that will further help to cure any severely chapped lips. To combat this, anthony has come up with a lip balm that spreads clear and easy, protecting your lips against harsh weather. It includes shea butter and aloe vera as a means to maintain moisture in the lips, contributing to their overall health and well-being. When all these ingredients are combined into one stick, you have an extremely effective lip balm that not only protects your lips with the use of beeswax, but also keeps them well moisturized. Just because these balms are simply crafted does not mean that they are not effective. If you do not have a tube or 10 of burt’s bees lip balm lying around, what are you doing with your life? Laneige’s lip sleeping mask is an all-time allure editor favorite.

Everyday Coconut, Ethically Traded Lip Balm, Purely Coconut

I do not even like bananas, but this balm has got this subtle, yet super yummy natural banana scent and flavor that i love. This balm contains both artificial and natural ingredients to deliver the most effective product for your lips. Haha 🙂 To date, this is the best lip balm i have ever tried and i have been trying to find the perfect lip balm for about 16 years. This set comes with one clear balm and two tinted balms called joyful and playful. By the time all is said and done, that personalized lip balm you were buying could cost you dearly. This lip balm serves as a mild sun block, with an spf of 15 for every-day use. This is a big ole stick of solid organic lip balm. For men with chapped, broken lips, this moisturizing solid lip balm has you covered. Aside from rose oil, these balms are also made with almond oil, beeswax, shea butter, and macadamia nut oil.

Alaffia Bath Personal Care Lip Care

Vitamin c, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid in the formula provide an effective salve to my always irritated lips. I was with other girlfriends and they all complained how chapped and dry their lips were even after keeping their brand lip balms on frequently. This lip balm contains natural and artificial ingredients, but they all contribute to overall skin health. To guard against overuse (Which may actually make your lips drier in the long run), lio recommends letting the body regulate itself whenever possible. Available in our hempseed butter lemongrass lip balm. What it is: Rad’s best selling soothing and extremely moisturizing lip balm flavored with calming and delicious coconut pineapple. The truth however is, you must be very careful.

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Alaffia Lip Balm

If you are the kind of person who is always sharing or giving away your lip balms to family and friends, then stock up on the good stuff with this six pack! This lip balm has everything you need to protect your lips, and it even goes so far as to include sunscreen to help fight off uva/uvb rays. It is so cooling and wonderful for chapped lips. The acid acts as an exfoliant, and, in theory, exfoliating flaky lips is a good thing. My lips have never felt this soft or this hydrated. This lip balm is great for men who live in harsh conditions or are currently taking any medication for severe acne or psoriasis (I. It’s not going to cure severely cracked lips, but it’s perfect for general everyday use. The only way you would have some gloss to your lips is if you over-apply the product. A set of three spf 8 organic lip balms featuring aloe juice, plant based candelilla wax, coconut oil, and sunflower oil. Aquaphor is the number one dermatologist recommended lip brand, and it’s also the number one mom recommended lip brand. While a thin application of product may still protect your lips, you may have to reapply more frequently. Beeswax, shea butter and petrolatum are good ingredients to look for as they seal water inside the lips, helping to prevent and repair chapping.

Bath Personal Care Lip Care Lip Balm Alaffia

Made in the usa, this lip balm has effective hydrating properties that will make even the most rugged of lips considerably smoother and healthier. Rose mira makes five different flavors of organic lip balms: Pink grapefruit, banana, lemon, mint, and citrus. Lip cancers are prevalent, so it makes sense to ensure your balm or lipstick contains an spf too, particularly when up in the mountains. Lip balm is not your typical lip care product. A great organic lip balm can be a fantastic routine treatment to keep your lips moist, soft, and safe from sun damage. I like to consider myself a lip balm connoisseur, and this scent ranks above all of my favorite formulas, clean or not. An affordable organic lip balm option given the large size. The balm smells nice, works well, and while it does leave a little shine on your lips, it protects them from the elements and keeps your lips looking healthier longer. It’s super creamy, moisturizing, and sticks around on your lips for a good bit of time. I have tried many different lip balms from drugstore brands all the way to high-end brands, and i keep coming back to this. The season of sore, chapped lips is fully upon us, with the threat of snow, and maybe even another beast from the east, looming large. Even the most stinging, split lips will breathe a sigh of relief after being smothered in this intensely moisturising salve, which quickly forms a moisture barrier without looking shiny.

This chic emollient balm from elizabeth arden was the big hit among the dermatologists we spoke to. These balms contain no parabens, nothing artificial, and no genetically modified ingredients. That is why i love to keep a stockpile of organic lip balms around so that i always have one nearby (Or a replacement when i inevitably lose one). Enriched with avocado, sweet almond, and apricot seed oils, this korean beauty treatment leaves lips looking and feeling instantly more moisturized after a mere five minutes. They are made with just the right ingredients to keep lips protected and soft. The biggest downside of this rms beauty organic lip and skin balm is that there is not enough of it. Are you prone to dry, cracked saraha-desert-like lips or just some occasional tightness in the corners? The reason why this lip balm is so highly thought of is given it’s ability to pretty much cure any sort of dry or cracked lips. This organic lip balm is made with just castor bean oil, beeswax, sunflower oil, coconut oil, and vitamin e-that’s it.

Some of the reviewers have stated that this balm is rather oily, and leaves a bit of a shine after application.

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Alaffia, Everyday Coconut, Ethically Traded Lip Balm, Purely Coconut, 0.15 oz (4.25 g) Product Review

Plain. Nice lip balm, however it melts. Good lipstick. MOISTURIZING LIP BALM. Not for winter. holy grail. Everyday Coconut Ethically Traded Lip Balm. Not the best. I recommend! Love!

The simplest lipstick, I can not say anything

Alaffia, Everyday Coconut, Ethically Traded Lip Balm, Purely Coconut, 0.15 oz (4.25 g) Review

Lovely faint scent, and does protect lips. However it appears to be easily melted i. e. when you apply it, small chunks of “dough” comes off. Will not repurchase given the very wide variety of options out there.

Liked. Doesn’t roll. Holds on lips for a long time. I will order more.


Alaffia, Everyday Coconut, Ethically Traded Lip Balm, Purely Coconut, 0.15 oz (4.25 g) Review

Moisturizes, of course, but not for long, namely until you eat it. Maybe in the summer it will be more effective.

Best. Lip balm. on the market.

This is the worst product I have ever used. It feels very dry and not moisturizing at all.

Normal balm, worked well in the summer, but in the cold season is rather weak.

my lips cracked, hurt. After a couple of applications, my lips healed. )

I accidentally stumbled upon these balms from Alaffia, before that I used Badger and Hurraw for a couple of years, which I also really like. But Alaffia just fell in love with herself! The quality is not inferior, the price is very pleasing, and on the lips, what a pleasant one! And if you hold them on the lips several times, then it will lie in such a layer as if shine) In general, I already ordered three times and gave it to my friends, very satisfied, I recommend)