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B-Fresh, Breath Freshening Gum, Cinnamon, 100 Pieces

B-Fresh, Breath Freshening Gum, Cinnamon, 100 Pieces Review


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Product name: B-Fresh, Breath Freshening Gum, Cinnamon, 100 Pieces
Quantity: 100 Count, 0.16 kg, 10.2 x 5.6 x 5.6 cm
Categories: B-Fresh Inc, Bath, Personal Care, Oral Care, Dental Gum, Mints, Lozenges, Gum, Kosher, Sugar Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non Gmo, Soy Free

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Amazingly Effective, Fresh, Kosher, Sweetened with 100% Xylitol, Recommended by Dentists, Sugar Free! Patented, Vegan, Gluten Free, GMO Free and Soy Free, 500% RDI Vitamin B12, Excellent Source of Water Soluble Calcium, Sugar Free Sweetened with 100% Xylitol, B-Fresh Gum dramatically revolutionizes the breath freshener market. Breath fresheners that are available to the consumer today are basically designed to mask the odor of bad breath by covering up the problem with a strong flavor. B-Fresh Gum naturally alters the pH in your mouth so that it fights bacteria that cause tooth decay, plaque and bad breath. B-Fresh Gum contains no sugar, salt or preservatives. The patented formula combining xylitol, calcium and B12 vitamins enables the B-Fresh gum to out perform any breath products on the market today.

Gum, Lozenges, Mints, Dental Gum, Oral Care, Personal Care, Bath

Before using any mouthwash containing essential oils to treat swelling in the gums, people should check to be sure that it does not contain other harsh ingredients, such as alcohol. Currently, i have mandarin mint and it’s pleasant tasting. Some essential oils may also promote general oral health. Our test puppy responded well to the use of a toothbrush and dog toothpaste, but we found that adding this dental gel kept his breath fresh for longer than toothpaste alone. After a long day at work where the main thing on my mind is guarding my breath with mints, gums, candy, and etc. With the ability to kill 99,9% germs that cause bad breath, these mint strips are tested and certified by experts. Lozenges or mints would interfere with my ability to speak clearly and a presenter can only take so many sips of water before that would become a distraction. Not to be too negative but i found this procedure much worse than wisdom teeth extraction. Figure 5 shows the kill-time assays of extra peppermint mint with 0,2% mbe and without mbe (Placebo mint) against f. Including 100% xylitol, it helps in hydrating dry tissues and provides instant oral care anytime, anywhere. Everyone out there, please be careful- do not use an electric toothbrush as this was blamed for my recession. My doctor put a sort of putty over both the incision on my palate and the gum that was grafted, front lower tooth.

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B-Fresh, Breath Freshening Gum, Cinnamon, 100 Pieces: Gum, Lozenges, Mints, Dental Gum, Oral Care, Personal Care, Bath

I am particularly excited about the new therabrite plus toothpaste and mouthwash that are now available at my local drug store. I need to have the bottom two front teeth done. It feels like i have a balloon in the bottom of my mouth because not only did they do the four bottom teeth but also a frenulectomy. After brushing my teeth with the therabreath toothpaste, i can taste and feel that my teeth and mouth are very clean. The grafted teeth got stitches and putty. I accidentally looked when he removed the palate material, kinda gross. I posted back in oct about my exp with gum grafting and i had a panic attack. I’m a daughter of a dental hygienist so i know how to clean and floss my mouth well. Bought the mouthwash for the first time and it removed tea stains from the hard to get to back of my teeth that even a hygienist has trouble removing. And he speaks now of a donor because of all the tissue i would need because i have waited to long and the gums have moved down so far. Four years ago, my self esteem was almost non-existent and i felt that if one more person offered me gum that i would have a serious breakdown. Not only do whimzees natural grain-free dental chews have a 4,5-star rating on amazon with more than 350 reviews, but they have also been given an amazon’s choice award. When you go in for the consult ask plenty of questions and be sure you know what, if any, the alternatives are to surgery, what the risk is of doing nothing, what the surgery will entail, what the numbing/anesthesia options are, what the recovery period will be, post op mouth care, etc.

Applying such a product to the teeth after brushing each day may help reduce plaque and swelling in the gums. I would forget/choose not to brush my teeth on a daily basis, floss, use mouth wash etc. I spent thousands of dollars purchasing various products to improve my breath and none worked longer than a couple of hours. For example, chlorhexidine stains the teeth. Diligent in maintaining a strict personal hygiene regimen with the products and it is worth every minute and every dime i spend. The best teeth whitening kits come with everything you need to whiten your teeth, are easy to use, and do not irritate your gums or teeth. When you are stocking up on mints, stick to the sugar-free kind to help protect your teeth from cavities and prevent unintended bad breath later on. Cool mint listerine pocket packs are premium quality breath strips that help in the reduction and prevention of plaque and gingivitis. I had 11 teeth done on the bottom and it has definitely affected my speech. The majority of the stitches on the roof of my mouth dissolved on their own on day 6 and day 7, now 10 days after the procedure my grafted gums look pretty good and are a healthy pink instead of a ghostly white. I started using the therabreath fresh breath rinse and then soon after the fresh breath toothpaste about a year ago. The area of the graft was also my front bottom teeth. No wonder there are so few periodontists around, gum surgery does not work even if you follow all the directions.

The bubble gum comes in a light crunchy shell that helps to save the flavor and freshness for a long time. A self-topical neutral fluoride toothpaste. Compressed mint contained sorbitol, magnesium stearate, and intense sweetener. I had bone my second procedure for bone graft and gum grafting over two weeks ago. I had the best appointment yesterday when my dentist told me that my teeth look great. Having a history of gastritis, various minty chewing gums made my stomach feel worse, so i was in search of a solution. Swollen gums may also occur when a person is pregnant, even if they have perfect oral health. My two cents: In my opinion, this lozenge had the best mint flavor of any product i tried. Buying a high-quality dog toothbrush is a great place to start in improving your dog’s dental health, but you also need some toothpaste. Of the 4 lower transplanted teeth, two failed, one within 2 weeks.

Effect of eucalyptus-extract chewing gum on oral malodor: A double-masked, randomized trial. I will go to the cvs store this week and try the oral rinse. The stench from the bacteria in and under the crowns could not be controlled with the usual, toothpaste, flossing, water piking and mouthwash. Oral-b is one of america’s leading oral hygiene companies, and it’s glide pro-health comfort plus dental floss is the best you can buy. I bought these for the probiotic mouth support but honestly i think you are better of with a multi strain including both reuteri and salivarius and a packet of polo mints. For the slab of gum study, the subjects chewed gum for 5 min and then rested for 5 min. The flavor is mildly minty, but not strong or distracting so i am generally unaware of them once i begin.

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B-Fresh Inc Gum

I just had a gum graft and completely agree with this article. The success rates for using nicotine gum is dependent on the study, which are mixed. I know that these two products will help me keep my teeth for the rest of my life! Thanks to the long lasting and rich flavor, this gum will fit smokers since it breaks even the strongest tobacco smell. The mouthwashes and the dry mouth lozenges are a life savers. Crafted to specifically provide relief from a dry mouth, the oral health xylimelts mints aim at moisturizing and lubricating the mouth, leaving you comfortable throughout the day. The cdc already lists dental floss as a product that could contain pfas. Certain forms of dental decay and periodontal disease appear to be due to specific bacterial infections following overgrowth of certain indigenous plaque bacteria, i. While chewing gum will stimulate more salivary flow and help prevent tooth decay in addition to freshening you up, sometimes the situation calls for something a little more discreet.

I have also started using the toothpaste and like it very much. Xylimelts is the most effective over-the-counter mint/pill i have ever used. The bacteria-causing odor will actually feed on the sweetener, according to colgate, meaning that after the minty flavors fade, the smell could return full-force. It’s soft enough so that it will not damage the gum tissue but it still cleans effectively. Long-term use of nicotine gum can cause muscle weakness in the throat and lead to chronic hiccups, a feeling like your throat is closing and irritation. I use a homeopathic toothpaste already but this rinse did exactly what it claimed. Instead, the mint sucks out a sample of mouth air and runs it past electrochemical sensors that detect certain sulfur-containing molecules. This spray also provides instant relief from dry mouth since it coats all the oral tissues so the patient will not have to wait for salivary glands to be stimulated. The reviewers at pearly whytes chose the oral-b glide pro-health comfort plus dental floss as one of their top picks, and buyers agree. It is alcohol-free and tastes minty fresh. After using your therabreath plus extra strength toothpaste and oral rinse for a month, my gums no longer look red and puffy! Combinatorial effect of magnolia bark extract and ethyl lauroyl arginate against multi-species oral biofilms: Food additives with the potential to prevent biofilm-related oral diseases.

In the 80’s i was actively working in nursing and i constantly told patients about oral balance. Fans of the floss note that it is gentle on gums, does not fray, and gets between tight teeth easily. He measured my gums and saw no change from our last consultation, which was a year ago. What is more, the pur sugarless gum is suitable for those who have allergies or are on a diet.

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B-Fresh, Breath Freshening Gum, Cinnamon, 100 Pieces Product Review

Advised where one. Awesome. Good cinnamon flavor, at first. refreshing. It’s got Calcium Citrate and Gluconate. Spicy and long lasting. Love this gum. Best Xylitol Gum. Excellent. Its taste is excellent

It tastes like gum Abu Arrow Mlyn flavor, but all Maalkt taste taste very Greyep and current sweet annoying and sticks throat experimented with cinnamon flavor the same thing, but chewing gum Bank but delicious

Tastes great, works even better!

Once chewing the gum for about a minute the cinnamon dissipates and the base flavor is highly unpleasant.

It is fresh with a start, and after two minutes, the grill. The taste is delicious and the taste of the cinnamon is refreshing. Latsoo Lake

I use this brand cause it has Calcium citrate and Calcium gluconate, while the other brands use Calcium Carbonate. Carbonate makes kidney stones, and it needs Citric Acid (or something Citrate) to dissolve the stones.

I will definitely be buying more of these. I just can’t say enough good things about them. Everyone I’ve given some too has asked me where I got them and commented how yummy they are.10/10 for me.

This is the best healthy sugar free gum I found so far. The taste lasts longer then the peppermint flavor as well.

Best gum out there with xylitol if you are looking for natural ingredients. Also calcium and B12 to boot! Made in the good old USA! A little pricey, but worth it for your health. Switch and stop chewing that OTC junk! Enjoy!

Beautiful and refreshing mouth


Questions and Answers

Which country is this manufactured in (not the same as packaged) and which countries are ingredients sourced from?
Which country is this manufactured in and where are ingredients sourced from? (Please only answer if you have verified facts – thank you)
Is it safe for pregnant women?

I dont know What I do know is that its really good gum with healthy ingredients and the flavor lasts longer then other healthy gum I’ve tried especially the cinnamon flavor one. Haven’t tried the bubble gum yet
Made in the U. S. A. Don’t know where ingredients are sourced. For product information (as per label) call 1.800.555.1276
Sorry, I am just a non pregnant customer so I don’t know. I would email the manufacturer.