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C.C. Pollen, Propolis Elderberry Spray, 1 fl oz (30 g)

C.C. Pollen, Propolis Elderberry Spray, 1 fl oz (30 g) Review


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Product name: C.C. Pollen, Propolis Elderberry Spray, 1 fl oz (30 g)
Quantity: 1 fl oz, 0.09 kg, 3.3 x 3.3 x 10.9 cm
Categories: C.C. Pollen, Supplements, Bee Products, Propolis, Healthy Lifestyles, Cold, Cough, Flu

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High Desert, Natural Products from the Beehive, A Proprietary Blend Containing: Bee Propolis extract, European Elder fruit Marshmallow root, Licorice root, Ginger root, Echincea Angustifolia root, Peppermint Leaf, Fenugreek seed, Oregon Grape root, Clove and Eucalyptus.

Flu, Cough, Cold, Healthy Lifestyles, Propolis, Bee Products, Supplements

Recorded use of propolis dates back to c. Most of them had experience on honey product use for treatment and disease prevention for themselves and their family members (62%) Although the need of more evidence based information was expressed. Bees seal cracks and holes in their hives with propolis to prevent the entrance of intruders and to disinfect or sterilize bees brushing against it. Raw honey, which comes straight from the beehive, contains healthful bee pollen, bee propolis, and plenty of antioxidants. After the resin is masticated and salivary enzymes are added, the partially digested material is mixed with beeswax and used in the hives. Krell, value-added products from beekeeping, fao agricultural services bulletin no. Antibacterial properties of propolis against a wide spectrum of bacteria were studied by scheller in poland. Only 3 ingredients: High-grade bee propolis extract, non-gmo vegetable glycerin, and purified water. If you have had an allergic or hypersensitivity reaction to bee stings or bee products (Including honey), you could react to propolis in the same way. The aim of this study was twofold: (I) to ascertain the presence of dwv on pollen collected directly from flowers visited by honeybees and then quantify the viral load and (Ii) determine whether the virus associated with pollen is infective. In addition to applying honey to wounds, zacharias has successfully treated wart-like growths with honey.

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C.C. Pollen, Propolis Elderberry Spray, 1 fl oz (30 g): Flu, Cough, Cold, Healthy Lifestyles, Propolis, Bee Products, Supplements

The prophylactic use of vitamin c does not reduce the incidence of colds, but decreases illness duration by 8 percent. It has been used for centuries for immune support, sore throats and combating various ailments. In addition to using honey as a food, crouse washes her dogs with it. 21 In a randomized, placebo-controlled trial of 430 children one to five years of age, chizukit decreased the number of cold episodes, the number of days the child was ill, and the number of days the child missed school. However, some additive effects to echinacea and propolis immunomodulation cannot be ruled out. In the middle ages propolis was not a very popular topic and it’s use in mainstream medicine disappeared. Hypersensitivity, such as allergy, has been known to occur; in which case, discontinue use immediately. The molecular mechanisms resulting in the antiproliferative and anticancer effects of honey include cell cycle arrest, activation of mitochondrial pathway, induction of mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization, induction of apoptosis, modulation of oxidative stress, reduction of inflammation, modulation of insulin signaling, and inhibition of angiogenesis in cancer cells (Figure 2). It not only reduced the pain and inflammation a sore throat almost instantly, it helped me get past the tailings of a nasty cough i could not shake after my cold. The stigmas, and sometimes the petals, are also used to make medicine. Intranasal beclomethasone dipropionate in the treatment of common cold.

C.C. Pollen, Propolis, Cold, Cough, Flu

I have only been taking these for about a month and i bought them because i was getting virus after virus and colds every other week. And one of the most potent forms of that remedy is hidden inside the bee hive. Had 2 colds and bronchitis and my hayfever is ridiculous! People typically take in some propolis when they eat honey. Fall is one of those times of year when the weather can change drastically and the rate of colds and viruses floating around seems to increase significantly, too. Some are based on test-tube studies looking at the biological activity of individual constituents of bee pollen. Honey provides a range of health benefits.

Apitherapy, or bee sting therapy, is common in china and gaining popularity in europe and the us. Honey has also been documented for amplifying the apoptotic effect of tamoxifen by intensified depolarization of the mitochondrial membrane. Antibiotics for the common cold and acute purulent rhinitis. Complementary and alternative medicine products. Honey, propolis, and royal jelly have distinct efficacies with significant nutritional properties and functional values. In children, there is a potential for harm and no benefits with over-the-counter cough and cold medications; therefore, they should not be used in children younger than four years. Molecular mechanisms responsible for anticancer and antitumor activities of honey products. Predigested by it’s makers, the bees, it is absorbed immediately into the bloodstream of the consumer. In addition to that, mouthwash containing propolis have shown effectiveness in healing surgical wounds.

Caffeic acid phenethyl ester (Cape), royal jelly (Rj) and curcumin have been used for the treatment of several diseases as alternative medicine remedies. The function of propolis is to reinforce the hive’s integrity and stability, as well as to maintain it’s sanitary state. In this regard, honey is an influential antioxidant and free radical scavenger. When the dshea law was enacted, those in congress may well have thought that they were protecting the public’s right to choose products that they thought were good for their health. An animal study found that rats that consumed honey had protection against brain damage caused by exposure to lead. It makes me happy to see people responding so well to an all-natural alternative to modern medicine. That being said, we have had many customers who have happily used our propolis spray and the other products you mentioned while breastfeeding. Natural wild honey exerts cardioprotective and therapeutic impacts against epinephrine-induced cardiac disorders and vasomotor dysfunctions. Sidoides was shown to reduce the duration and severity of 10 different cold symptoms in a randomized controlled trial.

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C.C. Pollen Propolis Cold Cough Flu

Raw honey may contain nutrients that regular honey does not. Honey bees use propolis for protecting larvae and themselves against microorganisms (Viruses, bacteria, fungus) and they use it as a source of disinfectant in the hive. The sample size calculation was based on a previous study 28 that showed a crude rate of 17,8% reports of flulike and acute respiratory symptoms during a winter period. The effect of european propolis on protozoa reported by several publications that cause diseases in humans and animals such as trichomoniasis, toxoplasmosis, giardiasis, chagas disease, leishmaniasis, and malaria. Worldwide propolis has a tremendous popularity, but in india the studies over propolis have just started, not extensively reported except few regions of india like maharashtra, west bengal, tamil nadu, gujrat, and madhya pradesh. However, in two case series and a prevalence study, some children with respiratory infections but no signs of dehydration developed hyponatremia with increased fluids. One study found when topical propolis was applied three times a day, it helped to heal cold sores faster than no treatment. A history of reactions to black popular, poplar bud, or balsam of peru may also indicate risk of reactions to propolis. In addition, chinese propolis-treated rats showed an 8,4% reduction of glycated hemoglobin levels compared with untreated diabetic rats. Our bee pollen has never been heated or dried so all of it’s enzymes are kept intact, providing you with all the nutritional benefits your body needs.

Bee pollen should not be confused with apitherapy, bee venom, or royal jelly. Products that improve symptoms in children include vapor rub, zinc sulfate, pelargonium sidoides (Geranium) extract, and buckwheat honey. This is a great bee pollen granola bar recipe. If consumers and physicians are to have confidence that all supplements are safe, the law regulating supplements must be reformed, he wrote. The susceptibility study, carried out by microplate dilution, found antimicrobial activity of ethanolic extract of propolis. In addition, a review states that raw honey may contain ingredients that help fight inflammation in the hippocampus, a part of the brain involved in memory. A review confirms that honey is useful in wound healing because of it’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

Dietary propolis significantly suppressed the lipoxygenase pathway of arachidonic acid metabolism during inflammation in vivo. The romans also revered the bee and propolis extensively. There is just no hard data that the supplement does anything it’s advertised to do. 14 It’s putative antimicrobial activities have been attributed to flavones 14, 15 and it’s anticancerous activities to caffeic acid phenethyl ester. In india, lotus honey has been traditionally used to treat eye infections and other diseases. It is only because they are fed royal jelly and nothing else that they grow larger than worker bees and live far longer. The makers of herbal salves often use beeswax as a thickener. Ipratropium (Atrovent) is the only orally inhaled anticholinergic recommended by the accp for cough caused by a common cold, 24 and one study showed that the nasal formulation decreases rhinorrhea and sneezing. When the temperature does a thirty-degree swing in less than a week and your kids are spending their days in the petri dish better known as a classroom, it can be tough to discern if your sniffles are a cold or a fall allergy. The labelling on our propolis spray says consult a healthcare practitioner for use beyond one month just to be extra safe!

Bee pollen is made from bee saliva, and plant pollens and nectar collected by worker bees. A persistent cough with one or more of these symptoms, whether or not there is a lot of mucus, could mean pneumonia or bronchitis. Raw honey comes straight from the honeycomb. This means that the honey gets a grainy or sugar-like texture. Research on the medicinal uses of raw honey is promising. The effect of ethanolic extract of propolis against experimental diabetes mellitus-associated changes was examined.