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Dynamic Health Laboratories, Certified Organic Tart Cherry, 100% Juice Concentrate, Unsweetened, 16 fl oz (473 ml)

Dynamic Health Laboratories, Certified Organic Tart Cherry, 100% Juice Concentrate, Unsweetened, 16 fl oz (473 ml) Review


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Product name: Dynamic Health Laboratories, Certified Organic Tart Cherry, 100% Juice Concentrate, Unsweetened, 16 fl oz (473 ml)
Quantity: 16 fl oz, 0.84 kg, 18.8 x 7.1 x 7.1 cm
Categories: Dynamic Health, Supplements, Antioxidants, Cherry Fruit Tart, Black, USDA Organic, Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Halal, Certified Organic By Organic Certifiers

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USDA Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Halal, Where Health and Flavor Meet! Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers, Inc, Dynamic Health Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate has no sweeteners, preservatives or other additives. Tart cherries contain a nutritional goldmine of phenolics, which are naturally occurring plant compounds. The main type of phenolic in cherries are anthocyanins.

Black, Cherry Fruit Tart, Antioxidants, Supplements

The toniiq tart cherry capsules supplement comes in a pack of 10,000mg or 120 capsules. Research by the journal of the international society of sports nutrition found that drinking tart cherry juice for seven days before and during a strenuous running event minimised post-run muscle pain. Montmorency cherry juice reduces muscle damage caused by intensive strength exercise. Delivers 5 times the specific antioxidants of tart cherry juice! This study has permitted us equally to value betalain pigments extracted from fruity juice. Instead of using a harvesting machines, the cherries are shaken off the trees to prevent damages on the fruits. A wide assortment of nutritional and supplementation strategies have been investigated by researchers, with varying results. Participants were instructed to follow a low-polyphenolic diet throughout the supplementation period for 48-hours prior to participating in each arm of the trial. Knudsen is a leading manufacturer of food and dietary supplements such as tart cherry pure juice, organic sensible apple sippers, low organic sodium, organic juice box, juice beet, pineapple juice, organic apple juice, sparkling crisp apple cider, prune juice, and mega antioxidant, among others. Pilot studies of cherry juice concentrate for gout flare prophylaxis. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that gives several varieties of berries and other fruits their red pigment. In this randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled investigation, 54 runners ingested 355 ml bottles of either a placebo or tart cherry juice 2 times a day for 7 days before a relay.

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Dynamic Health Laboratories, Certified Organic Tart Cherry, 100% Juice Concentrate, Unsweetened, 16 fl oz (473 ml): Black, Cherry Fruit Tart, Antioxidants, Supplements

Not only that, but when you rely on a juice or powder to get your plant nutrition, you miss out on the many benefits of consuming the whole fruits and vegetables. The cherries are best taken as supplements to reduce the side effects (Stomach upset and weight gain) of consuming the juice in large amounts. Participants ingested 355 ml bottles of tart cherry juice or placebo cherry drink twice daily for 7 days prior to the event and on the day of the race. The antioxidant status, as measured by the cap-e bioassay, showed the best correlation with improvements in physical well-being (Pain, rom, and adl). However, the differences observed between patients given the cherry juice and those given a placebo were very small. Cider apple cultivars had better antioxidant capacity than most of the commercial juices and can be used in apple juice blends. Though consumption of sweet cherries or a tart cherry concentrate by healthy adults did not alter concentrations of blood lipids in one study noted in the review, another study on overweight and obese people with elevated cholesterol who took a tart cherry juice did show an improvement. Additionally, seventeen anthocyanins were solely identified in the ripe fruit. Did george washington cut down a sweet or tart cherry tree? Eating generous servings of a large variety of veggies and fruits – whether organic or not will benefit your health.

Dynamic Health, Cherry Fruit Tart, Black

The tart cherry juice concentrate is made from 100% tart cherries. Initial evidence suggests that the long-term consumption of antioxidant-rich foods (Tart cherry juice, pomegranate juice, beetroot juice, and watermelon juice) as well as several chronic supplementation strategies (Creatine, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin d 3) may help to reduce symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage and improve muscle function in a variety of populations. 3 But just as eating too many cherries might upset your stomach, consuming large amounts of tart cherry juice may cause some digestive discomfort, which experts attribute to it’s high sorbitol content. These results suggest tart cherry should be further studied as an agent for amelioration in conditions of both mechanical and metabolic stress. Cherry juice targets antioxidant potential and pain relief. Instead of allowing the fruit to waste during peak periods, it could be processed into juice with appreciable nutritive value and acceptable sensory properties. Science is discovering what people have thought for generations, cherries contain significantly more anthocyanins than most other fruits. When cherry intake was combined with allopurinol use, the risk of gout attacks was 75% lower than during periods without either exposure. The other two locations of quadriceps soreness perception testing did not reveal any significant differences between supplementation groups.

Tart cherry juice may be a safe and effective way to treat insomnia and increase the amount of sleep you get each night. This review summarizes the key recommendations for macronutrients, hydration, and supplements for endurance athletes, and helps clinicians treating endurance athletes clear up misconceptions in sports nutrition research when counseling the endurance athlete. In each daily serving of only one vegan-friendly capsules, you will be enjoying the specific antioxidant power of 8 glasses of pomegranate juice without the sugar. This investigation determined the efficacy of a tart cherry juice in aiding recovery and reducing muscle damage, inflammation and oxidative stress. Our fruit butters, preserves and spread are so scrumpitous, you will love every bite. Tart cherry extract contains beneficial flavonoid compounds called anthocyanins. Tart cherries often find use in foods, flavorings in drinks and desserts, and fruit syrups, mainly as health tonic. Pregnant or lactating women, people with existing medical conditions, or people taking medications should consult their health care provider/s before taking any dietary supplement.

There are a few studies that have evaluated the effects of tart cherry supplementation on responses to endurance-based exercise. Sixteen cyclists consumed tart cherry juice or placebo for seven days, with a high intensity, stochastic road cycling trial of 109 minutes on each of the last three days. After an eccentric exercise challenge, which can exacerbate symptoms, there was a non-significant trend toward greater muscle strength in the tart cherry group when baseline and follow-up day one values were combined (26,5 Vs. Numerous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents have been identified in tart cherries. Cherries are one of the most popular fruits, characterized by attractive colour, firmness, appearance and delicious tastes. Tart cherry juice decreases oxidative stress in healthy older men and women. Antioxidant activity in those who ingested tart cherry was greater than the placebo, particularly 24 and 48-h post-run. Nutriana is a manufacturer of nutrient and diet supplements. Twenty recreational marathon runners assigned to either consumed cherry juice or placebo for 5 days before, the day of and for 48 h following a marathon run.

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Dynamic Health Cherry Fruit Tart Black

More recent nutritional research has focused on the antioxidant effects of functional foods containing high concentrations of phenolic compounds such as flavonoids and anthocyanins. There is no available direct comparison of pj’s antioxidant activity to those of other widely available polyphenol-rich beverage products using a comprehensive variety of antioxidant tests. When consumed in normal food amounts, tart cherry is safe for most adults. Dynamic health tart cherry juice is 100% pure organic for healthy living. Serum samples were assayed using standard commercially available elisa kits for superoxide dismutase (Sod activity assay kit), total antioxidant status (Tas, antioxidant assay kit), thiobarbituric acid reactive substance (Tbars, malondialdehyde-mda, tca method kit) (Cayman chemical company, ann arbor, mi, usa), and nitrotyrosine (Alpco diagnostics, salem, nh, usa). The cherry juice is also rich in flavonoids. Suggested that tart cherry treatment in horses may decrease the magnitude of changes in the skeletal muscle enzyme aspartate amino transferase (Ast) seen during an exercise protocol.

Efficacy of a tart cherry juice blend in preventing the symptoms of muscle damage. Oxidative stress occurs when your body lacks enough antioxidants. In my experience, when people start eating more whole fruits and vegetables, they tend to have less room on their plates and in their stomachs for junk food and empty calories. The supplement can be served with seltzer, water, smoothies, tea, cocktails and other drinks. Although in vitro antioxidant potency does not prove in vivo biological activity, there is also consistent clinical evidence of antioxidant potency for the most potent beverages including both pj and red wine. According to the same study above, the researchers found that older adults who consumed tart cherry juice made using usa-grown montmorency tart cherries enjoyed a range of health benefits. It’s important to note that using black cherry as a substitute for the standard treatment of a chronic condition may have serious health consequences. Fruit advantage tart cherry joint formula helps maintain healthy joint function and soothe sore muscles. Anthocyanins are powerful plant pigments responsible for the deep red and purple colors of select berries, fruits and vegetables.

Research by the british journal of nutrition found that cherry juice may help reduce blood pressure due to it’s high polyphenol content. Red tart cherries are rich in phytonutrients, and at least 17 antioxidants, including anthocyanins, flavones, amino acids, natural melatonin, vitamin e and c, and fiber, which support healthy joint function. Black cherry concentrate contains significantly less water than black cherry juice. Directions: As a dietary supplement for adults, take one Capsule twice daily, preferably with meals, or as directed by a health care professional. The process also preserves color, enzymes and flavor of the cherry juice concentrate. This could be a concern with the use of cherry juice products in an aging population where type 2 diabetes is more common. Tart cherry capsules feature antioxidants that offer you many health benefits such as facilitating exercise recovery by decreasing inflammation. S locations to ensure that you get 100% pure tart cherry juice or concentrate. Zhou nutrition combines two powerful ingredients, tart cherry extract and celery seed, for an advanced, synergistic 2-in-1 complex, specially formulated to help 1) keep uric acid production within a healthy range, and 2) flush excess uric acid to keep you moving comfortably. Consuming large amounts of cherry juice may lead to indigestion and diarrhea, and the calories and sugar may be a problem for some people.

At 96 hours after the exercise challenge muscle strength was actually 6% above baseline in the cherry group. 2- How much tart cherry juice should you drink a day? While range of motion parameters and tenderness did not significantly differ, the cherry juice group did have less strength loss and subjective pain. Be sure to talk with your doctor before indulging in the juice or taking a pomegranate extract supplement. The supplements were packaged in generic bottles by shoreline fruit, llc for double blind administration. High fruit and vegetable intake is, in fact, linked with reduced inflammation and oxidative stress and reduced arthritis pain.

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Dynamic Health Laboratories, Certified Organic Tart Cherry, 100% Juice Concentrate, Unsweetened, 16 fl oz (473 ml) Product Review

Good for joints. Good! Too good. Great taste. It works! Good Stuff. good. good. Good Organic Tart Cherry Juice. quality


It taste great as it’s not so sweet when diluted with water. Also value for money.

Since I started drinking, my sleep quality has improved and my physical strength has improved. I can’t let go! My husband is drinking gout prevention. It feels sweet when it is in good condition, and it is sour when it is in bad condition.

Great taste

Had a gout issue and started taking tart cherry juice and have not had a problem since. Doctor gave me Alpurinal and I have eliminated that. To help with the gout issue I also cut back on my alcohol consumption.

Great product, packaging, delivery

I heard that it is good for joint pain and muscle pain. Delicious! My husband likes to add agave syrup and sweeten it. It feels good for fatigue.

Wasn’t able to find this product anywhere except on Foodpharmacy Blog and at a good price

I originally tried this product because it is organic and contained less sugar than most tart cherry juices. I drink tart cherry juice for the health benefits. I was hopeful to get the benefit of getting to sleep at night as others have stated but the juice did not help with that issue. I will still continue to purchase for the health benefits. Delivery was fast and arrived in perfect condition.

good enough

Questions and Answers

In glass or plastic bottle please?
What is the best way to drink it; with or without adding water?
Question has been asked twice if the bottle is glass or plastic – cant be both, it must be one or the other. Which is it please?
Will this help for constipation too? Cherry is the only thing that help me i have try everything and is to hard and my body dont like it. Always when i eat cherrys they help me so good but i can have them only 2 months in summer.
how long it can kept after opening and put in a fridge? Thanks
Is it completely natural, im buying this for a UTI patient.
Any guesses as to how much more concentrated this is than normal, 100% juice?
does the Pomegranate one work for middle eastern food?
Plastic or glass bottle?
What is the suggested amount of water l can use with?

It’s plastic.
It depends upon your taste. You can take it straight by the tablespoon like a syrup or add water and make a soft drink.
the bottle is plastic
I’m not to sure if this would help with your issue, but I would believe it is worth a try. It is great tasting, and in many ways good for the body I like to think? Eliminex Herbal Tea with Cascara Sagrada is what I drink, it helps very much to stay regular. It may help with constipation, i herb may sell it, I purchase mine at Well. ca. I’ve seen it sold at walmart to. Good day, and best wishes.
it appears to last for a substantial time. I’ve never had to discard the concentrate. I often have multiple bottles of the cranberry and the blueberry in the fridge. obviously, only one of each open at one time. Scientifically I can’t really answer the question but the storage time has never been a factor for me. It seems to last a very significant duration.
It is as it claims: concentrate and unsweetened. It’s thirst-quenching when mixes it with soda water.
Not really but know I love it on my cereal and only need a small amount. will be buying more soon. Yum!
Definitely not too tart
Glass Bottle
It depends on you taste. It is pretty tart so in my view a little water helps. Try it different ways to see what you like best.