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Juno & Co. Microfiber Sponge, Lavender Velvet, 1 Count

Juno & Co. Microfiber Sponge, Lavender Velvet, 1 Count Review


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Product name: Juno & Co. Microfiber Sponge, Lavender Velvet, 1 Count
Quantity: 0.01 kg, 12.4 x 9.1 x 3.3 cm
Categories: Juno Co. Makeup, Makeup Brushes, Accessories, Makeup Sponges, Cruelty Free, No Animal Testing

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Seamless Results Every Time, Latex Free, Cruelty Free, 50% Softer than the original Velvet, Juno and Co. ‘s Lavender Velvet provides the perfect natural coverage for a fresh, spring-ready airbrush finish.

Makeup Sponges, Accessories, Makeup Brushes

It has changed the makeup game for sure! The shape: A bit chunkier than the standard beautyblender, this sponge swells up to a decent size when dampened, so it makes quick work of blending out foundation. These brushes will do the trick no problem for pennies, literally. You just pop out the makeup sponge head, soak it under water, apply the face cleanser, squeeze out any product buildup that you have on the sponge and rinse thoroughly. The makeup bullet is a genius tool that combines the flawless finish of a traditional sponge with the ease and speed of your own fingertips. However, with beauty sponge, like his favorite nyx flawless finish blending sponge, you can take your time to get your foundation blended to skin-like perfection because it’s moist. A great purchase none the less and such a great price too. You can also apply base makeup with fingers or a brush and then go over it with a moist sponge to create an airbrush-like finish that you just cannot achieve any other way.

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Juno & Co. Microfiber Sponge, Lavender Velvet, 1 Count: Makeup Sponges, Accessories, Makeup Brushes

One reviewer on fenty’s website said it’s not as dense as the real techniques sponge, and feels similar to the beauty blender, but noted that the flat edge and neutral color of the fenty option are bonuses. If it is used dry, i can imagine it would absorb makeup more as the sponge gets much larger when wet, but i find wetting any sponge will help give you that airbrushed effect. Regardless of the size though, i have to say that i am not the biggest fan of using brushes in general for under the eye. It should surprise approximately zero people that rihanna was able to create a makeup sponge that rivals the classics. According to the average rating of 4,1 out of 5 though, these makeup brushes are not junk! Again, i think the urban studio sponges perform the same as the real techniques miracle complexion sponge in terms of application and finish. This was not the case with the amoore sponges. I would especially recommend cleaning natural fiber brushes with baby shampoo, or use ivory soap because it takes liquid makeup off brushes quite well. The big fluffy brush is perfect for adding transition colors on larger eyes, and applying color all over the eyes. Makeup artists on instagram and the brands pumping them out have praised silicone sponges for various reasons.

Juno, Co. Makeup Sponges

Regardless, this is a makeup sponge i used to use and i still stand by it as an excellent budget choice. I recently attended a makeup class that was selling them and even though the artist never touched one during her entire lesson they still sold out. I now only use beauty junkee brushes because they are so soft and durable and for such great prices! Ideally, the brushes should be clean every time you use them but that may be a real challenge to most of us, says sabina wizemann, senior chemist at the good housekeeping institute beauty lab. You can purchase urban studio makeup brushes and sponges at dis-chem, the brand is actually part of cala. The design and shapes of these brushes make it easy to use the same brush for cream blush one day and a powder highlight the next. This set is an excellent buy for makeup lovers who want an entire set of brushes at an affordable price.

When i first tried the makeup bullet, i had one on each pointer finger and looking in the mirror, i thought i looked a bit like a witch with long black fingernails. They should probably reconsider the design and slightly change the shape of the sponge so you can use it to apply concealer as well. (Check out a few of our favorite makeup cases and tips)! This sponge pack is an excellent buy, and we already know that the brand real techniques comes highly praised. The egg-shaped sponge is not a dupe for the beautyblender but the orange sponge is definitely a dupe for the real techniques miracle complexion sponge. If you do not love them, buy something pricier, but these are worth a try first, especially if you are just getting into the makeup game. The real techniques miracle complexion sponge is a close second behind the original beautyblender. Anyone who loves makeup knows a good product formula will only get you so far. I apply my primer then wet the sponge, dot my foundation around my face and blend away all my flaws and imperfections. If you have used them, they are a lot like the primark sponges but better. The only problem i had was when i tried to apply my makeup while the sponge was wet.

The brush designs are sleek and come with an easy to carry case so that you never have to leave home without your gang of brushes. Feel free to create some kind of cheatsheet for all of these brushes and their purposes. Even so, i am actually still using the sponge a year later. This sponge set comes ready to help you cover, correct, and color to perfection. All the tools you need to groom and shape your eyebrows into beautiful frames for your eyes, without the makeup artist expense. When held under running tap water, all 3 sponges absorbed water exactly like a beautyblender sponge does. Blue sculptor: The flat head is used best for pressing on foundation for heavier coverage, using a stippling effect to create an airbrushed look. There is a down side to these sponges, you cannot wash them with soap as you do a bb. (For the record, i have used a foundation brush before.

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Juno Co. Makeup Sponges

An advantage for someone like me (Who prefers brushes and fingers for foundation), is that i can drag the product to distribute first before i go in stippling. Make up for ever is a professional makeup brand. Real techniques Affordable makeup sponge has become one of the most popular alternatives to a traditional beautyblender. This was my first time ever using a silicone makeup sponge and i was a little bit sceptical about how it would apply my makeup. It seems that all serious makeup lovers have to have a couple of good quality sponges in their kit, so try this one out and see if it does the trick before you go spending tons of money on a different brand. Why would i when this much more affordable sponge makes my makeup look for perfect. If you use a silicone makeup sponge with them, he says you have to swipe like a mofo. Emaxdesign 3 pieces makeup blender sponge set, foundation blending blush concealer eye face powder cream cosmetics beauty make up sponges.

You can shop artis brushes online at artisbrush. The orange sponge looks exactly like the real techniques miracle complexion sponge, it has the same slanted edge on the one side and the same pointed tip on the other. Let’s say you dispense too much foundation onto your sponge, ones like beautyblenders suck it all up before evenly distributing the foundation onto the skin. When i tried the fenty sponge, i also appreciated that the three-sided shape means the flat side of the sponge worked really well with powder, which is something that the original beautyblender cannot do as well. I have very pricey brushes that constantly she’d from day one until now after several washes, but not these. The tiny tool has ridges for cleaning small brushes and silicone strips for larger ones. Is the purple egg-shaped sponge in the duo pack a dupe for the beautyblender? They do the jobs intended although you do not have the fine control of a brush for some things and i want a flat part, so cut i piece off with scissors.

Once or twice a week is probably adequate for brushes used for powder makeup such blushes and bronzers. When it comes to successful makeup application, the tools we use are just as important as the products we choose. We’re fans of the expert face brush’s recent peachy-gold makeover and have found the synthetic bristles are built to last and do not she’d on application, which is a rare find in makeup brushes at this price. Givenchy makeup blender fluid and compact sponge, $20, sephora. I was a huge fan of the original pink beautyblender cosmetic sponges, but this product by aesthetica is amazing. This set includes powder, blush, foundation, bronzer, eye shadow, concealer, and contour brushes and comes with a pat on the back from animal rights activists. Subject to availability how to choose and use your makeup sponges? These brushes could also be used to apply eye color, concealer, etc, so just a great product all around.

This sponge features precisely cut tip, which helps easily applying foundations in hard-to-reach areas under the eyes and in the eye corners. If you wet the sponge it does not absorb as much product as the reviewers below say it does. Cleaning nearly a hundred brushes a week is an integral part of their routines. I will definitely recommend the orange sponge. Read next: Our pick of the best lipsticks how to choose the right makeup brushes how much should i spend on makeup brushes? Key selling points: This powder brush works wonders with powder and mineral foundations, bronzer, and blush, thanks to it’s large head for sheer application and smooth definition. For the low price of fourteen dollars, buyers get a precise brush for their every makeup need.

I like how they provide different colours which is easy keep the blenders separated and designated for different parts of your makeup routine! The flat bottom creates that airbrush effect. Instead, for bb cream, i spread it all over my face with my fingertips, then used the sponge to dab and blend all over to create a flawless surface with no stroke marks. I tried the beauty blender and this real techniques sponge, and i can say they are almost exactly the same.