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Muscletech, Performance Series, Clear Muscle, 168 Liquid Caps

Muscletech, Performance Series, Clear Muscle, 168 Liquid Caps Review


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Product name: Muscletech, Performance Series, Clear Muscle, 168 Liquid Caps
Quantity: 168 Count, 0.22 kg, 6.4 x 6.4 x 14 cm
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Superior Science. Superior Results, Research and Development, America’s #1 Selling Bodybuilding Supplement Brand‡, Subjects Gained 16 Lbs of Muscle in 12 Weeks? Contains Patented BetaTOR Exclusive to MuscleTech, Increase Lean Mass, Improve Strength and Performance, Scientifically Studied Formula, Dietary Supplement, 1,000 mg BetaTOR, 4-Week Supply, Based on Research Conducted at the University of Tampa, The Most Advanced Muscle and Strength Builder Available, Clear Muscle is a novel, never-before-produced supplement that supplies a revolutionary musclebuilding compound called BetaTOR which is a unique, cutting-edge metabolite and free acid derivative of leucine and HMB. This one-of-a-kind compound unlocks the true potential of HMB for unprecedented bioavailability, effectiveness, and results. BetaTOR works to dramatically amplify protein synthesis through the mTOR pathway while simultaneously fighting catabolism by inhibiting the UPP pathway. This puts the body into the perfect state to build muscle like never before. There is no other supplement like this, and it is exclusively available to MuscleTech in a clear liquid pill, ?Subjects Gained 16 lbs of Lean Muscle in a 12-Week Clinical Study, This result is extraordinary, yet this is the average muscle gain achieved by well-trained athletes supplementing with the exact dose of BetaTOR in Clear Muscle during an extreme 12-week.

HMB, Muscle Builders, Sports Nutrition

One last note is that the ca form of hmb is much cheaper than the fa form, and equally as effective based on the most recent research, so if you do have some extra cash to spend on supplements, go for the cheaper calcium salt and dose accordingly. Hmb increased muscle mass and reduced body fat however this was not statistically significant probably because the athletes only used hmb for 4 weeks so gains were small. Most studies use three grams of hmb, while some indicate up to six. The active ingredient in clear muscle is a compound called betator, which is a brand name for the free acid form of hmb, also known as hmb-fa. Hmb is an active metabolite of leucine that reduces muscle protein breakdown. Zero side effects, faster muscle recovery, muscle mass preservation? For all these reasons, hmb should be routinely used in muscle-wasting conditions especially in aged people. Supplementation with hmb has been noted to help improve several performance metrics in healthy human subjects, including anaerobic peak power, vo2 max, ventilatory threshold and aerobic capacity. Thus, in studies where horses have been fed creatine it does not change the muscle creatine levels and it is barely even absorbed. At nutrex we are proud to know that we are one of the few sports nutrition companies who own and operate their own production facilities. Great supplement, the only one that actually helped me gain weight and muscle size, really happy with it and will definitely be reordering some more very soon.

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Muscletech, Performance Series, Clear Muscle, 168 Liquid Caps: HMB, Muscle Builders, Sports Nutrition

Aerobic training, but not creatine supplementation, alters the gluteus medius muscle. Carnosine plays a buffering role within your muscles cells, helping to block the build-up of lactic acid during intensive exercise. The volume of exercise in this study was higher than most other hmb-supplementation studies. Leucine, the parent amino acid of hmb, of course, gives you different benefits because only 5% of the amount will be turned into hmb, while the rest goes towards muscle protein synthesis. Regular consumption of hmb slows down protein breakdown and improves protein synthesis. Actually, only 5% of our leucine is naturally transformed into hmb. 5 Therefore, l-glutamine replenishment may help support muscle protein synthesis for athletes. Although supplements did raise dhea levels to normal, researchers found no significant changes in muscle strength or body composition. Some evidence shows that it may also help increase muscle mass in response to exercise, but more information is needed. A small amount of research has shown that bcaas may improve muscle gain or reduce muscle loss, compared to a placebo (36, 37).

Muscletech, HMB

Nutrition supplements for athletes: Potential application to malnutrition. Taking hmb increases strength gains when training involves movements like deadlifts, squats and bench press. Evidence from cancer studies suggests that hmb may inhibit the ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway, a series of chemical reactions that work to break down muscle protein. There was also a significant change for prs, which decreased to a greater extent in the placebo than in the hmb-fa group. Evidence from cachectic cancer studies suggests that hmb may inhibit the ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway responsible for the specific degradation of intracellular proteins. Foundations of sport and exercise psychology: Human kinetics. Physiological role of carnosine in contracting muscle. She had a little muscle loss, and using muscle max is helping to increase the muscling where there was some loss. But supplement makers have responded with natural products purported to boost this muscle-building sex hormone. This reduction in muscle cell damage (Leakage) is measured by a reduction of muscle damage markers such as creatine phosphokinase (Cpk) in the blood stream.

Performance Series, Clear Muscle

Therefore, it would appear that the focus of hmb research should be on trained populations. While leucine will partly convert into hmb it does so at a level that would still require supplementation of hmb itself if you wanted to get to the doses used in hmb studies. Critical reviews in food science and nutrition. If your current hmb product does not have the metabolic technologies hmb logo on the label it is more than likely not hmb. Conducted a double-blind switchback study with hmb, leucine, and placebo. Performance-enhancing substances in sports: A review of the literature. The effect of hmb on aerobic capacity and body composition in trained athletes. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and muscle. Hmb-fa half-life appears to be 3 hours while hmb-ca is 2,5 hours. However, since only a small percentage of leucine is converted and used as hmb, the amount you would have to eat would be quite large. 05) Improved over the placebo with hmb supplementation.

Muscletech Sports Nutrition Muscle Builders HMB

We recommend using hmb during intense training cycles as this is when it’s benefits are most likely to be noticed. So far, it seems to be going well in favor of hmb supplementation. However, other research shows that similar doses of hmb are probably not effective at increasing muscle mass in adults with weight training experience (45, 46, 47). Within this analysis, moderator variables such as age, training experience, various states of muscle catabolism, and optimal dosages of hmb are discussed. It may be especially important for reducing the breakdown of muscle proteins. A further problem suggested by the current authors is the dosage of hmb administered. Although it may share some similar functions with leucine, hmb plays it’s own unique role within the body. Creatinekinase activity decreased with hmb supplementation. If we go back 30 years it was considered that anyone wanting to put on more muscle should consume a high protein diet. A range of experiments has shown that three of these are particularly effective at activating the machinery responsible for increasing muscle protein synthesis. Strenuous exercise stimulates protein breakdown (Also known as proteolysis) in muscles, and therefore stimulates protein synthesis as well. A time-release capsule of 3g hmb on body composition, 3-rep max, and markers of muscular damage. A summary of the effects of hmb on hematology, emotional profile, and adverse effects as measured in nine clinical studies showed only positive effects on cholesterol (7 Percent decrease) and blood pressure (4,4 Mm of hg decrease).

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Muscletech HMB

Results found no significant benefits from hmb in bench press, squats, or power clean performance, and no significant changes in body composition. Abnormal hmb concentrations in urine and blood plasma have been noted in several disease states where it may serve as a diagnostic biomarker, particularly in the case of metabolic disorders. Hmb supports the body’s ability to minimize protein breakdown (Catabolism) during intense exercise, and when combined with a resistance training program may promote muscle gain and strength. But to grow muscles, the rate of synthesis has to be greater than the rate of breakdown. One ingredient that tsi, which is based in missoula, mt, has been pushing in particular recently for these groups is hmb, which it brands as myhmb. Although hmb may be most effective when increasing training volume or intensity, the extremely high total training load may have attenuated the potential effectiveness of hmb to reduce muscle damage or protein breakdown. Kic is anti-catabolic, which means muscle growth by moving the body from a catabolic (Muscle wasting) to anabolic (Muscle building) state. Lastly, hmb has a half-life of approximately 2,5 h, and reaches baseline levels 9 hours after consumption.

Sports Nutrition Muscle Builders HMB Muscletech

Effect of creatine supplementation on muscle metabolic response to a maximal treadmill exercise test in standardbred horses. In endurance athletes this means that muscles rapidly change to become more energy efficient whereas in the strength athlete muscle cells will grow more quickly to generate more power. Summary: Hmb may help increase muscle mass in those who are beginning a weight training program, but it appears to be less effective for those with training experience. In athletes who engage in intense weight and resistance training this has numerous benefits: Lean muscle gains, greater strength output, faster recovery and overall better response to training. High protein diets may influence muscle development but feeding a high protein intake increasing the stress on the liver and kidneys as these are the organs responsible for metabolising and excreting excess protein as this cannot be stored. Hmb supplementation attenuated muscle tissue loss, which was partly attributed to an increase in protein synthesis relative to the control mice. 3-Hydroxyisovaleryl coa is likely detoxified by carnitine acetyltransferase producing 3hia-carnitine, which is transported across the inner mitochondrial membrane (And hence effectively out of the mitochondria) via carnitine-acylcarnitine translocase. Arm girth was measured with a metal tape measure, and muscle torque was also measured at 15 minutes and 1, 2, 3, 7, and 10 days post exercise.

While hmb is produced naturally by your body, taking it as a supplement allows for higher levels and may benefit your muscles (40, 41). But the effects of hmb on muscle strength and physical function appears to vary in different populations. Therefore, if bias in studies conducted on hmb, led to erroneous results, others should not be able to find similar results in their experiments. The study reviewed hmb supplementation in groups involved in powerlifting, basic strength training, and endurance, among others. There is however good scientific evidence to show that the muscle growth that occurs under these conditions can be further enhanced by strategic consumption of other nutrients. Two animal studies have examined the effects of hmb supplementation in pregnant pigs on the offspring and reported no adverse effects on the fetus. To improve muscle mass depends on either increasing anabolism (Building muscle) or reducing catabolism (Lowering muscle breakdown). Conclusion: In conclusion, 14 days of hmb and kic supplementation reduced signs and symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage in non-resistance trained males following a single bout of eccentrically biased resistance exercise.

It is naturally produced in the human body in low levels, but as a dietary supplement it’s said to promote muscle mass and give support to muscle recovery.

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Muscletech, Performance Series, Clear Muscle, 168 Liquid Caps Product Review

Good value for offer only. Review. Awesome! Supplements to continue to use. good Product. Weight UP. Product. Excellent. Good and keeps taking. good

Good value for offer only for use and convenient

Muscletech, Performance Series, Clear Muscle, 168 Liquid Caps Review

Effective and results were okay.


It’s been about 3 months since use, but now I’m lightly losing weight, but thanks to Clear Muscle, my body fat percentage has decreased, but my weight loss is small. Continue to use. Jim builders also love

Good Product but should be cheaper

I feel that the time it takes to increase the weight that can be raised before and after drinking begins. I think you can train without losing weight while losing weight.

Product has gone far short of expectations

In just a month I can already see a difference. Good product.

I’ve tried a lot of HMB supplements, but Clear Muscle seems to fit very well and I continue to take it, I feel like HMB has recovered even after a hard workout. Recommended for


Questions and Answers

When it will be available been almost a week out of stock 🙁
Hello! Thanks for shipping! I have a question. If I weigh 55 kg, I need the same dose – 2 capsules 3 times a day? Or maybe less?
OK, a very serious question needs to be asked and answered by scientists and researchers out their this product: Does it activate the mTOR pathway? If so, should there be concern for higher cancer risks, especially when taken by sarcopenic elderly?
R there any side effcts?

it’s a good product to increase and enhance lean muscle
I think its activating mTor, i used it myself
No side effects, well for me.