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Nature’s Answer, Cornsilk, Alcohol-Free, 2,000 mg, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Nature's Answer, Cornsilk, Alcohol-Free, 2,000 mg, 1 fl oz (30 ml) Review


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Product name: Nature’s Answer, Cornsilk, Alcohol-Free, 2,000 mg, 1 fl oz (30 ml)
Quantity: 1 fl oz, 0.09 kg, 3 x 3 x 10.2 cm
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Since 1972, Advanced Botanical Fingerprint, Zea Mays, Super Concentrated 2,000 mg, Discover Nature’s Answer, Herbal Supplement, Kosher Parve, Bio-Chelated Cold Extraction Process, Our alcohol-free extracts are produced using our cold Bio-Chelated proprietary extraction process, yielding a Holistically Balanced Advanced Botanical Fingerprint extract in the same synergistic ratios as in the plant, Our Facility is cGMP Certified, Organic and Kosher Certified.

Corn Silk, Homeopathy, Herbs

Early patent medicines sold in the united states hailed the virtues of the plant and it’s volatile oil for the management of diseases ranging from diabetes to nervousness. She would use diet, herbs, homeopathics, vitamins, minerals, physical alignment, massage, acupressure, aura balancing and other practices of natural healing. Scientific validation of herbal medicine, d. We are familiar with the crunch of lettuce in salads, although as an herbal assistant it can be quite helpful. Wormwood combination employs some favorite herbs from this category that herbalists and naturopaths alike have relied on for centuries: Black walnut, quassia and male fern. We prepare our corn silk extract from the fresh stigma and style (Silk ) of corn ears (Zea mays) which are certified organically grown. Occasionally, an herb at the prescribed dose causes stomach upset or a headache. Rosemary is another well-respected, antiviral and antioxidant herb and has traditionally been utilized for lung health, as well as garlic, echinacea, rose hips and thyme.

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Nature’s Answer, Cornsilk, Alcohol-Free, 2,000 mg, 1 fl oz (30 ml): Corn Silk, Homeopathy, Herbs

The list of alteratives goes on and on and the actual description, an herb which alters the body to promote good health, can have a broad interpretation. Hydrangea is found in herbal combinations and tinctures and is a welcome addition to any herbal program that addresses cleansing, elimination or general conditioning. Used medicinally for thousands of years throughout the world, ginger is a very useful herb to be acquainted with. Lemon peel is used in folk herbalism to increase the energy and efficiency of the liver and spleen, two key organs in our ability to resist infection. While very few adverse effects have been reported, corn silk may not be safe for everyone. Some gentle to moderate cleansing and strengthening herbs for the liver are yellow dock, milk thistle, alfalfa, dandelion, gentian, fumitory and artichoke. Health practitioners from all backgrounds are becoming more familiar with herbs either out of their own curiosity or from their patients Preferences. An herbal extract that has used only water as a solvent, then dried and usually encapsulated. However, the conventional medical community has been generally slow to recognize the problem, except for those physicians specializing in orthomolecular medicine.

Like most diuretic herbs, hydrangea is an excellent choice for treating inflamed or enlarged prostate glands. In the handbook of plants with pest-control properties, the following herbs are listed as having pesticidal effects against ticks: Yarrow, onion, garlic, dill, horseradish, wormwood, chicory, st. I never heard of simplex-f, but after researching it a bit, it seems like another natural cure for hormone based urinary incontinence that homeopathic vets recommend (They also recommend corn silk). One german study into hawthorn indicated that this herb normalises blood pressure, not only to treat high blood pressure but to increase blood pressure that is too low. In another study in mice fed a high-fat diet, those that received corn silk experienced significantly lower total cholesterol than those that did not get this supplement. In our modern world we are bombarded with synthetic chemicals: Environmental pollutants, dry cleaning solvents, textile finishes or dyes on clothing, food additives, preservatives or colorants, pesticides, herbicides, synthetic hormones in our animal foods, water treatment substances, petroleum by-products in laundry and body care products, copy machine exhaust; and the list goes on. Australian journal of medical herbalism. These herbs maintain healthy bowel and kidney function, hormones, natural resistance, and venereal health. Speedwell can be used in herbal tea cough remedies as an expectorant, and also has diaphoretic (Sweat -producing), diuretic and tonic properties. There are plenty of herbs to help with these visitors.

Test-tube and animal studies have found that corn silk extract may reduce inflammation by suppressing the activity of two major inflammatory compounds. Horsetail, or equisetum arvense, has a long history of traditional use in folk herbalism for strengthening connective tissue and relieving water retention. As such, it could be a natural alternative to prescribed diuretics, which are often used to reduce blood pressure (1, 8). Milk thistle, as the name implies, is a member of the thistle family whose seed has long been used in traditional herbalism as a general liver tonic, for liver and gall bladder cleansing, to promote healthy elimination as well as for skin conditions, depression and regulating the menstrual cycle. Rascal combines some favorite herbs for fighting tapeworms and other parasites: Pumpkin seeds, garlic and thyme. These herbs have been thought to clear phlegm and upper respiratory congestion, and relieve coughs. It is sometimes combined with corn silk to alleviate the symptoms of cystitis and urinary incontinence. This herb has been used traditionally for jaundice and hepatitis with very good results. Not coincidentally, most of these herbs are thought to increase circulation and/or benefit the blood vessels in some way. It is best to take parasite-cleansing herbs before a meal, this way they are getting anti-parasitic herbs instead of food.

I just wanted to say that i am ordering corn silk today, and hope that it will solve my dog’s problem. The little herb encyclopedia by jack ritchason n. As reported above, both science and traditional folk herbalism herald black cohosh as one of the great female herbs for supporting healthy menstrual and menopausal transitions. Herbal treatments are an increasingly popular alternative for treating oab. Phytoestrogens are found in many foods including legumes, especially soy, flaxseeds, alfalfa, apples and herbs such as black cohosh and red clover. Be sure to have plenty of herbs in your cupboard this winter! Black cohosh is a very popular herb for women and a respected source of phytoestrogens. Denise – sorry the corn silk did not work as well for you as it has for many others.

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Nature’s Answer Corn Silk

For centuries the leaf has been used in the asian household as a tea as well as in traditional chinese herbalism. Daniel mowrey, a well-known herbalist, believes that the tonic action echinacea has on the immune system can be impaired by highly concentrated extracts that focus on one or two constituents while neglecting others. Hanna would look through the kitchen and find foods and herbs to help her family’s health. Today we are used to immediate reactions and effects from pharmaceuticals and some high potency standardized herbs for a quick fix. Working with formulas that blend colon or liver cleansing herbs is another option. Herbal treatments represent an increasingly popular alternative for treating oab. Ideally, those herbs you choose should have a number of the following properties: They should open and relax the lung musculature to deepen breath capacity; they should relieve spasms in the bronchial area; and they should provide extra energy circulation to the lung system. Folk herbalists prize lettuce for it’s mild calming properties on the nervous system and for abdominal cramping that may accompany flu and other minor infections. Despite the lack of evidence, buchu is still used today in western herbal medicine for urinary tract ailments, cystitis or urethritis prophylaxis, and prostatitis. There are lots of great herbs for wintertime health and sharing personal experiences among friends has been a great way of learning about helpful products.

Other common sources of chemicals are garden fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, dry cleaning solutions, gasoline, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, flea collars, fly strips and more. All in all, i consider the corn silk remedy to be a great success. These herbs may be helpful in urinary infections but are not strong enough alone to ward off infections. Over the years kroeger herb products has grown beyond hanna’s original vision and distributes hanna’s products internationally. The bioavailability of this compound ingested by humans from raw herb sources has not been yet established, much less any proof from oral administration of the whole herb of medicinal activity. Just a touch of this herb is used here, to ensure effective but safe cleansing. Folk herbalists have long used it to build blood quality in anemia and to resolve mucous and other toxin accumulations in the intestinal tract and liver. Traditional herbalists often use goldenseal leaf to provide many of the properties found in the root but with a gentler action. She had also studied many healing techniques from around the world, including massage, energy work, homeopathy and nutrition, and had worked with native american healers to find new herbs and uses for them.

An herbal extract that has used water and ethanol as solvents. Thyme and mugwort are favored in european traditional herbalism for minor infections and the sluggish liver and poor detoxification that often accompanies them. Thus, alternative therapies not involving standard medications and their associated risks are sought by patients to alleviate symptoms of oab. Cleavers, club moss and uva ursi (Like yellow dock) are traditionally linked with good mineral nutrition in folk herbalism, an important link in overall metabolism. Many of us suffer from these symptoms from time to time (Or possibly quite regularly) and, yet, modern allopathic medicine has little to say or recommend for such everyday complaints. To assure optimal extraction of corn silk’s bioactive compounds, the silk is carefully hand-harvested and is then taken directly to our laboratory and promptly extracted while still fresh and succulent. Here are some herbs that can help women through the inevitable situations of womanhood. For instance, those with chronic, stubborn constipation and a tendency towards dryness are more likely to need stronger herbs all around while others may do well with milder ones. Several herbs that have shown antibacterial qualities in research are yerba santa, goldenrod, garlic, echinacea, astragalus, black walnut, burdock, schizandra and gentian.

They can also help to deflect the sometimes irritating side effects of stronger laxative herbs on sensitive mucous membranes. The extract is used as a herbal medicine as it has many healing properties and is very effective, without producing any side effects. Anti-lithic herbs can also assist the body in removing stones and gravel from these organs. Corn silk is a natural corn fiber used in traditional chinese and native american medicine. With this wide array of effects and an excellent safety record, ginkgo needs to be viewed as an all around tonic herb on par with ginseng and green tea. An herbalist reported benefits for her lyme disease from tobacco leaf which has shown larvicidal and pesticidal activity in scientific studies. Gotu kola is an indian herb revered for centuries in traditional ayurvedic medicine for it’s tonifying qualities for the mind, nervous system and circulation.