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Sierra Bees, Organic Lip Balms, Mint Burst, 4 Pack, .15 oz (4.25 g) Each

Sierra Bees, Organic Lip Balms, Mint Burst, 4 Pack, .15 oz (4.25 g) Each Review


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Product name: Sierra Bees, Organic Lip Balms, Mint Burst, 4 Pack, .15 oz (4.25 g) Each
Quantity: 4 Count, 0.05 kg, 8.9 x 12.7 x 1.8 cm
Categories: Sierra Bees, Bath, Personal Care, Lip Care, Lip Balm, Sustainably Sourced, USDA Organic, Certified Organic, Non Gmo, Cruelty Free, No Animal Testing, Eco Friendly, Biodegradable, No Preservatives, Certified Organic By Oregon Tilth, USDA Certified Organic

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Sierra Bees Organic Lip Balms, Featuring Sustainably Sourced Beeswax, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E, Formulated to be: USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Cruelty Free, Made with Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Ingredients, No Sulfates, No Preservatives, No Artificial Fragrances and No Animal Testing, Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, Bee good to your Lips! Cocoa Butter – Creme Brulee – Honey – Shea Butter and Argan Oil – Tamanu and Tea Tree – Unflavored, Our Sustainable, USDA-Certified Organic Beeswax is sourced from established Bee Farmers who meet our stringent social, environmental and economic requirements, We purchase our USDA Organic Beeswax from well-established bee farmers, who are often the third or fourth-generation in the trade and have learned from decades of hands-on experience. Their livelihood is dependent on the ethical and humane collection of crude wax and honey. These farmers take pride in providing a high quality, consistent products year after year, without endangering bees or other wildlife, The collection of our Organic Beeswax takes place in organized apiaries, or out in the wild — where collectors do their best to ensure the bees are well cared for. By constantly monitoring the hives, farmers can make certain the bees.

Lip Balm, Lip Care, Personal Care, Bath

I got a tube of the peppermint lip balm in the georgia crafted monthly subscription to products crafted in georgia. You can use aquaphor healing ointment on your lips, but i am partial to the lip repair because it comes in a portable, squeezable tube. A single question drove our research: Does this lip balm really work? The carefully concocted formula protects, repairs, and ultimately revitalizes your lips back to flawless perfection. The best lip balm provides long-lasting moisture without potential irritants. Her best buy is this squeezy balm from french brand la roche-posay, whose products are made with antioxidant thermal spring water and specially designed for sensitive skin. 100% Natural lemon flavor provides a tangy burst, while ultra-moisturizing shea butter (1%) Nourishes and conditions lips.

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Sierra Bees, Organic Lip Balms, Mint Burst, 4 Pack, .15 oz (4.25 g) Each: Lip Balm, Lip Care, Personal Care, Bath

I am not a fan of lipstick or lip gloss because of the mess on glasses, the stickiness, the matte feeling on your lips, etc. It’s super moisturizing without feeling uncomfortably sticky, and it keeps my lips moisturized all day. The biggest players in this lip balm are shea butter and avocado oil, as they are both responsible for the softening of the lips and the area around them. If you prefer a buttery balm, try the cocoa butter formula, but we found it grainy and uncomfortably tingly. Our romantic floral lip balm has a light rose-lemon flavor to lift your mood and beautiful butters to protect your pout. I use it nightly and wake up with a smooth canvas for lipstick and fewer bits of skin for my teeth to absentmindedly chew on while i am distracted. This hydrating lip balm is great for all weather conditions as it hydrates and moisturizes without going on too glossy. Give your lips the gift of beeswax-based hydration with burt’s bees lip balm.

Sierra Bees, Lip Balm

Another user complained that the base of the lip balm is petrolatum, which is true, but so are most lip balms (As well as medicinal ointments), so i am not sure what they were expecting. One of the main reasons why men purchase a lip balm is due to incredibly dry conditions. If you are sensitive to fragrance, try aquaphor lip repair. Now if there was one caveat to this balm is that while it does contain beeswax, there might not be enough to provide an ample barrier to your skin. The result: Cracked, dry, or flaky lips that need more protection than just about any other place on your body. Aquaphor is the number one dermatologist recommended lip brand, and it’s also the number one mom recommended lip brand. What made this balm soar above the others we tested in the budget price tier is just how well it moisturizes. From the makeup-phobic to natural-look types to those who prefer a fully made-up face, anyone who has ever swiped color on their lips can appreciate the power of tinted lip balm.

Organic Lip Balms, Mint Burst

The season of sore, chapped lips is fully upon us, with the threat of snow, and maybe even another beast from the east, looming large. This balm protects as well as softening. Available in our hempseed butter lemongrass lip balm. So to find out which ones provide the longest-lasting moisture and color, we enlisted the help of a diverse group of testers with various skin tones, each of whom picked their preferred shades and applied coat after coat of some top-rated tinted lip balms for nearly a month. 49 Per unit is a very good deal for a custom labeled lip balm or custom chapstick, at the 100 piece quantity, but if you need more than that, watch out. This balm serves to moisturize your lips, leaving them cool and smooth without the excessive burn you might get from alcohol. Burt’s bees is a great lip balm to reach for during the day or when you are wearing other lip products because it’s not very shiny or thick. I recently bought this product from bath and body works and i really lilke it. Their lip balm is packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help combat skin damage, and to rejuvenate your lips back to a healthy state. Saliva contains digestive enzymes that break down the lipid barrier and further aggravate dryness, leading to soreness and inflammation. Suited for all skin types, it works the best on the ultra dry skin on lips or chapped lips. Come morning, lips look and feel soft, bouncy, and supple as ever.

Sierra Bees Bath Personal Care Lip Care

I swear by the laneige water sleeping mask for giving my face a boost of hydration overnight, and i swear by the brand’s lip sleeping mask for soothing my angry chapped lips. Pepper lip smacker in favor of something a little more sophisticated. This little tube of lip balm utilizes numerous natural ingredients to deliver the most effective lip care without being too harsh on the lips, such as coconut oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil. Moisturizing ingredients, like murumuru seed butter, hydrogenated castor oil, and sea whip extract go the extra mile to hydrate and simultaneously plump lips while you sleep. What it is: Rad’s best selling soothing and extremely moisturizing lip balm flavored with the spicy unique blend of cinnamon and peppermint. Our experts helped us pinpoint the most common irritants, and we gave the boot to any lip balms with ingredients most likely to cause issues. For men with chapped, broken lips, this moisturizing solid lip balm has you covered.

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Sierra Bees Lip Balm

Collagen lip bath in refresh rose is a clear lip gloss enriched with skincare ingredients to create plumper-looking lips. Vitamin c, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid in the formula provide an effective salve to my always irritated lips. The reason why this lip balm is so highly thought of is given it’s ability to pretty much cure any sort of dry or cracked lips. You will not need to keep reaching for this lip balm throughout the day. By far a favorite at wrb and b and a must-have for anyone who loves lip balm! Petroleum based lip balms provide a quick fix for dry chapped lips by simply trapping moisture. The balm comes in a sleek, lipstick-type tube with just enough heft to make it feel luxe. The other note buyers make is that sometimes it can cause a reaction around the lips and mouth area. Shea butter smoothes and soothes, and the spf30 makes this lip salve a handy companion on a skiing holiday.

Bath Personal Care Lip Care Lip Balm Sierra Bees

The lip balm has to be reapplied every hour or so to maintain adequate protection while you are in constant sunlight, but for cloudy days or every day use, applying twice a day or as often as needed should suffice. The demi-matte finish can also help soften the look of super-matte lipsticks and make them a little more wearable, especially when temps drop and chapped skin becomes inevitable. I have tried many different lip balms from drugstore brands all the way to high-end brands, and i keep coming back to this. Containing cocoa butter, beeswax, shea butter and vitamin e, this lip balm is a powerhouse of beneficial ingredients to get your lips back to normal. 10 Per unit for freight on all of their lip balm. Great everyday balm in convenient tube with slanted tip applicator. I use it daily to keep my lips moisturizer. This one comes loaded with beeswax, shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin e to relieve irritated lips, with the melty salve penetrating quickly to offer instant hydration and guard against windburn. It looks like you are wearing lip gloss with out the sticky feeling.

This original screw-top pot is unscented, but if you like a taste to your balm, it also comes in pomegranate, cloudberry, cranberry, blackcurrant, bilberry, gingerbread, cherry and rose flavours. Beeswax, shea butter and petrolatum are good ingredients to look for as they seal water inside the lips, helping to prevent and repair chapping. A blackberry scented, vegan lip balm, hand whipped with locally sourced jojoba oil, fair trade cocoa butter and natural sunflower wax to nourish and moisturize dry lips. Give us a call today to discuss your next private label lip balm job or bulk lip balm order. Many of our testers agreed that this balm was a solid choice for everyday wear. The balm lasts a long time on your lips, withstanding several cups of coffee and even food without completely wearing off. Other brands, including neutrogena, revlon, and chapstick, had testers complaining that their lips felt sticky and that frequent reapplication was necessary to maintain moisture. It’s portable, affordable, and, most importantly, infused with decadent mango and coconut butters to repair chapped and flaking lips.

Lip cancers are prevalent, so it makes sense to ensure your balm or lipstick contains an spf too, particularly when up in the mountains. The beeswax used as a base is ideal for creating a shield around your lips, protecting them from harsh wind, sun, or even rain. Why expose your lips to 19 or 20 potential irritants when five will get the job done? It had no color, perfect to wear on top of lipstick. The only downside is that it is kind of big so this is not a lip balm my husband will vary with him. This is ideal for if you suffer from permanently chapped lips. Some men may be put off by this notion of applying oil from an animal on their lips, however, it’s usually not a deal breaker for most but is at least worth mentioning. Most lip balms or chapstick actually makes your lips feel dry and makes you need more lip balm, but not this stuff!

The pillow-like balm is whipped to a dreamy, gel-cream consistency and is made of reparative ingredients like seabuckthorn berry extract and sunflower seed wax to nourish lips while you snooze. Now just a quick note: Given that lip balm is repeatedly applied throughout the day, you may not need to worry about maximum protection like you would with a traditional sunscreen. Your lips may feel slick and slippery, but overall, they should feel smooth and silky as well. The laneige lip sleeping mask is like a lip balm version of the brand’s cult-favorite water sleeping mask.

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Sierra Bees, Organic Lip Balms, Mint Burst, 4 Pack, .15 oz (4.25 g) Each Product Review

Fantastisk god, the one and only! I love the best!). Lip balm. i love it. Like These Lip Balms. Good balms. Favorite Balm. Pomade. Great. Good Humidifiers

Fukter leppene godt og trekker godt inn. Kan virkelig anbefales om en liker mint, hvis ikke ikke ville jeg provd en av de andre luktene.

Sierra Bees, Organic Lip Balms, Mint Burst, 4 Pack, .15 oz (4.25 g) Each Review

This is the best lip balm. It is felt when applied that the composition is natural, without a greasy wax film. Nice mint chill 🙂 I ordered a set of 8 flavors, since then I always take only mint, it’s the best!)

Great unobtrusive balm with a menthol flavor and a little chills lips) I liked these balsamic recommend 🙂

I love this product. One of the best. Thank you

Like these lip balms from Sierra Bees and the fact that they are organic.

For lovers of mint and cooling effect on the lips. Nourishes and moisturizes well. There is a slight sensation of wax and the specific smell of natural oils. But not critical. Convenient packaging, enough for the whole family

I have moisturizers and 5 thousand rubles. But only this one saves and does not cause irritation. Like.

I didn’t like it! When you apply a pleasant chill and moisturize, but after 5 minutes it dries, and you have to smear again

Great value for money

I really liked the sweets I took with menthol. Pleasantly cool lips. Especially at a discounted price)

Questions and Answers

The ingredients include a non GMO vitamin E, what does that mean? Also is this product safe for the pregnant?
Sierra Bees, Organic Lip Balms, Variety Pack, 8 Pack shown trial price HK$15.8, but it shown HK$47.42 in the cart
Is it gluten, wheat, milk, egg and nuts free?
Is it Kosher? – Dose it hav any animal ingridiant?
Please could you tell me if Sierra Bees Lip Balms are Made in America?
Which variant do you like the most and why?
is it kosher?
When will the variety pack be a trail product?
Regarding the Sierra bees trial. lip balm (pack of 8), how come when I added it to my cart, the 50% off wasn’t deducted? It is still full price.
The full price is appearing inot my basket not the half price as advertised? Catherine

Definitely safe to use if your pregnant. In regards to the question about GMO no one should consume anything containing GMO products. A lot of products are made with GMO ingredients. Main GMO ingredients are corn, wheat and soy so far. A lot of food brands label their products non GMO. I think you should google GMO and form your own opinion. As it is made by the same people who made “agent orange” and “roundup” that should say enough for anyone with a brain. I have two young girls and we eat no
You may have more than one Trial item in your card, usually only one trial item is allowed per order. This may be the cause, very likely. Also try refreshing the page if that is not the issue, but it likely is.
Ingredients listed are: extra virgin love oli, beeswax, cocoa butter, sunflower seed oil, non GMO vitamin E, Shea oil, Argan butter, Tamanu oil, tea tree oil, peppermint spearmint oil etc depending on the flavour of the lip balm. No mention of gluten, eggs, wheat, milk. Not sure about nuts as I have no idea what Tamanu is. Hope that helps.
No. There are no animal ingredients.
Yes. They are made in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Hope i helped 🙂
Depends. Mint has peppermint that stimulates the area and makes lips look fuller and bigger while hydrating. Not my favorite smell though. Shea Butter & Argan Oil and cocoa are super hydrating. Instantly you feel lips more soft. My favorite smells are pomegranate and creme brulee. Pomegranate is absorbed easily. Creme brulee is more sticky and needs more time. I prefer to use it before i got to sleep. I suggest you get the combo so you can use them accordingly to your needs. Hope i helped. Stay beautiful 🙂
From what I understand the things that can be kosher are meat, dairy. I have never heard of lip balm being kosher. The lip balm is organic, I have bought this product before and its a good product and am very happy with it. It is a good price for 8 lip balms
It was. You probably missed it 🙁
Did you buy again that product in trial version in the past? Because he discount is applied one time. Hope i helped 🙂
Did you buy again that product in the past? The discount is applied one time. Hope i helped 🙂