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Source Naturals, Acetyl L-Carnitine & Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 650 mg, 120 Tablets

Source Naturals, Acetyl L-Carnitine & Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 650 mg, 120 Tablets Review


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Product name: Source Naturals, Acetyl L-Carnitine & Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 650 mg, 120 Tablets
Quantity: 120 Count, 0.18 kg, 5.8 x 5.8 x 11.2 cm
Categories: Source Naturals, Supplements, Amino Acids, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Antioxidants, Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Dietary Supplement, For Cellular Vitality, Source Naturals Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic Acid contains two critical nutrients, acetyl L-carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid, to support your vital metabolic functions. These compounds support the body’s own system for the maintenance of cell function as we age.

Alpha Lipoic Acid, Antioxidants, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Amino Acids, Supplements

Dhla has the ability of reducing the oxidized forms of other antioxidants such as vitamin c and e, and gsh. The authors suggested that theoretically, carnitine supplementation during total parenteral nutrition might be of benefit in sepsis. Acetyl-l-carnitine may improve fertility and sexual function in both sexes, but the evidence for women is weaker. Glutathione deficiency is also associated with low protein intake, diabetes, liver disease, cataracts, hiv infection, respiratory distress syndrome, cancer, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. What is alpha lipoic acid and acetyl l-carnitine hcl? Clinical application of carnitine holds much promise in a range of neural disorders such as alzheimer’s disease, hepatic encephalopathy and other painful neuropathies. Dihydrolipoic acid also regenerates vitamin e either as a result of the direct reaction with tocopheroxyl radical or indirectly by reducing dehydroascorbate, which in turn reduces alpha tocopherol. New research implicates tau protein brain to degeneration in alzheimer’s disease more directly than amyloid, demonstrating potential of tau-based pet (Positron emission tomography) brain imaging to improve patient care. L-carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid are pleiotropic agents capable of offering neuroprotective and possibly cognitive-enhancing effects for neuropsychiatric disorders in which cognitive deficits are an integral feature. The findings of some of the clinical trials in which lipoic acid administration has been tested in diabetic patients during the last 10 years are summarized.

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Source Naturals, Acetyl L-Carnitine & Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 650 mg, 120 Tablets: Alpha Lipoic Acid, Antioxidants, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Amino Acids, Supplements

Biolo g, toigo g, ciocchi b, situlin r, iscra f, gullo a, guarnieri g: Metabolic response to injury and sepsis: Changes in protein metabolism. This interaction applies only to orally administered alpha-lipoic acid and orally administered iron salts. These enantiomers are mirror images of each other: R-lipoic acid and s-lipoic acid (Figure 1). Using this invasive technique, intra-arterial infusion of lipoic acid was found to improve endothelium-dependent vasodilation in 39 subjects with type 2 diabetes but not in 11 healthy controls. When an antioxidant molecule reacts with an unstable free radical molecule, the antioxidant molecule itself becomes oxidized and loses it’s benefits until it is reduced again. Al-majed aa, sayed-ahmed mm, al-yahya aa, aleisa am, al-rejaie ss, al-shabanah oa: Propionyl-l-carnitine prevents the progression of cisplatin-induced cardiomyopathy in a carnitine-depleted rat model. Feeding acetyl-l-carnitine and lipoic acid to old rats significantly improves metabolic function while decreasing oxidative stress. Combinations with alpha-lipoic acid are popular as cognitive boosters. Free alpha lipoic acid is rapidly taken up by cells and reduced to dhla intracellularly. Alpha-lipoic acid (Ala) – a saturated fatty acid with high antioxidant potential.

Source Naturals, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid

Despite this, in a number of disease states much work has been done regarding the effects of prophylactic levels of carnitine though some controversy and misconceptions relating to it’s use in general nutrition need to be addressed. Most healthy people, including vegetarians, produce and gain sufficient carnitine from their diets. R-lipoic acid occurs naturally in food (See food sources). Safety data about acetyl-l-carnitine during pregnancy is lacking, while the evidence for l-carnitine is limited. Coq10 is highly synergistic with alpha lipoic acid and acetyl l-carnitine for energy production and increased heart and cognitive health. Acetyl l-carnitine functions as an antioxidant and promotes the production of glutathione, a free radical scavenger, in cells. Only the r-enantiomer is endogenously synthesized and covalently bound to protein. Colucci s, mori g, vaira s, brunetti g, greco g, mancini l, simone gm, sardelli f, koverech a, zallone a, grano m: L-carnitine and isovaleryl l-carnitine fumarate positively affect human osteoblast proliferation and differentiation in vitro. Cederbaum sd, koo-mccoy s, tein i, hsu by, ganguly a, vilain e, dipple k, cvitanovic-sojat l, stanley c: Carnitine membrane transporter deficiency: A long-term follow up and octn2 mutation in the first documented case of primary carnitine deficiency. Spring valley acetyl l-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid capsules support the health of your brain by contributing to a healthy metabolism and providing antioxidant support.

Research indicates that carnitine might improve the performance of skeletal muscles in the leg. Several tolerable and readily available candidates include n-acetyl-cysteine (Nac), acetyl-l-carnitine (Alcar), s-adenosylmethionine (Same), coenzyme q (Coq10), alpha-lipoic acid (Ala), creatine monohydrate (Cm), and melatonin. In supplement form, it has shown benefit for various forms of oxidation and inflammation. Since carnitine is readily excreted, supplemental ingestion is well tolerated. Yet it is in union with other antioxidants that ala can really show it’s strength. Due to the neuroprotective and anti-apoptotic potential of alpha lipoic acid (La), this study was undertaken to evaluate whether la could improve behavioral and cellular abnormalities and markers of oxidative stress in an experimental model of early pd in rat. These findings suggest that l-carnitine, when administered for up to 1 year, might have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system in certain settings. The administration of high doses of lipoic acid by injection to rats decreased the activity of two biotin-dependent enzymes by about 30%-35%, But it is not known whether oral or intravenous lipoic acid supplementation substantially increases the requirement for biotin in humans.

Both lipoic acid and dihydrolipoic acid have been found to inhibit copper- and iron-mediated oxidative damage in the test tube (22, 23) And to inhibit excess iron and copper accumulation in animal models (24, 25). Argani h, rahbaninoubar m, ghorbanihagjo a, golmohammadi z, rashtchizadeh n: Effect of l-carnitine on the serum lipoproteins and hdl-c subclasses in hemodialysis patients. Erguven m, yilmaz o, koc s, caki s, ayhan y, donmez m, dolunay g: A case of early diagnosed carnitine deficiency presenting with respiratory symptoms. Neuroprotection by the metabolic antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid. You will also find products with different forms of carnitine combined. This activity of carnitine can by likened to the use of sunscreen reducing downstream effects of uv (Pain, redness, edema, exfoliation, melanin production, collagen damage) by physically limiting the cellular damage/stress from uv, not by the pharmacological targeting of cytokines, receptors, etc. Alp h, orbak z, akcay f, tan h, aksoy h: Plasma and urine carnitine levels and carnitine supplementation in children with malnutrition. Finally, there is no evidence in humans that exogenous lipoic acid can be activated With atp or gtp and incorporated into lipoic acid-dependent enzymes by a lipoyl transferase. Studies suggest acetyl l-carnitine also supports cognition, energy production, and glucose health. Malnourished children have low levels of many enzymes and it is likely that cofactors for carnitine could be lacking as well.

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Source Naturals Acetyl L-Carnitine Alpha Lipoic Acid

Consumption of lipoic acid from food has not yet been found to result in detectable increases of free lipoic acid in human plasma or cells (3, 6). Utilizing neonatal rat hippocampal slice cultures we found that oxygen glucose deprivation (Ogd) decreased the levels of free carnitines (Fc) and increased the acylcarnitine (Ac): Fc ratio. Israel y, salazar i, rosenmann e: Inhibitory effects of alcohol on intestinal amino acid transport in vivo and in vitro. Although meat and animal products are the main dietary source of carnitine, most alcar supplements are vegan-friendly. Acetylcarnitine is broken down in the blood by plasma esterases to carnitine which is used by the body to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria for breakdown. Among it’s primary function in the body, where it is converted into lipoamide, is to activate enzymes that handle energy producing molecules, such as pyruvate, and to break down products from amino acids. In the test tube, dihydrolipoic acid is a potent reducing agent with the capacity to reduce the oxidized forms of several important antioxidants, including coenzyme q 10, vitamin c, and glutathione (Figure 5) (16, 17).

It is important to note that many of the studies examining the efficacy of lipoic acid for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy have been conducted by one german research group and funded by the manufacturer of lipoic acid in germany. Normally, nrf2 is located in the cytoplasm and kept dormant by a cytoplasmic repressor kelch-like ech-associated protein 1 (Keap1). Alpha lipoic acid is effective in many pathological conditions where ros have been implicated, including diabetes mellitus. It can be taken in supplement form or administered intravenously. Green tea polyphenols have demonstrated significant antioxidant, probiotic- and immune-supporting properties. In theory, because lipoic acid supplementation may improve insulin-mediated glucose utilization (See diabetes mellitus), there is a potential risk of hypoglycemia in diabetic patients using insulin or oral anti-diabetic agents. A confluence of evidence points to an underlying dysfunction of mitochondria, including decreases in mitochondrial respiration, high-energy phosphates and ph; changes in mitochondrial morphology; increases in mitochondrial dna polymorphisms; and downregulation of nuclear mrna molecules and proteins involved in mitochondrial respiration.

The highest tissue concentrations of free lipoic acid likely to be achieved through oral supplementation are at least 10 times lower than those of other intracellular antioxidants, such as vitamin c and glutathione. Lipoic acid contains two thiol (Sulfur) groups, which may be oxidized or reduced; dihydrolipoic acid is the reduced form of lipoic acid (Figure 1). Always with your best interests in mind, we work to bring you the highest quality supplements including premium ingredients and nutrient levels that accommodate differing needs. Malaguarnera m, pistone g, astuto m, vecchio i, raffaele r, lo giudice e, rampello l: Effects of l-acetylcarnitine on cirrhotic patients with hepatic coma: Randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement. Conditions such as aging and illness may increase dietary need for alpha lipoic acid. R-lipoic acid is the isomer that is synthesized by plants and animals and functions as a cofactor for mitochondrial enzymes in it’s protein-bound form (See biological activities). Down regulation of inflammatory cytokines and growth factors affecting matrix metalloproteinase expression was observed. The specific additional supplementation it requires is vitamin c, e, magnesium and zinc. Silymarin complex, particularly the silybum component, helps to support the liver through antioxidant activity and stabilization of the cell membranes.

The information on dietary factors and supplements, food, and beverages contained on this website does not cover all possible uses, actions, precautions, side effects, and interactions. Scholte hr, rodrigues pereira r, de jonge pc, luyt-houwen ie, hedwig m, verduin m, ross jd: Primary carnitine deficiency. Oxidative stress and antioxidant supplementation in the management of diabetic cardiovascular disease. Mitocore protein blend is a scientifically formulated blend of nutrients and protein, specifically designed to recharge cellular energy production, increase antioxidant protection, support detoxification capacity, and support immune function. Only a few studies have examined lipoic acid supplementation in humans. Acetyl-l-carnitine (Alc) acts on a number of levels in the treatment of type 1 dpn. Numerous studies suggest that high doses of supplemental carnitine (Often injected) in patients on maintenance hemodialysis can correct some or all of these symptoms, though most involve small numbers of patients and are not double-blinded trials.

Unlike lipoic acid in foods, lipoic acid in supplements is not bound to protein.

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Source Naturals, Acetyl L-Carnitine & Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 650 mg, 120 Tablets Product Review

Energy back. Great energy and Antioxidant. Hard to drink. Vitamins. Metabolism up. Happy with it. Jordan.650 Mg. yeah. The smell and taste is terrible

I use it during winter months to get kick of energy. It works well together with Vit D and other supplements.

I took this product together with Jarrow Formula PQQ/Q10, Shilajit Fulvic and wow, the effect it has on my body is tremendous. It really made me feel more energetic, mood improvement, feeling great altogether! I recommend taking high fat meal for this as Acetyl L-Carnitine function is to transport fatty acid to your Mitochondria for energy synthesis.

I drink as prescribed by the andrologist. Ordered for the first time. It is very difficult to swallow, as the tablet is rough, large and also slightly foaming.

The husband accepts as the andrologist prescribed, until I tell you the effect. But the smell of acid is definitely not very. As well okay

I took two supplements of lipoic acid and carnitine separately, but if I drink it, I can go with one, and if I drink before one exercise, I sweat very much. I recommend it. The grains are big but don’t mind if you swallow them.

I have used this product for a number of years after reading reviews for both the supplements. I am happy with this product and hope to continue to take it.


It is written that 650 MG, in fact 150 alpha lipolievoj, when ordering, look carefully so as not to miss like me. To get a dosage of 600, you need to take 4 tablets, and this is a completely different price.

good but pricy

He could use it because of his comfort

Questions and Answers

Hi, for a children 12 yrs, how would you suggest to take daily? thanks!

Hi, These are not large size tablets. A 12 year old can take 2 tablets daily with the major meal for best absorption. If a Natural Doctor requires more daily intake that’s fine, but i take 3 tablets daily total at 102 KG bodyweight. I find the ingredients combination helpful. Abdulrahman