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Tom’s of Maine, Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant, Unscented, 2.25 oz (64 g)

Tom's of Maine, Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant, Unscented, 2.25 oz (64 g) Review


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Product name: Tom’s of Maine, Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant, Unscented, 2.25 oz (64 g)
Quantity: 1 Count, 0.1 kg, 5.3 x 5.6 x 11.4 cm
Categories: Toms of Maine, Bath, Personal Care, Deodorant

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No Aluminum, Since 1970, 24 Hour Odor Protection, We Believe What’s Inside Matters, No Artificial Fragrance or Preservatives, What makes a product natural and good? At Tom’s, it includes how we make it, No animal testing or animal ingredients, No artificial colors, flavors, fragrance or preservatives, We share every ingredient, its purpose and its source, Sustainable practices are a priority in every aspect of our business.

Deodorant, Personal Care, Bath

My daughter is just getting to the point of needing deodorant and i would love to start her out on the right path. I hoped that this was due to my body being used to non-natural deodorants but i used it everyday multiple times a day for about 8 weeks and it has not gotten any better. A gentle, yet effective deodorant and antiperspirant with the subtle scent of cashmere mist. Nothing has helped except this deodorant in this scent. But by the time i discovered this deodorant i had finished my armpit detox and so this product works great. This is the only natural deodorant that has ever worked for me! It will allow anyone to buy a great deodorant soap for their home. I wanted a non-toxic deodorant and found the be green products on the ewg rating site. Just the faint mint, eucalyptus scent of the deodorant (Very pleasant). I have used other natural deodorants before but only cream you put on with your hand (Hmmm) so wanted to try this stick. Now he occasionally uses a natural deodorant. My first and longest lasting impression of the deodorant is how good it smells.

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Tom’s of Maine, Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant, Unscented, 2.25 oz (64 g): Deodorant, Personal Care, Bath

My daughter recently gifted me with an amazing natural deodorant product made by soap walla out of brooklyn, ny. My favorite natural deodorant i love this deodorant so much. Odor is gone i had issues with a horrible smell left in my clothes before i began using this deodorant. Our effective travel-size all natural deodorants provide serious odor protection. Wow jadah, that is a great idea to use coconut oil as deodorant. Any deodorant without aluminum should say so on it’s label, most natural deodorants are made without aluminum. Finally, one day heather decided to whip up (Actually to throw every ingredient known to man that could help in this potentially stinky situation) into a deodorant just so they could say hey, we tried, it did not work, move on. Lots of reviewers switched to this deodorant after being unimpressed with stick options and natural alternatives. Not for nothing, the deodorant’s beautiful packaging looks great on my bathroom counter. Rather than just taking kobe’s word for it, art of sport sent me a bunch of products to try out, and they have become one of my favorite affordable body care brands. Share on pinterest the chemicals from deodorants may affect the body’s immune system, so an armpit detox may be recommended.

With the fewest ingredients of any deodorant on the market, humble is the simple solution to a stinky problem. Some people wanting to use a natural product might consider making their own deodorants. Natural-deodorant converts who are allergic to typical deodorant ingredients like baking soda tend toward this option. But todd felix, a clean-cut-looking actor and online producer at sony who lives in los angeles, was happy to report that he finds deodorant unnecessary and antiperspirants absurd. My husband notices that it lasts longer than his aluminum based deodorant, but once it wears off, it can be tricky. Yardley london soap bath bundle puts some of the best smelling deodorant soaps in the hands of bathers all over the world. They seem to work: Adults younger than 24 use deodorant and antiperspirant more than nine times a week, but even for older age groups, usage never falls below an average of once a day, according to mintel, a market research firm. This stick deodorant glides on easily for the reassurance of antiperspirant protection that lasts from dawn to dusk and beyond? Like brushing your teeth, washing your face, and brushing your hair, applying deodorant is one of those beauty tasks we do automatically every day without putting much thought into it.

Palmer, the chief executive of osea, an organic skin-care line, often travels to meet business contacts at the five-star luxury hotels where her line is sold. A lot of natural deodorant companies simply do not cater to men, and this one has several scent choices that men would like. Cashmere mist deodorant is the number one luxury fragrance body product among department store brands, according to npd research. Our veggie deodorants are free of aluminum and parabens. People take deodorant either to lightly or refuse to switch because they cannot give up there favorite that may be making them toxic. For centuries, african black soap, made with cocoa pod ash and cocoa butter, has been used in africa to care for the skin. Has anyone tried the new 10o percent pure deodorants. The studies that have looked for a connection between antiperspirants and deodorants and breast cancer have produced conflicting results. Aquarian bath’s patchouli bath set includes one patchouil shampoo bar, one cold processed marbled patchouli soap, and a 2 oz patchouli deodorant. Check out the g and h protect deodorant anti perspirant roll on from the personal care products collection in our product catalog. Any of those are less likely to irritate than just about any other deodorant soap. When someone stops using chemical deodorants and antiperspirants, toxins start to leave the body, resulting in an armpit detox. At this rate, i am considering switching over to this spray and not going back to stick deodorant at all.

When you switch from conventional deodorants, you usually want to avoid aluminum, and the crystal is made of an aluminum salt. That small step created an effective deodorant that smells terrific, was easy to apply, and lasted all day, even through lifting days. The kitchen scientist who likes to experiment ingredients and scents, and also likes to save serious cash on diy personal care products. I have told everyone i know to switch to organic deodorant and use this one. The sleek yet rustic forms constructed from oak and metal exemplify the honest use of materials and simplicity of function in the distilled bath and body philosophy. We take the care to manufacture our deodorant in small batches right here in america. However, like all of the aforementioned tasks, most of us apply deodorant in the morning.

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Toms of Maine Deodorant

Many natural deodorants rely on baking soda to absorb moisture, for example, but too much baking soda can cause skin irritation in some people. What it is: Meet the first ever, completely natural spray deodorant by rad soap. If scented deodorant is not your thing, an unscented version is available, too. This combination of a powerful antibacterial agent and a fresh smelling fragrance allow this soap to keep the bather smelling as fresh as a daisy all day long. This deodorant will keep you smelling fresh all day. Of course, the most important part of deodorant should be a deodorizer. While we in birkenstock-wearing boulder are no strangers to trying uber-natural deodorants (Or, ahem, none at all), in order for most consumers to truly make a switch to natural, products must mimic conventional options and actually work. One of new york city’s most chicly realistic fashion authorities, designer donna karan has dedicated decades of her illustrious career to catering to women’s inner and outer beauty. Yes, we did just compare non-toxic deodorant to the likes of harry potter. After years of searching and suffering, i found real purity deodorant to be highly effective and compatible with my sensitive skin. Ingredients like aluminum, propylene glycol, and mercury have been linked to health issues, so it’s best to find a deodorant without those potentially harmful additives.

However, the biggest difference is that the deodorant does not have aluminum. It does not irritate my underarms the way other natural deodorants do that contain baking soda. If other natural deodorants have failed miserably for you, this one might make you a convert. Efficacy: The deodorant effectively squashed stink during a low-active day spent working in front of my computer. Their deodorants, which come in scents like citrus and ocean mint, are packaged in squeezable tubes that you apply directly to the armpit. Several ingredients found in deodorants can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. None of the bad stuff usually associated with deodorants in this one, only ingredients that you actually eat. Sometimes, natural deodorants appeared in odd formats, such as in a tub rather than a stick, rendering would-be shoppers frightened away by the prospect of using their hand to smear an oily substance into their moist pits.

I really like that the deodorant is motion activated. Aquarian bath helps plastic-free enthusiasts cut out environmentally harmful plastic packaging from their bath and body care routines by providing shampoo bars, soaps, tooth powders, deodorants, balms, and more. Our bodies react with the chemicals in deodorant differently at night than they do in the morning. This pack of irish spring deodorant soap contains 20 solid bath bars. Doesn’t work for people who sweat a lot does not work, i sweat a lot and although this smells great at first, it soon makes me smell even worse than i do without deodorant. If your deodorant does not glide as well as you want, gently rub your fingers across the top to warm up the deodorant before applying underarms. I have not had this problem with the other deodorants.

Every deodorant says 24 or 48 hour protection but none of them actually last very long if you end up actually sweating at all. Since there are lots of factors to consider (Do you want a charcoal-based deodorant or one with arrowroot powder?

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Tom’s of Maine, Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant, Unscented, 2.25 oz (64 g) Product Review

About nothing (. Great! terrible deodorant. Sorry. Natural deodorant. good. Not so strong as declared. Happy about it! Good price. Best uncented deodorant I have tried

I absolutely did not like this deodorant. He doesn’t smell anything. Plus – it is easily washed off by water. Minus – the smell of my “beautiful” sweat with this remedy causes uncomfortable sensations. The mice are wet and extremely “fragrant” at the exit. Used in the cold season – autumn, winter. I’ll try in the summer, watch.

Great product

Terrible deodorant promoted by Zubareva. It does not work at all and does not protect against anything. You walk all day with wet armpits and you stink. Do not waste your money!

I did not use this product yet. But I bought it because it’s organic & a safer replacement from other products. Give it a try at least one time because it has been named as one of the best organic deodorant.

I use the deodorant on the advice of the popular endocrinologist Natalia Zubareva. Very satisfied, the composition is natural, does not harm health. The only negative, I don’t really like the smell, but during the day I don’t feel it at all.


I’m bit disapointed in it, not so strong as declared, not “long lasting”.

Long lasting, easy to apply!

Good quality and price

I like this a lot.

Questions and Answers

Is it paraben free & alcohol free?
Is it safe to be used by a 7 years girl?!
Why such a price increase? From $5 to $7

I bought this product for my friend and he likes it because they don’t have any smell
There are no harsh chemicals in this product. However one should check with the manufacturer whether it is safe for a 7 year old.
Foodpharmacy Blog have asked me to answer this question I am an Australian customer & I pay more than $7 for Toms Of Maine deodorant after the conversion, shipping & the 10% import tax we have. I can’t explain why Foodpharmacy Blog have jumped their prices up on this product. I was as surprised as you all. But it’s not going to stop me from buying this beautiful deodorant. All the fragrances are my faves, that’s why I place a huge order that lasts me. So, basically you’ll have to ask Foodpharmacy Blog why they jumped their prices, coz I have no idea don’t know why they asked me to answer this Q