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Today’s Tip: Eat Cold Potatoes

Our guru, professor Stig Bengmark, has taught us that there are two kinds of potatoes: 1) cold, healthy potatoes and 2) warm, sugar-like potatoes. We got this picture from Dr Stig:

As you can see, potatoes are very, very healthy. Provided that they’re not served overcooked and warm, in that case they’re mostly sugar. According to Stig, you should let boiled potatoes cool before you eat them – when chilled, the sugar that was released in the cooking process will once again be converted into fiber. These fibers are called resistant starch, and they’re so resistant that they cannot be broken down by the digestive enzymes. Instead, they travel in peace all the way down to the good bacteria in the colon.

Don’t forget! Boiled potatoes last for several days. Store them in the fridge, and eat them refrigerated (up to five a day). Since most of the healthy stuff is found in the skin (intended to protect the potato from evil in the unpleasant soil), you should definitely consider eating that part too.

Ok, that’s it.

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  1. Caroline write:

    Love cold potatoes! They have a nice waxy texture….I assume that the sugars in the potatoes also would convert to resist starch if I made them into a soup and let that cool? Thank you for a lovely blog!!!!

    1. Thank you Caroline! Yup, that’s right. Good luck!


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