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Azelique, Lip Gloss, Berry Kiss, Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, 0.21 fl oz (6.5 ml)

Azelique, Lip Gloss, Berry Kiss, Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, 0.21 fl oz (6.5 ml) Review


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Product name: Azelique, Lip Gloss, Berry Kiss, Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, 0.21 fl oz (6.5 ml)
Quantity: 1 Count, 0.03 kg, 9.1 x 2 x 2 cm
Categories: Azelique, Beauty, Makeup, Lips, Lip Gloss, Cruelty Free, No Animal Testing, Gluten Free, Vegan, Paraben Free, No Phthalates

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Azelique – Ultra-Hydrating Lip Gloss, Gorgeous Color using Perfectly Pigmented Minerals, Phytonutrient-Infused with Organic Green Tea, Raspberry Leaf and Thyme, Sheer Glossy Shine from Nourishing Sesame Seed Oil and Cocoa Butter, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free and Vegan, Our Ultra-Hydrating Lip Gloss is designed for anyone wanting to add gorgeous sheer color with a glossy shine, Azelique blends pigmented minerals and organic botanicals with quality oils to create these ethically- made, moisturizing and long lasting, beauty-enhancing lip glosses, Express your own vibrant beauty with these Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free and Vegan Ingredients. Enjoy the following selection of lovely hues: , Dusty Rose – Earthy Mauve, Berry Kiss – Delicious Berry, Soft Violet – Lovely Plum, Coral Crush – Cheerful Nude Shimmer, Azelique products are manufactured in the USA, and undergo multiple stages of Quality Control to deliver Premium Personal Care Products and Cosmetics. Formulated to Contain: NO Carmine NO FD and C Colors NO Parabens NO Petrolatum NO Phthalates.

Lip Gloss, Lips, Makeup, Beauty

When it comes to shopping for lip gloss, everyone has different preferences. To me, the simple black packaging of each product did not seem to match her elaborate style, and the idea of ordering makeup from amazon without seeing it in person first felt even less appealing. This natural lip gloss gives a very juicy, plump, glossy look to the lips without feeling heavy, sticky or irritating. All of the natural lip glosses on this list 1) meet our ingredient standards and 2) are well reviewed by our testers and/or customers across the web. It deepens the tone of lips while adding luxurious shimmer and moisture. Instead, i felt underwhelmed when i saw the first photos of gaga’s makeup. It feels like you are gliding on a super expensive lip restoration product, when in reality it’s an affordable every day lip gloss. I felt underwhelmed when i saw the first photos of gaga’s makeup. Enriched with flavonoids, phytonutrients and antioxidants and super gentle on the lips. I get compliments every single time i put it on my lips, and i also keep this as a staple in my gym bag to dot a bit on my cheeks and eyelids for a little bit of color without looking like i am actually wearing makeup. Finding a sheer gloss could be the answer. The playmate lipstick ($13, Target) looked very messy on me, which may have been cleaned up with a matching pink liner to keep the edges in check.

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Azelique, Lip Gloss, Berry Kiss, Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, 0.21 fl oz (6.5 ml): Lip Gloss, Lips, Makeup, Beauty

The product lasted on my lips while i ate a snack, and only needed a touch-up after i’d already been wearing it for at least two hours. The fan-favorite formula can be found in just about every pro makeup artist’s kit, and whether you use a little or a lot, lips are left with a wet, glass-like sheen (Hence the name) that will not go unnoticed. Instead of synthetic colors, natural lip glosses use earth minerals, fruits, and vegetables (Iron oxides, mica, strawberries, pomegranate, blueberry skin, grape skin, cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, tomatoes) which lend their rich pigments as a natural lip stain. I ordered my lip glosses around 11 pm est on a monday (Pump rules night, obviously) and they arrived within five days. Packed with vitamin e and organic jojoba to nourish and protect lips, this gloss is vegan friendly except for english rose, bitten pink, scandalips, cocktail, which contain beeswax for antibacterial protection. It was when i started swiping the gloss onto my lips that i knew this was one lip product i would continue using. The pink one, for example, has a slight pink tint, but it is not really noticeable they will all appear glossy and sheer for the most part. Loaded with organic jojoba and hazelnut oils, plus a subtle gold shimmer, it’s perfect if you want a gloss that goes the extra mile. A conventional lip gloss goes on smooth because of industrial by-products, petroleum jelly, and mineral oils. Like every other female on planet earth, i was curious when rihanna dropped her fenty makeup line.

Azelique, Lip Gloss

For you, i wanted to show the lip glosses off on their own to start. They are all scented and will all show as sheer gloss. It looks equally amazing layered over your favorite nude lipstick or all on it’s own. I also liked the color selection, though i felt corset and venus looked a bit too similar on my lips. Use the wand to apply lip gloss to your bottom lip. Lightly blend from the lip liner in upward motions. Most of it’s makeup looks stunning on the skin, and each product felt like a luxury item when i used it. While some drugstore lip glosses may smell fantastic and come in a variety of stunning colors, those fragrances and colors are often synthetically derived and do nothing to benefit your skin. Lipstick queen’s rear view mirror lip lacquer feels more like a balm than actual makeup, and leaves behind the prettiest tinted sheen. Wear your loveable lipgloss to work or to special events.

Lip Gloss, Berry Kiss, Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan

Watch your inbox and get ready for the latest skincare and makeup product reviews from our team of experts. Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients like rosehip, jojoba and candelilla wax to soothe lips and prevent any dryness. Sheer, yet pigmented enough to dazzle, this elegant lipgloss is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Blend with pigments to create custom color, or wear alone to amp up the dimension of your natural lips. This vegan lip gloss comes in three shades that are sweetened with lemongrass and a touch of stevia for a sweet touch. This gloss can be worn on it’s own to add subtle color and shine or layered over a lip pencil or lipstick for a vibrant pop of color. The nu evolution lip gloss ($28) Is made with organic plant-based oils and butters and never contains any controversial ingredients like parabens or phthalates. Enter tower 28 beauty: A collection of three vegan, cruelty-free products ranging from a facial spray, lip glosses, and lip/cheek balms, all wrapped in attractive, sleek packaging. The formula is not technically a gloss’, It’s a tint loaded with coconut and jojoba oils – which give it a long-lasting glossiness. A little goes a long way, so use this lipgloss sparingly for softer color or a more for a more intense red if desired.

Azelique Beauty Makeup Lips

Be happy because the lip glosses are certified cruelty-free! I almost exclusively prime my lipstick with lip balms that have spf in them, so i appreciate the natural protection from the raspberry seed oil and hydration from castor oil. Filled with skin-loving ingredients like beetroot, pomegranate, shea butter and coconut to improve lip cell structure and health to diminish fine lines while leaving lips soft and full. Conventional lip glosses are made a bit differently than true organic lip glosses. She announced her makeup brand haus laboratories with a pre-order in july, and officially launched her products exclusively on amazon in september. Do not purchase if you are looking for glittery lips. We provide practical beauty tips and tricks backed by reputable scientific studies and real results. Taking my love of vanderpump rules to a new level by putting the lala beauty lip gloss line to the test! And on the days i want my makeup more extra, i dab a bit of it over a smoky eye. Your lips will tingle while using this product, but the brand promises it’s just the plumping magic in action. Better yet, top off with your favorite realher matte lipstick or realher moisturizing lipstick. Like the product but disliked that one of the three glosses came opened and there was sticky gloss all over an unopened package. (No shade to people who love a glossy look). A sheer natural lip gloss that has potential to become a regular in your makeup bag.

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Azelique Lip Gloss

Use a liner that has a smooth texture for easier application like d-fine lip liner available in 3 universal shades. The addition of supercritical calendula extract helps protect the lips against cell damaging free radicals. This is by far my favorite daytime lip gloss. With beauty moguls like nikkie tutorials and jeffree star raving about gaga’s brand, i wanted to try it for myself. But my one exception is lano lips tinted balm. Each lip oil is also formulated without parabens, sls, and silicone. Even just adding a tiny dab of it to the fleshy center of my lower lip makes my lips look fuller and, frankly, more sensual. A touch of gloss instantly creates the effect of a fuller pout, and lorac’s new unzipped formula has even more plumping action than your run of the mill option, thanks to vegan collagen, vitamin e, and sunflower seed oil, which nourish and condition lips. The rave reviews for the universally flattering lip gloss had been popping up everywhere on the internet, and we each decided to carve out $18 to test it out. Think of your investment in an organic lip gloss as an investment in skin care for your lips. First up is mistress, a nude peachy gloss that is very subtle!

Beauty Makeup Lips Lip Gloss Azelique

The highly-reflective formula can be used over lipstick or on it’s own. Look where your lips look juicy (Lol), full, and vibrant. I actually look forward to wearing these glosses and feel like i could even sleep in them. The kardashian ladies love brown lip gloss these days and wear it on the red carpet, as well as with casual daily attire. I love the shade so real for the perfect nude gloss. Whilst i noticed a difference in the fullness and colour of my lips, the effects only lasted about an hour, so top ups are essential. I like the product fine, and i used it to make lip glosses, but the type of container it’s in, makes it hard to get all the product out, plus for the price and shipping, the quantity is very little, in my opinion. After two hours, i could still see a bit of gloss over the lip liner i applied. Not all great makeup should cost a fortune.

If it works really well on my lips, it cannot be that good on my cheeks. Cons: Whilst i adore this lip tint, it is not very long-lasting, the colour faded a couple of hours after application. I love how low-maintenance it looks on the days i wear no-makeup makeup. This is a dream ingredient list for a lip gloss.

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Azelique, Lip Gloss, Berry Kiss, Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, 0.21 fl oz (6.5 ml) Product Review

The best lip care in my makeup bag. Lips get rough. sweet smell. My favorite for every day. It doesn’t smell very good. The color is pretty good. Nice color. His smell is sweet. Not bad, but very strong artificial taste. love this lip gloss: it smells great, looks amazing and lests for hours!

For me, the shine went perfectly! The smell is pleasant, sweetish, not sticky, moisturizes well, after a while it is absorbed and leaves an unobtrusive color on the lips, for natural makeup – it is. Sometimes I supplement with a lip liner for greater expressiveness

Azelique, Lip Gloss, Berry Kiss, Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, 0.21 fl oz (6.5 ml) Review

I try to use the colored lip because it gets rough, but this is rough. The color is thin and beautiful. A delicious scent that is disturbing when eating.

Easy to paint, I want again,

I am a fan of natural makeup, and this shine is perfect for him! Especially like in winter. This shine is a mixture of oils and pigment. After some time, the oil is absorbed, your lips become moisturized, but the pigment remains until the first snack) But, again, the color is not bright, muffled-carrot

Azelique, Lip Gloss, Berry Kiss, Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, 0.21 fl oz (6.5 ml) Review

It does not stick. Shines. Pleasant. But the smell. it’s kind of sweet, but something chemical nasty is felt

I am worried about the fragrance, but the color is satisfactory. It’s pretty thick, so it’s fun to stick with your lips.

Although it is vivid, it has a translucency and produces beautiful colors. Since it moisturizes glossy, it is thin and used on a daily basis.

His smell is sweet

I think that it performs its function, it is eaten quickly and too strong aftertaste

love this lip gloss: it smells great, looks amazing and lests for hours!