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Nature’s Way, DIM-plus, Estrogen Metabolism, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Nature's Way, DIM-plus, Estrogen Metabolism, 120 Vegetarian Capsules Review


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Product name: Nature’s Way, DIM-plus, Estrogen Metabolism, 120 Vegetarian Capsules
Quantity: 120 Count, 0.07 kg, 11.2 x 5.6 x 5.6 cm
Categories: Nature’s Way, Supplements, Women’s Health, DIM, Vegetarian, Gluten Free

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Diindolylmethane, Enhanced Absorption, Patented Complex, Dietary Supplement, White Vegetarian Capsule Color Protects DIM from Light, Gluten Free, DIM-plus Benefits, DIM-plus contains diindolylmethane, a phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale, Diindolylmethane has unique benefits that support the activity of enzymes that improve estrogen metabolism, Research shows diindolylmethane increases the level of “favorable” estrogens (2-hydroxyestrogen) while reducing the level of “less favorable” estrogens (16-hydroxyestrogen), DIM-plus Difference, Patented Complex, Contains patented BioResponse-DIM Complex—an enhanced bioavailability delivery system for diindolylmethane, Enhanced Absorption, The bioavailability of DIM-plus is superior to regular diindolylmethane and its unstable precursor, indole-3-carbinol (I3C). With DIM-plus you are assured a stabilized and consistent dose of diindolylmethane, Protectamins Vegetables, DIM-plus also contains spinach, cabbage and broccoli for additional phytonutrients.

DIM, Women's Health, Supplements

Everyone breaks down, absorbs, and reacts to nutrients differently, and only your health care provider, that is familiar with your needs, would be able to say how this may affect you. Hear or say hormones and one might immediately think of a teenager in the throes of puberty or a woman in her second trimester. Diindolylmethane, also known as dim, is a compound generated from cruciferous vegetables like kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts and broccoli, which helps support healthy estrogen metabolism. The dietary dim found in cruciferous vegetables is an important avenue for prevention and maintenance; if your estrogen levels are elevated, dim estrogen balance supplements offer therapeutic doses required for lowering estrogen levels. Produced in the ovaries and adrenals, it not only fosters female health, it also supports all of your connective tissues, including the status of your complexion. Dim supplementation improves the estrogen ratio in a favorable direction that protects both men and women without the negative effect of raising 4 hydroxyestrogen, as seen with i3c. Cyp1a1 is responsible for promoting the metabolism of estrogen toward greater 2ohe 1 production; transcripts of cyp1a1 and cyp1a2 are increased when exposed to dim. In another study, researchers concluded that dim can inhibit inflammation of the periodontal tissue in mice after one week of treatment, which promoted alveolar bone recovery in the experimental periodontitis mouse model. Start by ensuring a healthy gut by taking a probiotic.

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Nature’s Way, DIM-plus, Estrogen Metabolism, 120 Vegetarian Capsules: DIM, Women’s Health, Supplements

Subjects were premenopausal women over 34 years who were healthy. Dim is a supplement that is has a small number of highly specific and targeted applications. They are important in preserving the activity of the small amount of testosterone present in all women. For example, another glucobrassicin found in broccoli was shown to be more effective in inhibiting colon cancer than i3c and dim. The timing of exactly when you take dim is less important than the consistency with which you take it. This is evidenced by a 6-fold increase in dim concentrations in boiled cabbage compared with uncooked cabbage. A more recent study on mice found even more promising results with the use of dim. I often find in my clinic that women do better with a mineral complex rather than supplementing a single mineral. There is no evidence to link dim and liver damage. Downregulation of foxm1 expression induced the growth-inhibitory effect of dim, suggesting a mechanistic role of foxm1 and a regulatory role of dim. If you start seeing an improvement in your skin, you can consult your dermatologist about potentially including dim for acne, as a part of your treatment. Here are three important categories of menopausal supplements to consider. The benefits of dim go way beyond breast cancer prevention.

Nature's Way, DIM

Once explained the study to the patients, women who met the criteria for inclusion were cited to provide an informed consent letter mentioning them that they had the freedom to clarify any doubt that might arise. Are you ready to get a grip on good health? Several trials evaluating the role of dim in breast cancer prevention are currently under way. Note that not all supplements will work for all people. While it is not a prominent name in the supplement and healthcare industry, zhou, has an interesting approach to dim supplements. To repopulate your gut with probiotic bacteria, you can eat an anti-inflammatory diet, avoid antibiotic use whenever possible, and take probiotic supplements. You should take the same dose of dim at the same time every day for best results.

DIM-plus, Estrogen Metabolism

Moreover, saw palmetto may also help regulate estrogen in women with estrogen dominance. In fact, it may be all of these factors working together that offers the most health benefits in the long run. For six months, participants took either diindolylmethane supplements or a placebo daily. A: Dim is popular as a supplement that may target and slow or prevent the growth of certain cancerous cells, at least in preliminary research. One of the most exciting features of dim is it’s impact on cystic acne or hormonal acne. Ross recommends menopausal women take a fish oil supplement with 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams of epa and dha daily. Unlike more common nutrients in fruits and vegetables, such as vitamin c, dim is not really found in significant amounts in any other types of foods, excluding cruciferous vegetables, so make sure you fill up on these if you want more dim in your diet.

Nature's Way Supplements Women's Health DIM

It really made no difference that i saw in my overall health. It is possible to make changes on the sub-cellular level to transform how you look and feel now, get healthier and disease-proofed with every decade, and dramatically extend your lifespan. Regardless, users suffering from hormonal conditions should think carefully and thoroughly consult their doctor before starting to supplement with dim. You could eat a giant serving bowl of broccoli and cabbage to get the researched dose of dim, and veggies are obviously necessary for overall health. The conversion to dim occurs in the stomach of living beings in the presence of sufficient stomach acid. 69 These data support a role for dim in inhibiting the invasive capacity of tumor cells, which is a common concern in premenopausal breast cancer 45 and may also play a role in triple-negative disease. Supplementing with dim may be a good option for balancing the ratio over boosting testosterone. However, it can be hard to get much dim by just consuming vegetables. Breast cancer is a public health problem in mexico and it’s incidence rises when the woman is still premenopausal. This powerful natural solution has finally given women and men a natural way to balance their hormones. Cruciferous vegetables are an excellent food source for dim. Menopausal and post menopausal women: Start with 1 cap daily for 1st week. In order to obtain 20 mg of dim, you would have to consume about 2 pounds of broccoli per day.

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Nature’s Way DIM

My first trial with dim had me seeing results within two weeks, however a month in and i am still getting deep painful cysts, but maybe not at the same rate as before. Unhappy customers reported unpleasant side effects or no noticeable benefits to taking dim. To combat this, vitamins and supplements can be a key component of a woman’s care during and after menopause, but the process of deciding which ones to take can be overwhelming. Dim-evail by designs for health is an excellent choice if you want to try dim. After you take dim, it reaches a peak concentration in your blood within two hours or so; every four hours after that, your levels of dim are cut in half. Many women report devastating symptoms during menopause. Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, start with 1 capsules daily in divided doses. To date, very little is known about the safety of using diindolylmethane supplements regularly or in the long term. This is sound reasoning, but clinical studies do tend to look at dim in isolation, so whether you want to go with this supplement depends on your supplementation philosophy. In particular, dim has been noted as a supplement that has a large effect on the way your body produces and uses estrogen, which could be dangerous for the health of a fetus. Feeding the rats dim inhibited prostate carcinogenesis and induced a substantial reduction in the numbers of viable cells and induced apoptosis in prostate cancer cells. Those being treated for cancer should also avoid taking dim supplements without consulting a doctor first.

Supplements Women's Health DIM Vegetarian Nature's Way

When it comes to supplements for menopause, there is not just one pill, says jacqui justice, a clinical nutritionist at the ny health and wellness center. Peri- menopausal / petite women: Take one cap 1-2 times daily with meals. Set at the upper dosage limit for dim usage, dynamic nutrition dim, may not bring anything exceedingly unique, but it still brings a high degree of potency and reliability. We only wanted pure, high quality dim supplements for our rankings. Summary: Dim supplements are widely available online. Before you start popping a bunch of supplements, it’s important to make sure your body is primed to process them. Nevertheless, information about the specific dosing of dim and the corresponding intakes of cruciferous vegetables is currently lacking. Headache and nausea were not seen in the regular, garden-variety dim. Numedica dim estro contains both dim and curcumin to decrease both estrogen and inflammation at the same time. Pms has been shown to have a large effect on personality traits of women suffering from it, contributing not only with depressive symptoms but also with mood swings, food cravings and other erratic behaviors. As it turns out, dim is a compound found in cruciferous veggies like kale and broccoli, and it does several helpful things for our hormones. Low-temperature steaming for 3-4 minutes may be the best way to both reduce those goitrogenic components and preserve the compounds that transform into dim in your body.

Dim complete supports healthy estrogen metabolism for men and women. Notably, these side effects only occured at the highest dose and also only occurred in a variant of dim that had been specifically engineered for rapid absorption and bioavailability. I am going to stay on it for another month and see if things work themselves out, but i am definitely starting to believe that dim is not a long-term fix. Does dim have any drug interactions i should know about? When reviewing the multiple dim supplements available, we first looked for the proper dosages; not too high and not too low. Another study of her-2/ neu transgenic mice, dim has been shown to reduce mammary tumor formation. Source naturals dim is a formulation specifically made to support breast health.

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Nature’s Way, DIM-plus, Estrogen Metabolism, 120 Vegetarian Capsules Product Review

It is indicated for HYPERESTROGENEMIA. Read critical reviews. And look for similarities between the author and yourself. See his purchases. Reinsure to the maximum. Great product! For those who have lowered the amount of estrogen. great for relieving tides. Did not help. Hotflashes dissapeared, lost some weight, pain in chest dissapeared. Really helps. I didn’t notice that much difference before and after. smoke

Hyperestrogenemia is manifested in the following diseases: endometriosis, endometrial polyps, cervical dysplasia, fibrocystic mastopathy, uterine fibromyoma, etc. The presence of these diseases indicates a violation of estrogen metabolism. You can’t put up with these diseases, since the aggravation of estrogen metabolism disorders can lead to the development of malignant neoplasms of the uterus and mammary gland. Indole-3-carbinol (I3C) is a powerful activator of cytochrome P450 1A1, which converts estrogens into 2-hydroxymetabolites. This substance is obtained from cruciferous vegetables, and it is very unstable. Therefore, high-quality drugs always have a capsule form in which an antioxidant is added to stabilize, and usually their shelf life does not exceed 1 year from the date of manufacture. All these parameters correspond to DIM-plus, the bioavailability of which exceeds the constant diindolylmethane and its unstable precursor, indole-3-carbinol. Now about myself. I took the domestic indole-3-carbinol for 1.5 years, intermittently, on the recommendation of a gynecologist. Feels nothing has changed, but ultrasound has shown that the growth of neoplasms has stopped. I learned about DIM-plus from a friend and for the first time ordered for me on this site. The first thing I noticed was that my mood became more even, even elevated 🙂 they also became less plentiful and menstrual bleeding shortened, pelvic pains disappeared, my chest became softer. The ultrasound scan was made three months after the start of the intake – fibromyoma and cysts began to decrease. My gynecologist is delighted, now recommends to all her patients! Reception alternate with Evening Primrose Oil.

Nature's Way, DIM-plus, Estrogen Metabolism, 120 Vegetarian Capsules Review

Not exactly a dummy. Bought, began to take. And smelled something was wrong. Characteristic premenstrual pain, mild nausea – in the middle of the cycle. And then come the monthly. Very long, which is uncharacteristic for me: 7 days, there was always a maximum of 5. And this feeling: I do not want to drink it and that’s it. I have this: for some additives the hand itself stretches. And here: here through force saw. Now about me: hormones according to analyzes is normal. Wide endometrium, painful periods. There is fibroadenoma. I put more than one star only out of respect for all those whom the drug helped. I have heard a lot of good things about him, in particular, from Arina Bublik, whom I deeply respect. What they say “removes alien estrogen” – which of course we have all animal products stuffed with. Also, as I understood, it removes the products of estrogen breakdown. What is characteristic of the recommendations of this blogger: they are universal. All that it gives in the public domain is safe for everyone. So she recommended to take this DIM to absolutely everyone. Here’s what I advise you: read critical reviews about this drug. And look for similarities between the author and yourself. See his purchases. Reinsure to the maximum. EDITING REVIEW My gynecologist studied the composition of this drug and the reaction to it for a long time. And that told. Fibroadenomas, fibroids – a piece of science to the end unexplored. It is known that they are estrogen-dependent, and progesterone-dependent. Distinguish where and which in principle can only be experimentally. For example, if you drink the drug. which inhibits estrogen and you start to dominate progesterone and grow fibroadenoma – then cheers, you have a progesterone-dependent tumor. And you cannot categorically add this supplement, otherwise everything will grow. If you take it and everything comes back to normal with you – then your neoplasms are estrogen-dependent, you can and should drink this DIM. What is the problem? Yes, only that it is possible to learn about this only experimentally. Russian roulette. If the slightest indisposition, stop drinking right away, give it to your friend, mother. Maybe they will do.

10 years of fighting diffuse-cystic mastopathy. Multiple cysts in the chest the size of a walnut and a chicken egg, had to be regularly drained surgically. It was worth a little worried and the cysts grew back in a matter of days. After the start of taking DIM of this brand, the cysts began to decrease literally within a month. In three months they have decreased so much that the intervention was not required! And the tendency to further decrease. For the first time in years such a relief. The chest is soft, before troubled days almost does not hurt. Of course, you need a diet and regular gymnastics. Treatment of cysts is a big work on yourself. But on Foodpharmacy Blog it is quite possible to select drugs that will improve the quality of life and help in the fight against diseases.

I ordered this drug again, I was pleased with the effect in the 1st order, I drink a lot just for the treatment of the thyroid gland, I didn’t sit down for hormones. This drug has taken up to the heap: the state of health has improved, the symptoms of estrogen deficiency have decreased, read on the internet what is happening with the body, take on hormones and if your body stopped producing estrogens in sufficient quantity, then I recommend to buy this drug: price / quality, safe dosage, soft effect of harmonization of estrogen, no gmo, gluten, which impairs the work of the intestine, and some dangerous. But the effect with other drugs in the complex is better, individually, depending on the result you want to get. Thanks to everyone who likes and be healthy!

Nature's Way, DIM-plus, Estrogen Metabolism, 120 Vegetarian Capsules Review

for me now is the most vital drug. removes hot flashes

Having read the positive reviews, I bought 2 packs for the course. I drank it. For the first month, the cycle was reduced from 28 to 21 days! And so two months. Then the days increased. after 4 months there was a cycle of 26 days. Exactly 1 year! And only 12 months after the end of DIM administration, the course returned: 28 days! I don’t want to scare anyone at all and I’ve written more than already. I advise, think! We are all different! Health to all! Dogs: I’m 39 years old now. At the beginning of taking 38. I started drinking for prevention, and because the gynecologist told me something like endometriosis. She did not comment on my desire to remove this. She said to return to it only if there are problems with conception. I did not want to wait for problems. And some kind of diagnosis seemed unnecessary to me. First, I removed the diagnosis of cervical erosion.17 years old was diagnosed by both doctors and cauterized and observed. Could not do anything. I myself found a way. Own way! Take care of yourself!

Hot flashes disappeared, lost some weight, pain in chest disappeared first month after taking DIM-plus

I have fibrocystic mastopathy, endometriosis and the very beginning of menopause. The doctor advised indinol forte, when I already drank it and even seemed to help, but my stomach was terribly swollen. I found information on the network that it is better to buy it on Foodpharmacy Blog, here it is much better. And in the reviews on Indole-3-Carbinol I read about DIM. Actually this is my first purchase in this store. Thanks to this person for the tip, this DIM really works! Already on the fifth day, chest pain decreased, and it always hurt, regardless of the day of the cycle. I drink the second month and forgot about the pain at all, the seals resolved. The only thing I noticed was that the urine turned reddish or orange, but the manufacturer warned that it was a harmless stain. I definitely recommend this product for anyone with similar symptoms to mine.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any difference before and after

A good drug to stabilize the hormonal background. Normalizes the female cycle.

Questions and Answers

Hi, I have been using DIM plus for quite some time. I am having bad night sweats due to perimenopause, I think I am almost full menopause, 2 caps/day are not working for me, can I take more?
does this supplement reduce vaginal dryness? able to take this supplement while im preparing my body for ivf?
I have been taking DIM plus for 6 months to support getting off the contraceptive pill and so happy with it. I didn’t break out or have any other symptoms that I had expected. Does anyone know how long it is recommended to take DIM? I don’t want to depend on it and be taking it forever.
Here in the web site it mentioned that it contain Vitamin E 9IU, but when recived its not mentioned any where in the bx that it contain Vitamin E, so i am confused now whether is or not contain vitamin E?
Hi, how long on average would it take for shipping to the United Kingdom
Is the titanium dioxide only in the capsule? Can I open the capsule and just take the contents to avoid the titanium dioxide?
Hi, Can I take this with other capsule such as evening primrose oil?
I started taking this supplement last week – just noticed I have 2 cysts growing at my chin and i had never-before throbbing sensation on my left breast – is this a red alert that DIM is not suited for me?
Hey, I order on December 4th and still has not arrived. Is there a tracking number you can give me?
does this make the urine orange? if it does. Why does this happen? is it normal?

You can increase to 2 x 2 daily but worth also looking at some oestrogen clearing herbs like bupleurum etc
Hi. Dryness is common when estrogen is low/unbalanced. Many studies (incl. various on humans) have now shown the benefit of cruciferous vegetables (DIM being the active ingredient) in increasing levels of “good” estrogen & lowering the bad type.”Bad” estrogen attaches to HER2 breast cancer cells & DIM is shown to reduce that in urine tests. The medical profession prescribes estrogen inhibitor med’s to totally remove all estrogen after this breast cancer. The long list of side effects of removing estrogen includes dryness, premature ageing, migraines etc. My decision to take DIM or mountains of broccoli & cabbage in place of harmful drugs is agreed to be worth a try by my specialist for my condition. Rebalancing hormones may however affect your chance of conceiving so check with your doctor first. Good Luck.
Hi, not sure if your body will get addicted to it. I’ve been taking it off and in as I’m Menopausal and I haven’t had any issues. Take it every second day and slowly get off it I’m sure you will be ok 🙂
Yes it does contain Vitamin E because it contains BioResponse DIM (BR-DIM SF) and this is a proprietary enhanced bioavailability complex containing (starch, diindolylmethane, Vitamin E (as tocophersolan), phosphatidylcholine, silica)
Препарат работает – меньше стали отеки и общее самочувствие.
I would contact the company. Good question, but I have no idea.
Yes you can. The bioavailability is low anyway and will not be significantly affected by what you have in your stomach.
I can not say, I have not had any side effects in my person.
I not got this order!
No change on the colour of my urine and taking it now 2 months.