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Now Foods, Organic Essential Oils, Cinnamon Cassia, 1 fl oz (30 ml)

Now Foods, Organic Essential Oils, Cinnamon Cassia, 1 fl oz (30 ml) Review


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Product name: Now Foods, Organic Essential Oils, Cinnamon Cassia, 1 fl oz (30 ml)
Quantity: 1 fl oz, 0.08 kg, 9.1 x 3 x 3.3 cm
Categories: Now Foods, Bath, Personal Care, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Energize, Uplift, Cinnamon Cassia Oil, Certified Organic, USDA Organic, Certified Organic by QAI

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Certified Organic and 100% Pure, USDA Organic, Cinnamomum Cassia, Certified Organic by QAI, Aroma: Warm, spicy, Attributes: Warming, stimulating, refreshing, Mixes Well With: Frankincense Oil, Hyssop Oil, Myrrh Oil, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Extract Method: Steam Distilled from leaves and twigs, NOW Essential Oils are analytically tested for identity, purity and adulteration to assure the highest quality.

Cinnamon Cassia Oil, Uplift, Energize, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Personal Care, Bath

Cinnamon oil aids in concentration and focus. When the ego has received many life blows, and is depressed and unable to connect with the higher realms, tuberose essential oil assists in the reconnection. Lavender is the most commonly adulterated essential oil. Feminine energies: Cypress essential oil is proud and enigmatic. Precautions: Caraway oil can be irritating on sensitive skin and it should be avoided by those who are pregnant. Use in an aroma lamp, diffuser, or oil burner, in the bath, wear as a body perfume. Clove essential oil is used when we are afraid and in need of angelic assistance, or at least too believe they are close by.

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Now Foods, Organic Essential Oils, Cinnamon Cassia, 1 fl oz (30 ml): Cinnamon Cassia Oil, Uplift, Energize, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Personal Care, Bath

Historically, fir oil has been used for respiratory complaints, fever, muscular pain and rheumatic treatment. Great skin tonics, citrus oils, stimulate the microcirculation, balance skin oil production, and support tissue regeneration. We recommend using lavender essential oil for emotional wellness and encouraging a calm, relaxed outlook and using lavandin essential oil for muscle massage blends and for supporting wellness. Fresh, sweet ginger essential oil is also highly regarded for it’s ability to help support healthy digestion. Scientific name: Salvia sclarea with uses dating back to the middle ages, clary sage essential oil includes relaxing and soothing properties that help with rejuvenation and calming of the skin. Mind: Bergamot oil is calming and relaxing and can be used to help depression, anxiety and stress. Peppermint oil has a reputation for soothing tummy troubles and aiding in digestion.

When it comes to diffusing, an oil known to irritate should be used sparingly or alternatively, choose a different oil with similar therapeutic properties but without the chemical constituents known to cause irritation. It is a booster oil full of positivity and confidence. The most common reactions caused by essential oils are from not diluting enough. In skin care applications, it is well suited for toners and applications intended for oily skin. Peppermint oil can be used as a weight loss aid in a variety of ways. Precautions: Vetiver has a sedative effect that means that driving and operating machinery could be dangerous so avoid these activities after using the oil. Yuzu essential oil is considered a top note, but it’s natural aroma does not dry out as quickly as other citrus oils. Essential oils that are categorized as neat can be applied on the skin without dilution, because of their exceptionally mild chemistry. Bay laurel essential oil is one of the angelic fragrances. Before going to bed, lather yourself with this liquid soap in a warm shower or bath to help your body and mind unwind after a long day. Feminine energies: Coriander essential oil is uplifting and encouraging. Mind: Grapefruit essential oil is very uplifting which makes it great for when you are feeling down, fatigued or stressed.

Mind: Spikenard essential oil is a sedative that can be used to help with nervousness, stress, insomnia and tension. Precautions: Clary sage oil is not recommended for use before driving or operating machinery. All of these considerations can affect the potency of the essential oil. The oil is obtained from the berries through steam distillation. I recommend always patch-testing a new essential oil on your skin in a small location heavily diluted to see if you react; increase the concentration until you reach your desired effect, but pay careful attention to any sensitivities. Known for it’s energizing and invigorating aroma, grapefruit helps uplift mood and provides a clarifying effect to the mind. The chronicling of essential oil usage in holistic medicine began with the ancient chinese, who documented their consistent usage of these remedies in a text that noted over 300 plants and their healing power. For healing, use essential oil of absolute carnation in an aroma lamp, diffuser, or oil burner in the sick room. Ylang ylang essential oil is calming and soothing for those with troubled minds and who find it difficult to like themselves very much, or forgive themselves, but who need to forgive and to find a place in their hearts to love themselves. It is one of the most fragrant oils there is and it is used for many different health reasons. Emotionally, peruvian myrtle essential oil is an invigorating oil that can help to combat feelings of fatigue and exhaustion. While there are over 200 different varieties of pelargonium flowers, only a few are used as essential oils.

Petitgrain is distilled from the leaves and twigs of the tree, neroli essential oil is distilled from the blossoms, and bitter orange oil is produced by cold pressing the rinds of the fruits. This can an amazing quality but also one that requires caution when using essential oils. Pink grapefruit essential oil, citrus paradisi, is aromatically sweeter than white grapefruit oil. Feminine energies: Angelica essential oil gets called in when the going gets tough. Our clary sage essential oil is steam distilled from the flowering tops of salvia sclarea that is grown, harvested and distilled in england. About: Geranium is a very popular flower and the essential oil provides many benefits. Scent: Fennel oil has a sweet, earthy, peppery and spicy odour. Blended with other essential oils and the carrier oil of your choice, it can be placed in the bath, worn as a perfume, used in a diffuser, or added to water in an aroma lamp. Clear your mind then inhale directly from an open bottle or rub a drop of oil between your palms and breathe in the aroma. The company manufacturing the essential oil should also appear on the label, preferably one that you recognize and trust based on your research. Feminine energies: Jasmine essential oil is powerful. Blends well with a wide variety of essential oils for perfumery with a sweet, spicy scent.

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Now Foods Cinnamon Cassia Oil

Always, always, always dilute essential oils when using them with children, referring to the guidelines in my book, smart mom’s guide to essential oils, and never use eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, or wintergreen around babies and young children due to potential respiratory issues. I have purchased the same brand of essential oil in orange which had a wonderful aroma and came securely packaged. Multi-use/benefits – aromatherapy is an ancient and time-honored tradition. Carrot seed oil, high in carotene, revitalizes, tones, and improves skin elasticity, giving it a fresher, firmer appearance. Within personal care applications, clary sage essential oil can help support healthy skin, hair and digestion. Carnation (Absolute) essential oils soothes the soul and brings a feeling of oneness with the universe. Marjoram essential oil was used in perfumes in the ancient world. Feminine energies: Marjoram essential oil redirects the sexual energy, carrying away fear of love. Precautions: Mandarin orange oil can be phototoxic so after use avoid being in direct sunlight for 24 hours afterwards. Use peppermint essential oil to clean floors, furniture, and walls to cleanse them of negativity. About: Spruce is an essential oil from the evergreen family and it is one that is becoming increasingly popular.

Sacred sandalwood essential oil provides an uplifting, warm, woodsy, and sweet aroma, while offering a variety of skin benefits. You can also use it in an aroma lamp, diffuser, or oil burner, 3 to 5 drops) in each room of your home. Using the purest, potent, and effective oils in the world can give you and your family better health, both mentally and physically. Rosemary essential oil has a camphoraceous, herbaceous scent, that helps the spirit to receive assistance on the spiritual highway. Nutmeg essential oil brings the dreams of angelic realms into conscious thought. Doterra douglas fir essential oil is sustainably sourced from young trees in new zealand, where it is a highly invasive species threatening the country’s ecosystem. Scent: Cypress oil has a fragrance that is reminiscent of evergreen forests and is very sweet and refreshing. Use thyme essential oil in an aroma lamp to cleanse and purify the home. So a good practice is to only introduce one oil per day and to allow sufficient time for a reaction to appear. Sandalwood is very soothing and beneficial to the skin, making it highly sought after in body and skin care products. Finally, the price should vary from bottle to bottle due to the unique process of extraction and the quantity of plant material required; in other words, similar prices for each oil should be a huge red flag for you!

Our pure, therapeutic quality cajeput essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of melaleuca cajuputi, a tree that is native to australia. The oil possesses a beautifully complex green, woody, herbaceous and slightly floral aroma. The easiest and most common method for utilizing the incredible power of high-quality essential oils is aromatically, or by aromatherapy. Food-grade oils have regulations based on consumption, so those labeled as gras, or generally recognized as safe, have passed the standard for human consumption and must be stamped with an expiration date. Carrot seed essential oil is most widely used in skin care and topical applications as it is a remarkable oil for supporting healthy skin. The premium starter kit is the best way to get started as it contains a number of the most common oils and a diffuser. Something as simple as the fertilizer used during the growing season, when the plant was harvested, and the part of it that was picked can dramatically affect the potency and efficacy of the resulting essential oils.

I do not use the cinnamon or the lemongrass essential oils for their cleaning properties, but mainly for the aroma they leave behind.