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Optimum Nutrition, Serious Mass, High Protein Weight Gain Powder, Vanilla, 6 lbs (2.72 kg)

Optimum Nutrition, Serious Mass, High Protein Weight Gain Powder, Vanilla, 6 lbs (2.72 kg) Review


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Product name: Optimum Nutrition, Serious Mass, High Protein Weight Gain Powder, Vanilla, 6 lbs (2.72 kg)
Quantity: 6 lb, 2.97 kg, 20.3 x 20.3 x 26.7 cm
Categories: Optimum Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Protein, Weight Gainers

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High Protein Weight Gain Powder, 50 g Protein, 253 g Carbs, 25 Vitamins and Minerals, Naturally and Artificially Flavored, Dietary Supplement, 1250 Calories, True Strength, The True Strength of Weight Gainers, Serious weight gain requires serious calories. However, those who need the extra calories most often have the toughest time consuming enough of them. For many aspiring to be bigger, a highly-active metabolism, weaker appetite and on-the-run lifestyle can make it a real challenge to consume enough calories through whole foods alone. With Serious Mass, you’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain. We’ve consolidated 1,250 calories, 50 grams of protein, 253 grams of carbohydrates, 25 vitamins and minerals, glutamine and creatine into every serving. It’s time to stop thinking small; get serious – Serious Mass, Supercharge Your Serious Mass, By Adding One or More of These Foods To Your Shake, Serving Size,Calories Serving Size,Calories, 1/2 Cup Granola 250 1 tbsp. Flaxseed Oil 115, 1/4 cup Chocolate Chips 198 1/2 cup Oat Bran 108, 2 tbsp. Peanut Butter 190 1 small Banana 105, 1 oz Almonds 167 1 tbsp. Honey 64, 1 oz Peanuts 164 1 tbsp. Molasses 43, 1/2 cup Ice Cream 160,1.

Weight Gainers, Protein, Sports Nutrition

Finally after dropping to the upper 120s my doctor recommended that i try drinking gainer shakes though he did not mention this product in particular. Instead of mixing protein, carbs, and fat into one product, now sports nutrition focuses on carbohydrates. Research shows that inadequate protein intake can greatly hinder muscle growth, and that some forms of protein are more conducive to it than others. Basically, a mass gainer is simply food in a powder-like form. A whey protein supplement usually contains a few grams of carbs and fats. Review: Cyto gainer contains 5 grams of fat, 74 grams of carbs, and 54 grams of protein. One of the most common, widely used, and studied classes of supplements is protein powders – traditionally whey, casein, soy, or egg. It also contains branched-chain amino acids and sources the majority of it’s carbohydrates from rolled oats. These gainers contain 1,200 to 2,000 kcal per serving. It provides with sufficient protein which helps as a binder post work out. 3 Mass gainers can improve exercise performance.

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Optimum Nutrition, Serious Mass, High Protein Weight Gain Powder, Vanilla, 6 lbs (2.72 kg): Weight Gainers, Protein, Sports Nutrition

However, universal nutrition’s real gains weight gainer has been designed to include both kinds in order to keep your body and your muscle mass growing. How many servings are there in a mass gainer? Not all mass gainers are created equal, though. Review: The nutritional profile of universal nutrition real gains is almost perfect. These hydrolyzed proteins have been treated in the lab so that they are more readily available to your body, and easier for you to absorb and produce the results you want. Universal nutrition real gain instant body weight/mass gainer chocolate 6,85 lbs is the product you require to complete your daily body needs of proteins and other essential nutrients. Ideally, you want to choose a weight gainer which is high in complex carbs, low on sugar, low on sodium and contains less processed ingredients (Such as maltodextrin and dextrose). A mass gainer shake can easily replace a meal. Facebook twitter pinterest walnuts are another great source of protein. Further, it should be noted that sufficient intakes of dietary protein and carbohydrates should not be compromised by a high dietary fat intake.

Hulmi jj, kovanen v, selanne h, kraemer wj, hakkinen k, mero aa: Acute and long-term effects of resistance exercise with or without protein ingestion on muscle hypertrophy and gene expression. If this is your first time using a mass gainer, the first thing to note is the serving size. The best weight gainer for you is the one with the higher protein content. This means that taking a mass gainer can allow you to recover quicker, and keep exercise intensity high throughout your training. Specifically, vitamin e, vitamin k, and protein were found to be significantly lower in women utilizing strict dietary approaches compared to those using more flexible approaches. Higher protein interventions were deemed successful when there was, on average, a 66,1% g/kg/day between group intake spread compared to 10,2% when additional protein was no more effective than control. Browse powdered weight gainer protein you can mix with water in your beverage shaker on the go or use to create a delicious post-workout shake with other ingredients in your blender. A study on rats found that a post-exercise carbohydrate and protein supplement could increase skeletal muscle glycogen levels. Start with a protein powder whether you opt for whey protein or a plant-based option will be determined by your dietary restrictions. To sum it up quickly, whey protein is a time-tested supplement which not only benefits bodybuilders and athletes but also average gym goers who just wish to stay healthy. The main aim of a mass gainer is to increase calories and promote growth.

The protein blend in optimum nutrition serious mass includes whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, egg albumin and sweet dairy whey. Bsn true-mass is an ultra-premium lean mass gainer, designed to support muscle growth and muscle recovery for athletes with above normal caloric needs. Luscombe nd, clifton pm, noakes m, parker b, wittert g: Effects of energy-restricted diets containing increased protein on weight loss, resting energy expenditure, and the thermic effect of feeding in type 2 diabetes. All of this makes this one of the most efficient weight gaining products on the market. If you are in need of a mass gainer without gluten or lactose, this product is one of your best options. Optimum nutrition is a member of glanbia, the global nutrition group. Ideally, you should be using the weight gainer between normal meals when you need to get those extra calories in your body.

The study found no difference in performance, but a significant reduction in muscle damage when taking a protein and carbohydrate supplement. On the other hand, mass gainers are usually really thick and relatively hard to mix. The american dietetic association says proteins could help athletes after strength and endurance training, although it says they have not been shown to improve athletic performance and should be used conservatively. Any time of day should be fine for consuming your weight gainer. The optimum nutrition pro gainer weight gainer protein powder is an example of this excellence across all categories. Many mass gainers on the market are loaded with calories. Consumed either 1,3 g/kg/day protein or 1,2 g/kg/day protein. Whey protein has been shown to benefit people recovering from burns and those with chronic wounds. Researchers at louisiana state reported that subjects taking this amino acid had an increase in gh levels 90 minutes after ingestion. Focusing on essential amino acid rich protein (High biological value) is important. The majority of mrps use whey protein, casein (Often listed as calcium caseinate or micellar casein), soy protein, and/or egg albumin as protein sources. International journal of sport nutrition.

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Optimum Nutrition Weight Gainers

Unlike many other mass gainers out there, super mass gainer also tastes delicious and has amazing mixability. Beast mass is a uniquely formulated weight gainer to help build lean mass. More importantly, the acute mps response to a given type of protein should not be viewed from a reductionist perspective. The body can only break down 5 to 9 grams of protein per hour, and any excess that is not burned for energy is converted to fat or excreted, so it’s a ridiculous waste to be recommending so much more than you really need, she says. A solid starting point would be to follow the recommended serving size on your weight gainer packaging. However, for overweight athletes, this product is not appropriate since the amount of carbohydrates per serving is 252g! Some ads say that protein supplements, in flavors such as strawberry and vanilla cream, can be a nutritious and time-saving snack or meal replacement. If that is your care, the best course of action would be to consult a physician and get a professional opinion on whether you should use a weight gainer supplement or not. The main goal of weight gainer is to provide plenty of calories. The sheer range of flavors is a major selling point alone; some protein powders either come with only one flavor or no flavor at all, leaving a bland experience and chunky texture. I can see how people complain about the taste but i enjoy everything about this protein.

They have been in the marketplace for over three decades, and in that time have risen to become one of the foremost and most successful sports nutrition companies. There are 24 grams of whole proteins in every serving, just as stated on the product description. To find out more about their protein powders, bars, ready to drinks, bcaas, glutamine, pre-workout supplements, creatine, multivitamins, and weight loss products, we recommend our optimum nutrition buying guide. While it’s true that on is one of the world’s largest producers of sports nutrition products, we remain focused on being recognized as the best. The taste is so barely there that you can add other supplements to your drink such as amino acids (They are usually flavored) or even just some fruit for extra flavor. But whichever direction you sway, mass gainers can be useful. Mass gainer faq are weight gainers bad for you? Mass-gaining protein powders help raise your daily protein, carb, and calorie intake to fuel your body for bulking and weight gain.

Creatine and whey protein are two of the most commonly tested supplements around. It’s understandable, as this is a gainer but you are paying to take a shortcut diet wise. Roberta anding, a clinical dietitian and director of sports nutrition at baylor college of medicine, agrees. To gain muscle you need to have a positive protein balance (Consuming more than you are using). With over 30 years in the sports nutrition industry, optimum nutrition currently produces some of the bestselling sports nutrition products in the world. The taste and flavor are way better than the high-calorie mass gainers we reviewed above. It is very useful for hitting targeted daily protein goals.

If you want to gain muscle but are worried about gaining fat too, you may want to consider a mass gainer that has fewer than 1,000 calories per serving. Long sj, jeffcoat ar, millward dj: Effect of habitual dietary-protein intake on appetite and satiety. Researchers have found that protein intakes higher than 1,6 grams per kilogram of body weight per day did not cause further improvements in muscle mass or strength.

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Optimum Nutrition, Serious Mass, High Protein Weight Gain Powder, Vanilla, 6 lbs (2.72 kg) Product Review

Real Products. Awesome. Highly Recommended. Awesome. Fabulous. Bitter sweet. Serious mass received. A spoon. Review. Good but its price has risen from the first time I asked

All products are genuine and made by the original factory, trustful for weight gainer

This product does not taste too sweet, which was the perfect amount of sweetness for me. The protein content and the price point were what attracted me to this product. Good!

I usually see the reviews before ordering any thing from i herb. this one I didn’t see reviews it was recommended from my friend it’s very effective i use half a dose in morning and half a dose after training. don’t replay on protien only u should eat food to gain weight. only problem it was small 2.97 kilos this quantity it finished after 20 days i used twice a day. also i used vanilla and the taste was good mixing with water. finally I recommend this product for thin people like me they had hard gaining weight



It tastes delicious vanilla flavored and sweet you can mix. With him no flavor

Excellent service in time delivery and good quality product

There is no measuring spoon. Uncomfortable

Good taste. Great quality. Not bad at all.

The price is high

Questions and Answers

I just want to confirmation that is this product real or not?
I weigh 41 kilos, I want to increase the size of my muscles, is it suitable for me? What else do you advise me?
Can I drink it without exercise?
Is it a nutritional supplement or just like protien? I used to take it and going to gym but i’m still very thin. So i just decided to take it again without going to gym or even doing exercise. It is possiple?
For how many days it will last
Whats best amount in the beginning, because it’s too heavy on stomach. I’m training also in gym
Why is the chocolate flavor expiration date is way shorter than the others?
Its for both genders?
Can u delver it to ballari
How long is this going to take to deliver in Malaysia?

It’s real, bought like 3 at once.
1) It is suitable for 18 years old and above. If you’re below that – I wouldn’t recommend consuming products like this.2) I gained about 3 kilos after using this product (it took about 2-3 months, I used only half of the suggested serving portion and ONLY AFTER workouts) Each container contains 8 full portions (1200 cals) or 16 half portions (600 cal), depends on how much you want to use. I preferred using half the amount because it was too much for me. I also combined it with high-carb diet – this is the way to go. This product should be treated as a “supplement” – always prefer the “natural” way of eating more carbs. It is healthier than drinking things like this product.
Of course you can drink it without exercising (even on days when you’re not exercising, just consume), but you may get really fat if you’re consuming too much excess calories, especially without exercising. Good for bulking still.
sorry bout the bad grammer and mistakes in pronounce, im not amercican and english is my second languge this is not a whey protein its a mass gainer. that means it has a lot of callories to gain whighet its not a replacement for yout meal, you are suppose to keep eating alot to gain the mussecle mass, this product only helps to fill the calories
As a beginner, you can use 1/3 scoop with organic milk. After 2 weeks you can increase it up to 1/2 scoops and after a month if you feel ok you can use 1 scoop. I have done like this and I have been continuing using 1 scoop.
faster ship
Yes it is for both genders.
I ordered the product to Armenia. and it took only 5 days