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Physicians Formula, pH Matchmaker, pH Powered Lip Gloss, Light Pink, 0.13 oz (3.9 g)

Physicians Formula, pH Matchmaker, pH Powered Lip Gloss, Light Pink, 0.13 oz (3.9 g) Review


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Product name: Physicians Formula, pH Matchmaker, pH Powered Lip Gloss, Light Pink, 0.13 oz (3.9 g)
Quantity: 1 Count, 0.05 kg, 1.8 x 7.4 x 9.4 cm
Categories: Physicians Formula, Beauty, Makeup, Lips, Lip Gloss, Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free

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Instantly Matches You in 60 Seconds! Brush Lights Up! Reacts to Light and your pH for Your Perfect Lip Color, Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Dermatologist Approved, 10 hr Wear, On/Off Switch, Full Size Mirror, *Under controlled conditions, Makeup Powered by You! 1st Ever Lip Gloss with pH Power Complex transforms into your perfectly personalized hue, Fluorescein Based Dye-senses the pH level of your skin and adjusts within 60 seconds to create your perfect lip color, Photochromic Powders-light adjusting pigments adapt to your environment so color looks the same indoors and outside, Look your Best in Every Light! LED-powered applicator lights up and features a full-size mirror, for touch-ups anywhere and everywhere!

Lip Gloss, Lips, Makeup, Beauty

A multi-purpose natural lip gloss formulated with really yummy all natural ingredients. The highly-reflective formula can be used over lipstick or on it’s own. I personally feel the lip glosses flattering and super easy to wear. First up is mistress, a nude peachy gloss that is very subtle! The groundbreaking formula, which contains vitamin e, coconut water, and shea butter, protects the lips from daily wear and tear while still managing to look like gloss fit for a queen. Pros: Out of all of the lip glosses i got the most compliments when wearing this beaut from tom ford, so take from that what you will. This is the question i set out to answer months ago when an influx of lip gloss launch announcements hit my email inbox. Swipe or dab on with the accompanying hourglass-shaped applicator, which was especially developed to hug the contours of the lips for easy application.

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Physicians Formula, pH Matchmaker, pH Powered Lip Gloss, Light Pink, 0.13 oz (3.9 g): Lip Gloss, Lips, Makeup, Beauty

Nyx wanted to create a completely affordable product that had a medium to high coverage, meaning it actually has a tint of color built in, rather just that glossy look. I also anticipated swatching her products at a store like sephora or ulta beauty. But if you are simply in need of a nude gloss, you can probably buy a similar yet less expensive product from the drugstore. Watch your inbox and get ready for the latest skincare and makeup product reviews from our team of experts. One thing to note is it contains an organic cinnamon flavor to give the gloss a yummy taste. I felt underwhelmed when i saw the first photos of gaga’s makeup. Perfect for those seeking a mix between a lip gloss and lipstick as the colors are sheer yet buildable. This is some real-deal, high-performance makeup. The first thing i noticed was this gloss’s sleek packaging, complete with silver cap and the word chantecaille written across the tube in all caps.

Physicians Formula, Lip Gloss

This gloss is so perfect that nu evolution made it in 18 shades. The only downside is that these still have a bit of the sticky gloss feeling that i do not get with carmex, but the hydration and shine is so much better! With her customers in mind, rihanna developed this lip gloss to be a universal color that looks amazing on all skin tones and undertones. When it comes to shopping for lip gloss, everyone has different preferences. There are six nudes in the mini collection, all of which leave a sheer wash of nude across your lips. This gloss has good staying power and smells yummy with a hint of chocolate flavor. Lightly blend from the lip liner in upward motions. Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our lip gloss store. Lastly, add product onto a lip brush or the applicator and apply it evenly all over your lips.

pH Matchmaker, pH Powered Lip Gloss, Light Pink

It protects and conditions your lips while at the same time adding just a little color, especially for aging lips, which for some reason seem to become whitish, like hair, with time. To apply, start the applicator in the center of your upper lip follow the contours of your mouth. It adds dimension to the lips, and catches the light just enough to draw attention (In a good way). The haus laboratories le riot lip glosses stayed on my lips while i had a snack. The product promises to nourish and soothe your lips without any stickiness. She announced her makeup brand haus laboratories with a pre-order in july, and officially launched her products exclusively on amazon in september. Think of your investment in an organic lip gloss as an investment in skin care for your lips. I love this burt’s bees lip balm with color. Be happy because the lip glosses are certified cruelty-free! All of the natural lip glosses on this list 1) meet our ingredient standards and 2) are well reviewed by our testers and/or customers across the web. If so, let me know what you think of the lip glosses! Ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, and shea butter are especially beneficial for the lips which have a difficult time retaining moisture. This high-shine formula contains antioxidants, lip conditioners and mineral pigments that deliver nourishing color and shine with a sweet mint scent.

Physicians Formula Beauty Makeup Lips

Melted honey, seen here, is one of our favorites (Both on it’s own and as a gilded lipstick topper). Pros: One of the most nourishing formulas out there, this comforting lip oil is perfect for those with suuuper dry lips. Taking my love of vanderpump rules to a new level by putting the lala beauty lip gloss line to the test! From colourpop’s new so juicy glosses, which are available in an impressive 20 shades and leave your lips looking shiny enough to see your reflection in them. Quickly creates flushed, rosy cheeks or vibrant long-lasting cherry red color to your lips. There are over eight shades to choose from, including brights and nudes, and the formula is super-creamy so it does not feel sticky on this lips. Like every other female on planet earth, i was curious when rihanna dropped her fenty makeup line. This vegan lip gloss comes in three shades that are sweetened with lemongrass and a touch of stevia for a sweet touch. Rihanna created fenty beauty to bring more diversity and inclusivity into the beauty sphere. Take your natural lip color to new heights or spice up your favorite lipstick color with any one of the four prismatic shades, which shift color in the light. Sheer, yet pigmented enough to dazzle, this elegant lipgloss is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

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Physicians Formula Lip Gloss

The gloss is formulated with green tea extract, which helps protect from free radicals while also brightening the skin, and hibiscus extract, which improves skin elasticity. For those who prefer natural products, juice beauty covers you with this high-shine lip gloss. I actually look forward to wearing these glosses and feel like i could even sleep in them. In my opinion, there is no beauty product that can make a pair of lips look as soft and voluptuous as a good gloss. Yes, this product is technically an oil, not a gloss, but yes to created this product to give extra moisture to your lips while also creating a high shine look just like a lip gloss. A sheer natural lip gloss that has potential to become a regular in your makeup bag. Next, to define your natural lip line and to prevent your lip gloss from getting messy, use a good lip liner to define, reshape and perfect the contours of the lips. Offering versatile color, dimension and shine, this flattering lip gloss comes in multiple shades. There also seems to be a weight to each item that makes the makeup feel luxurious, in my opinion. Descriptionlip gloss adds a subtle to vibrant color and shine without the stickiness.

Beauty Makeup Lips Lip Gloss Physicians Formula

To me, the simple black packaging of each product did not seem to match her elaborate style, and the idea of ordering makeup from amazon without seeing it in person first felt even less appealing. I was on the search for the perfect colored lip product to suit my skin/hair/and eye colors without looking like a clown. After first taking over the music and movie industries, lady gaga has recently entered the world of beauty. This uber pigmented gloss can be worn alone for a sleek and sheen finish or as a top coat to create a beautiful blend of color and shine. I stuck with it and after a few seconds the clear gloss had caused my lips to flush a few shades darker and i noticed my bottom lip looked a little fuller (Scroll to the next slide for a pic). Wear your loveable lipgloss to work or to special events. Unfortunately, finding a true organic and all natural lip gloss can be quite a challenge. Even though i found a few lip liners to be patchy, and the eyeliner-wing stickers did not work out for me, it’s unreasonable to expect any beauty brand to be 100% flawless. These gorgeous lip whips are a mix between a balm and a lipstick. Can be applied by itself or layered on top of another lipstick to soften the brightness and add some shimmer. To browse and shop all that lala beauty has available, visit the website. The oil-laden formula kept my lips soft and chap-free, even when it was freezing cold outside.

Savage is a lovely color to wear but you probably want to add a gloss on top of it or mix it with a creamier brown matte to get a comfy feel. The rave reviews for the universally flattering lip gloss had been popping up everywhere on the internet, and we each decided to carve out $18 to test it out. For my first-time ordering with lala beauty, i selected two shades of lip gloss: Mistress and randy. Packed with vitamin e and organic jojoba to nourish and protect lips, this gloss is vegan friendly except for english rose, bitten pink, scandalips, cocktail, which contain beeswax for antibacterial protection. Juice beauty infused this gloss with all organic and antioxidant-rich ingredients, so everything touching your lips is pure and safe to use. I have used lip smackers since i was 5 years old, and still have not found a better chapstick! The formula has that plumping tingle that may or may not enlarge your lips but is a cool sensation regardless.

I was at work when i got an email that my order had been delivered and i thought that was a nice touch to see lala beauty truly track an order from doorstep to doorstep.

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Physicians Formula, pH Matchmaker, pH Powered Lip Gloss, Light Pink, 0.13 oz (3.9 g) Product Review

I advise. Is good. Like. Did not like. Color? Lip gloss that spreads! Super Scrub. need to consider the hairstyle. I should have bought lipstick. BEAUTIFUL!

I buy it 3 times, it doesn’t dry my lips, it doesn’t dry, it doesn’t tell, after a couple of hours the gloss disappears but the color remains the same, with this gloss I don’t worry that the gloss is stained or placed, I love it very much.

Physicians Formula, pH Matchmaker, pH Powered Lip Gloss, Light Pink, 0.13 oz (3.9 g) Review

The texture is quite solid and sticks to the lips. Thanks to that, I became free from drying. The color was bluish pink, not too dark, and it was very good. The reputation from people around was also good. Containers made in foreign countries are quite large, but they are just right for porch-in. Because it has a mirror and light, it can be completely repainted in the dark. Very easy to use. Although it is a part of the brush that touches the lips, the hair is short and easy to apply. Besides, it is easy to handle without deforming and spreading. Since it was unexpectedly good, I would like to buy another one.

Beautiful color of his love. and light. His problem is not fixed

For everyone who tried it turns out bright pink and sticky

Physicians Formula, pH Matchmaker, pH Powered Lip Gloss, Light Pink, 0.13 oz (3.9 g) Review

Color? look good, ‘order’

Lip gloss came in a bulk cardboard box, which I unfortunately did not save. Hue Light Pink. The brush is small, very comfortable, perfectly paints the contour of the lips, does not gain too much gloss, causes gloss evenly and accurately. The case is very interesting. On the side there is a small neat little mirror, which is very useful when there is no mirror at hand — convenient! Smile Two small flashlights are built in the cover of the case, which are turned on by pressing a button at the top of the cover. Lanterns burn brightly enough. Color manifests itself in a minute – bright pink. I sometimes get saturated pink with a touch of fuchsia, and when layered it acquires a bright raspberry hue. According to the manufacturer, the shade appears individually for each, depending on the pH level. Gloss can be applied very easily, without bald spots, it seems to even out the surface of the lips, they become smooth, with a glossy effect. She doesn’t dry her lips, does not clog in folds and does not slide down! Another plus is that the gloss is absolutely not sticky. The pigment of this gloss is very bright, even after eating, there is a slight shade on the lips. I believe that this is a very successful acquisition, for me it is perfect! It can be used both for every day and at the exit, durability is guaranteed!

This is not just shine! This is a tint and lip peeling! Dryness and crusts go away immediately after the first application! Also, the volume of lips visually increases by 30%! Very satisfied, and everyone who, on my advice, acquired!

for me the downside is the stickiness of this shine, especially when the wind with loose hair is a nightmare, you need to consider the hairstyle, and everything is fine, resistant, the skin of the lips is put better after it. I would like to separately note the backlight, this is a full-fledged flashlight with which you can even walk along a dark street. also added a photo where the lower shade on the hand is applied after 5 minutes, the upper smear is only applied on the hand, if you doubt that the shade is changing

It didn’t help me. The container is good because it has a mirror.