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Quality of Life Labs, Kinoko Gold AHCC, Immune Support, 500 mg, 60 Vegicaps

Quality of Life Labs, Kinoko Gold AHCC, Immune Support, 500 mg, 60 Vegicaps Review


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Product name: Quality of Life Labs, Kinoko Gold AHCC, Immune Support, 500 mg, 60 Vegicaps
Quantity: 60 Count, 0.2 kg, 10.9 x 5.6 x 5.6 cm
Categories: Quality of Life Labs, Supplements, Mushrooms, AHCC, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free

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Active Hexose Correlated Compound, Significantly Improves Immune Response, Maintains Peak Natural Killer Cell Activity, Supported by Over 20 Human Studies, Dietary Supplement, Vegan, GMP, This Product is Suitable for Vegetarians and is Gluten-Free, A cultured extract of hybridized medicinal mushroom mycelia (roots), AHCC is one of the world’s most researched specialty immune supplements, supported by over 20 human clinical studies. Studies on AHCC have been conducted at some of the finest research institutions worldwide, including highly regarded Ivy League universities and major health centers, AHCC has shown to: Maintain optimal NK cell activity, Enhance cytokine production, Promote optimal T-cell activity, Promote optimal macrophage activity, Increase the activity and number of dendritic cells, Unlike most other medicinal mushroom extract, AHCC has a very low molecular weight of just 5,000 daltons and is rich in alpha-glucans – increasing absorption and efficacy. Because of its superior supporting research, AHCC is used by an estimated 1,000 clinics worldwide.

AHCC, Mushrooms, Supplements

Do your products contain beta glucans, psk, psp, d-fraction, or ahcc, and if so, how much? Assessment of immune parameters, such as cd4, cd8, cd4: Cd8 ratio, and natural killer cells, was done before intake of ahcc and then every 3 months for 2 times after intake. Increased percentages of peripheral lymphocytes and monocytes and decreased numbers of polymorphonuclear cells were detected in the ahcc group. The ahcc group experienced fewer adverse neutrophil events compared with the control group. The present study explored the beneficial effects of ahcc on adverse events in patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer. The mcf-7 model showed a significant decrease in tumor growth with ahcc alone and in combination with tamoxifen. Serum levels of testosterone and thyroxine (T4) decreased rapidly after fenta treatment, while ahcc pretreatment prevented this fall. The mushroom miracle – medicinal mushrooms have a long history of human use, helping to promote wellness, alertness and vitality.

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Quality of Life Labs, Kinoko Gold AHCC, Immune Support, 500 mg, 60 Vegicaps: AHCC, Mushrooms, Supplements

We believe all of the nutrients and myriad compounds within the entire fungal organism are beneficial to the immune system, and necessary for a whole foods approach to health. If you want the best supplement with the biggest effect, this is the ahcc supplement you should pick. In a study evaluating the effects of ahcc on immune response and adverse events in epithelial ovarian cancer or peritoneal cancer patients taking platinum-based chemotherapy, patients were given two 500 mg ahcc capsules orally 3 times a day throughout 6 cycles of chemotherapy. In this study, the role of ahcc in alleviating the side effects induced by several other anticancer drugs was explored in non-tumor-bearing mice receiving monotherapy with paclitaxel (Tax), or multi-drug chemotherapy with tax plus cddp, 5-fluorouracil (5Fu) plus irinotecan, cddp plus 5fu, or doxorubicin plus cyclophosphamide. For chemotherapy side effects reduction, the recommended dosage is 3 grams of dried ahcc extract daily three days prior to chemotherapy and for up to one week after the end of chemotherapy. In a phase 1 trial, ahcc 9 g/day for 14 days resulted in minimal adverse reactions and was well tolerated by most healthy subjects. This is the report of the investigation of the effect of ahcc administered per os (P. This blend of 5 mushroom mycelium extracts provides targeted immune support for times of stress and discomfort. While it is most common for people to consume dried shiitake mushrooms, you can also cook them fresh as well.

Quality of Life Labs, AHCC

Therefore, our results indicate that ahcc is anti-inflammatory and could be useful as a prebiotic to design functional foods for inflammatory bowel disease patients. Influence of dietary mushroom agaricus bisporus on intestinal morphology and microflora composition in broiler chickens. Active hexose correlated compound (Ahcc) is an extract of mushrooms from the basidiomycete class, including shiitake mushrooms. Results showed immunomodulatory effects against seasonal changes in those taking ahcc during the winter months. Ahcc supplementation for 12 wk may improve the levels of liver enzymes and circulating pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines in patients with alcohol-induced liver enzyme elevation with mildly elevated liver enzyme levels. Dexamethasone increased the caspase 3-like activity within 3 h after it’s treatment and ahcc pretreatment suppressed the increased enzyme activity only slightly. Another human study of prostate cancer patients treated with ahcc found that the supplement was ineffective. In the future, further reports from physicians about cases of supplemental intake of ahcc are anticipated. Medical experts today have found that the bioactive compounds inside these mushrooms can provide us with even more health benefits, such as protecting us against inflammation and certain forms of cancer. You want to make sure that the supplement contains the proprietary mushroom blend which is responsible for the powerful immune system enhancing effects.

Smith is director of uthealth’s women’s health integrative medicine research team, which focuses on the safe and effective use of nutritional and herbal supplements with pharmacologic modalities as it relates to women’s health and cancer. Treatment of ahcc restored these parameters to normal. In case of cancer treatment, the only mainline chemotherapies that use this pathway are doxorubicin and tamoxifen while other chemotherapeutic drugs use different pathways from the one used by ahcc. There was an insignificant decrease in the number of natural killer cells in the ahcc group compared to placebo, which suggests ahcc maintains the natural killer cell count during the winter months, during which natural killer cell count normally drops (As indicated by the placebo group). However, there is no current information regarding it’s metabolism and the potential for drug-drug interactions for ahcc in combination with chemotherapy. You can cut off the bottom half of the stem, or remove it completely to make the mushroom easier to eat since the stems can be harder. Ahcc is a nutritional food that has been broadly adopted in japan as well as other countries. These have been considered as both functional foods and a source of nutraceuticals. A chief goal with our products is to keep the mushroom’s natural chemical architectures intact.

In japan, ahcc is the 2nd most popular complementary and alternative medicine used by cancer patients. Lab studies suggest ahcc may enhance the activity of some types of immune cells. Hence, mushrooms are valuable natural resource to mankind and should be exploited judiciously for the betterment of society. These results support the concept that ahcc can be beneficial for cancer patients with gem treatment through alleviating the hematotoxicity. Ahcc reduced colonic inflammation and improved body weight, food intake, extension of necrosis, colonic weight, colonic weight-to-length ratio, expression of proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines (Il-1b, il-1 receptor antagonist, tnf, and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1), and mucosal barrier defense (Mucins 2 to 4 and trefoil factor 3). The number of dc1s in the ahcc group after intake was significantly higher than at baseline. This multiple dose, phase i trial, using fda guidelines, directly investigates the clinical safety and tolerability of ahcc in healthy subjects. Q: What is the difference between kinoko gold and kinoko platinum ahcc? 2, Can ahcc be used in combination with other immune system supplements?

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Quality of Life Labs AHCC

In another study of 222 patients with hepatocellular carcinoma who underwent hepatectomy, 113 patients received ahcc (3 G/day) and patient prognoses were followed up retrospectively. In a placebo-controlled study of healthy individuals, an ahcc dose of 4 capsules (250 Mg/capsule) was taken daily for 4 weeks to evaluate it’s effects on seasonal suppression of immune competence. She also kept up with her conventional medical care while taking the supplement. Pulmonary metastases were not inhibited by the treatment with ahcc plus uft, whereas metastases to axillary lymph nodes (Ln) were obviously inhibited. Activity was further increased at subsequent time periods up to 6 months post treatment with ahcc. Inevitably, the way forward next is to explore the potential of all wild and less commonly known mushroom resources and push these candidates down the pipeline for the next 20 years of further anticancer research, if not, potentials as food and delicacies. Methods: Balb/c mice were fed ahcc by gavage. When taking a supplement to boost your immune system, you want to get the most benefit out of it. Of the 44 patients, 34 and 10 received ahcc and placebo (Control) orally, respectively. 12 Notably, such immune outcomes might not be expected, or desired, in healthy subjects in response to supplementation, since supplementation alone is not expected to induce an immune response. A: The same raw material is used for both kinoko gold and kinoko platinum ahcc. The problem with mm supplements and dogs is bioavailability.

Results: The protein expression of hsf1 in klm1-r was down-regulated by ahcc treatment. Do you use dual extractions on your mushrooms? The review noted that one study showed that ahcc could enhance the activity of natural killer cells (Key immune system components that defend us from cancer) in test tubes, and that animal studies suggest that ahcc has antioxidant effects and can improve the response of the immune system in mice with chemotherapy-weakened immune systems. The ahcc group also demonstrated a longer median survival time and higher overall tendency for survival. In a study evaluating the safety and efficacy of ahcc on chemotherapy-induced adverse effects and quality of life, advanced cancer patients were given of ahcc 3 g/day orally during a course of chemotherapy. The odc activity in the liver and kidney was significantly increased by fe-nta, while the increased odc activity induced by fe-nta was normalized in ahcc-pretreated rats. All of these changes were restored to normal by ahcc pretreatment. Active hexose correlated compound (Ahcc) is a commercial extract of basidiomycetes fungi enriched in oligosaccharides that is used as a human nutritional supplement for various purposes in humans. Supreme potential offers an excellent, 900 mg capsule of shiitake mushroom extract sourced from the above ground fruiting body, unlike most shiitake supplements which use a mixture of mycelium with brown rice.

For more information, here is an excellent discussion of the immune benefits of mushroom mycelium and cultured substrate: Benefits of mycelium. In a study of patients with unresectable pancreas ductal adenocarcinoma, ahcc 6 g was given daily for 8 weeks along with 2 cycles of gemcitabine to assess the clinical effects of ahcc on adverse events caused by gemcitabine. Q: Can ahcc be taken with other medications? Significance: Our studies suggest that ros contributes to disruption of eaj induced by interaction of mda-mb-231 cells with huvecs and ahcc attenuates this alteration. Till date 37 wild edible mushrooms are reported from nagaland. Other supplements like garlic, quercetin, and green tea can be helpful in both fighting pathogens so your immune system has to do less work while the ahcc makes your immune system more effective. 3) Animal studies show very low toxic potential in both acute dose and long-term studies Where is ahcc manufactured? In rat colitis models, the anti-inflammatory effect of ahcc was comparable with sulfasalazine 200 mg/kg. However, clinical data are lacking to recommend ahcc for any of these indications.

Conclusions: There is potential improvement in pld activity when co-administered with ahcc and decrease side effects of pld. Ahcc (Active hexose correlated compound) is a proprietary extract produced from specially cultivated and hybridized mushrooms. Active hexose correlated compound (Ahcc), a newly developed functional food, has been shown to act as a potent biological response modifier in in vitro experiments. With that in mind, the results of taking now foods ahcc will vary unless you make changes in your lifestyle for the better. If you are earnest in boosting your immune system then there is a diet that comes into play which will get your immune system back on track in helping fight off things like colds/flus and allergies along with taking now foods ahcc.

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Quality of Life Labs, Kinoko Gold AHCC, Immune Support, 500 mg, 60 Vegicaps Product Review

Great stuff. It’s a very good product. Great product, arrived on date, customer service grade 10. I recommend! Wonderful Product. Feels healthy at least. recommend. Natural product with immunomodulators and safety against cancer growth. I would like it to be a little cheaper when I have to keep taking it. The number is different. I can’t catch a cold

Very good

Fast delivery, good packaging protection, very satisfied.

Great product, arrived on date, customer service grade 10. I recommend!

This product is the best I have ever taken to boost my immune! It is expensive but it is worth it for good health.

It feels healthy, and I think I have been healthier than in a very long time lately. But then I have also been making some life style changes. I have been taking one capsule per day in the evening for about a month.

Long-term eating feels good

I’ve been eating for many years because it’s so effective. I don’t have a cold.

It is a person who has been taking it for more than a year after being sick. I would like to know which country shiitake mushrooms are grown or manufactured in.

It’s definitely effective, but there are 60 written on it, but please keep improving it to 59.

Immunity is definitely good.

Questions and Answers

Hello, does AHCC (1-6 caps) have interactions with blood thinners? If so, which ones? Thank you
Anyone have any luck with using this product to fight off a HPV infection?
So is the recommendation to take 3000 mg of this a day for 4 to 6 months regarding efforts in trying to fight off an HPV infection?
This is GMO, right? Canola plant from canola oil. I guess why it’s so “cheap”?
For how long it is safe to use the AHCC Immune Support supplement?
How many mg should i take daily to fight HPV?
I’m korean. My grandmom use this medicine(kinoko platinum AHCC with acylated alpha-glucans 750g). She illed severe cancer. And who recommended this medicine and told us to make her use 6 vegicaps per breakfast and dinner. Is it right?
Which country do the ingredients come from and where was this product manufactured? The label only indicates which company it is manufactured for. I could not find the country of origin of the product.
Can I give it to my daughers – 6 and 13 years old? If yes, how many caps a day?

Dear Foodpharmacy Blog-customer from Ireland, you want to buy 74 bottles of AHCC. I also, like you, live within EU. I have found out that if you buy many bottles the custom authorities will stop the delivery. It will take some days? weeks? extra and you must pay tax due to import from USA, that means import from a country outside EU. I do only buy ONE bottle each time (with ordinary post delivery which is free of transport charge). And so small items like this, the custom does not care to take any tax. So I would recommend you to use my method instead. With best regards! E. B.
I took it while taking Warfarin and had no interaction. It was recommended by Dr. Cheetham and I believe it has strengthened my immune system. I double up before flying and rarely get a cold after.
At 78years, I am worried and concerned about cancers for myself and for my 82 yr old husband. Even more so with sneezing and running nose, so we followed the recommendation. Neither of us has had HPV, but knowing about AHCC as I do now, it would be my first line of defence.
That is what has been recommended by people who have HPV and have been taking AHCC and have seen the results. Best to try it for 6 months as everyone’s immune system is different. What are your symptons?
What is GMO?
My understanding is that taking AHCC is an ongoing process to help your immune system function.
4 capsules (3000 mg) First thing in the morning on a empty stomach
It looks like in more severe cases a higher dose can be recommended. Please search Google for : The Patient’s Guide to AHCC. It’s a free, downloadable guide that I have found very useful. God bless!
Hi AHCC is manufactured in Japan and comes from a company called Aminoup They supply all of the AHCC to manufacturers around the world. From what Iunderstand after talking with the support people at aminioup they list The “quality of life” product as top of their list. Lots of brands out there but it all comes from Aminioup company. Some brands add other substances to their product and reduce the quantity of AHCC. They responded to any questions I had and were very helpfull. Amazing product as well. Hope this helps.
Hello, I have used this myself (44 year old male) as well as wife and 14 year old child. I would recommend the dose listed on the bottle for your 13 year old, and half for your 6 year old (but I don’t have feedback for the younger one). This has worked quite well for all of us. We take 1 course prior to flu season at the least and 1 course every six months. Hope this helps.