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Knife Sharpening the Easy Way

Hot tip today for our ladies and gents in the U.S.! What is sharp and indispensable in the kitchen, many chefs’ prized possession and something, though you own more than one that you paid a pretty penny for, you are likely neglecting?  

If you guessed: knife  – then you just might be sharper than your blades are right now.

If you  haven’t heard of Knife Aid yet then keep reading. Seriously such a genius way to keep your knives in tip top shape for all of us modernistas out there too lazy to do it ourselves or take them in somewhere to get it done. 

Here’s us: “Hmm, my knives kind of suck lately (consider taking them in somewhere and then reflect on our life’s truth). I guess I’ll just have to live with sucky knives because, no, no I am not going to wrap my knives up individually and drive them somewhere to be sharpened and forget them three times over the next two weeks before I manage to pick them up.” 

But now we don’t have to live with sucky knives because Knife Aid offers knife sharpening services via the net and your very own mailbox. 

They can even make repairs to your knives, not in the sense that you snapped the knife in half when you thought you could just ninja chop a coconut open (not that we’ve ever done that), but they are wizards at  fixing chips and broken tips. You can check out this insta post for a glimpse of what they can do, or visit their website to check out their services. 

You’re welcome for this amazing tip, also please trust us when we say, do not test the coconut chopping theory at home on your own knives.  

Virtually everyone has knives and unless yours are magical, they will need sharpening at some point. This is literally the smartest way to get it done by professionals!



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